Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 278: What Does a Personal Maid Do?

Chapter 278: What Does a Personal Maid Do?

Ning Shu felt like Qi Sheng was even more freaking disgusting than Situ Qingyu and Luo Junyan. He had freakin’ used the method of cooking a frog in lukewarm water to make Mu Yanmeng fall in love with him; he had taken the despicable path of attacking the heart.

He used a gentle manner to win Mu Yanmeng’s heart and once he obtained it, trampled it. Although he later realized that he really did have feelings for Mu Yanmeng, it was already too late. Due to his cruelty, Mu Yanmeng had to pay a huge price and not a single part of her originally snow-like skin was left unscarred.

It was freaking tragic, and there was the fact that Mu Yanmeng had an indecisive personality and tended to torment herself even more when she felt hurt.

Even Ning Shu, this spectator, felt like her internal organs were shifting places. This setup was seriously painful.

Ning Shu and Yue Lan worked together to tidy up their room. Soon, a woman that looked to be in charge walked in and said to Ning Shu, “From now on, you’re Young Master’s personal maid.”

Ning Shu: (⊙0⊙)

With how ugly she was right now, how had she ended up as Qi Sheng’s personal maid? Could it be that Qi Sheng still took a fancy to her even though she was like this? Could this be the result of the attractive force that drew leads together? The storyline insisted on putting the leads together?

“Housekeeper, what does a personal maid need to do?” asked Ning Shu with a bashful expression.

The housekeeper spat at Ning Shu. “Pei! You’re overthinking things. You only need to pour tea for the young master and carry out some small tasks for him. You couldn’t be thinking of climbing onto Young Master’s bed with those looks of yours, right? Young Master already has Miss Yufei, so you should just focus on doing your job. If you try to harbor any questionable thoughts, then Young Master will make you wish you were dead.”

Ning Shu made a frightened expression. Meanwhile, Yue Lan refuted angrily, “What’s wrong with my family’s miss? My miss is as beautiful as a flower, how dare you look down on her! She’s even the prime minister’s dwmmff…”

Ning Shu hastily covered Yue Lan’s mouth before saying to the housekeeper, “This servant will remember and will definitely adhere strictly to the rules. This servant will do her best to serve the young master so that his days are nice and wonderfully comfortable.”

The housekeeper gave an aloof ‘en’ in reply. Ning Shu hastily kissed up to her by handing her a chain of coins. The housekeeper’s eyes immediately lit up. “I can tell that you have a lot of potential.”

Ning Shu replied bashfully, “Many thanks for Housekeeper’s praise. I will be in your care.”

Once the housekeeper left, Yue Lan immediately cried, “Miss, what are you doing? Why are you lowering yourself to being a servant? You just gave her half the money that we earned from selling ourselves in order to bury the hidden guard. This servant’s heart is bleeding!”

“Your miss naturally has a plan,” said Ning Shu as she sat down and crossed her legs coolly.

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