Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2511

Chapter 2511: God! Mary Sue world (Part 53)

Although Ye Nuan Yang was a lively person, the scene at the platform was the saddest moment in her life.

She had used her entire youth to love a person, but she had never been able to walk into this person’s life.

The loneliest scene in the world was you watching the scene from under the bridge and me watching you from the bridge.

Although Qiu Kai’s acting was considered alright, these aggrieved small actions made people feel that it was a bit fake.

Director Li also knitted his brows with a serious look before shaking his head, “Knock her off!”

“Understood!” The assistant replied, “Director Li, that was the last one. There’s a total of six people on the short list and twenty one people have been eliminated.”

“Un.” Director Li nodded before turning to Luo Qing Chen beside him, “Qing Chen, which one of these six do you think are good?”

To be honest, when director Li said this, everyone’s eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen.

The bet on Star Group’s twentieth floor was still in everyone’s mind and now at two in the afternoon, the bet had become a joke.

“Director Li, is this a joke?” Ye Su couldn’t help saying, “How could this little girl decide such an important role? Not to mention that she lost the role of “Youth’s” female lead?”

Ye Su knew that saying these words would make people think that she ‘would say that the grapes were sour without eating them’.

But she couldn’t do anything else. If she didn’t say anything now, she really would lose.

Everyone knew that Ye Nuan Yang was the most important supporting role out of the ones that director Li was choosing today.

So even if Luo Qing Chen had a certain supporting role, it wasn’t a main supporting role.

So as long as Gu Fan Fan or Qiu Kai got the role of Ye Nuan Yang, then she wouldn’t lose her bet with Luo Qing Chen.

“You are?” Director Li Yuan’s face instantly turned dark.

What he hated the most in his life was people who talked too much. If their artists didn’t have the skills to play the role, they would do all they could to slander others.

In his eyes, this kind of person would never become famous.

“Hello director Li, I am part of Star Group’s talent management team. My name is Ye Su.” Ye Su calmly said, “I feel that letting someone who is in a supporting role decide this important supporting role isn’t very fair for many people.”

Ye Su didn’t seem to hear Li Yuan’s cold snort as she continued, “Look, look, there are many more people suited to making the most out of this script. Since it’s like this, I feel that it’s better to be more fair.”

She thought that when she said these righteous words, there would be others who would support her.

But she never thought that a single person would speak.

After a while, director Li Yuan coldly looked at her and said, “Are you done?”

“Ah!” Ye Su was surprised before quickly saying, “Yes……I’m done……”

This was her first time speaking to director Li Yuan. This eccentric director rarely contacted any agents and was very cold.

So since this was the first time, Ye Su was clearly a bit nervous.

“First, there’s one thing that I want to correct.” Li Yuan’s heavy voice rang out through the room.

“Please……Please speak.”

“Qing Chen isn’t in a supporting role, she will be playing the female lead of “Time”, Mu Chu Xia.”

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