Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 220 - Reality (9)

Reality (9)

Ye Yuxuan looked at his phone, suddenly thinking that the voice sounded familiar.

But he was distracted, he couldn’t remember, whose voice it was.

He kept working for a while, and just remembered that the number was Qin Qiu’s.

Ye Yuxuan called again, and it connected.

Qin Qiu’s angry cries were already coming through the phone. “Ye Yuxuan let me tell you, ah, your fiance’s sister wants to kill her, tried to steal her fiance, her company, everything she has. Even trying to drown her, and now killing Bai Changyan. I’m at the hospital right now,  Bai Yaoyao tried to jump out the building, Bai Weiwei fainted, Bai Changyan’s awake…”

Ye Yuxuan calmly hung up.

So he really didn’t know the difference between dreams and reality, did he?

He just thought, that voice just now, it was like, the voice of the woman in his dream.


He looked down at his phone, it wasn’t a dream, Qin Qiu’s cell phone along with just now, a total of two calls were made.

He suddenly stood up, grabbed his suit jacket on his chair, and left.

– – – – – – – – – –

When Qin Qiu arrived at the Bai house, he came across Bai Yaoyao walking with an ecstatic and incredibly cheerful step, going up the stairs.

“Sister I love you, I love you, I love you, I jump off the building I love you.”

An Le followed after her. “Yaoyao, you wake up, were you poisoned or hypnotised or what, ah, don’t jump.”

What the hell?

Qin Qiu looked at them strangely as they ran to the top floor.

Then he went straight to Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei was collapsed next to the bed, her face pale. He was shocked, ran over and picked her up.

Thinking something had happened, he called an ambulance and a police car.

After calling Ye Yuxuan, the ambulance arrived, and people were brought to the car.

When Bai Yaoyao jumped from the building, she was stopped by a rain shed down below, severely injuring herself, and was taken straight to the operating room.

Bai Weiwei was fine, her condition stable.

When Bai Changyan woke up, he looked at his daughter with a gaunt face.

Because the monitors at home were broken, he didn’t know what happened to cause Bai Yaoyao’s fall and injuries.

But he guessed that it had something to do with his second daughter.

He locked up An Le, interrogation was underway.

When Ye Yuxuan arrived at the hospital, he saw Qin Qiu sitting at the door of Bai Weiwei’s ward, silently crying.

He took a step, only after he was behind Qin Qiu, did he ask lightly, “What happened?”

Qin Qiu turned back, holding his phone, “I lost another round.”

Ye Yuxuan ignored him. “Who did you lend your phone to?”

Qin Qiu: “Bai Weiwei, ah.”

Ye Yuxuan immediately pushed open the door to the ward, saw the bed, a woman lying there.

She was sleeping quietly. Because she was ill for so long, her pretty face looked a little gaunt.

White lips, they didn’t look good either, even her long black hair had lost some luster.

Ye Yuxuan didn’t know what to think when he saw her. She was his fiance, but he had never had an impression of her.

Qin Qiu realized that something was wrong.

“What are you looking at?”

Watching Bai Weiwei like that, how horrible1.

Ye Yuxuan was silent for a moment, then whispered, “When she wakes up, I need to hear her voice.”

Her voice, for a moment, stirred up his undisturbed emotions, made his stone-like heart shake.

1: 盯着白薇薇的眼神也太可怕了 most translations keep saying that “it was terrible to look at BWW”, but I wasn’t sure whether it made sense or not. Breaking it down word for word it goes something like “staring BWW of/with eyes also terrible” so ???? made the best of what I could.

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