Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 257: Luo Junyan – A Good Person!?

Chapter 257: Luo Junyan – A Good Person!?

Luo Junyan furrowed his brows tightly. “No one has ever treated this prince this way before. Woman, you’ve successfully provoked me.”

As Luo Junyan spoke, the smell of Chinese chives wafted out from his mouth. Ning Shu and Yue Lan simultaneously took a step back to get away from him.

“Then what do you want? Could it be that you want this little one to repay with her body?” Ning Shu pulled Yue Lan and left without waiting to hear his response.

As Luo Junyan watched them leave, he muttered, “Interesting, interesting.” He was the prince regent. Whenever women saw him, they would do everything they could to throw themselves into his arms, but this woman actually treated him like this.

Acting disinterested to attract attention, haha…

As Yue Lan munched on a bun, she noticed that Ning Shu’s facial color wasn’t good, so she tried to find something to say. “Miss, that person earlier is such a good person. He even helped us out of that situation.”

A good person!? Ning Shu inwardly scoffed as she said, “Just eat your buns.”

Luo Junyan definitely did not count as a good person. In the storyline, when he saw Mu Yanmeng in the prime minister’s residence, he was taken by her beauty and immediately asked Situ Qingyu for her.

At that time, Mu Yanmeng and Situ Qingyu had already had intercourse. When she was gifted to Luo Junyan, she was already pregnant, but it was very early in the pregnancy so not even Mu Yanmeng was aware of it.

Once one obtained a beauty, of course one had to immediately taste her. Luo Junyan didn’t care at all about how heartbroken Mu Yanmeng was about being betrayed by the person she loved and forced himself on her. When he discovered that Mu Yanmeng was not a virgin, his attitude immediately flipped and he started insulting and abusing her. He even started whipping her.

Luo Junyan was a prince that reigned above thousands. He had a noble status and there were too many woman to count that felt honored to receive favor from him, yet his reputation as an enjoyer of flowers had ended due to Mu Yanmeng. His insatiable desire for a secondhand woman was a humiliation to him.

Thus, he started torturing Mu Yanmeng in all sorts of ways. He viewed her as a filthy and shameless woman that had tricked him with her beautiful appearance.

It never occurred to him that Mu Yanmeng, a woman, could not control her own fate. It didn’t occur to him that she had been raped, that she didn’t have the power to resist.

Luo Junyan would only blame Mu Yanmeng for failing to guard her chastity. Luo Junyan was unable to restrain his anger and took all his frustration out on Mu Yanmeng’s body.

When he later discovered that Mu Yanmeng was pregnant with someone else’s child, he became even more furious and raped her brutally until she had a miscarriage.

So much blood flowed out that it formed a stream, but Luo Junyan didn’t stop tormenting Mu Yanmeng. When he saw the fresh blood, he became even more excited. As he enjoyed himself, he felt a pleasure that he had never experienced before.

It was unfortunate for Mu Yanmeng that after losing her child, she still had to be tormented. There was practically no worser fate.

She almost died at that time, and would have, had it not been for the fact that the female lead wasn’t allowed to exit the story. The prince carried Mu Yanmeng, who had fainted, to the imperial physicians and shouted at them, “You must cure her! If you don’t save her, prepare to be buried with her!”

The female lead’s body was like a drug. After OOXX-ing, the man’s heart would only be filled with the female lead and they would no longer feel anything when OOXX-ing other women.

Although Mu Yanmeng had been saved, her heart was ridden with emotional wounds. She had been betrayed by the man she loved, lost her child, and was being tormented by another man.

In the end, Mu Yanmeng was still a woman of the ancient era so she viewed her chastity as very important. However, her fate turned out to be so cruel. Mu Yanmeng hated Luo Junyan to the bone, triggering the start of a passionate, sadomasochistic storyline.

However, Luo Junyan had become infatuated with Mu Yanmeng, and he would always pick the special time of the month when Mu Yanmeng was the most uncomfortable to rape her. He had gotten addicted to this feeling of being bathed in blood as he plundered. It was like opening the door to a whole new world.

Jesus ah. When it came to the levels of twistedness, not even the general could compare to this prince.

That was why Ning Shu had almost coughed blood when she heard Yue Lan say that the prince was a good person. They were all men that didn’t treat women as human, how could they count as good people? Pretty much every time Mu Yanmeng encountered a man, he would abuse her until she had cuts and bruises all over before falling in love with her.

What a twisted, dirty world ah. It felt like the entire world was filled with the stench of those scumbags.

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