Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

822 Someone's Desperate Request

“Ely, are you a Goddess in disguise?” Evelyn suddenly asked while looking into her best friend’s eyes.

“Why are you suddenly asking that, Eve? Ah, I went up to Beginner Mage some times ago.” Elysia felt a little confused and looked back at Evelyn.

“I feel you are sometimes so out of reach, Ely. All of your achievements are beyond what a human can achieve. You may be a Goddess, but you disguised yourself as an ordinary girl for a purpose. Am I too curious?” Evelyn couldn’t look Elysia in the eye for too long. She felt too embarrassed about that.

Yuuki and Lynn paused their work to listen to the conversation.

“You may know if you want to. You see, Eve. You were the first one who made me a friend, a true friend. You are sincere, kind, and innocent, but sometimes air-headed and silly. You can see me as a Goddess in training, but I don’t know when I will reach that level.

Sometimes, I think our power is just a gift from the universe, and the universe can take it away someday. Therefore, I just do everything to the best of my ability for good. That’s how I thank the universe for everything.” Elysia smiled gently at the end of her words.

She had seen several entities gain instant power and lose it so quickly. It was so imprinted in her view of power gain.

“At that time, no… When the time comes, will you allow me to be your loyal follower, Ely? I sometimes feel you will go far, very far. I just want to reach out to you. Please don’t leave me…” Evelyn clasped her hands.

“I see. When the time comes, you will make difficult decisions. Will you accompany our long journey to the end? Are you willing to leave everything behind just to be with us?” Elysia asked that question in a somewhat emotional tone.

Surprisingly, everyone in the living room fell silent because of that. Some of them pondered Elysia’s question in their minds as well.

“Maa, let’s skip this conversation. Now is the time for us to prepare dinner. Here, help me stir this.” Elysia changed the topic of the conversation with a cheerful smile.

“Oh, okay.” Evelyn immediately moved to help.

A few moments later, dinner was served at the dining table. Xero joined in the dinner event.

However, Xentia surprisingly joined the glutton group and devoured a lot of food. It was the first time she experienced the pleasures of this extraordinary culinary paradise and the first food she enjoyed with her taste buds.

“Everything is so delicious, but Xentia can’t go on anymore. More than this and that would be not good for the tummy.” Xentia put down her cutlery and then rubbed her tummy. She stopped eating because she felt her stomach was at the tipping point just before the satiation level.

“It’s okay. Nom, nom…” Nell raised her hand with an ok hand gesture and returned to eating her food. The others may see it’s just a big bowl of delicious soup, but it was a pool of delicacy for her.

“Thank you for the food.” Xero finished with his dinner and immediately went to the second floor.

“Do you need help in your recovery process? Please say anything if you need anything.” Elysia asked before Xero left.

“Not for now.” Xero glanced back for a moment, then went upstairs.

“…” Elysia just nodded and looked at everyone around the dining table. They enjoy their meal with blissful faces.

After Elysia finished her food, she went to get her smartphone. She has some unread messages, after all.

“Hmm?” Elysia felt a little surprised when she saw the incoming messages come a few minutes after she returned to this house. It was as if Erina knew when she had come back here, but she had no idea how Erina would know about it.

‚Äč She questioned whether this house had been bugged or her smartphone had been tracked. The technology could be so scary, after all. However, she felt it was only because of the marker connection. This house was not far from Erina’s mansion, and Erina could clearly sense if she was near or not.

‘Someone texted you, Ely? You only have the Erina family numbers, but why do you look so troubled?’ Elena felt a little surprised when Elysia returned while staring at the smartphone with a complicated look.

‘Everything is fine. Erina only sent me a few messages. She asked how I was in the first message, and in the second message, she informed me that someone from across the country had come to her family’s mansion this afternoon. He made a request to meet me.

In the third message, she sent information about that person and asked if I would fulfil that person’s request or not. However, that person hadn’t even said the reason for his urgent request before meeting me.’ Elysia read all the messages and outlined the details.

‘It was a request to see you as a doctor, right? Those oldies from the Alchemy Association are really annoying. That old hag must have revealed the secret behind Erina and Kenji’s recovery.’ Elena still remembered that arrogant Grand Master alchemist.

‘Maa, we’re not trying to keep our achievements a secret either. There were many eyewitnesses who would obviously question how Erina and her father could recover so quickly. However… Someone who wants to meet me seems familiar. We’ve met this guy before, haven’t we?’ Elysia showed the person’s information to Elena.

‘Hmm… Yes, we’ve met him. It was at an auction house in Seoul, South Korea. You came as Lily. He and his friend came to say hello when you just claimed that white bracelet artifact. The item you used as one of the catalysts in the advanced artifact creation practice. You remember it, right?’ Elena could remember that last month’s event well.

‘Hmm, Hong Ju-Won from Hong Clan, huh… He was with his friend Sung Se-Yeon then, and his arrival this time was definitely not alone. What do they want?’ Elysia didn’t understand why the other party had come here to meet her. There were too many possibilities, and she couldn’t be sure.

‘What are you going to do, Ely? He might bother Erina until he can meet you. Erina said it was something of an emergency on that guy’s side, right? He may be desperate. It’s fine if you want to meet him and find out the truth for Erina’s sake. The night is still early, and the weather still looks friendly.’ Elena looked out the window. She felt it would be fine if Elysia went to Erina’s mansion now.

‘But, well…’ Elysia considered her decision for a moment. She might not have free time to go to Erina’s mansion tomorrow because her group still has a plan. So, now was the right time if she wanted to meet that person.

‘If you decide to go… Nell, Lynn and Sylvi will come with you.’ Elena held Elysia’s hand.

‘You’re not coming with me?’ Elysia was a bit surprised.

‘I need to educate that baby girl with Rhea. I also need to check and confirm a few things about her. We’ll have an interesting hero of light tomorrow, hehe…’ Elena had a particular intention for Xentia, and it would have something to do with Rhea’s plan.

‘Oh, okay…’ Elysia just nodded in understanding.

After dinner, Elena told the concerned girls to accompany and protect Elysia.

“That’s fine. However, we should return before curfew arrives. You also need a good rest, right?” Nell had no objection, but that didn’t mean she was in favor of letting the girls go out at night and skipping sleep.

“Mm, we’ll be back soon. We’re just going to see Erina and someone then head back.” Elysia nodded in confirmation.

“…” Lynn responded with a slight nod. She would protect and help Elysia with all her might.

“That’s perfect. So, shall we go now?” Sylvia hugged Elysia’s arm.

“Hm? Where are you going? Xentia can follow?” Xentia came closer.

“We’re going to see someone who desperately needs our help. I may be needed as a doctor.” Elysia gave Xentia a head pat.

“Doctor? What is a doctor?” Xentia tilted her head slightly.

“The doctor is a noble person with the ability to heal those who are sick or injured. Ely can be called a Saint in the medical world.” Rhea helped to explain.

“Ooh~ That sounds great! Can Xentia become a doctor?” Xentia was enlightened with sparkling eyes.

“That’s possible if you have the passion. However, I think there are other classes more suitable for you. Would Xentia want to listen to it?” Elena started a conversation.

“Xentia wants!” Xentia came close to the Golden Goddess with great interest. Yet, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and waved her hand at Elysia. “Please be careful and come back soon!”

“Mm. We’ll be back soon.” Elysia waved her hand before leaving with Lynn and Sylvia by her side while Nell sat invisibly on her shoulder.

“Mhmm…” Vanessa and Yuuki pouted while staring at Elysia’s departure. They wanted to come along, but Elysia’s master had already decided who would go with Elysia.


Elysia brought her small team to teleport to Erina’s location.

“Hmm-mm~” Erina hummed sweetly in her room while applying night cream to her body.


An incoming message came, and Erina checked her smartphone. “Ellie will be coming here soon with her friends. Are they Sylvia-san and Evelyn-san?”

Erina wondered, but she couldn’t hide her smile because she would meet Elysia soon. She replied to the message but heard a strange sound from behind.


“Gulp…” Erina gulped her saliva nervously.

She was alone in her room. Mio hadn’t come back either. It was dark outside too, and the thought of ghosts crossed her mind.

“…” Erina wanted to look back, but she was afraid it was a jumpscare like that blue demon incident.

Erina looked at her smartphone, and the message to Elysia was still displayed on the screen.

Thus, she immediately wrote another message, asking for help. She felt so scared and nervous. Because of her trembling hand, her smartphone slipped from her hands and fell on the carpet.

“No way… Oh God and Goddess of Heaven, please help me. Ellie…” Erina’s face went pale. She didn’t dare bend down to pick up her smartphone now.

“Erina, why do you look so scared? Come here and tell us. We might be able to help.” Elysia was confused by Erina’s strange behavior.

“Eh?” Erina blinked her eyes a few times. That pleasant voice was so familiar and definitely not a ghost. She also felt that Elysia was already so close. So, it was definitely her friend. Elysia had arrived.

Sure enough, she turned around and found three girls sitting on the sofa.

“Ellie, you scared me… I thought it was a ghost. You appeared so suddenly without any prior notice. My heart probably can’t take another jumpscare.” Erina’s legs lost strength, and she slumped to the floor. Even so, she breathed a sigh of relief.

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