Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 275 - Reality (2)

Reality (2)

The assistants all cheered.

The man revered as Doctor stood by the window. The sunlight on his shoulder glowed with a holy light.

He turned and smiled mildly. “Yes, ah, I’ve been waiting so long for this day.”

When the assistant walked past, he suddenly lifted the hand holding the vaccine. “Let me give you a shot.”

The assistant immediately said, “Ok, Doctor.”

The vaccine had gone through countless successful tests. It was deemed a safe and qualified product.

So the assistant was very familiar with the vaccine.

The doctor was the most important person in this laboratory.

3 years ago, the doctor built a laboratory to study vaccines against the virus.

It was said that 3 years ago, there was a base that had developed a half-finished product.

But later the base gathered all its forces to attack the zombie king, in retaliation for a previous zombie wave.

The zombie king slaughtered the entire army.

Of course, the zombie king completely disappeared after that.

Many people thought that he must have died.

“Doctor, it’s all good.”

The doctor lifted his head, a gentle smile on his face. It was Song Yunhuan.

He nodded. “Remember to get a vaccine. After all, the zombie virus is very powerful. If you’re bitten even a little bit, you’ll turn into a zombie.”

The assistants nodded immediately.

Who didn’t know that Dr. Song was brilliant, kind, and beautiful.

For the sake of humanity, he spent the last three years in the laboratory.

Furthermore, clearly women of high standing outside couldn’t wait to throw themselves at him, but he unexpectedly was still pure, not close to any females.

Perfect, without any flaws.

When Song Yunhuan returned to his old home, he opened the room full of cosplay.

He walked towards those dresses.

Some of them had been torn apart when Bai Weiwei ran away.

But then he thought about her, and as if possessed, sewed those dresses back together.

Because she wore it.

He picked up the uniform and cat ears.

He thought of her crouching outside his door in the middle of the night, trembling as she meowed for him.

He could not help the corners of his mouth from rising. “Weiwei, look, I made you a lot more dresses. They aren’t cosplay, I designed them for you. You would look really good in them.”

Over the past 3 years, the number of zombie attacks had increased.

There were many high-ranking zombies among them. High-ranking zombies were as smart as human geniuses.

The zombie king never showed up.

So the humans, under Song Yunhuan’s encouragement, gathered into a single city, to ward off the terrible zombies.

All of the survivors lived in this city.

And today was the day that everybody would be vaccinated.

It was also the day the humans believed they would achieve victory.

Song Yunhuan sat in the pile of dresses, still smiling. He eyes began to shine red.

The red spread from his pupil to cover his entire eye.

After taking the vaccine, he became a flesh and blood man, but his powers and the ability to manipulate zombies didn’t change.

He thought he could keep his promise to Bai Weiwei.

Live his whole life, remembering her.

But he was wrong. When he lost her, he started to hate the world.

They could have been together, but because of the siege by the humans, he lost her.

This hatred finally consumed his last remaining humanity.

Song Yunhuan got up and walked to the kitchen to cook.

He placed all of Bai Weiwei’s favorites on the table, placing a bowl of rice last.

And then he walked to the other side of the table and sat down, smiling gently. “Weiwei, it’s time for dinner.”

But there was no one there.

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