Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 34: A Little Fuss

Chapter 34: A Little Fuss

Elysia saw two male figures looking right and left until one of them pointed at her and approached her table with a friendly smile that was clearly full of lies in Elysia's eyes.

"Young lady, is this seat empty?" Brian greeted the beautiful girl in a friendly manner.

"An anchovy and shrimp," Elysia muttered softly in a strange manner as she saw two suspicious men approaching her.

Brian twitched his brows at the murmur of the beautiful girl he greeted as if he was reminded of something.

"Young lady, as you can see, this restaurant is busy. Could you be kind enough to share a table with us." Brian put in more effort in more detail.

"Sure, please." Elysia nodded at the two men with a smile, she sadly saw them not as a normal human being but human in a cute animal costume.

Brian was glad his approach to a beautiful girl had worked smoothly, he signaled to David with a wink as if he was teaching his student.

David is in awe of his boss's maiden flirting technique, and as a good vassal, he gives a thumbs-up before taking out a note to write down what he's currently learning from his boss.

Unfortunately, when Brian was going to sit next to Elysia, he saw a white cat lying comfortably on the sofa right beside her.

"Please sit there." Elysia indicated with her hand to the sofa opposite the one she was currently sitting on.

Brian was speechless after being shown this way and could only sit on the sofa directly opposite Elysia, while David sat next to him.

They are now only separated by a table large enough for four people.

"Thank you for allowing us to sit with you, young lady. I'm Brian Chapman, nice to meet you." Brian returned to his friendly smile confidently.

"I'm David Moore, nice to meet you! Ow!" David joined in introducing himself, but Brian stepped on his feet with a glance that seemed to say it wasn't his turn. Understanding the point, David nodded to Brian's delight.

'They're an anchovy and shrimp... Hahaha... How cruel you are, Lil Ely.' Elena laughed from within the Soul Realm.

Unfortunately, Elysia did not have time to answer her because Brian continued his conversation. "May I know your name, young lady?"

"Hmm... Do you like a cat? Look at her, isn't she cute and sweet?" Elysia replied with another question while carrying Vanessa onto the table.

"Err... No, I prefer a dog." Brian didn't understand what this beautiful girl in front of him wanted to say but he still answered honestly.

"Right, how can an anchovy like a cat? They're the cat food." Elysia tilted her head slightly while whispering softly that not even Brian could hear.

"Excuse me?" Brian tried to ask because he didn't hear a soft whisper from Elysia.

"Pardon? Ah, you don't want to know my beloved cat, then how do I introduce myself to you?" Elysia tilted her head slightly to the other side while tapping her chin gently with her index finger.

'Hahaha... You tickled me from the inside, Lil Ely. By the way, where did you learn it, you were never this flexible before...' Elena is excited about the current progress of Elysia.

'A drama I watched when I was a teenager.' Elysia answered in her mind.

The friendly smile on Brian's face twitched after hearing Elysia's reply. He failed to make his acquaintance with a beautiful girl on the first try because of a cat.

"Oh yeah! She's so cute! Suddenly I became a cat lover!" Brian tries another approach.

"Right! She is Vanessa, nice to meet you." Elysia lifted Vanessa on the table and moved her little paw as if she was waving her hand at Brian.

"Meow." Vanessa only took part in her role.

Brian became confused, he wanted to get acquainted with this beautiful girl, how come he became acquainted with her pet and not the master.

But he immediately shook his head remembering that beautiful women are not easy to approach. Maybe by getting to know her pet first, he can get the heart of this beautiful girl.

"Oh! So the name of this cute cat is Vanessa, come play with me."

Brian tries to pet Vanessa, but the white cat doesn't want to be touched by strangers.

"Meow!" Vanessa scratches Brian's approaching hand with her claw.

"Argh! My hand is bleeding!" Brian shouted loudly which immediately got the attention of the many people who were there.

"What is this?" A slender man who seemed to be in charge of the butler came to their table.

"I was scratched by this cat!" Brian yelled at the butler and pointed at Vanessa hatefully.

"Sigh... Young Master, you're a man, right? You whine just because you get scratched by a little cat?"

The butler sighed because he thought trouble was going on during his working hours and it turned out to be such a trivial and embarrassing matter.

"Tch! Pathetic. This daddy over here was already fighting bears when I was your age." A man near their table clicked his tongue in annoyance.

Then followed by other guests who were in the restaurant. They berated Brian for some reason they made up all of sudden.

"Eh? That's not it. Vanessa, you bad girl... Sorry for the commotion. You're Brian, right? Can you show me your injured hand?" Elysia immediately put Vanessa back on the table and stroked her while apologizing to the other guests who were annoyed.

After Elysia spoke, the grumbling guests no longer berated Brian with their harsh words even the butler returned to his duties knowing everything was safe under control.

Surprised by the negative attention paid to him from the number of guests at the restaurant, Brian immediately recovered and snorted at those who had spoken rudely after hearing Elysia's pleasant voice that saved the day.

Then, he stretched out his injured hand to Elysia, there could be seen a bleeding wound from being clawed by Vanessa earlier.

"The wound is bleeding, the pain will go away and get better soon. Shoo..."

Elysia holds Brian's injured hand and recites the lines given to her when she was injured in the past. Next, she healed the wound with her magic while blowing air from her pretty mouth and rubbing the wound with her soft finger before releasing Brian's hand.

Brian was embarrassed by this kind of approach, he saw the cute behavior of a beautiful girl whose name was not yet known. His hand was held gently and she spat out a unique childish sentence to heal the wound.

But it turned out that the wound was completely healed which made Brian look at his hand with some wild thoughts. Then he looked at the cat on the table with a look of gratitude.

This cat that he looked at with hatred a moment ago was not that annoying. Because of her, Brian can hold hands with this beautiful girl's delicate hands even if only for a moment.

'Lil Ely, you are so flexible. I didn't know that you were so talented at role-playing.' Elena complimented softly.

'Even though they're all wearing costumes too?' Elysia asked in confusion.

'Eh?' Elena was also confused about that. She tried to relate her vision to the vision from Elysia's point of view.

Sure enough, the two men who were sitting at the same table were currently wearing costumes like anchovies and shrimp.

No wonder Elysia muttered like that, it turned out that what she said was indeed true. The suggestion that was given by Elena a while ago in the city park was actually implemented by Elysia and it has actually become magic that hypnotizes her own vision.

Elena wondered whether that suggestion is the right decision or not, but she just let it go because at least Elysia still considers them all as human beings, even though not in normal circumstances.

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