Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 145: Him!

Chapter 145: Him!

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There was a profound look in his eyes, which looked like the stars in the sky at night. The moment Su Ming met his gaze, a booming sound instantly resounded in his head, and he staggered a few steps backwards, allowing the Head of the Guards of Tranquil East to move forward quickly. Once he left Su Ming’s control, he stood beside the Elder of Tranquil East with a pale face. There was fear in his eyes as he looked at Su Ming.

"Alright, Mo Su, from now onwards, you are our guest in Tranquil East Tribe. Fang Shen, give him the plate," The Elder of Tranquil East said languidly and averted his gaze from Su Ming.

Su Ming was stunned, but his gaze remained calm and collected.

As Fang Shen looked at Mo Su, praise appeared in his eyes. When Su Ming killed Zhou Yue, he was only slightly shocked by the power within that punch, but he was not too surprised.

Yet his speed made Fang Shen stunned. He could not even see Su Ming’s body clearly. The pressure that came from that one finger especially made him reevaluate his new guest’s power.

The moment he heard the words, Fang Shen laughed boisterously and brought out a plate from his bosom. The plate was completely white, and there was a number on it – 15.

Just as he was about to hand the plate to Su Ming, the Elder of Tranquil East suddenly lifted his right hand and grabbed at the air. The plate flew towards the Elder and he seized it. The number 15 was erased with his left hand, and he carved a new number onto the plate.


The moment they saw the number, a barely unnoticeable glint appeared in the Transcended Chief of War’s eyes. The tribe leader of Tranquil East simply smiled, but the people around them, especially the two guests, looked at Su Ming once again.

Su Ming was slightly confused, but he had an inkling of what was going on. When he saw that no one was going to explain anything to him, he did not ask. He took the plate from the Elder of Tranquil East’s hands instead and put the plate away in his bosom.

"Kindred Mo, please come sit within the circle. We will now open the tunnel of Han Mountain and send the three of you inside," the Elder of Tranquil East said without hurry, looking at Su Ming.

The title of "Kindred" was a title given to the guests within a tribe as a sign of friendliness.

Su Ming wrapped his fist around his palm as thanks and walked into the circle. The two guests quickly stood up and arranged themselves with Su Ming as the head. They only sat down once Su Ming did so.

"My three fellow Kindred, we are not outsiders. Kindred Mo has just joined Tranquil East Tribe, so there are some things he must know. Fang Shen, tell him."

The Elder of Tranquil East closed his eyes.

Fang Shen nodded in agreement and swept his gaze across Su Ming and the others. His expression was grave as he spoke in a low tone.

"Brother Chen and brother Dong Fang have some form of understanding towards the tunnel of Han Mountain, but brother Mo’s knowledge towards it should be limited. The tunnel of Han Mountain leads to the canyons under Han Mountain City. The area is quite big and there are a lot of strong seals within them.

"These seals will only be weakened when the fog of the Day of Eternal Creation arrives.

"Centuries ago, Han Mountain City belonged to Han Mountain Tribe. This tunnel was built by Han Mountain Tribe, and the canyons are the grave of the Han Mountain’s ancestor!

"The power of Han Mountain’s ancestor is shocking. I believe all of you should have heard of it before. Laugh all you want, but Tranquil East Tribe was once affiliated to Han Mountain Tribe. We may now be the rulers of Han Mountain, but we have yet to fully explore the ancestor’s grave.

"This has to do with the seal and the short amount of time we are allowed in there. More importantly, the people of Tranquil East, Lake of Colors, and Puqiang are affected by the seal inside and our powers are limited. Every single time we enter, only one of our own may enter from each tribe.

"If two of us enter, one of us will definitely die on the spot.

"Yet if outsiders without the blood of the three tribes enter, they will not have this limitation. This is the reason why Tranquil East Tribe is taking in so many guests. Over the years, many guests have entered the place. Some have died, and some have found serendipities for them to increase their power.

"A person’s life and death is governed by his destiny, just as the heavens decide whether a person should be rich or poor.

"You are all guests in Tranquil East Tribe. We provide for all of you, and we also give you this chance. Everything that you obtain within, we will not interfere with, but there are two rules you must adhere to!

"One, you must obtain at least one of the items from the list we will give you! If you can bring more of it, then we will reward you greatly. The approximate locations of these items are recorded on the bamboo slip. Choose one on your own."

As Fang Shen spoke, the people by his side brought out three pieces of bamboo slips and handed them to Su Ming and the other two.

"Two, this place is after all, the grave of Han Mountain’s ancestor. There are two seals inside. One of them is weakened due to the fog that comes during the Day of Eternal Creation, which allows you all to enter the place, but the second seal is located right at the center of the canyons, and there is a tomb there.

"There are three towers outside the tomb. The white tower belongs to Tranquil East Tribe. You can go there and insert all your Qi into the tower. You do not need to worry about danger after you insert your Qi. Once you do it, you will be absorbed into the tower and transported back.

"Tranquil East Tribe won’t do anything that harms you. After all, this is something that will continue on for some time. Once we break the rules, no one will be willing to help us anymore.

"There are only two rules. As for the rest, everything that you obtain and the serendipities you gain lie with your fate. I can tell you that there are a lot of burial items belonging to Han Mountain’s ancestor scattered in the canyons. Whether or not you can obtain them depends on your luck," Fang Shen said sternly in a low voice.

"You are the third batch of people who will enter the canyons. With our agreement made with the other two tribes, we can only send 10 guests into the canyons every single time we open the tunnel. A few more people will enter the place after you a few days later.

"The danger in the canyons stems not only from the seal on you that limits your power, but also from the other two tribes. Take care of yourselves."

Fang Shen cast a look at Su Ming. He lifted his right hand, and three gentle balls of light flew out from his sleeve.

There were three Berserker Vessels floating inside those balls of light. One of them was a grey, dried up twig, one was a white bone blade with numerous soundlessly screaming souls of the wronged surrounding it, and the final one was a black whip. The whip was coiled together and looked like a poisonous snake.

"Tranquil East Tribe will reward all those who enter the tunnel of Han Mountain. These three items may only be counterfeit Berserker Vessels, but their might is great. Once the three of you have made your choice, we will open the tunnel and send you into the canyons."

While speaking, Fang Shen glanced at Su Ming once again.

The black mask on Su Ming’s face allowed no one to see his expression as he sat in his spot. They could only see the cold look in his eyes. The other two people beside him hesitated for a moment before the old man smiled and wrapped his fist around his palm before he saying, "Brother Mo, please choose first."

"That’s right. Brother Mo, please choose first."

The other guest, the man whose surname was Chen, also spoke with a smile.

"If that’s the case, then I thank you."

Su Ming lifted his right hand and seized the air in the direction of the whip that looked like a poisonous snake. The whip immediately shuddered and charged towards Su Ming, coiling around his right hand as it let out faint waves of heat.

Once the old man and the man named Chen chose their Vessels, the Elder of Tranquil East opened his eyes and lifted his hands before slamming them down on the ground. At the same time, the other people did the same thing. Even the Head of the Guards of Tranquil East who had grown fearful of Su Ming returned to his post and took a deep breath before slamming his hands against the ground.

Once everyone pressed their hands to the ground, the entire mountain immediately trembled and gusts of white mist came out, charging towards them. In an instant, the stage at the top of the mountain was surrounded. When Su Ming focused his gaze on the white mist, he saw that it was quickly gathering up before a large bundle of it abruptly turned into a gigantic statue of the God of Berserkers!

The statue of the God of Berserkers was around 1,000 feet tall, and it floated in the air. It was not in the shape of a person, but a gigantic bull! On its horns were two bells. One of them was black, and the other white. As it materialized and moved, bell chimes echoed in the air.

The moment the white bull appeared, the tribe members of Tranquil East Tribe knelt down on the ground and worshipped the bull in the sky. Mumbling sounds also spread through the air.

Cang Lan knelt on one knee on the ground among the crowd when she lifted her head and looked at the white bull. She knew that this was one of the four statues of the God of Berserkers of their tribe – Heaven Bull!

Even if she had become a disciple of Freezing Sky Clan and saw the many statues of God of Berserkers within the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky, she was still respectful towards the statues within her own tribe. Yet at that moment, besides the respect she had towards this statue of the God of Berserkers, she also had a complicated and pitiful feeling towards Su Ming when she saw him performing the ritual at the top of the mountain.

‘You forgot your own memories… or perhaps… someone erased them…’

A shudder ran through Cang Lan’s body. She remembered what she saw and her face became pale once again.

The people of Tranquil East Tribe who were on the mountain were not the only ones worshipping. All the people from the various mountains belonging to the tribes in the territory of Tranquil East Tribe walked towards the bull and worshipped it.

The gigantic Heaven Bull lifted its head and let out a roar towards the heavens. A strong light immediately flashed at the top of the mountain where the Elder of Tranquil East and the others were.

The light lasted for the span of a few breaths before gradually disappearing. Su Ming and the other two people disappeared with it.

After a long while, the Heaven Bull turned back into a bundle of white mist, dissipating into the air, and everything returned to normal.

On the stage at the top of the mountain, the seven people, including the Elder of Tranquil East, lifted their arms and remained silent. A few moments passed by before the white haired Elder of Tranquil East spoke with a hoarse voice.

"I know what all of you are suspecting… This person called Mo Su killed Zhou Yue with the power of the Berserker Vessel within him. Right till the end, I did not feel that he used any spirit stones. He should have no connection with the remnants of Han Mountain."

"As long as he doesn’t have any connection with the remnants of Han Mountain, then it’s fine. But this person’s power is strange. He hasn’t Transcended, yet he already has an Origin Berserker Vessel, the Art of fine control that belongs to a Berserker in the Transcendence Realm… and his speed…"

The person who spoke was the Chief of Battle. He was baffled by what had happened.

"Cang Lan once said that this person might have reached the Transcendence Realm before, but due to an accident, his level of cultivation fell," Fang Shen said calmly, interrupting the Chief of Battle’s words.

The Chief of Battle cast Fang Shen a look before he fell silent.

"Han Cang Zi’s judgment is the same as mine. This person might very well be just as she said. Oh well, no matter where he came from, as long as he doesn’t have any ulterior motives, we can let him stay. You can all leave now."

The Elder of Tranquil East spoke unhurriedly, a profound look in his eyes, as if there was an emotion hidden within that no one else knew about.

The people obeyed and left.

"A person who caught Han Cang Zi’s attention… besides him, another one appeared… I wonder if this Mo Su will be as astounding as he was… Also, I can feel his presence… from this Mo Su…"

The Elder of Tranquil East stood alone on the stage and mumbled as an enigmatic smile appeared on his lips.

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