Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 27: The Legend of the Fire Berserker!

Chapter 27: The Legend of the Fire Berserker!

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The girl was Bai Ling. She was scared as she looked at the elder of the tribe on the altar and the other tribe members whose faces were also similarly pale with terror.

"The blood moon only appears once every three years and it appears only after all the snow has melted on Dark Mountain. There would then be enough wild beasts to be sacrificed so that we can prevent disasters… but now… it has appeared far too early… this…" Bai Ling bit her lip and looked around her, seemingly even more afraid

As for Su Ming, he was in the fire cave concentrating on creating and refining medication. He was covered in sweat as he watched the stone cauldron carefully and he adjusted the temperature of the fire as he saw fit.

Very soon, there was a muffled blast within the cauldron. Su Ming laughed bitterly and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He knew that he had failed once again.

‘The Mountain Spirit is much harder to make compared to Scattering Dust…’

Su Ming shook his head and opened the cauldron. A puff of green smoke with a spicy scent emerged from within.

He sighed. Just as he was about to continue, he suddenly felt his Qi boiling in his body as though he had lost control of it. He frowned, surprised. He looked around him to see what could have possibly cause such a change but he found nothing.

‘That’s odd…’

Su Ming scratched his head. He only stopped for a while before he resuming his attempts to create Mountain Spirit.

At that moment on the other side of Dark Mountain, where Black Mountain Tribe was located, the tribe members were also looking at the moon. However their expressions were different from that of Dark Mountain Tribe and Dark Dragon Tribe. Unlike the other two tribes, their eyes were filled with fear and blood lust.

Roars escaped their lips. It was not just the Berserkers who roared. Even the normal members of the tribe did so. Their cries gradually became one and turned into a giant, roaring wave.

Within the center of the crowd was a small hill made up of numerous red stones. Sitting on the small hill was a willowy old man wearing a black robe. The old man’s eyes were cold as he stared at the blood red moon. There was a cruel smile on his lips.

"Since ancient times, the Fire Berserker Tribe roamed the earth. The tribe had powers that shook the earth. They controlled all the fire on heaven and earth. If they were angered, they could even burn the heavens to ashes and become gods themselves! Their names spread through the lands so widely that even those who did not belong to the Berserker Tribe feared them."

"They were known as one of the eight great Berserker Tribes!" the willowy old man spoke with a hoarse voice. It was as if he was talking to all the people in the world.

"But because the tribe wanted to steal an artifact from heaven, they were punished by the God of Berserkers. After nine days and nine nights, the entire Fire Berserker Tribe was destroyed except for the Berserkers. Those who did not have the Berserker Body were all burned alive and their souls shattered!"

"Even when such a disaster befell the Fire Berserker Tribe, the Berserkers within the tribe did not die. They wanted to rebel against the God of Berserkers and become gods themselves! The God of Berserkers laid down his punishment. Just as he was about to use his powers and bring annihilation to the entire tribe, the Elder of the Fire Berserker Tribe fought against the God of Berserkers!"

"The battle shook the heavens. The Elder of the Fire Berserker Tribe died in battle but before his death, he cast a forbidden spell that made the God of Berserkers afraid. It allowed him to grant immortality to all the Fire Berserker tribe members who had not died!" Awe appeared in the willowy old man’s eyes. He raised his right hand and immediately, black mist surrounded his wrinkled hand and transformed into a terrifying shape of a spirit.

"But he made a mistake. He may have allowed all the Berserkers in the Fire Berserker tribe to obtain immortality, but the God of Berserkers used the powers of creation and made them all lose their physical bodies. They became the Wings of the Blood Moon!"

"From then on, they became beings that could no longer see light. They lost their conscience and became the Wings of the Moon which lusted after blood! Their resentment, hate, anger and sadness have turned into a monstrous grudge that turns the moon red once every three years. When the moon is dyed in blood, they will return once more!"

"Tonight, I, Bi Tu Elder of Black Mountain Tribe will help you!" The willowy old man laughed darkly and bit his tongue. As he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, the blood red stones underneath his feet exploded and floated in midair.

The Elder of Dark Mountain Tribe, Bi Tu also levitated in the air. He spread his arms out. His eyes were filled with madness and excitement.

The red stones began rotating quickly in midair and formed a gigantic picture. The picture was spherical in shape and there was a crescent moon within it. The entire thing was colored a bloody red.

"Wings of the Moon, wake up! Awaken from your long slumber and come forth!" Bi Tu spat out another mouthful of fresh blood which instantly turned into bloody mist and fused into the giant picture in the sky. A roaring sound came from the picture and it exploded suddenly. It turned into a big patch of red mist which spread across its surroundings like rolling waves.

At that moment, the entirety of Dark Mountain shook. The trembling could be clearly felt as if the land was moving and the mountains were shaking. The tremors caused an uproar within Dark Mountain Tribe and Dark Dragon Tribe.

Su Ming, who was in the cave within Black Flame Mountain also felt the tremors. His expression changed. He even heard a faint roar from within the deeper parts of the cave as the mountain shook. He froze and immediately stopped all activity. He retreated a few steps and climbed through the exit. When he climbed out of the cave, he almost gasped in surprise. Right before his eyes, was the blood moon hanging in the sky!

"The blood moon!" Su Ming’s face immediately turned pale.

At that moment, a thick stench of blood came from within Black Flame Mountain. Su Ming did not even hesitate. He understood the connotations of the blood moon and had even calculated the days before it appeared.

However, he did not expect it to appear earlier!

He immediately turned around and crawled back into the cave. He knew that he could not find a place to hide once he was outside. There was no time for him to return to the tribe either. Once he returned to the cave, he immediately took out his horn and quickly cut through the wall beside him. It was as if he was struck by madness. The roaring sound within the cave was becoming clearer and there were even signs of other sounds amid the roar.

Su Ming’s eyes were bloodshot. Fortunately, he was used to the place and the horn was extremely sharp. Soon enough, he cut open a small hole and he crawled in immediately. Su Ming then blocked the entrance of the hole with the stones that fell out when he was cutting through the wall. He did not even mind the heat the hole emitted.

The very moment he crawled into the hole, a gust of red mist rushed out from within the cave. Once it filled up the entire cave, it escaped through the tunnel with a rumble. Su Ming heard the sound clearly.

Under the light of the blood moon, the five summits of Dark Mountain seemingly erupted like volcanoes. The rumbles shook the skies and a huge amount of red mist poured out from the summits.

It seemed like the mist had been inside the five summits of Dark Mountain since the beginning of time. As it erupted from the mountains, the mist immediately covered the sky. The mist from Dark Dragon Mountain leaked out of the mountain from its cracks. Some even poured out from the place Su Ming obtained the Dark Dragon’s Saliva. If Su Ming looked closely, he would have noticed that the places the dark dragons avoided like the plague as they chased him around all those years, were the places where the red mist was the thickest!

The other mountains were the same as Dark Dragon Mountain, especially Black Flame Mountain. The amount of mist that erupted from the mountain was shocking. As the mist spread around the place, a humming sound echoed. There were sounds of many wings flapping mixed in with the humming, creating a rhapsody of death, which terrified all who heard it!

He saw red shadows coming out of the five summits along with the mist. There were also piercing roars echoing through the sky. The red shadows were strange beasts that had a pair of wings and red eyes each. They were the size of a palm and had six limbs. They also had human faces which were filled with madness and lust for blood.

They were the Wings of the Moon!

The number of the Wings of the Moon mounted to at least tens of thousands. They covered the skies until it was completely red. As they cried out, they rushed towards Black Mountain Tribe, Dark Mountain Tribe, Dark Dragon Tribe and all the places where wild beasts dwelt in the forest.

They did not have a conscience. They were only fueled by resentment and a thirst for blood. They only knew how to kill and drink fresh blood, especially blood of the members of the Berserker Tribe. It only further spurred their insanity. In fact, they sometimes skipped feasting on wild beasts and went straight for the Berserker Tribes.

There was an uproar within Dark Mountain Tribe. There were screams filled with terror echoing in the air. Chen Xin’s face was pale as she held on tightly onto Bei Ling, who was beside her. Bei Ling’s face too was pale.

Lei Chen was standing further ahead overcome by irritation. He wanted to find Su Ming but he did not see him among the people within the settlement. As he was filled with worry for his friend, he was further taken aback by the scene in the sky.

The terrified normal tribe members were silenced by the Berserkers in the tribe. Gradually, all the people of tribe focused their gazes on the burning wooden stage and on the person who was looking at the sky.

The elder’s face was pale but they could not see it due to the fire. His pupils were contracted. He saw the red mist and heard the mad cries coming from afar.

‘How could this be…? Not only did the blood moon appear earlier, even the Wings of the Moon have increased… There were only about thousands of them the last time…’

He took a sharp breath and shouted without hesitation.

"Normal members of the tribe, hide! Berserkers, take out all of the meat we have in store. Cut them open and wait for my orders!" The elder’s body trembled slightly. He lowered his head. He looked at the members of his tribe and closed his eyes.

The same also happened in Dark Dragon Tribe. Once Bai Ling and the other members of the tribe heard the elder’s orders, the fear in their eyes increased.

She would never forget what happened nine years ago. When she was still a child, she saw her playmate being snatched away by numerous Wings of the Moon before her eyes. He disappeared into the mist as he cried and screamed. Once he was dragged into Dark Mountain, only a slow and painful death awaited him.

The blood red moon became a vague shadow in the sky as it was covered by the mist. However, the shadows that whistled through the mist were coming closer. The large number of Wings of the Moon split into three groups and sped towards the three tribes near them.

In Dark Mountain Tribe, the elder was staring at the sky. The moment the Wings of the Moon appeared, he swung the bone cane in his right hand. A lake of fire spread underneath him and covered the entire tribe but the lake of fire did not burn any of the houses. It looked like an illusion surrounded the tribe.

"Throw the meat!" The elder growled. Immediately the terrified Berserkers within the tribe’s settlement threw a bleeding creature towards the sky.

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