Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 265: Square-Faced Big Brother

Chapter 265: Square-Faced Big Brother

Situ Qingyu had no intention of allowing Ning Shu to leave with Luo Junyan. This was a little different from the original storyline.

However, Ning Shu immediately figured out why. It was because Situ Qingyu still hadn’t slept with her yet. The things that were out of reach always seemed the best. If it was too easily obtained, it wouldn’t be cherished.

And now, a prince regent had shown up. It was obvious that this guy harbored bad intentions. In addition, his status was higher than Situ Qingyu’s, his influence was greater, and he had equally good looks. This caused Situ Qingyu to feel that his position was being threatened, so for the sake of his male pride, he pit himself against the prince.

The food you snatch was tastier, the woman you snatch was more beautiful. As expected, humans were scum.

Luo Junyan declared despotically, “A woman like this should be carefully protected, not made to suffer in the hands of a brute like you. You had actually tied her up and made her walk like that through the streets in front of everyone! Don’t you feel like you were cruel?”

“She’s this general’s servant, so I will treat her however I want. How is it Prince’s business?” said Situ Qingyu coldly.

“This prince has already said that from now on, she’ll belong to this prince. Even if she’s just a female servant, this prince has the power to give her a noble status. Situ Qingyu, you should remember your place. What right do you have to contend over something with this prince?” said Luo Junyan with contempt.

The one thing Situ Qingyu hated the most was when people looked down on him. When Luo Junyan used his status as a basis to look down on him and oppress him, his facial color immediately turned unsightly.

“Then what does Prince wish to do? I will definitely accompany you to the very end.” Situ Qingyu’s expression turned dark and resolute.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu just stood to the side and watched the two argue. It was quite sad that she, as the main person involved, didn’t even have the right to speak.

Ning Shu immediately made a hurt expression and looked at them with tears in her eyes as she clutched at her chest. “How can you guys do this? I’m a person, not an object. I have my own thoughts. I’m not something you guys can just fight over and pass around as you wish. Can’t you guys show some respect for me? Wuuwuuwuu…” As she wiped at her tears, she ran off with small delicate steps without waiting to see if the people in the room were going to end up fighting outside or on the bed.

“Miss, please wait for this servant!” Yue Lan immediately ran after Ning Shu.

When Ning Shu glanced back and saw that Yue Lan was chasing after her, she hastily increased her speed. Yue Lan continued shouting from behind her, “Miss! Wait for this servant ah!”

Ning Shu ran until she was completely out of energy and leaned against the railing as she panted for breath. Yue Lan almost fainted from the exertion. As she gasped for breath, she asked, “Miss, you… why’d you run so fast?”

“You were chasing after me so hard, how could I not run?” replied Ning Shu. “Just treat it as exercise.”

The two returned to their room. The first thing Ning Shu did was pour a large cup of water down her throat. Yue Lan pursed her lips unhappily as she asked, “Miss, why didn’t you leave with the prince regent? The prince regent is so much better than this general. This general is always hitting people.”

Situ Qingyu was just a violent brute.

Ning Shu propped up her chin as she looked at Yue Lan. Then she lifted Yue Lan’s chin with the tip of her finger and said teasingly, “Lil’ girl, your looks are not bad.”

“Miss, this servant is discussing a serious matter with you. Moreover, how can this servant’s looks even compare to that of Miss’s? Even before Miss became of age, you were already famous in the state of Donghua due to your beauty.”

Beauty? Pei! It was more likely due to men’s lust. It caused all the men to dream of sleeping with Mu Yanmeng, the number one beauty in the country.

“Enough, your miss naturally has plans. Why hadn’t your square-faced big brother brought food?” Ning Shu rubbed her stomach. She felt a bit hungry.

“Miss, what are you saying? What square-faced big brother? The hidden guard isn’t this servant’s big brother!” Yue Lan immediately refuted. “This servant doesn’t have such an ugly big brother.”

Ning Shu: …

She turned around, just in time to see the hidden guard climb in through the window. He had probably heard what Yue Lan said.

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