Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 294: Special OOXX Power

Chapter 294: Special OOXX Power

Ning Shu glanced at Qi Sheng and asked, “Young Master, does Miss Yufei know that you’re here with this servant?”

Qi Sheng shook his head. “Yufei doesn’t know, but I don’t think she would mind.”

Where did he get that confidence? Ning Shu’s lips twitched. Then she shivered and said, “Aiyah, it’s pretty cold today. This servant’s heading back to sleep.”

The moment Ning Shu turned around, Qi Sheng grabbed her hand. She turned around to lift her thick eyebrows at Qi Sheng. In the dazzling moonlight, her face was horrific. Qi Sheng was a little startled, but he immediately gave a gentle smile and said, “Make sure to cover yourself well with a blanket. Don’t catch cold.”

Bro, what are you saying? It was currently summer. You should’ve said don’t let the mosquitoes bite instead. How half-hearted.

Ning Shu nodded and replied seriously, “This servant knows. Young Master should make sure to use a blanket as well.”

Ning Shu then flung back her sleeves and left without a trace of reluctance. As Qi Sheng gazed after her, she sprinted away.

When she got back to the room, Yue Lan immediately grabbed her and started inspecting her from head to toe. “Miss, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. What could possibly happen to your miss?” Ning Shu waved offhandedly.

Yue Lan was still worried and said, “Miss, we had better leave this place. It feels like that young master harbors bad intentions towards you. It was like this in the Prime Minister Residence too. Even after we switched locations, it’s still like this. Why are those men all so hateful?”

“Your miss is the constitution of the story so it’ll be like this wherever I go.” No matter where Mu Yanmeng went, she’d still attract the gazes of men.

Yue Lan sighed, then a torrent of tears crashed down. She stammered, “Miss was beautiful since forever. Who in the world didn’t talk about Miss’s destined happiness? Yet now things have become like this. My poor, pitiful miss ah!”

Aiyoh! Those tears had appeared without even a moment of preparation required. This servant really was the true master actress. If the female lead wasn’t beautiful, how could she enchant all those men to the point they gave up everything in order to live in seclusion with the female lead?

If she wasn’t unnaturally beautiful, how could she have done it?

Ning Shu lifted her chest with her hand and said, “Don’t cry anymore. Although your miss is currently ugly, at least your miss still has a chest.”

Yue Lan: …

Qi Sheng thought that he had made things clear to Ning Shu that night and that she seemed to have agreed to his proposition, so the next day, his gaze contained suggestive affection and playfulness as he looked at Ning Shu.

When Li Yufei saw Qi Sheng’s gaze, she immediately felt like her position was being threatened. She and Qi Sheng had already consummated and Qi Sheng had been very skilled on the bed, so Li Yufei felt even more attracted to him.

Even though she had slept with him with the intention of using his feelings to help her family’s business, after the incident, she had truly fallen for him.

The female lead wasn’t the only one that had the ability to make the other party fall in love with them after OOXXing, the male leads had the same power. In addition, it was especially strong towards supporting female leads and female cannon fodder.

So when Ning Shu felt those two gazes fix on her, she felt an urge to hurl the hot soup at them.

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