Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 43: Another Emperor Class Being

Chapter 43: Another Emperor Class Being

[| Lv. 190 | Emperor of Light | Alexander Celestine | Male (1204) | HP: 1,195,000 / 1,195,000 | EP: 1,019,000 / 1,019,000 |]


Elysia swallowed her saliva when she saw the status of this kind old man who seemed to be an emperor. She immediately picked up the fallen book and put it back on the shelf while hiding her shock and trying to return to her normal self as soon as possible.

'Sister Elena! He is even stronger than the Devil Emperor!' Elysia exclaimed aloud in her mind, worried and anxious while remembering what she had done.

She did not expect that in a short time she would meet another Emperor class existence after meeting with Sylvia's father in Avrora Forest. In the three days, she had met two Emperor class beings, and all of them come to her and not the other way around.

'Take it easy, Lil Ely. You're a good girl and haven't broken any rules all this time. Calm yourself. The old man only goes to greet you because he is nice. So what if he's an Emperor and has Emperor power? He's still a human.' Elena tried to make Elysia calm down and throw away her worries while checking the situation.

When Elysia returned to her normal self, Elysia's slight surprise when she saw him did not escape his observation.

"Hehe... What's with that shock? Am I so scary and weird?" Alexander giggled while stroking his long beard.

"Nothing, sir. I'm just surprised that someone of your status would come here and greet this little girl." Feeling somewhat calm because of Elena's comment, Elysia smiled at this person with Emperor status. At least that's what she thought.

"Huh? My status? You know me? Even with this disguise magic? Hmm... You have beautiful and talented eyes, young girl. You are destined to become a great person in the future."

Alexander canceled his disguise magic because he felt his identity had been discovered by the little girl he greeted out of concern.

At first, he was just about to come home from the fifth floor of this library due to some sort of cause, but he found a girl eager for knowledge still awake this late on the fourth floor alone, and in the least popular section for young people after all.

Because of that, he kindly greeted the girl to remind her to take a break but who would have thought that his identity would be discovered by the girl he greeted despite using disguise magic.

Elysia did not see much change in the old man apart from his face is slightly different and his eyes turning bright blue like a clear blue sky.

She didn't know this old man apart from his name because the status she saw earlier, the status she meant earlier was also meant from what she saw from the status screen, let alone the disguise magic he meant. In simple terms, she did not know this old man at all even what he had just talked about.

"So, who are you?" Elysia tilted her head slightly in confusion.

"Eh? You don't know me? My famous bright face?" Alexander is also confused and scratches his head. This girl can know his status but doesn't know his face, that's what he thinks about this weirdness.

He began to doubt the assumption he was thinking when he saw the girl just shaking her head innocently with a confused face.

"Hmm... Young girl, did you just come to this city?"

To this question, Elysia just nodded because she didn't know what this old man wanted to say with his strange behavior.

"Sigh... Young people nowadays don't really know my figure anymore. Even though I rarely appear in public, at least they should know my figure, huh. History will indeed be eaten by age and forgotten. It's so sad."

Alexander says gloomily over the harsh reality that he has predicted and proved by this girl, he thinks he has been forgotten by people out there.

Unfortunately, this inconsequential assumption is not true. Most of the young and old still remember and know very well the figure of this old man, only Elysia doesn't know anything about him because she was stranded in this world for three days and will enter the fourth day.

"Um... Granpa, don't be gloomy. It's me who doesn't know anything. I'm sorry if I offended you, okay? My name is Elysia Avery, and I'm just about to enter the magic academy." Elysia feels a little guilty towards this old man even though she doesn't know what happened.

"Well, grandpa, huh? Even my grandaughter only calls me grandfather like everyone else. I allow you to call me grandpa, young girl. Elysia Avery... Hmm... Avery? Where did that aristocracy come from?"

Alexander stroked his beard again while trying to remember this girl's noble family whom he couldn't remember, the name Avery was still foreign to him.

"I come from the south." Elysia smiled wryly and only answered vaguely where she came from to that question.

"Oh! From the Cuttexus Kingdom, huh! Today's aristocracy has grown with new leaves. Many new names I don't know." Alexander laughed dryly.

"Very well, Elysia! I, Alexander Celestine. Since you seem passionate about knowledge and history, you may find out about me with just my name. It's getting late, a young girl like you should go to rest for your health. See you next time, ha ha ha..."

Alexander gave a dry laugh as he walked away before returning to using his disguise magic which actually didn't change much from his appearance in Elysia's eyes.

Elysia returned to being alone there, and she couldn't help but curiosity about the identity of the old man named Alexander Celestine.

She browsed through the history books about the Emperor on the Human Continent, but she couldn't find a single one with the same name as the cheerful old man earlier.

'You can continue tomorrow, Lil Ely. Fuah...' Elena also feels a little sleepy and wants to sleep even though she doesn't feel tired.

Elysia just sighs and returns the history book to its place and returns to the table where Vanessa is still huddled. She grabbed Vanessa and hugged her carefully without waking this cute white cat.

Then she headed to the reserved room which functioned like a modern hotel room with a library card as the key.

Elysia already has a paid permit. So she didn't worry and walked into one of the unmarked rooms without a problem. After she closed the door, the sign on the door changed which indicated that the room had been filled by someone.

She took off her heels and put Vanessa on the bed before she lay down beside the sleeping white cat.

'Sleep well, Sister Elena.'

'Yes, good night to you too.'

Elysia closed her eyes to rest her body and waited for morning to greet her with a fit body. Many tasks await and need to be prepared before the start of the academy.

The morning quickly came to wake her up with the sun shining from the eastern horizon. Elysia eats breakfast from her stock provisions while Vanessa tastes food from a conspiracy box that has a similar image to her current self, with original flavors.

They spent their time in the library just to patch up their ignorance of this world which was somewhat focused on knowledge of the Human Continent until the day of Deterry Magic Academy's opening ceremony finally arrived. The day when new students this year must attend the student admission ceremony in the new academic year.

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