Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 17: A Bit Too Much

Chapter 17: A Bit Too Much

'I missed it...'

Elysia who was still floating high in the sky saw her attack miss her target and explode after touching the ground. The large explosion that occurred forced her to make a barrier from the elements of light on all sides to protect herself.

After the explosion had subsided a little, Elysia saw with her advanced vision from inside the barrier that the lake right below had disappeared and the trees in the forest had begun to be consumed by the red rooster.

'Oh no! The lake disappeared and the forest started to burn! I must stop the fire so that the flora in this forest is not destroyed and pollution is no more than this! ' She began to panic while trying to find a solution from her mind.

'Wow! Lil Ely, you're so vicious. One attack from you has consumed a huge area and created a crater of fire! But the forest started to burn, put it out immediately.'

Elena exclaimed in amazement at what she saw with their shared vision, but she did not forget to give suggestions for immediate action on forest fires.

'I understand that. Come on Ely, think of the right thing for the current circumstances. What can make so much water to put out this fire? Rain. Yes, I need very heavy rain for this.'

Elysia got a brilliant idea considering the lake which had evaporated due to heat and disappeared from the previous place, water vapor should have gathered in the sky in the form of clouds.

She began to use the elements of wind and water magic to accelerate the process of rain from the sky, very very heavy rain that can immediately flush the forest areas that are burning everywhere.

Dense black clouds began to gather in the sky very quickly signaling that heavy rain was coming, strong winds followed the sign of the inevitable, and lightning flashes began to rumble as if screaming for the appearance of a great storm that was about to arrive.

Elysia was too focused on making heavy rain to put out fires in the forest, but she did it a little too much, and now, she creates a storm that engulfs the whole forest, rather than heavy rain.

Very heavy rain immediately flushed Avrora Forest and immediately put out the blazing fire and quickly filled the crater due to an earlier explosion with water to form a lake that was much bigger than before.

'Lil Ely, you. Pfft... Hahaha... You're overdoing it. See now a big storm is ravaging the whole forest.'

Elena burst out laughing from [Soul Realm] seeing the forest that had just survived a forest fire that began to spread, it was now hit by a big storm.

'Um. Looks like I did it a bit too much...'

The culprit was speechless after that while looking at a hurricane that was starting to form and lightning that continued to dance from the sky right behind the clouds while continuing to strike across the forest.

Forest fires that previously engulfed several kilometers from the forest, have now become huge storms covering an area of ??thousands of kilometers, or even engulfing the entire Avrora Forest.

The entire population of the Human Continent could feel how fierce the storm was while looking at it from afar, and almost all the existence with the power of Saint or above from outside the Human Continent could feel the terrible disaster that was happening there.

Therefore, almost all places of authority send their envoys to investigate further the situation in Avrora Forest and if possible to investigate the cause, because it is almost impossible for a large storm to suddenly occur in a very short time.

'Well, at least the fire has been extinguished, and the crater from the explosion has become a bigger and newer lake...'

Elysia tried to console herself while using the wind elemental magic back to the jet black clouds that gathered as far as the eye could see the sky to immediately split and spread in all directions.

A few moments later, the weather was clear again with a blue sky without clouds and sunlight that seemed to preach the good news that the disaster was over.

'But, Sister Elena. Isn't this strange? When my first attempt to practice magic, I immediately felt exhausted. Why do I feel like I can easily use various magic using my energy right now?'

After everything was finished, Elysia used her invisible magic again and began to think of things that should not have happened before.

'Um. I think it's also weird. While I used your body to get away from the cave, I also felt physically and mentally exhausted. In addition to a tired body, the body's energy is also drained. Hmm... What is your current status?' Elena also thought the same thing with her.

Hearing that question, Elysia also felt curious about her current status and began to focus on herself to bring up her own status.

[| Lv. 21 | Apprentice Mage | Elysia Avery | Female (16) | HP: 4,500 / 4,500 | EP: 4,500e+9 / - |]

'Hum. Everything is the same as before... What !? What is this? My Energy Point is over the limit! e+9, What does it mean? Billion in math? Hm... As I recall, I checked my status last night and I only had 4,500 EP... Did I just see it wrong last night?' Elysia saw her status and was surprised when she checked the odd part of her energy point.

'Fufufu... That breaks the balance. But... Lil Ely, do you remember last night you were constantly glowing in gold? From Harold's explanation, your body only has too much energy.'

Elena just giggled softly from [Soul Realm] while embracing Elysia's spirit form. Since the battle, she placed Elysia's spirit form on her lap and embraced her while she was absorbed in watching Elysia's battle against the winged white tiger.

'Is that so... But at that moment my body shone with dark gold energy aura, and when I returned to this form I was sure I had a white energy aura. Eh? Wait a minute...'

Elysia returned to her train of thought and tried to see the 'energy aura' that she emitted when using it to cast magic. She didn't pay attention to the color of the energy that she emitted when she using magic earlier in the battle against the winged white tiger.

Seeing the radiant energy that was still white as before, she let out a little sigh with a slightly confused face. Then, she tried several experiments and saw the 'energy aura' that she emitted became dark gold energy aura and made it continue to shine as before and dim it again, then her energy aura became red, dark blue, dark cyan, and so on, at her will.

'This... Harold told me that the level of strength a person will influence the color of their [energy aura], but what is this? I am still at level 21 and only as an Apprentice Mage can even change it and make my body return like a firefly, just like last night. Sister Elena, do you know anything?'

She muttered in her mind after experimenting to comment on what she just did. After feeling deadlocked, she asked Elena, her always reliable sister who had even been with her from birth.

'Em. Forgive me. I don't know about that either. But if you pay attention to your story before, right after the earthquake and the cave will collapse, you immediately come out of the cave where you and Sylvia are together, while your body always emits a dark gold energy aura after that.'

Elena expressed her opinion about the current situation of Elysia, based only on the detailed story of Elysia about her experience last night.

Elysia nodded and considered him to be the only clue at the moment and would learn more at a later time.

'Ne... Can we assume that we have a lot of energy and can use a lot of magic as a gift because we were thrown into this world?'

'A gift, huh?'

Elysia could not answer the question or more like a response from Elena, she just looked far into the horizon with her mind that was still working fast because of that. Their existence in this world does not mean simple.

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