Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 10: The Devil Emperor Came Over

Chapter 10: The Devil Emperor Came Over

After hearing Sylvia's past stories and experiences, Elysia realized many things from there, starting from the basic knowledge of this world to the complexity of the world that seemed to be quite tense.

Elysia shuddered a little because of the soft breath that was blown directly into her neck. When Sylvia recounts her past, she no longer holds Elysia's hand but also embraces her body.

Feeling the head placed on her right shoulder while her body was being hugged, Elysia did not dare move or let go of her hug which was impossible to do to see Sylvia's level, she was afraid that she would offend the small destructive monster that was holding her tight but did not hurt her.

The melancholy tone that Sylvia said in her story made Elysia could only gently stroke her hair as if it gave her comfort, even though Elysia's heart was not as calm as it seemed.

"As long as you do what you think is right, it will be fine."

Sylvia who had never received comfort and warmth like this before could only sink into a warm hug and gentle caress in her hair. A simple sentence uttered by Elysia seemed to be a consolation for Sylvia.

Feeling too comfortable with Elysia, Sylvia seemed to already have a long close relationship with Elysia even though they had only met in a short time.

"Thank you, Ely."

Sylvia expressed her gratitude with a smile on her face and closed her eyes as if falling asleep in the warmth which was a new experience for her and seemed to be making her addicted.

Elysia heaved a sigh of relief in her mind after feeling Sylvia who was still hugging her rather tightly seemed to be sleeping without caring about the world.

He could only shake her head helplessly to see Sylvia trust her so much and she even left her body defenseless to the person she had just met.

What if Sylvia meets a person with bad intentions? Even Elysia could not imagine it.

Little does she know, Sylvia will be very wary to everyone except her closest people, she is just so open to her just because she feels comfortable with Elysia who always exudes a unique and fragrant aura while she does not feel that Elysia will hurt her or those closest to her.

After that Elysia began to think about something else.

'I thought I would be killed! This girl has quite a complicated experience, with level 170, and is 556 years old but is still a bit childish. What about the life span and level of strength. Hmm... '

Elysia murmured in her mind, still stroking the soft hair of the girl who was hugging her while thinking about the lifespan of the creatures in this world that seemed quite different and thinking about their strength based on the level she could see from the status screen.

She needed more information, but seeing that Sylvia had fallen asleep, Elysia couldn't ask any more questions.

'If my current position is in the Human Continent, I must go to one of the human kingdoms to dig more information.'

Elysia returned to remembering the group she had found earlier seemed to be coming from the southwest to the north, so if she went the way they came or the direction they were going, at least she could find a city.

"Mom..." Sylvia spoke deliriously while changing her body position a little as if looking for a more comfortable position still hugging her body tightly as if she didn't want to let go.

Elysia immediately stopped her hand which was still involuntarily stroking Sylvia's hair, as if frozen and pulled her hand away from Sylvia's head.

Shortly after, Elysia who was still frozen felt an earthquake that suddenly shook the land. The cave also seems to be collapsing soon and will fall on them.

"Earthquake!" Elysia reflexively hugged Sylvia's body and darted away from the cave which was beginning to collapse.

Unconsciously her body is now shrouded in a dark golden aura illuminating the darkness of the night which is only illuminated by the light of the moon and stars.

"Uh! Ah! What happened?" Sylvia immediately woke up from her sleep and looked around while releasing Elysia's body from her arms.

"The cave collapsed due to the earthquake." Elysia answered Sylvia's confusion.

Sylvia saw that the cave where she had slept before had collapsed and even she felt an earthquake that still shook the land they were on.

But when she wanted to ask again and looked at Elysia, she focused on something else and forgot for a moment that she was almost crushed by the rocks of the cave after seeing the radiant golden energy aura that enveloped Elysia's body.

"Are you Elysia? Are you really human?" Sylvia asked as if in her reverie. As far as she knows from her father's story, only gods have a gold energy aura like this, but she is not so sure about that.

"Hmm... What do you mean?" Elysia tilted her head slightly with a confused face.

Sylvia saw that she was still Elysia, a person who had just become her friend, she shook her head slightly, it seemed she needed to consult with her father. "No, it's nothing."

When Elysia thought of what Sylvia meant, a dark black aura enveloped the red energy aura at its center from a distance, darkness that was darker than the night sky only illuminated by the moonlight.

"Sylvia!" There was a terrible loud scream full of anxiety and a bit of wrath as if it came from hell.

Sylvia's body shuddered in fear after hearing her name being called.

"That's my father! I'm finished! I will be punished! Ely... Sister Ely... What should I do?"

Sylvia panicked instantly and begged for help while holding Elysia's hand and shaking it, aware that her father had realized that she was fleeing secretly and was looking for her. It was only a matter of time until she was discovered by her father.

Although Sylvia pleaded for help to her, Elysia, who had felt extreme anxiety only from a Devil Saint who could kill her at any time, now needed to confront her father who was a Devil Emperor.

She, who was far more worried than Sylvia, feared that she would faint when that happened because she was unable to withstand the turmoil in her heart and mind that she had been suppressing all this time.

Devil Emperor who had just realized the absence of his daughter in her room or in the royal castle. He immediately sought his daughter by following in the trace of her aura.

At the moment he is on floating above the Avrora Forest while looking for his daughter around the last position he can detect from his daughter's aura traces.

The previous earthquake occurred because of the existence of the Devil Emperor who detected the aura of his daughter around him with a radius of 10 kilometers.

He shouted his daughter's name hoping she would come out by herself and will receive her punishment.

After feeling the turmoil of his daughter's aura near the cave on the edge of the cliff, he immediately headed there and saw his daughter holding a woman's hand who had a dark golden energy aura.

"Sylvia!" The Devil Emperor shouted at the two girls who were now right in view.

"Fa... Father. You're here..." Sylvia stammered to see that she had been found.

"Who are you!? What are you doing with my daughter!" He looked at the woman with a golden energy aura with anxiety that was different from the previous anxiety when looking for his daughter.

"Father! You are not allowed to hurt Ely!" Sylvia immediately flew between the position of her father in the air and the position of Elysia who was still thinking of a way out of this situation.

"You will receive your punishment later! Now come here and be quiet! I'm talking to the woman behind you!"


Elysia raised her head and looked directly at the Devil Emperor with her eyes.

[| Lv. 189 | Devil Emperor | Dylan Transcendent | Male (921) | 995,000 / 995,000 |]

Elysia gulped a little after seeing the status screen of Sylvia's father while trying hard to calm herself from the anxiety of her fate that had just been in this world. She thought quickly the best way out of this situation safely.

Dylan who saw a woman with a golden energy aura and golden eyes with a unique pattern in it who was looking at him had different anxiety from Elysia.

He knew creatures that had reached the God level would have a golden-colored energy aura.

Of the three known God-level beings, they only had light golden energy aura and they were old monsters. Meanwhile, the young woman who stared at him had a dark golden energy aura, not to mention the unique pattern in her eyes that he did not even know and gave a dangerous premonition.

Elysia manipulated gravity with her magic, passed through Sylvia's body, and floated right in front of Dylan.

"Wha..." Sylvia was surprised and couldn't continue her words.

"The father of Sylvia, the sole ruler of the Devil Continent. I feel your anxiety about the safety of your daughter, but there is no need to worry. Our meeting was accidental and I have no bad intentions towards your daughter or the people around her."

Elysia stated where her role now was softly, even though her mind was very turbulent.

Dylan actually felt relieved because women with dark gold energy aura did not have bad intentions for him or his daughter. He was really nervous if he had to clash with the woman before him. Not to mention her, he didn't even dare to clash with one of the Gods who didn't care about the world.

"Then forgive me for my previous impudence, and I thank you on behalf of my daughter, senior."

Elysia had realized that the Devil Emperor was quite surprised after seeing her and seemed worried and anxious about something.

After hearing the words of the Devil Emperor she rethinking what her current role is that can even make her into this.

"Um. Sylvia, you'd better go back to the Devil Continent with your father. He was so worried just because of you." Elysia nodded slightly to the Devil Emperor and looked at Elysia who was still stunned.

Sylvia immediately recovered and returned to her father's side before returning to the Devil Continent, remembering that she was still in the Human Continent, and her father's arrival might alert many people.

"We will be back home soon, then we will excuse ourselves, senior." Dylan seemed to want to return soon, his open visit to the Human Continent was not good news for humans.

"See you later, Ely!"

Sylvia cheerfully waved her hand, while Dylan frowned at their familiarity as if he were questioning 'since when was my daughter so close to a God?', he needs to ask his daughter for further details later.

Elysia only smiled seeing Sylvia and her father who had flown away while waving one of her hands.

After they disappeared with teleportation magic, she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart feeling as if all her burdens had been lifted while returning to the ground, now she needed to deal with the after-effects that she had kept pressing since from meeting herself and Sylvia.

Unknown to her, the figure of the three of them had previously been seen by a group of people from the forest in the faraway place, and they were heading to Elysia's current position.

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