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Chapter 251 - The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (31)

The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (31)

When did he get into 2D?

Song Yunhuan was no longer sure.

“I want you to know, your mother and I are divorcing.”

Rational, calm to the point of being cruel.

The words came from his father’s mouth.

How did he react?

“I know.”

“You’ve always been a good kid. But I have to go overseas long-term for work, and your mom is planning to remarry. In a few days, you might be living on your own.”

Song Yunhuan wasn’t sure on how to react.

All he said was a calm, “Okay, I’m fine.”

He was only 11.

He started living alone at home.

He didn’t have parents at home.

Song Yunhuan, who had had insomnia for some time, rationally analyzed his situation.

He knew he was lonely.

So he started making friends.

Maybe it was bad luck, but his friends, seeing he was on his own, tried to drag him into the dark abyss of meth.

Just for his bank card. His parents called him every month for his living expenses.

He very calmly planned everything out, and reported that friend and his partner to the police.

And then he realized that he didn’t need anyone.

Sometimes, when he couldn’t sleep, he got up to solve problems.

But the school work was so easy that he could only go online and find problems.

While doing it, he accidentally came across a 2D site.

And then it was all over.

He became a fan of 2D characters.

They wouldn’t betray him.

He didn’t have to guard against crying or laughing.

Gradually, he became more and more alienated by the crowd. He was more interested in watching anime by himself, and immersed himself in otaku culture.

And then when he met Bai Weiwei.

It was like seeing 2D in real life.

“If there’s a girl who’s willing to dress up as your favorite character, it must be true love.”

And Bai Weiwei just happened to confess to him.

She had a nice smile and looked good.

He had probably lost his mind, saying yes.

He began regretting it within a day.

Three days was enough to realize her shallow, foolish character.

Sure enough, he didn’t want to interact with 3D characters.

They broke up.

But when did she start to change?

– – – – – – – – – –

The end of the world came.

Zombies surrounded the city.

When she pushed him into the pile of zombies, he had only one thought: kill her.

And then…he wanted to use her as an experiment, slicing her into pieces bit by bit.

She was still fragile and stupid, and at the end of the day she was useless. She would surely die if she went out.

A cannon fodder.

But this cannon fodder said she liked him.

One sentence.

Trapped in a pile of zombies, refusing to let him go, she said she liked him.

The experiment was so painful she fainted. But she still said she liked him.

She knew he was a monster, and still liked him.

How could someone like him so much?

She wasn’t his type at all.

Stupid people were useless, sentimental, and greedy for the pleasures of life. She had all the faults a person shouldn’t have.

A normal man wouldn’t like this woman.

But she liked him.

Who else in the world would like him?

No one, except Bai Weiwei.

“Please take me in…”

What she said made this man, someone immersed in otaku culture, feel embarrassed.

She was wearing a sailor suit and cat ears, holding on to him. She was so nervous and shy she was shaking.

She stammered, “Do you like this? Song Yunhuan, I, I… I love it.”

She couldn’t possibly like it.

She was just trying to please him.

But who else in the world would be willing to please him?

No one.

Except Bai Weiwei.

Song Yunhuan’s eyes stung. He held her, wanting to say all the words in his heart.

He opened his mouth several times, and finally whispered, “Bai Weiwei?”


“Your cat ears are backward, and I prefer Sailor Moon. I have her suit in my collection, do you want to wear it?”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Wear what, you…, in the name of the moon I’m going to kill you, you big pervert.

Cheese: Did anyone watch Sailor Moon as a kid? I wasn’t too into it when I was in elementary school, but I binge watched the first few seasons or so in high school. V cute

Nigaria: I did!! But I was quite small back then and don’t remember it much from then, just thant my bro would make fun of me bc of it hmph. Tho later on I also binge watched a few seasons. Has Piper’s time to sacrifice for the greater good arrived? She is the Sailor Moon in our discord after all…

Piper: I forgot about that… meant to change it, but ya. At this point I’m just making up new sailor names for the new members. My favorite is Sailor Void. Only ever watched the first few episodes myself tbh

Also putting discord link in ‘Contact Me’ page rn

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