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Chapter 141

Chapter 141

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (50)

Bai Weiwei heard the reminder and continued: “I just didn’t want you to see me sick so I pushed you away. I didn’t want chemotherapy because I know you don’t like ugly people.”

He Poan was moved and distressed, “No matter what you do, you are beautiful to me.”

His car speed into the hospital parking lot, and he rushed into the hospital as soon as the door opened.

He Poan had never been so happy.

“Weiwei, did you know? I chose another ring, and this time you’ll love it. The diamond is pink, and I bought the biggest one.”

Bai Weiwei laughed while answering, “Really? But I don’t like big diamonds.”

He Poan immediately changed his tune: “I bought small ones, and they all look good.”

【Countdown for departure: eight, seven, six…】

Bai Weiwei felt a familiar darkness coming, and her voice quieted. “I’m sleepy…”

【Three, two, one. Host, get ready to leave the plane. Host has successfully left the plane.】

He Poan had already reached the door of the ward. He stopped and arranged his hair and clothes at the door, calming his breathing.

“Sleep if you’re sleepy. I’ll wake you up with a kiss.”

He said with a laugh, then opened the door.

Bai Weiwei lay still on her bed and her phone had slid to the ground.

She was pale and thin, as if she had disappeared.

He Poan’s smile stiffened and his feet stopped.

He weakly shouted: “Weiwei?”

She didn’t answer. She was so quiet she didn’t seem to breathe.

He Poan sat next to her, then held her hand and intertwined their fingers tightly.

“Look, I won the prize. Aren’t I good?”

“We’ll finish our movie. And next year we’ll be able to come together at the Golden Silk Awards. I’ll be the best actor, and you’ll be the best actress. Everyone will envy us for being such a fated pair, the best couple ever. We’ll be the number one couple every year, the most beloved couple.”

He Poan said with a laugh, “In the movie, we’re also a loving couple. If I had the male lead’s powers, I’d split half my life with you. Who said you were so bad?”

When the doctor came with Xiao Mu, He Poan was still talking with Bai Weiwei.

“When you get better, we’ll get married again. We’ll have a big ceremony. I made you a dress, you can wear it soon.”

The doctor came over and with just a touch, knew she had gone. “Mr. He, she has already…”

Ho Poan immediately became violent. “Leave! My wife if resting. Don’t disturb her.”

Xiao Mu cried, “An Ge, Weiwei is gone.”

He held Bai Weiwei’s hand with some nervousness. “Who’s gone? She’s asleep. Tomorrow, tomorrow she’ll be healthy.”

Xiao Mu walked over and pulled on him.

“An Ge, calm down.”

He Poan pushed Xiao Mu away, “I am calm. Have you made Weiwei’s soup yet? She’s been eating less lately. She’ll starve if she doesn’t eat more at night.”

Suddenly, Xiao Mu moved forward, grabbing He Poan’s collar and punching him.

He Poan staggered back a few steps and hit the wall.

Xiao Mu’s tears were flowing. “An Ge, I’m sorry.”

He Poan was shocked. He looked dazedly at Xiao Mu, seemingly unaware of his surroundings.

He pushed Xiao Mu aside and stumbled to the hospital bed, reaching out to Bai Weiwei’s cold face.

Then he bowed his head and kissed her lips that held no warmth.

“I kissed you, so wake up.”

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