Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 285 - Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.18)

Chapter 286: Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.18)

“You disgust me, make me want to vomit. You can plan whatever things, but you’re just a slut no one wants.”

“Bitch, who are you calling a slut?” The door was pushed open, followed by a furious voice.

Nian Xue’er and XunMi turned to look at the same time to see Nian ShuRong walk in angrily, raise her hand, and slap Nian Xue’er.

Pa! The five bright red finger marks appeared very distinct on the white face.

“You’re really something to dare bully my little sister like this.”

Nian Xue’er was a little nervous when she saw Nian ShuRong. She had not yet entered the Nian family, so she could not make trouble with the Nian household.

Especially with Nian ShuRong and Nian WenHao. She’d conceded in every respect to them, but she never expected that Nian ShuRong wouldn’t distinguish between close and distant relatives like this.

After XunMi recovered from her surprise, she stepped forward and pulled on Nian ShuRong, pushing her to the side and sitting her down.

“Jie, don’t be angry, it’s not worth it. Be good.”

She didn’t want to care about the Female Lead now. Since you don’t want to get along with me, I don’t have to stick on a fawning face to please you.

If she’d known earlier that she and the Female Lead wouldn’t be able to see eye to eye, then she would’ve directly killed her in the cradle from the beginning, so there wouldn’t be all of these things now.

To have made her older sister and parents feel bad, she really shouldn’t have done that.

Nian ShuRong’s chest was heaving up and down, and Nian Xue’er’s expression was very bad.

“XunMi, you are good and kindhearted. This thing is climbing on your head to bully you, and you don’t know how to resist. If JieJie hadn’t come, I don’t know how she would’ve dealt with you.”

Nian ShuRong kept her finger pointing at XunMi’s forehead, continuing her long-winded speech, hating iron for not becoming steel.[1]

“How old are you, how are you still not paying attention? If you see this kind of shameless behavior again in the future, you should just hit back, you know? Even if there’s an accident, I, your sister, will take care of you. If even that doesn’t work, there’s still the Nian family, and your family’s people.”

Although she didn’t like Ziju BaiLin’s bandit behavior, she knew that the man really loved her little sister.

He regarded her sister as his heart, looked after and cherished her.

XunMi’s forehead was jabbed until it was red, but she didn’t avoid it.

She knew that her sister was really worried about her, and thinking about her. A silly smile appeared on her face.

Even though Nian ShuRong still felt gloomy, she let those thoughts scatter. Forget it. In any case, my little sister has her own protection. Afterwards I’ll just have to pay more attention.

However, she looked to the side at the person covering her face, though she was too late to hide the hatred filling her eyes. Nian ShuRong snorted coldly in disgust.

“I will leave you with these words today. No matter how Aunt and Uncle decide, even if you enter the Nian family, you cannot compare to XunMi. Really think you can fly up to the branch and become a phoenix? How laughable.”

And what about her aunt’s own daughter, that she gave birth to but didn’t raise? Auntie must feel deeply guilty.

That she’d want to make it up to her, that she’d want to treat her well, was also proper and as it should be.

But she also believed that her aunt would never look on unfeelingly as this thing bullied the daughter she’d raised since childhood. XunMi was very lovable, and the Nian family knew that the most clearly.

She’d always been the darling they’d loved dearly. Even if the certified real product came along, she may not be able to surpass XunMi’s position.

What’s more, XunMi also had the bandit marshal supporting her from behind, and he was even more unlikely to let others bully her.

No, it wouldn’t do. She must tell DaGe and the others about it when she went home. It was really too infuriating. She hadn’t yet entered the Nian family and she already dared be this arrogant; in the future it would only be worse.

“Nian ShuRong, what qualifications do you have to say so? You’re not the one calling the shots in the Nian family. How can you interfere with Master and Madam Nian’s decision? Even if you are a young miss of the Nian family, so what? You’re not my parents’ daughter. How can you come and manage the affairs of our family?”

Nian Xue’er immediately exposed her ugly appearance, baring her fangs and brandishing her claws. She did not intend to conceal it.

Her face was torn apart, and Nian ShuRong really didn’t like her. Even if she’d sucked up to her from the beginning, it most likely would’ve been a waste.

“Yes, I can’t intervene in Aunt and Uncle’s decision, but I can still kill you first.”

Don’t look at Nian ShuRong as a teacher. When she got ferocious, she didn’t lose to XunMi. It should be said that the Nian family was not as harmless as they appeared on the surface.

“You…” Nian Xue’er pointed at Nian ShuRong, her whole body trembling in anger.

“Hmph! Me? What about me? It’s you that’s gonna get lost, or I’ll find someone to throw you out!”

Nian ShuRong slapped the table with a bang, very frightening. Her face showed naked contempt, as if looking any longer would dirty her own eyes.

Now Nian Xue’er’s loathing was completely aroused and her irritability grew. She lifted her skirt, covered her face, and quickly ran away.

Just wait. So they could find help? Well, so could she.

“Jie, what the hell is going on?” XunMi seized the opportunity to ask.

Nian ShuRong gave a big sigh of relief, “I do not know the specifics. DaGe just said he was investigating and got a rough idea. The concrete details make take some time. After all, in these troubled times, it takes some effort to find someone.”

After a pause, she continued: “That woman said correctly. Auntie is preparing to bring her back. Uncle hasn’t stated his position yet. The atmosphere at home is a bit… not good. For now, you shouldn’t come home, so as not to affect your mood.” Nian ShuRong suggested this after thinking over it.

Wait until these upsetting matters came to an end, and she would notify her little sister. In fact, she herself did not want to go back. Seeing that woman every day was really unbearable.

XunMi was a little hesitant. It seemed that returning right now really wouldn’t be too good, but not returning also didn’t seem good. Such a mess, ai!

“I’ll have BaiLin investigate, and I will let you all know when I have results. Jie, I’ll trouble you to help me look after my parents. After a few days, I’ll go back and see them.”

Nian ShuRong nodded, the two conversed a while longer, then departed.

As soon as she entered the house, Nian ShuRong heard the sound of wailing, as well as her mother’s dissatisfied voice.

She wrinkled her brows. What was going on? She quickly went in, and at a glance saw Hai Tang sitting in the chair crying broken-heartedly.

Her aunt was comforting her, and her mother was standing to the side, looking indignant.

“Mom, Auntie.” She ignored the other person and walked over to hold her mother’s hand.

“ShuRong, you came back just in time. Hai Tang says you hit her. Was it you?” Ji Jinwen asked as she pulled on her daughter’s hand. Her face didn’t show any blame, rather her eyes revealed only concern.

Nian ShuRong suddenly understood. This was running back to tattle, ah!

“Ah… you’re really a good sort. At the time I wondered why you walked out so simply. So it seems you came to incite disharmony between our family members, ah.”

She gently patted her scared mother’s hand, hinting at her not to worry.

She advanced two steps forward. “Auntie, I don’t know what this person said to you? First of all, I admit that the marks on her face were caused by my hitting her. But did she tell you why I wanted to hit her?”

If she dared reach her hand out into their home, sooner or later she’d chop it off.

Translator’s Notes

[1] To feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations, and impatient to see improvement.

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