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Chapter 186

Chapter 186

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (40)

Mu Yanjun only felt that something unbearable was stuck in his throat, it was painful enough to make him wish he was never born.

He embraced her tightly. His hand was ever present over her heart, guarding her with internal force.

But the poison spread rapidly, and his eyes became desperate.

Bai Weiwei’s breath gradually weakened, and her eyes slowly closed.

Mu Yanjun was so scared his whole body went cold, he could not help but order, “Bai Weiwei, you’re not allowed to sleep. Otherwise I’ll kill that little fatty Emperor, haven’t you always cared for him the most?”

She was silent and peaceful.

Mu Yanjun couldn’t control his voice’s despair, “Wake up, I don’t hate you.”

【Ding, the male leads favorability is at 75.】

Bai Weiwei’s lips moved a little, but ultimately, nothing could be said.

“I killed your whole family, you should hate me, you should kill me.”

But she could not answer. She, at last, lost her consciousness, and fell into a thick darkness.

Mu Yanjun became angry, “Bai Weiwei, are you a fool? You should hate me, you shouldn’t love me.”

If this love killed her.

What was he going to do?

He would rather she hated him. So she would think of killing him day and night.

She was so simple that she certainly couldn’t kill him.

Even if she tried to kill him for a lifetime, that was also a lifetime together.

When Xiao Mo dragged the little Emperor in, she saw a shocking scene.

Her impression of him was as the constantly ruthless, never soft hearted, violent and mean-spirited Du Zhu.

But, at this moment he was like a helpless child with red eyes, he hopelessly held the dying Bai Weiwei in a daze.

Bai Weiwei had already fainted away.

Mu Yanjun didn’t even dare to check her pulse, as if this way he could deceive himself.

The woman in his arms wasn’t that way.

Xiao Mo immediately knelt down, her voice somewhat pointedly shouted: “Du Zhu, I found the antidote.”

Mu Yanjun shuddered all over, his pupils contracted as he looked up. His voice as hoarse as someone weeping blood, “Where is it?”

As soon as he had finished, little fatty cried out ‘wa’ and burst into tears.

“Mother.” He rushed to Bai Weiwei, reached out for the bag he had hidden in his pocket, and poured out several black pills.

Then he stuck out his small, pudgy hand, and poured the pills into her mouth.

“Mother, this is the antidote, eat it quickly.” Little fatty bawled through his snot and tears.

Bai Weiwei had fainted, she simply couldn’t swallow the pill. If they waited until the drug came into effect by melting in her mouth, it’s estimated she would have long been poisoned to death.

Xiao Mo just returned with water, Mu Yanjun directly grabbed the cup. He poured into his mouth, bowed his head to hold her lips, and forced water into her.

He didn’t release her lips until he had determined that she swallowed it.

When little fatty saw him kiss Bai Weiwei, his hair stood on end.

“Traitor, you let go of my Mother. We’re Bai family and I’m sorry for you, but that’s what the previous generation did. Mother has nothing to do with it, you tortured her, insulted her, and now forced her to death. You are simply a bastard rotten egg.”

Mu Yanjun reached out, and directly tossed the little fatty onto the bed, and let him roll out speechlessly.

He didn’t have time to mind anyone. His hands protected her heart, desperately urging the medicine to take effect and her body to function as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, Bai Weiwei vomited a mouthful of black blood and coughed.

And her heart had come back to life.

Mu Yanjun trembled, and called: “Weiwei?”

Bai Weiwei opened her eyes in confusion “How am I not dead?”

The tears in Mu Yanjun’s eyes suddenly fell, but the words on his mouth were still tough.

“If I don’t allow you to die, then King Yamma won’t dare to take you.”

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 80.】

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