Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 272: A Grand New World

Chapter 272: A Grand New World

Prime Minister Residence—a certain lady’s chamber.

The room was filled with a strong scent and through the semi-transparent curtains that were lit up by the moonlight, two figures could faintly be seen moving on the bed. One was half kneeling while the other was lying prostrate as their bodies tangled together.

“Ding, trauma points +100.”

“Ding, trauma points +100.”

Ning Shu was woken up the next day by the good news that 2333 announced. She had used a lot of drugs, so hopefully those two would just have sex until they died from overejaculation. She had obtained those drugs through the system, so their effect was guaranteed. It was something she had even brought on credit that she’d have to pay interest on later, so they had better work.

Since there was such a huge amount of points, her plan must have successfully traumatized them. Wait, that wasn’t right, she was clearly helping them, alright? Helping them open the door to a grand new world.

Ning Shu gritted her teeth as she exchanged for a different drug. Fudge, it felt like this system was a blood-sucking existence.

She stretched her waist. But life was still pretty wonderful.

She lifted the curtain of the carriage and saw that they had stopped a little ways into a forest. The hidden guard had built a campfire and was currently heating water in a kettle above it.

Ning Shu lightly kicked Yue Lan, who was sleeping soundly, and Yue Lan immediately jumped up in alarm and knocked her head into the ceiling of the carriage. Yue Lan covered her head as she asked sulkily, “Miss, what is it?”

Ning Shu got out and walked over to sit down next to the hidden guard. She then asked, “Good morning. How far away are we from Padon City?”

“We’re almost there. Once we eat, let’s keep going. The general and the prince might’ve sent people to pursue us.” The hidden guard got Ning Shu and Yue Lan some food, then poured water for them.

She was wrong, this hidden guard was actually quite reliable.

As she gnawed on a millet pancake, she asked, “Why are you protecting me? Are you protecting me just because my father told you to? Don’t you find this task troublesome?”

The hidden guard turned around and faced Ning Shu with his square-shaped face as he said, “I was adopted by the prime minister. He gave me food and a place to sleep. Protecting you, Miss, is my responsibility. I will only stop once you no longer need my protection, or when I die protecting you.”

As Ning Shu looked at him, she suddenly felt that his square face was actually very handsome and attractive. The reason this guy didn’t have any later scenes was probably only because he had been secretly killed off by someone.

After a quick breakfast, the three of them continued on their way to Padon City. They had no idea that Situ Qingyu and Luo Junyan had already filled the capital with their arrest orders.

From the start, Situ Qingyu hated women, so after being ridiculed by Ning Shu everyday and facing her aloof attitude for such a long time, he came to reject women even more. Hence, when he ended up sleeping with a man, it seemed to destroy that thin wall in his heart and allowed him to finally feel freed.

In this process, he could be like a man, but also like a woman. It was such a strange and wonderful feeling.

Thus, his largest goal right now was to do it with Luo Junyan again. However, Luo Junyan had been disgusted by this experience. He was a noble and respected prince regent, yet he had actually been pushed down and penetrated by a man, then was ridden. Every time he went to the latrine now, blood would start dripping. It almost made him want to commit suicide. That bastard, that fucking sick bastard!

When he sensed Situ Qingyu’s passionate gaze that was filled with hot desire, his heart convulsed with disgust. He was a man, how could he get together with General Situ? Moreover, that general’s status couldn’t even compare to his. Mu Yanmeng, that bitch! Once he caught her, he definitely had to torment her to death! Only that would ease the hatred in his heart.

In short, this had become a story of an evil, two-faced seme with a tsundere uke. Situ Qingyu and Luo Junyan had started a new passionate sadomasochistic story that had barely anything to do with Ning Shu anymore.

Two members that originally belonged to Mu Yanmeng’s harem were now off to flirt amongst themselves.

#comment: I must delete my search history lmao. All the questionable things I typed into google in order to research the conditions/terms presented in this chapter. “Dying from over ejaculation.” “Riding on a guy.” “Peeing blood after sex.” “butt bloody after first intercourse” …


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