Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 292: Here to Avenge His Little Brother!?

Chapter 292: Here to Avenge His Little Brother!?

As Ning Shu had expected, Qi Sheng came to find her at night. She felt speechless. What did he have to say that he couldn’t have said during the day? It was obvious that he harbored bad intentions.

When she opened the door, Qi Sheng was fanning himself while leaning casually against the side of the door. Upon seeing Ning Shu, he said, “Xiao Hong, come walk with this young master. This young master has something to tell you.”

Ning Shu blinked her panda eyes and asked, “What is it? Young Master, it’s already so late, what do you need to tell this servant? This servant wants to sleep.”

Qi Sheng frowned as he scruntized Ning Shu. “You don’t wash off your makeup at night? Why are you wearing makeup to sleep? Cosmetic powder isn’t good for the skin. Go wash your face, then come with this young master.

Ning Shu bashfully stroked her face as she said, “This servant likes this makeup. This servant doesn’t want to wash it off even at night.”

Anger flashed through Qi Sheng’s eyes, but he soon suppressed it again and said gently, “That’s fine. Then come with this young master.”

Ning Shu followed after Qi Sheng. Qi Sheng walked very slowly. His movements were languid and relaxed, and his figure was like a painting beneath the bright moonlight.

Qi Sheng didn’t speak, so Ning Shu didn’t speak either. When they got to the pavilion, Qi Sheng sat down on a stone stool silently. To tell the truth, although Qi Sheng currently looked extremely graceful, the image that kept flashed through Ning Shu’s head was the way he looked when he was naked: that skinny and white plucked chicken look.

Koi were swimming below them in the pond, making soft splashes from time to time. At this time of the night, this just made the surroundings feel haunted. Ning Shu’s hair rose up on end.

“Young… Young master, the moon tonight is sure big and round.” Ning Shu interrupted the silence.

Qi Sheng looked at Ning Shu. The cool moonlight caused her face to look deathly pale and made the dark circles around her eyes even more conspicuous. Her lips also became even more atrociously red, making her look like a malevolent ghost. He shifted his eyes away and said, “I want to talk about what happened this afternoon.”

About their humping incident? Ning Shu touched her whistle. Could it be that Qi Sheng had really ended up impotent and was now planning to get revenge?

Ning Shu took a few steps backwards. “What does Young Master want to say?

Qi Sheng said to Ning Shu, “Take a seat. I want to talk to you about Yufei.”

Ning Shu: Scram, what was there to talk about?

“Yufei is the lady I’ve been in love with since childhood. In the future, we’ll definitely be married.” Qi Sheng gazed at Ning Shu passionately with an expression like it pained him to say this. “I hope you can understand.”

“Of course this servant can understand. Congratulations, Young Master.” Ning Shu gave a straightforward reply.

Joy immediately appeared on Qi Sheng’s face. He abruptly stood up to grab Ning Shu’s hands, but halfway through stopped himself again. “I just knew that you were a kind-hearted person.”

“Once Yufei and I get married, I’ll convince Yufei to accept you. Yufei is also a kind-hearted person like you,” said Qi Sheng happily.

What the fuck? What the fucking hell? Ning Shu really wanted to just slap his head off. After all this, this guy was just trying to get his hands on both pies? He was about to marry his true love, but he wanted to take her as a concubine as well?

Fudge, and she had been thinking that he was here for revenge because he couldn’t do it anymore. It turned out that he was here to seduce her!

The power of the male lead truly couldn’t be suppressed. After all that, he still ended up fine.

She should have just made sure that root of all offenses was destroyed for good. Then there wouldn’t be anything else to worry about.

Ning Shu couldn’t understand. She had already made it so that she was unbearable to look at, yet Qi Sheng was still able to convince himself that she was a great beauty.

Ning Shu revealed a bashful smile. “Young Master and Miss Yufei are truly a match made in heaven. Young Master has already said that Miss Yufei is the woman the Heavens were kind enough to grant to you, so Young Master should properly cherish Miss Yufei. So then, why is Young Master saying that you’ll make it so Miss Yufei accepts this servant? This servant is just a fleeting rose and really doesn’t want to get involved in Young Master and Miss Yufei’s grand love story.”

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