Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 1786: Then, I’ll Be Frank

Chapter 1786: Then, I’ll Be Frank

Ning Shu: →_→

“Then, I’ll be frank. You won’t be angry, right?” confirmed Ning Shu.

“Just say whatever you want to say,” said General Liu. He put on an expression that seemed angry at her humming and hawing.

“First of all.” Ning Shu scanned General Liu, her eyes pausing on his straw sandals that showed his bare feet.

When a woman stared at his feet so blatantly, General Liu was a little uneasy. He pulled his feet back and coughed, interrupting Ning Shu’s gaze.

“The general only has this to wear? You don’t have a pair of shoes that can cover your feet?” asked Ning Shu.

“I do have one. It’s a little bit better than this one.” General Liu said a little embarrassedly, “But everyone wears these sandals. It’s not too good for me to be special.”

Although Ning Shu was expressionless, she couldn’t help roasting him in her heart. In the end, this man still used the military’s style of doing things. Loving soldiers like they were his own children made him a good general, but he was now the leader of the army. There was no one putting pressure on him from above. He must establish a supreme image in the soldiers’ minds rather than his current image.

“General, now everyone is following you and taking you as their idol. In addition to eating their fill, they also have ambitions deep in their hearts. They wish to forge ahead in their lives, give their wives titles, and appoint their sons as heirs. They wish to plant trees that will shade their descendants, but you…” Ning Shu turned her attention to General Liu’s feet again. “If you’re like this, how can those under you have something to strive for?” How could the rebel soldiers exert strength to climb up and enjoy privilege?

“Special people have special privileges. If you eat meat, no one will dare to say anything, even if they have to survive on chaff,” said Ning Shu.

The clothes of the generals and leaders were specially crafted. They were a privilege. Although it made them conspicuous like a beam of light on the battlefield, it also served to let their own people see and establish a beacon of hope in their hearts.

What kind of hierarchy did these bare dusty feet represent? There was really no sense of dignity at all.

There was no need to insult himself like this while walking among the masses. The people wouldn’t care at all as long as they could feed themselves.

Sometimes, the people wouldn’t fancy warm feelings. They were not that greedy; they just wanted to eat and drink their fill. If someone provided them with food, they would recognize them. However, if the person couldn’t let them fill their stomachs, they would turn their heads and leave. Playing the feelings card at this point was of no use.

First, respect status, and then respect the person.

It had been the case since ancient times.

Just like before on their journey here, she and Chen Li could ride on horses because their contributions to the group had virtually established the leadership position.

General Liu was distracted for a moment. He finally said, “This general understands. You can go.”

Ning Shu cupped her hands. “If this subordinate said something wrong, please forgive me.”

“Don’t worry.” General Liu waved his hand, indicating for Ning Shu to leave.

When Ning Shu returned to the residence, she pulled Chen Li aside and said, “General Liu will attack the city in five days. We have to participate.”

“So fast?” Chen Li was taken aback.

Ning Shu nodded while feeling a little apprehensive. They didn’t have any weapons in their hands, and General Liu didn’t intend to give them any either.

This campaign would be self-funded. How poor was this army?

“But they…” Chen Li pointed to the people practicing haphazardly.

Ning Shu also felt anxious.

She walked over and injected a trace of energy into everyone’s bodies. She then found a knife from a room.

When Chen Li saw Ning Shu holding a kitchen knife, he asked, “What are you going to do?”

Ning Shu said, “We can’t go to the battlefield with bare hands, can we? I have to get some weapons.”

After speaking, she stepped on the tree trunk next to the house and climbed up. Whenever she saw a suitable branch, she would cut it down.

Ning Shu was agile like a monkey. She went from one tree to the next and chopped down the branches without breaking a sweat.

Once she felt that she had gathered enough, Ning Shu asked the women to cut the branches to the length of a pike. They then had to sharpen one end. Unfortunately, there was no metal tip.

“Come here, everyone.” Ning Shu called the people over. “Each person will take one stick and practice stabbing and thrusting.”

At the moment, Ning Shu could only make do with what she had. She was trying her best to preserve this group on the battlefield.

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