Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 214 - Reality (3)

Reality (3)

The little Emperor grew very fast, having lived a life under the foot of Mu Yanjun.

In this humiliation, step by step he began to fight for power, and now he could finally take up the sword of revenge.

Mu Yanjun’s face was calm, and he tucked Bai Weiwei’s hair, which was blown by the wind, behind her ear.

His look was full of indescribable gentleness, then he looked up at the little Emperor,

“Return? She’s always been mine, what are you talking about?”

The little emperor’s eyes were red with rage. He said one word at a time: “My mother is dead. How can you-how can you keep her body? How can you keep her from entering reincarnation?”

Who didn’t know that in the palace, Mu Yanjun lived and slept together with his mother.

He had seen a lot of sinful things, how could he not know the dirty thoughts this castrated thing1 had of his mother.

“You keep saying that you love my mother, but what you’re doing is an insult to her. What right do you have to say that you love her?”

The little Emperor said this nearly in tears. He hated that he had no power to protect Bai Weiwei and hated himself for growing up too slowly, unable to stop Bai Weiwei from dying.

Mu Yanjun looked at the little Emperor with sullen eyes, then suddenly smiled, “I did it on purpose. I heard that as long as you keep one’s body and not give them a burial, their soul is confined to the body.”

The small Emperor suddenly remembered that this thief had once invited a high monk to the palace.

Sure enough, he heard Mu Yanjun say with a smile, “I asked a monk to confine her soul with a spell. If there is a soul after death, she can’t escape from me. She can only stay with me day and night.”

The little Emperor was shaking and his eyes were bloodshot. He was furious: “Mu Yanjun, is this how you love someone? You are a madman!”

The smile on Mu Yanjun’s mouth became bigger, finally madly twisted. “I am a madman. Even if she is dead, she won’t get rid of me. I want her to be entangled with me for the rest of my life.”

The little Emperor waved, “Get in there and arrest him!”

If he didn’t cut Mu Yanjun into a thousand pieces2, he would not be relieved.

But before anybody could move, flames burst out. The palace had already been doused in oil, and with a little fire and wind, the flames rose to the sky.

In order to avoid the fire, everyone had to step back.

The little Emperor saw standing in the fire, Mu Yanjun holding Bai Weiwei, and in a moment of impulse charged into the fire.

The person behind him immediately stopped him. “Your Majesty, you can’t go in. This fire can’t be extinguished. How can you go in?”

The little Emperor, ignoring him, shouted at Mu Yanjun, tearing into his heart and soul, “Mu Yanjun, release her, let go of her!”

This kind of fire would not go out until it burned everything.

Mu Yanjun held onto Bai Weiwei, and the two of them burned together to the end, unable to be separated at all.

When he heard the words of the little Emperor, Mu Yanjun looked up and smiled. His smile was relaxed, and the tears in his eyes were bright.

Then he held Bai Weiwei and turned and walked slowly into the palace full of flames.

In life, they couldn’t be together. In death, they would burn into ashes, inseparable.

For the past ten years, he had been trying to merge with her day and night, but always at the last step, he stopped.

Because he knew that even if he had her body, it was still a dead body.

If there really was a next life, she would know he was filthy and rotten to the core, and she might not like him anymore3.

Now, in death, they could burn as one, and never separate.

More intimate than a union of bodies.

1: 这阉货对 apparently this literally translated to something like “this pair of (castrated) goods”

2: Lingchi, or death by a thousand cuts, was a form of torture and execution, and as far as I know was considered to be one of the most brutal and excruciatinly painful punishments. True to its name, the victim was cut with a sword all over the body, but because the wounds are nonfatal, they can only wait for death by bleeding out.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingchi   is a good resource for more info if you want to know more

3:  要是真有下一辈子,她知道了他这么龌龊肮脏,可能就不想要他了 ai my brain hurts. A lot of characters, when combined in different ways, have different meanings so imagine my suffering trying to find the most probable combination.

In case you were interested, 龌龊肮脏 is like, 3 different ways of saying the same thing, so I’m assuming that it’s supposed to be for emphasis. Like, MYJ isn’t just dirty, he’s f i l t h y and v i l e

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