Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 280: Being Natural is Beautiful

Chapter 280: Being Natural is Beautiful

Ning Shu grinned and her atrociously painted mouth widened and became even more unbearable to look at. Qi Sheng turned his head away. It took awhile for him to gather up the courage to look at her again. “Being yourself, being natural, is beautiful. These cosmetics aren’t good for your skin. In addition, you’re currently young. These cosmetics just end up covering your natural beauty.”

In reality, Qi Sheng was itching to wash her face in order to see what she truly looked like.

Ning Shu lifted her thick brows and pressed her hands against her chest as she said, “Baobao has hardships, but Baobao won’t talk about them.”

“Wasn’t your name Xiao Hong? Why are you calling yourself Baobao?” asked Qi Sheng, confused.

Ning Shu waved dismissively and said, “Don’t mind these small details. This servant’s appearance is very similar to this servant’s dad’s. Because this servant is very ugly, this servant has no choice but to use cosmetics to cover up these ugly features. Young Master, you don’t understand how much hardships this servant faces due to this. This servant doesn’t even dare to take off the makeup at night in fear of being mistaken as a ghost.”

She then stroked her face in a narcissistic manner. “It’s fortunately that someone taught me how to use makeup. With cosmetics, this servant is much more self-confident now!”

Qi Sheng’s facial muscles spasmed when he heard this.

“Your face was something your parents passed on to you, you shouldn’t show such dislike for it. There’s no need to be like this when you’re with me, I wouldn’t dislike you just because of your looks. In the future, you don’t have to go through so much trouble applying makeup. Your natural self is the most beautiful.” Qi Sheng’s gaze was very sincere and made people feel like his words came completely from the heart.

These words sounded truly heartwarming. Ning Shu sincerely felt the warmth that Mu Yanmeng had once felt. After being hurt so badly, a gentle man like this who was willing to accept all her faults and past pain had appeared.

Back then, Mu Yanmeng must have been so moved, but the result turned out tragic. Beneath this gentle outer skin was a calculative and ruthless ambition. His only motive was to obtain Mu Yanmeng’s heart, so he used understanding and gentle words to attack her heart. He won her over just like the way he secured a business deal: by probing the person, gaining an understanding of them, then manipulating them until they played into his hand.

It was only when Mu Yanmeng disappeared that he finally realized he had feelings for Mu Yanmeng.

Ning Shu felt like spouting an entire symphony of curses.

“Many thanks for Young Master’s concern, but this servant is too insecure. Without makeup, this servant can’t bring herself to walk out the door. Only this makeup has the power to give this servant enough self-confidence and courage to face life,” said Ning Shu with a grateful expression.

Qi Sheng’s face contorted again. How come he felt like this girl was ill? Could it be that she was blind? Does she even use the mirror?

How could she call this beautiful? Qi Sheng waved weakly. “As long as you’re happy.”

Ning Shu immediately said, “Young Master, you’re truly a good person.”

Qi Sheng: …

His gaze inched slowly across her face. From his years of experience at distinguishing beauties, he felt that this girl probably had pretty good looks, so why was she ruining her own appearance like this?

Qi Sheng suddenly said, “I heard that there’s going to be a lantern showing tonight, you should come with me, but wash your face clean. It’s dark at night, people won’t be able to see what you look like so there’s no need to put on such thick makeup.”

Ning Shu: …

He seemed very interested in her true looks, huh?

Ning Shu smiled bashfully and said in a very white lotus manner, “Aiyah, that’s so late. This servant’s mother said that girls shouldn’t go out at night.”

Qi Sheng: …

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