Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2283

Chapter 2283: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 27)

“Miss Feng……” The seventh maid bit her lip with an unwilling look on her face.

After all, the palace wasn’t filled with beauties and there was no competition. After being used to a comfortable life, they would be afraid of trouble.

“It seems like the seventh maid isn’t willing to leave.” Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug. She revealed a smile and looked at her with a natural expression, “Since you’re not willing to leave, there was no need to go!”

The seventh maid was surprised as she thought that Luo Qing Chen was sparing her.

After all, Mo Ye was here and she could show off her charm by being magnanimous.

“This servant will keep the princess’ great grace in my heart.” The seventh maid instantly only cared about herself as she looked at Luo Qing Chen and said, “This servant truly loves the palace and is willing to be a cow or a horse to stay!”

When the seventh maid said this, Feng Ling Er knitted her brows. She could tell from Luo Qing Chen’s reaction just now that she definitely wasn’t someone who was soft hearted.

So that’s why she spoke first to let the seventh maid leave the palace.

She never thought that this servant would be so dumb that she thought there was a chance to live.

“Some things can’t be said too slowly or there will be no room in this world.” Luo Qing Chen looked at her with a proud look, “Since you’re willing to be a cow or a horse, then you can go wash clothes! Just be a good maid there.”

“Pu!” The two maids standing behind her couldn’t help laughing.

Normally because the seventh maid followed Feng Ling Er and she had been in the palace longer, she would bully them.

This was good since there was a princess in the palace! The arrogant servants would be taught a lesson.


“What? Was what you just said false?” Luo Qing Chen looked at her and said, “Lying to the princess is a crime, can you take that?”

Being a maid that washed clothes was the lowest position in the palace. Normally it was a place to punish maids and it was a form of exile for female relatives of ministers that were exiled or beheaded.

That place had people dying all year round, it was a place that was absolutely cold and damp.

The seventh maid’s expression was very shocked as her dark eyes instantly opened wide. She wanted to say something, but she finally realized what she had been wrong about before.

A princess was a princess, a servant was a servant!

She finally realized whose world this was.

Although Feng Ling Er was Luo Qing Chen’s aunt, she was an outsider and she couldn’t protect her……

There was a short silence in the air before Feng Ling Er said, “Since the seventh maid has chosen to stay in the palace, then we’ll send her to the clothes washing department as the princess said.”

“Hui’er, take the seventh maid there.” Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort before taking the royal token from her waist and handing it to her, “If she doesn’t follow or tries to escape, you can use this token to find a nearby guard and enforce the laws on the spot!”

“Si!” When her voice fell, there was a cold breeze that blew past.

The snow became even bigger. She looked at Mo Ye and even though she was the winner, she felt a bit lonely.

“Yes, princess.” The maid obediently replied before looking at the seventh maid to say, “Let’s go.”

The seventh maid was already stunned. She was a bit confused, but she had no choice but to accept this.

She could only walk at her own pace like a doll, following the maid out step by step.

She knew what the rest of her life would hold for her and she would never……be able to stand up again.

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