Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 252: Love Potion Ability – OOXX

Chapter 252: Love Potion Ability – OOXX

Situ Qingyu looked at Ning Shu like she was already dead to him as his wrist continued to bleed.

Ning Shu didn’t even think before attacking him with the move ‘a godly dragon swinging its tail’ in order to trip him, but it didn’t even manage to make him budge.

>Haha, Ning Shu’s cute. The move ‘A godly dragon swinging its tail’ is the last move of the ‘Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon,’ a martial arts movement set.

Ning Shu felt like she was just struggling on her deathbed.

The fudge, none of her hand-to-hand combat moves were any use.

It was all because of this body. Why was it so freaking delicate?

“I’ve decided, I won’t kill you anymore. This general would like to see how a girl like you would look once you fall in love with me. Would you cry and beg to be touched?” A twisted smile appeared on Situ Qingyu’s face.

However, Ning Shu was secretly relieved. It turned out that, for better or for worse, there was some use to the female lead’s halo. If she had been a cannon fodder, she would’ve already been killed for her impetuous actions.

Due to the female lead’s halo though, now Situ Qingyu wanted to make her fall in love with him so that he could break her heart, throw her aside, and make her live a life more painful than death.

Situ Qingyu was no longer interested in physical torture and had decided to move on to psychological torture.

Ning Shu immediately responded with her chin lifted, “How could this miss ever take a fancy to someone as lowly as you? Don’t make me laugh! You’re just a stinkin’ bug.”

“Ding, trauma points +5. Current number of trauma points is 20. Love yah Ning Shu~” 2333 showed up again to brush up on his sense of existence.

Fudge. This thing hadn’t even made a peep when Situ Qingyu was choking her.

“Don’t test this general’s patience.” Situ Qingyu clenched his fist, causing the injury on his wrist to bleed even more. A pool of blood had already formed on the ground.

He gave a cold humph and turned to leave. When he got to the door, he kicked it, and the other half of the door also fell to the ground in the same fate as its twin.

Ning Shu’s entire body relaxed after he left. She stretched her neck. Fudge, Situ Qingyu had probably left bruises.

However, the fact that she managed to avoid being raped by Situ Qingyu was already a great feat, and she even got 20 trauma points.

These trauma points had all been obtained by rubbing salt on his wound.

There are seven bitternessees in human life: life, aging, illness, death, unavoidable hatred, separation from love, failure to obtain.

There was nothing more painful than wanting something, but never being able to obtain it. Since Situ Qingyu wanted her to fall in love with him, Ning Shu decided to teach him a lesson with his own method.

However, how was she supposed to do so? Ning Shu had no idea where to start.

“2333, are you there? Can I consult you a little?” asked Ning Shu. “How can I make Situ Qingyu fall in love with me?”

“After you OOXX him, he’ll naturally fall in love with you,” replied 2333.

Ning Shu: …

What exactly was the female lead’s body made of, to be able to make men fall in love with her after OOXXing? Was it a special ability?

Ning Shu then gave up on this method. She wasn’t the type to seduce others, and she would be dealt damage as well.

After all, she had no feelings for these men, so why torment herself by trying to seduce these men? It’d be better to just grab onto their weak spot, then stomp on it hard, grind it harder, and the trauma points will shoot up just like that.

For example, since Situ Qingyu was arrogant and had an inferiority complex about being looked down on by woman, she was going to enthusiastically mock him.

“Miss, Miss! Are you alright? This servant’s poor miss…” Yue Lan ran into the room while wailing mournfully only to see that Ning Shu was sitting with her legs crossed on the stool and seemed completely fine.

Yue Lan had been expecting a scene of ripped garments and her miss lying lifelessly on the bed.

Since this situation was completely different from what she had expected, she stopped wailing so abruptly, it sounded like a duck that had been caught by its neck.

#comment: oo = enter xx = exit, ooxx = having sex.

And I… just discovered something, our author-sama is a guy (unless this site is wrong)! I even doublechecked the male/female symbols! O_O

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