Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 289: Needed Arm & Hammer Washing Powder

Chapter 289: Needed Arm & Hammer Washing Powder

Qi Sheng said sternly, “Withdraw for now. We’ll be fine without you.”

Ning Shu continued to hesitate, so Qi Sheng said, “Withdraw. Are you disobeying your young master? Do you want to be sold?”

Ning Shu turned and left. After that, Qi Sheng said to Li Yufei, “Yufei, don’t overthink things. This maid is just clumsy and is always causing trouble. How could I bear to chase you away? You know how I feel about you.”

Only then did Li Yufei smile and ask, “Big Brother Sheng, if this maid is always so clumsy, why are you still keeping her at your side? And she always has a weird smell on her. How can you stand it?”

Qi Sheng didn’t know what to say. The reason why he was keeping that woman by his side was because it was possible that she was the number one beauty in the country, Mu Yanmeng. There was no way he would give up such a high quality good. Even if he cared about Li Yufei, as a man, he should be allowed to indulge in some fresh tastes.

“Big Brother Sheng, why aren’t you answering Yufei?” Li Yufei furrowed her brows.

Qi Sheng grasped her hand tightly and said, “Yufei, can’t you tell? Why are you still asking me questions like this? You have always been the only one in my heart. My greatest dream has always been to take you as wife.”

Li Yufei lowered her head bashfully without speaking. Qi Sheng’s body grew hot and he leaned down to kiss her. Following that, dry wood was ignited into an intense fire.

Halfway through, Ning Shu discovered that she had dropped her handkerchief, so she walked back to find it. That handkerchief was the most perfect of the batch, it’d be a waste to lose it.

The moment she reached the courtyard, she heard sounds coming from inside the house. She was dumbstruck. Weren’t they eating dinner just a moment ago? How’d they end up on the bed? Moreover, Li Yufei had just arrived at the Qi Residence today? How could she be so unreserved as to sleep with the male lead already?

As expected, there was no logic in a hentai world. Li Yufei had come here only to manipulate Qi Sheng into helping her family out of this crisis, but had ended up falling in love with Qi Sheng.

This was clearly the work of the storyline, and her role was definitely to catch them in the affair. Ning Shu rubbed her chin. So how should she go about it?

She quietly tiptoed in and walked until she was at the bed. The two people on the bed were currently in the middle of an intense battle so they didn’t notice her at all.

They were going through as many poses as needed to prepare a white cut chicken with expressions of rapture on their faces.

She then said, “Young Master, should this servant prepare a bath for you?”

“Aaaah~~~~~~” Li Yufei hastily covered her chest as she emitted an ear-piercing shriek and pushed Qi Sheng away. Qi Sheng’s little man became exposed, lifted into the air, and spurted his stuff all over Li Yufei’s face, causing her to shriek again.

After being shocked by Ning Shu, then shocked again by Li Yufei, Qi Sheng’s little brother immediately shrinked after discharging. It felt rather like it would never stand up again.

Tsk tsk tsk, what a dirty scene. They needed Arm & Hammer washing soda.

Li Yufei had calmed down at this point and stopped covering her chest. Her breasts fell into full view and jiggled a little, as if she was purposefully flaunting them at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu lifted up her chest. You think you’re the only one that’s big? I’m even bigger than you, and mine are even perkier than yours! Yours are completely drooping.

The two on the bed showed no intention of pulling on clothes. How shameless! How could they be so unrestrained?

Qi Sheng shouted at Ning Shu, “This young master told you to scram! Could it be that you’re staying here because you want to join in?”

Ning Shu was so disgusted that she almost puked. When she saw that Qi Sheng was leaving his wiener in full sight while hugging Li Yufei, she felt like she was about to go blind.

“This servant will prepare a bath for Young Master right away. Oh, and Young Master, since you had been surprised by Miss Yufei’s scream to the point you went soft, do you need medicine?”

Ning Shu asked very concerned questions.

“Ding, trauma points +15. Current number of trauma points is 20.” 2333 then hastily said, “Ning Shu, you can’t watch. Your eyes will get dirty and you won’t be pure anymore.”

“Scram!” Qi Sheng shouted angrily at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu hurriedly said, “This servant will scram right away! Young Master, have fun. Oh, and if you need medicine, this servant will prepare it. This servant will now scram right away.”

Ning Shu saw that Qi Sheng’s current expression was extremely dark and had no trace of its usual gentleness left. She had probably pissed him off for real this time.

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