Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 2017: I Want to Become Your Disciple

Chapter 2017: I Want to Become Your Disciple

Ning Shu didn’t expect the mercenary to try to become her disciple. She was completely speechless for a while.

The scarred mercenary saw that Ning Shu’s face was a bit strange and took a deep breath.

“I swear to the heavens that I will never betray Master.” The scarred mercenary kowtowed to Ning Shu and knocked his head against the ground so sincerely that his forehead turned red.

Ning Shu coughed. In reality, when people cultivated her secret manual, it would generate faith power, and the more faith power she had, the more beneficial it would be to her goal of constructing a world.

Ning Shu nodded. “Alright.”

“Many thanks, Master.” The scarred mercenary stood up. Because he was taller than Ning Shu, he had to slightly arch his body, which felt a little funny.

Ning Shu sat cross-legged on the ground and said to him, “Sit down. Now I will teach you how to cultivate.”

The scarred mercenary’s eyes lit up and he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground.

Ning Shu carefully explained the training methods of the Unsurpassable Martial Arts and took a break at the same time. She was a bit tired after rushing through and taking down so many monsters.

“Absorb the energy of the heaven and the earth, let it penetrate your meridians, and finally gather the energy in the dantian,” Ning Shu said while sitting next to him.

The spiritual energy would first be absorbed by the body, repairing the body’s hidden injuries and strengthening the muscles and bones.

The scarred mercenary concentrated on his training. Ning Shu sat next to him, checking to see if there was any danger nearby.

Ning Shu looked at Little Grass, who now had many roots and vines, and tried to direct it, telling it to check if there were any dangers around them.

But Little Grass didn’t respond. It instead wrapped its vines around her ankles.

Ning Shu: …

It seemed that this kind of thing was too complicated for a blade of grass.

Ning Shu then ordered it to let go of her ankles, but its grip actually tightened in response.

Ning Shu dived into her consciousness and communicated with the green ball of light. This ball of light only had one emotion. That emotion was similar to pleasure.

Ning Shu communicated with it repeatedly and was almost unable to control her temper. Little Grass’s consciousness was very simple.

Perhaps it was due to the spiritual contract, but it was rather attached to her.

As for anything else……

Ahem, one step at a time…

She should start collecting materials for the wisdom pill now.

The scarred mercenary stopped and opened his eyes. When he saw Ning Shu staring at him, he immediately stood up. “Master…”

“How’s your practice going?” Ning Shu asked.

The scarred mercenary shook his head. “This disciple is dull and didn’t sense the energy that Master had talked about at all.”

“Take your time,” Ning Shu said. The scarred mercenary was pretty old. In addition, due to his work, he was constantly on the move so his body had a lot of injuries and impurities in his veins.

It’d take him a while to cultivate some energy.

People who were small like Little Bean with healthy bodies and fewer impurities in the meridians were more able to quickly start sensing energy.

The Unsurpassable Martial Arts, when practiced in a world with abundant spiritual energy, was simply an overpowered tool. It would lead to your success in all endeavors. However, in a world with sparse spiritual energy, there was no way for it to become that powerful.

“Master, what is the name of what we’re practicing?” the scarred mercenary asked.

Ning Shu thought for a while. She couldn’t call it the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. “It’s called Attacking Vital Energy. Yes, Attacking Vital Energy”

“Attacking Vital Energy?!” The scarred mercenary repeated it, then nodded. “No wonder it’s so formidable.”

The two then walked towards the outer parts of the mountain. Along the way, whenever they encountered a monster, Ning Shu had Little Grass deal with it instead of fighting it herself.

Every time even though she was the one who beat the monster half to death, this plant shamelessly went and collected all the rewards.

In addition, the further toward the outside they went, the weaker the monsters were. If couldn’t even deal with these, then she really fed this crappy summoned beast all those treasures for nothing.

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