Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 255: Steamed Buns Incident

Chapter 255: Steamed Buns Incident

Ning Shu didn’t want to waste time arguing with this shop owner. There was no point after all, and it wasn’t like this was the only store with steamed buns.

However, Yue Lan was acting as if this shop owner had dug up her ancestor’s tomb and started arguing with this owner fiercely. She insisted on upholding her miss’s dignity.

Ning Shu couldn’t decide if she should feel moved or knock this girl unconscious and drag her away.

“You thieves! You actually dare to steal my steamed buns and now you’re even shouting at me? Damned beggars!” The owner looked at them for a few moments with her beady eyes, then her eyes lit up with an idea and she accused them of stealing her steamed buns.

Yue Lan glowered at her and said, “Liar! When did we steal your buns? You shameless liar!”

If Ning Shu still couldn’t tell what this owner was doing, she should just become a pig. She wondered if she should plop herself down on the ground and start wailing right about now.

“What’s going on?” A stern and dignified voice appeared from behind them. When Ning Shu heard this voice, she stiffened. This person’s voice seemed to carry its own background music, it was definitely another male lead-sama.

Ning Shu squinted as she looked in the direction of the voice. A man whose hair was bound with a feather-decorated hair crown was sitting on horseback. His clothing was of visibly luxurious quality and at his waist hung a sparkling and translucent sheep-fat white jade ornament. As he sat there, holding onto the reins, he made a beautiful tranquil picture.

Handsome, immaculately dressed, the image of an accomplished man.

“This commoner kowtows in salute to Prince Regent.” The shop owner immediately knelt down and kowtowed to the man.

Prince Regret, that means he was that prince.

Ning Shu was speechless. How bad was her luck? She had only come out to get some food. She forgot to bring money, but there was no point as the shop owner had immediately tried to drive them off while calling them beggars. Then she even accused them of stealing.

Now a prince suddenly appeared. Ning Shu was pretty sure that the next scene was going to be the hero rescuing the beauty.

Prince Regent: Luo Junyan.

“What’s going on?” Luo Junyan leapt off his horse in an elegant fashion.

When Yue Lan saw that there was someone of high status who could sort out the situation, she hastily said, “This nasty, foul-mouthed owner accused this servant and this servant’s miss of stealing her steamed buns.”

“Miss?” Luo Junyan glanced towards Ning Shu who was currently a mess and covered in dirt. “Which family are you from?”

“My miss is the- mmph…” Ning Shu hastily covered Yue Lan’s mouth before she could say anything. Then she gave a soft cough and squeezed her throat to change her voice as she said, “I’m not a miss.”

Ning Shu didn’t just make her voice rougher, she squinted like she was so nearsighted she was no different from blind as she looked at Luo Junyan. In any case, she already looked crappy, so she should just pretend to be a beggar. If she looked at him with her unbelievably clear and pure looking eyes, wouldn’t she be immediately exposed?

“We’ll be leaving first!” Ning Shu pulled Yue Lan and prepared to beat it.

“Wait a minute.” Luo Junyan stopped Ning Shu and said, “This matter hasn’t been clear up yet. Could it be that you’re alright with being accused of stealing?”

Ning Shu really wanted to say that she didn’t mind at all since she hadn’t stolen anything.

The male lead-sama seriously had way too much time on his hands. He was even sticking his nose into a steamed buns store’s business. The attractive force between the male and female leads seriously wasn’t anything to sneer at. The storyline insisted on forcing them together no matter what.

“Speak, did these two steal your steamed buns?” Luo Junyan looked towards the shop owner with a mild expression. However, the shop owner was so scared her entire body trembled and she could barely speak.

Ning Shu was certain now that this shop owner was an NPC that existed solely for the sake of allowing Luo Junyan to encounter the female lead, then rescue the female lead as a hero.

Ning Shu was inwardly starting to feel numb now. As expected, the storyline was powerful. She hadn’t even been gifted to Luo Junyan yet and had only snuck out to get some food, but she still ended up encountering a male lead-sama. It was no wonder Mu Yanmeng hadn’t been able to escape from these men even though she had tried for three lifetimes.

Ha. Ha. Ha…

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