Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 296: What’s Wrong With Xiao Hong?

Chapter 296: What’s Wrong With Xiao Hong?

“Hot water has already been prepared, so you should go wash now. I’ll teach you how to apply makeup after you clean your face.” When Li Yufei saw that Ning Shu wasn’t moving, she prompted her again.

Ning Shu abruptly plopped herself down on the ground, giving Qi Sheng and Li Yufei a shock. Li Yufei hastily asked, “Xiao Hong, what are you doing?”

“Hurry and get up, the ground’s cold,” said Qi Sheng. “If you have something to say, just say it. We’ll help solve whatever it is.”

Ning Shu started wailing. “Please, Miss Yufei, don’t make this servant take off her makeup, otherwise this servant really wouldn’t be able to show her face anymore.”

“Why?” Li Yufei was surprised.

“In truth, this servant is really ugly. The right half of my face is completely black due to a large birthmark, that’s why this servant always uses such a thick layer of cosmetic powder to cover it up.” As Ning Shu spoke, she used her sleeve to wipe away the powder on her face to reveal the dark skin beneath.

It was very dark and mottled, so it looked disgusting.

Qi Sheng was dumbstruck. Then he stammered, “H-how could you possibly have a birthmark? T-that birthmark, it’s fake, isn’t it?”

When Ning Shu saw how Qi Sheng looked like he was about to puke up his dreams, she inwardly spat in contempt.

Qi Sheng rapped his fan against the table before clenching it tightly. His expression turned very sinister for a moment before he turned to say to Li Yufei, “I still have some business to take care of so I’ll be leaving now. You two can take your time.”

Then he left without turning back.

Li Yufei turned back to look at Ning Shu’s half-dark half-white face and smiled warmly. “Since it’s so difficult for you, I won’t force you. You can go.”

So then Ning Shu turned and left, but then she ended up encountering an ashen-faced Qi Sheng on the way back. He frowned as he asked, “You really aren’t Mu Yanmeng?”

Ning Shu blinked her panda eyes and said, “Young Master, when has this servant ever said that this servant was Mu Yanmeng? This servant has always emphasized that this servant’s name is Xiao Hong. Xiao from the word small, hong from the word red. This servant’s name isn’t Mu Yanmeng.”

“It was Young Master who kept saying that this servant was Mu Yanmeng. This servant had even denied it every single time.” Ning Shu did her best to rub salt into his wound.

“Ding, trauma points +10. Current number of trauma points is 20.” 2333’s voice was a little annoyed. “Why are there so little trauma points? Ning Shu~~~~”

How would I know? But it would be stranger if a person this crafty was that sensitive.

“Then what’s with the maid that was with you? Your maid is someone that’s listed on the arrest posters.” Qi Sheng was putting in his last attempt.

Ning Shu faced Qi Sheng with the black half of her face and said, “That girl is a wanted criminal? This servant didn’t know. Actually…” Ning Shu lowered her head a little bashfully. “That girl was someone this servant had encountered on the road. She had passed out in the middle of the road, so my dad and I saved her. Afterwards, when my dad passed away, I had her call me miss. In reality, this servant’s dad wasn’t an official, I just wanted to feel a little like a noble’s daughter.

“Young Master…”

“Enough, that’s enough.” Qi Sheng covered his face, then rubbed his eyes in frustration. “Why did you lie to me?”

Why did you lie to me!? When Ning Shu heard that, she almost spat on his face. She widened her dazed eyes and asked in surprise, “When has this servant ever lied? This servant has never lied to you.”

Qi Sheng’s face contorted as he shouted, “A name like Xiao Hong clearly sounds like an alias! I thought you were Mu Yanmeng!”

“What’s wrong with Xiao Hong? This servant even has an older brother called Xiao Ming. This servant’s name is just Xiao Hong.” Ning Shu nodded firmly.

Qi Sheng pressed hard on his chest. “Scram, I don’t want to see you right now. You actually dared to lie to me.”

Ning Shu turned around and ran.

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