Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 14: Sylvias Punishment

Chapter 14: Sylvias Punishment

Chapter 14: Sylvia's Punishment

Elysia looked at the moon with a distant look. At present, she really feels alone. The same feelings as what she experienced in the past and has become a dark memory.

'If I really am gone, does anyone come to mourn for me at my funeral apart from my family?'

The melancholy atmosphere began to envelop her who was staring at the moon.

'Father, Mother, Linda. I hope you all stay healthy and always have a beautiful day there, and for Ali, are you still there with a different soul? If so I hope you treat my family well.'

Elysia can only pray to the family she left behind.

While she must immediately adapt to her current situation, not only was stranded into a different body and a different world without any knowledge but she also had to try to protect herself in this magical world full of fantasy where impossible things could be done.

Elysia closed her eyes to rest in a half-conscious state, a state of sleep that she had often done since long ago.

The events of the night before when she slept soundly without protection in a strange place is very rare, and she can only be grateful that she woke up in good condition.

While Elysia was sleeping, far to the southwest, precisely in the castle of the Devil Emperor on the Devil Continent, the Devil Emperor was talking 'kindly' with his daughter after a long story about her little adventure.

"So you say your meeting with the Goddess was a coincidence?" Dylan asked with a friendly face.

"That's right! At first, she just came without me being able to detect her, then she even kindly gave me a dinner! We had dinner together!" Sylvia answered innocently, relieved that her father was not angry.

"You just eat that food?"

"No, I took the food she ate before checking if there was poison in it." Sylvia just answered, feeling her father was just worried.

"She is a Goddess you know? Someone who is at the God level! She doesn't need dinner! In Vrelenia there are only 3 figures like that! And they are all old monsters that don't care about the world!"

Dylan started to raise his tone of voice while Sylvia tried to make herself small by shrinking her neck.

"Uuuu... But Ely is so kind and friendly. She looks so young and beautiful, there's no way she is an old monster right?"

Hearing that, Dylan returned to their topic.

"Hm... You even say her name so familiarly. The 'energy aura' that she has is dark gold, different from the three Gods I've met that are only light gold. Not to mention that her face is very different from the three of them. Maybe she is the new God? " Dylan muttered while recalling the figure of the Goddess who was still very fresh in his mind.

"Um. She gave me her name after I introduced myself. She was named Elysia Avery. She also said she had just come to this world after I told her a story." She seemed eager to tell her father about Elysia.

"A Goddess just came to this world, and my daughter became so familiar with her. Alright, let me put together a real event. So, that Goddess just came to you, then took out food and ate it, you who feel hungry approached her and finally were offered a portion of food, then you accept it after re-checking. Then you exchange some stories until I come there. Wait, you don't consider her friendly just because of the food right?"

Dylan connected several important points and arranged them into a conclusion. It's his talent to know his daughter deeper than just a few statements.

"Of course not! I know how to judge someone! Hmph!" Sylvia blushed as she puffed her cheeks and turned sideways. She felt rather ashamed that her father could guess so accurately what had happened.

"Ok. She is a Goddess who has no evil intentions on us, and I know that. She only needs some basic knowledge of this world from you because she has just arrived in this world... *sigh* It seems like this vast world is only one from so many worlds out there."

He sighed while looking far out of the room while thinking about many things, he felt like a small person even though he was at Emperor's level.

'Ely is my first friend and she is a Goddess! Since she just came to this world, so I was her first friend too right? Hehe...'

Sylvia only listens to the first half of her father's words and has different thoughts about that.

"Alright, now go to your room."

"I'm not punished. Yay!" Sylvia saw her father's eyes that seemed not angry and went to her room while whispering softly feeling very happy.

"Who says you won't be punished? You think I'll just let you be, huh?" Dylan looked cynically at her.

"N.No way..." Sylvia immediately paled and stopped in her tracks before turning to look at her father with a pleading look.

"Huh. What's with that look? Not only did you run away from home and make me worry to find you that far. You're also so naive to trust someone just like that, that's good news that you meet is that Goddess. If you meet someone who has an evil intention, maybe you will end up being sold and help the villain count his money! Come here! I'll spank you and plant some common sense! "

Dylan used his magic and made his daughter lie face down on his lap.

"Kya! Fa. Father... Please give mercy..."

Dylan ignored the pitiful gaze of his daughter and began her sentence. Little did he know, his daughter was far smarter than he had expected, she really knew how to judge someone. Sylvia believed in Elysia with a good reason, she also had a strong reason to encourage her to do so.

Sylvia even missed a few details like her telling Elysia about her past and her story of slaughtering a group of humans who attacked her without further ado, worried that bad news would befall her.

The punishment lasted painfully full of tears, screams, and a red buttock.

Someone with an Emperor level would destroy a number of places with just one heavy slap, and that was what Sylvia felt right now.

Because of this, she could not sit comfortably for one whole week, her father even forbid all the healers in his castle to cure Sylvia's difficult circumstances.

He also sealed the energy in her body without mercy. In the end, she who couldn't use her self-healing ability can only whine helplessly.

During that week, Dylan told his daughter a lot of common sense and many other things. He was too worried about her future that might be largely the cause of his mistake, but he did not want to admit it.

Sylvia can only go through the day with the pain while being obedient.

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