Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 106: The Arrival of the Fallen Berserker!

Chapter 106: The Arrival of the Fallen Berserker!

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The chains of mist surrounded Bi Tu’s body in multiple layers. They formed a pattern of a ripple in the sky and started spreading outwards. As they did so, an incredibly mighty presence spread out.

"Verdant Berserk Chains is the strongest Berserker Art in Black Mountain Tribe. It has the same destructive force as the Execution of the Three Evils of Dark Mountain Tribe did in the past, but its power is much more stable. If the Art is cast by a Berserker in the Transcendence Realm, then the force will be very powerful!" Mo Sang said quickly and severely, with a pale face.

The elder knew clearly that using this Art was the same as sacrificing some of the caster’s life. Even he had not managed to force Bi Tu to the point where he would have to use this Art during his battle. The elder knew that this was related to Bi Tu’s personality. He was selfish. He did not care about the lives of his tribe members. Even if they all died, as long as he was still around, Black Mountain Tribe would still prosper and become great in a short period of time.

The moment Mo Sang spoke, Bi Tu, who was surrounded by the numerous chains of mist, let out a roar as his face twisted into a ferocious expression. He swung his right hand downwards, pointing towards the giant culmination of the Wings of the Moon that was hiding Su Ming within.

The countless chains of mist let out a buzzing sound and charged towards the giant Wings of the Moon. As they moved forward, the Verdant Chains grew larger, until they seemed to have become a straight line, rapidly charging towards the Wings of the Moon that was also approaching it.

They traveled so quickly that they seemed to have fused with the sky and earth. In the blink of an eye, the Verdant Chains appeared around the giant Wings of the Moon and surrounded it, tying up the entire body of the giant Wings of the Moon.

"Die!" Bi Tu let out a vicious, shrill cry. He lifted both his hands as if about to take control of the Verdant Chains. He clapped his hands together in one swift motion.

As the Verdant Chains that had tied up the Wings of the Moon rumbled, they tightened their grip. Su Ming’s power was not enough, and he did not have any Berserker Arts that could pose a threat towards those in the Transcendence Realm. He only had the sturdy body belonging to the numerous Wings of the Moon around him. As the Verdant Chains tightened their grip, the Wings of the Moon started struggling madly under his control.

When both sides clashed against each other, a part of the Verdant Chains broke, but the Wings of the Moon also jolted, and some red vapor rose into the sky—a clear sign that the moment they had contact, signs of death appeared on the Wings of the Moon.

As the Wings of the Moon continued struggling, the Verdant Chains tightened their grip even more. Every single time a rumble sounded, a part of the Verdant Chains broke apart, and a large amount of red vapor would appear from the Wings of the Moon, making them pay a large price.

Veins popped out on Bi Tu’s face. There were still three inches before he could finish closing his hands together. Yet these three inches were monstrously difficult for him to breach. As his hands trembled, he bit his tongue and coughed out blood. That blood turned into two blood-red arms that fused into the arms on his body, granting him strength so that he could close the distance between the three inches to a mere one inch.

At the same time, lines of blood appeared on the Verdant Chains. The strength of its hold became stronger instantly. With a blast, the chains sank into the body of the Wings of the Moon, causing the amount of red vapor coming from its body to increase by several fold.

Since Su Ming stood in the Wings of the Moon, his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth started bleeding, and he felt a sharp pain traveling into his mind. It was the pain felt by the numerous Wings of the Moon as they cried out.

"Just die already!"

Bi Tu’s hair was a mess as he continued increasing his strength without regard for consequences. Mo Sang, who was standing in the distance, did not hesitate and flew towards him with his tired body. He swung both his hands, and the dark python that was covered in injuries materialized behind his back. It opened its mouth and let out a huge roar, charging towards Bi Tu with the elder.

The elder was already gravely wounded. There were seven bone needles in his body from when he had sacrificed some of his life. It was already very difficult for him to continue fighting. If Su Ming had not come, he would have chosen to explode his blood so that he could heavily wound the elder of Black Mountain Tribe.

However, he also knew that the elder of Black Mountain was cautious of it. That was why he held back, not wanting to force Mo Sang into a corner, but choosing to deplete his strength until Mo Sang would eventually die.

Yet there was a chance at that moment. There was a chance where he could heavily wound Bi Tu and give Su Ming a chance. The price was his own death, but the elder had no regrets!

The moment Mo Sang rushed out, Su Ming felt a clear wave of sadness from the elder. Red crawled into his eyes. He might have learned how to be stoic, but at that moment, he still became anxious.

Because his will was fused together with the culmination of the Wings of the Moon, his anxiety also made all these Wings of the Moon to become worked up. The moment the elder rushed towards Bi Tu, the Wings of the Moon that was being strangled by the Verdant Chains dispersed, revealing Su Ming standing on a Wings of the Moon within. As they dissolved, the Verdant Chains quickly charged towards Su Ming.

Yet at that moment, the Wings of the Moon that had spread out started coughing out small amount of blood. Some of them even exploded, turning into larger amounts of blood. The instant the Verdant Chains surrounding Su Ming closed in, the Wings of the Moon gathered up once again with him as the center.

However, this time, when they gathered up, they did not turn into the shape of the Wings of the Moon, but a giant about hundreds of feet in height. That giant’s face was faint, and the details on it could not be seen clearly. Yet at the center of its brows was a picture of fire.

When the giant appeared, even those Verdant Chains were absorbed into the giant’s body, as if they were part of the giant to begin with.

Upon its appearance, the sky and earth roared. The five summits in Dark Mountain shook. Even the land trembled continuously. Within the forest, on a dried up big tree, there was a small monkey that was entirely covered in red fur. It held onto the branch tightly, anxiety and fear filling its face. It kept on screeching, but it did not dare to travel upwards.

The light from the moon became much brighter when the giant appeared. It was as if the earth had turned into a red netherworld as the red from the moon fell on the land.

The moonlight that became much brighter gathered on the giant, and with a blast, turned into a silver sea of fire. It spread out, and it looked like there was a humongous fire beast behind the giant.

The giant opened its eyes in a swift motion. The shadow of the blood-red moon was in its eyes. It moved towards Bi Tu; its footsteps were huge, managing to reach Bi Tu before the elder. Then, it threw a punch forward. The silver sea of fire behind it rolled forward, swooping in on Bi Tu with the fist.

Bi Tu did not retreat. Instead, he let out a growl with a fierce look on his face.

"Verdant Berserk Chains Explosion!"

The moment the words were spoken, the giant with Su Ming jolted. Booming sounds came from within its body. It belonged to the Verdant Chains stuck in its body. They exploded, turning into wisps of verdant mist that looked as if they were going to turn into the Verdant Chains once again and tie up the giant.

The moment the Verdant Chains exploded, the giant shuddered. A large amount of red mist rose into the air, and its body started shrinking rapidly. Yet the fist it threw out continued traveling forth. Under the giant’s unwavering gaze and its disregard for the injuries on its body, it thrust its fist forth without hesitation.

Bi Tu’s expression changed and he quickly retreated. He brought both his hands forward and cast some unknown Berserker Art. In an instant, his arms turned into dried up wood and acted as a shield for him.

A loud crash traveled through the air. The giant punched the dry-wood barrier formed by Bi Tu’s hands. As the sound rang out, Bi Tu’s body shook viciously, and he coughed out blood. His arms immediately exploded and turned into flesh and blood that scattered everywhere as his body tumbled backwards.

A flash passed through the giant’s eyes. It seemed like it was hard for it to continue onward as well, with the injuries it had sustained when the Verdant Chains exploded. But it continued anyway.

Just as it was about to give chase, Bi Tu, who had been flung away, let out a piercing scream, his ears, nose, mouth, and ears bleeding.

Soon, the large amount of green wisps of mist that were about to turn into chains on the giant immediately gave up on condensing. They rushed instead to Bi Tu with a speed that surpassed Su Ming’s. The wisps of green mist crawled into every part of Bi Tu’s body, and before Su Ming and the elder’s eyes, Bi Tu’s body started recovering at a shocking speed.

In an instant, his arms grew back, his face returned to a healthy shade of red, as if he had completely returned to the peak of his condition!

"Using Verdant Berserk Chains is the same as sacrificing your own life. He’s using his life to heal his wounds, but he can only use it once. What’s more, he won’t be able to use the Verdant Berserk Chains again for some time!" the elder immediately said, his eyes narrowed.

The moment the elder spoke, a glint appeared in Bi Tu’s eyes. His face may have seemed to have returned to a healthy shade of color, but there was a dull look in his eyes. Yet his anger had reached its peak.

He was a Berserker in the Transcendence Realm, but was forced to sacrifice his life to recover. To him, that was unacceptable!

He did not even look at Mo Sang, but stared at the giant which contained Su Ming.

"You can now die without regrets for forcing me to this extent! But this fight is over! You and your elder will certainly die here today!

"Mo Sang, when I fought against you, I only used a part of my Fallen Berserker Art. Now, I’ll let you witness the Fallen Berserker Art cast by a powerful Berserker in the Transcendence Realm!"

Bi Tu was wary of Su Ming. Unless he deemed it absolutely necessary, he did not want to cast this Fallen Berserker Art. It would inflict great harm to his own self, and he had to cast it when he was completely uninjured. If he cast it while he was injured, he would not be able to bear the consequences.

The giant lifted its feet and was about to close in when Bi Tu spread his arms wide open and knelt towards the north in midair. There was a fanatic look on his face as he roared at the sky.

"The Fallen Berserker within the sky and earth, please honor your promise and descend upon the world!"

The moment the words were shouted out, the blood-red moon in the sky dimmed. The stars in the sky also became darker at the same instant. An indescribable presence started gathering together from the sky and earth.

There was silence, but Su Ming’s heart began to race in his chest. His body seemed to have frozen when that presence started gathering together.

Mo Sang’s face was pale. Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth as if he couldn’t withstand the pressure brought by the presence as it gathered.

"Who is’t that bothered mine slumber..?"

"Who is’t that summoned mine Berserker Soul..?"

A voice that reverberated through Su Ming and the elder’s minds suddenly rang out. That voice sounded old and aged by time, morose, and it made all those who heard it horrified.

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