Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 1705: A Kind of Spirit Stone

Chapter 1705: A Kind of Spirit Stone

Ning Shu saw the uncle put the pendant away. He clearly had no intention of returning the pendant, so she asked, “Should we return this to Fan Junyang?”

“Why should I give it back to him?” asked the uncle indifferently.

“Then, tell me what it is?” Ning Shu was burning with curiosity.

No matter how she looked at it, it was an ordinary stone, not a treasure.

“It’s a kind of spirit stone. This one is the daughter stone; there should also be an accompanying mother stone,” said the uncle in a rather good mood.

She must be retarded. She still couldn’t understand what it was.

“What’s the purpose?” asked Ning Shu.

“It can absorb souls, all souls within a kilometer,” said the uncle.

Ning Shu nodded. So, this kind of stone could also absorb souls. No wonder Mei Ziqing said he didn’t see the soul.

It was probably that the soul was absorbed by this stone.

Actually, this stone was similar to her soul pearl.

Could it be that Fan Junyang had killed so many people to collect souls?

“There’s probably a passage under this table. This entire place is probably hollow underground,” said the uncle to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu: …

Always just bossing people around.

Ning Shu crawled under the table and groped around to see where the gap was. Although it might be hollow, she still did not know the mechanism’s location.

And this passageway had a thick layer of earth above it.

Ning Shu went to the woodshed to get a shovel. She was ready to pry the soil.

However, with her movements, some of the people woke up. Wang Jie asked Ning Shu, “What are you doing?”

Ning Shu immediately put the shovel on her shoulder and said, “I grabbed this as a weapon in case the killer comes. That way at least I can put up a little fight.”

“With so many people present, the killer will not act for the time being.” 795 said, “The black shadow you saw before was probably a trick of your eyes.”

“No, there was someone who ran past,” said Ning Shu.

Hearing someone speak, the people in the hall opened their eyes one after another. Fan Junyang also woke up with a sore neck because he was sleeping against the wall. When he rubbed his neck, he found that the red rope around his neck was missing.

Fan Junyang hurriedly touched his chest. There was no stone. His face instantly turned dramatically pale.

“Have you guys seen my stuff? It’s a stone, a talisman I grew up with.” Fan Junyang was searching everywhere. He seemed anxious.

Ning Shu looked at the uncle, who didn’t speak. Would he just ignore this thing?

“What was it?” asked 795.

“It was a stone, a stone strung with a red rope. It’s my protective talisman.” Fan Junyang asked anxiously, “Did you see it?”

795 shook his head.

Wang Jie frowned and said, “You could ask her. She was awake the entire time.” Wang Jie pointed at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu: …

The hell! With this kind of behavior, he still dared say that he liked her. Ning Shu simply could go bang her head against the wall.

This guy was practically saying that she was the one that took it.

“Have you seen it?” Fan Junyang asked Ning Shu.

Ning Shu shook her head. “Didn’t see it.”

“What should we do now?” Fan Junyang’s forehead was drenched in a cold sweat.

Ning Shu asked, “Is it important?”

“Very important.”

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