Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 31: Enrollment at the Academy (2)

Chapter 31: Enrollment at the Academy (2)

The suspicious man who was watching from the side was surprised by the elemental magic this young lady could use because in general even talented people couldn't use this much elemental magic because of compatibility in their bodies.

Unfortunately, Elysia didn't pay attention to the middle-aged man's expression and tried other elements. Whereas Elena only cheered from Elysia's Soul Realm to show her talent to this brash man.

"That's... That's all..." The man stuttered as if in disbelief.

He was a teacher who was on duty in a public room for enrollment of new students who only thought Elysia was a young lady who was playing as an ordinary person and did not expect much from her talent.

Apparently, his guess was wrong, and it turns out this beautiful young lady was also blessed by special talent. Now he does not care anymore if Elysia is an aristocrat or not because in this academy only talent will determine their position and not their original status.

Elysia felt the man's words were an insult, and she tried other magic that came to mind once again.

Elena also snorted while mocking the man with that stupid face and asked Elysia to show more of her talent and surprise him to death. The two of them don't know what normal human talent is like.

"Did I pass the registration test and be able to register at this academy?" Elysia asked when she felt he was just quiet.

Elysia's question seemed to awaken him from his surprise. Then, he looked at Elysia with a radiant face.

"Of course, of course! You can enroll in this academy, no you must enroll in this academy! Your talent is amazing and blessed by god! Accept this platinum pass, there is information you need. I am Alby Dawson, one of the teachers of this academy. I welcome you to our academy."

The man who introduced himself as Alby Dawson fired a barrage of words at Elysia who received the platinum card in confusion.

Then Elysia focused on the platinum card she was holding and a guidebook appeared along with a description of her dorm room.

"Because of your talent, you don't have to pay any fees and all are borne by the academy. The opening ceremony will be held in three days in the main building. I have to report immediately to the principal, so see you soon. Have a nice day!"

The man immediately ran out cheerfully to report to the principal about this new student and leave Elysia there alone.

Elysia then shook her head helplessly at the strange man's behavior, she then walked out of the registration test room.

She has marked the man named Alby Dawson as a strange suspicious man.

"Weird person." Elysia murmured in the corridor right outside the registration test room earlier.


'I agree.'

Elena and Vanessa also agreed with the statement from Elysia. Now she has successfully registered at the academy and only needs to come to the main building hall in three days for the opening ceremony for new students.

She quickly read the guidebook that emerged from this platinum card and learned the rules that she needed to obey and avoid. Then she looked at the map of the dormitory she was going to live in for maybe nine years from now, the normal school year that would take place for all students.

'1A? Room one in dormitory A.' She memorized a detailed school map from there that was even more detailed than the map she already had.

After she has finished, she put the guidebook and the dormitory document into the platinum card before leaving from there.

"Huh? You're an ordinary person, right? How can you get a platinum card while I'm only a silver card?" A girl's voice contemptuously greeted Elysia shortly after she left the registration room and entered the lobby hall.

Elysia saw a girl dressed in luxury like a high-class nobleman looking at her in contempt with two girls dressed as maids who accompanied her on both sides.

"You mean this?" Elysia raised the card in her hand. To be honest, she doesn't really understand the purpose of the card level because it's not listed in the guidebook. She only knew that the card only served as the key to their dorm room.

"Yes, that! How come I from the Scott Duke Family have lower talent than you, you're not cheating, right?" The girl in the middle raised her tone while approaching Elysia.

"Do you want this? Here, just take it..." Elysia only offered her platinum card. She knew that bullying might happen soon only because of this card, rather than getting into a problem, she would rather throw the hot potato that she was holding.

'Lil Ely! What are you doing!?' Elena exclaimed loudly from Elysia's Soul Realm which was ignored by Elysia.

While Vanessa only saw them silently because she did not understand what this impudent human wanted to say, but she was prepared to attack if this human intended to hurt her master.

The girl who was criticizing Elysia was astonished, but she took the platinum card from Elysia's hand after looking left and right to make sure there were no eyewitnesses.

"That's good, you understand. I'm Serena Scott, from the Scott Duke Family. Because you are so understanding, I will not make your day troublesome, O Commoner. Cora, Nico, let's go." Serena called out her maid's name before passing through Elysia from the side.

"Wait, if you take mine, what about my school card?" Elysia exclaimed before they left. She remembers that now she no longer has a card that is also useful as a dormitory key, she would rather save money than go to the inn.

"Take this. Remember, don't say this to anyone if you don't want to be on my bad side! Understand?" Serena snapped once again as she threw the silver card at Elysia, where the latter just nodded and caught the silver card.

"Hohoho~" Serena laughed happily and left from there with her two maids. She was not aware of the big problem that would await her because of her arrogance.

Elysia who was left alone sighed in relief. In her new school days she could avoid the bullying she experienced long ago, she still had a bad trauma with the name of the school even though she had prepared herself.

'Sigh... Lil Ely, what are you doing. You could fight back at that loser, don't you want to immediately surpass your fear?' Elena sighed in exasperation.

'Please forgive me, Sister Elena. I know what you have planned for my good since we can communicate, but please make it gradual and I know it is needed. Just now, I just want to avoid the bullying that I will suffer soon.' Elysia trembled slightly after being reminded by Elena in her mind.

'Well... If you say it like that, all right. I understand you, I'm just a little in a hurry. I can't bear to see you who is incredible being scared like this again. I've had enough just watching you and haven't been able to do anything since we are on Earth...'

Elena devoted what she wanted to say, she realized that Elysia was very observant and had realized her recovery plan because of their conversation just a moment ago.

'Un. Thank you.' Elysia could not say much to Elena, but what she wanted to convey was received by Elena, Elena smiled warmly and giggled before starting to joke again with her to change their depressing atmosphere.

Then Elysia left the office building because her business was finished, she still wanted to see the city according to Elena's proposal, especially the city's main library which Elysia wanted to visit soon.

They were all unaware that what had just happened in the lobby hall had been observed from a distant building opposite the office building.

Someone who witnessed the incident stared at Elysia who kept walking away, she thought for a moment to rethink what she had just seen before leaving there.

The events at Avrora Forest have made many people in this academy busy and made some buildings quiet. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Serena to take Elysia's platinum card and threaten her freely.

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