Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 50

50. Sensei and I1

…Clap, clap, clap, clap!

I hear a sound of applause from the back…

When I turned around…!

Yuzuki-sensei was standing there…

「…Congratulations, Katsuko」

Sensei spoke to Katsuko-nee with a cold smile…

「Get pregnant with Yoshida-kun’s child in two months and…retire. I’ve already searched for a list of properties for your bakery. You can make the shop anywhere you want. I’ll negotiate with the nearby elementary school so you can wholesale your bread as a lunch for them. Of course it’ll be our co-op selling it…we can just hire professionals when it comes to management and legal affairs so you don’t need to worry about anything」

Sensei recites her plan as if she has planned this all this time.

It might be like this when Nagisa-san opened her flower shop too.

Katsuko-nee smiles at me.

「…I’m sorry, let’s separate for a moment!」

Kissing my lips…Katsuko-san pulls out my penis from her vagina…

Just like that, she kneeled in front of Yuzuki-sensei!

「Thank you for your kind offer Ojou-sama…But please allow Katsuko to take contraceptives…!」


「…What do you mean? Weren’t you always wanting to get apart from 『Kuromori』?」

Katsuko-nee looks up to Sensei…!

「I’m Ojou-sama’s first 『Toy』…I’m the elder sister of all the 『Toys』so I don’t intend to separate from 『Kuromori』until all of my sisters become happy…please let me stay as Ojou-sama’s maid for a little longer…!!!」



Not just Nei-san, Margo-san has also entered the restroom…

「Also, Ojou-sama…Katsuko wishes for Ojou-sama to be from the bottom of her heart!」

The restroom quiets down

Yuzuki-sensei was silent for a while.

…Before long.

「…I’ll give you three years time. Stay beside me until Yoshida-kun graduates from high school. During that period, when you don’t want it anymore, I don’t mind if you separate from 『Kuromori』anytime」

「…Yes, Ojou-sama」

「But, after three years, get pregnant with Yoshida-kun’s child without fail…okay? promise me」

「…Yes, I’ll give birth with pleasure!」

Sensei looks at me…

「…Yoshida-kun. Put your dick away and come here

「…Ah, sure」

Right…My penis is exposed all this time

I pull up my underwear in a hurry.

「Katsuko, Nei, and Margo, get on the white van and follow the target…That child’s about to contact you but, you have to go ahead and calculate the location of the phone」


「Yoshida-kun will go with me in the Maserati…make a face that it’s your first time seeing Shirasaka-san tonight…!」

「Okay, got it」

「Nei and Margo too?」

「…Of course?」

「…Nfufu, I’m looking forward to it!」

Sensei replied with a smile…towards all members of『Kuromori』

Sensei also regained the devil smile…

「Then…Let’s go? Let’s finish up tonight…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

Before we come out of the park, Katsuko-san’s phone rang

…It was from Yukino.

「…Station it is. Wait at the rotary. We’ll be meeting you immediately」

Katsuko-san orders Yukino.

「Then, later…Yo-chan!」

Nei-san, Margo-san and Katsuko-san enters the white van…!

「Katsuko…do as scheduled」


「Then, we’ll be going ahead Minaho」

The white van began to run…

「Katsuko stopped the Maserati on the parking lot ahead of this…」

Sensei confirmed the position of the parking lot with her phone…then walked.

I also followed from behind.




Sensei said those things suddenly while turning her back on me.

「…I think that Katsuko’s liberated from hell even a little」


「…That child’s didn’t become a 『Toy』because she like it… I forcibly dragged her to 『Kuromori』 I’ve ruined her life and heart…!」

The two people walk on the main street beside the unpopulated seaside park…

The night shines in the dark sky

「…When Katsuko and Nagisa entered first year, they suddenly were pulled into the world of darkness. Those children had dreams and hope…Yet their virginity was violated and entrusted their body to a lot of men. Those children were just new students then…the teacher me had raised them to be prostitutes of 『Kuromori』…!」

…That’s Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san’s past.

「Those children doesn’t like to be embraced by too much various men. There were people that are too good in sex. Rich people too. A real sadist, masochist, pervert…those children had been taken into the darkness of sex in the end. Their body cannot endure having normal sex…! No…They hated their own dirtied body and drowned themselves in sex without being saved. Otherwise, their heart won’t be stable…!」

That’s…the reckless libido.

It’s not just Katsuko-san…Nagisa-san also had five pets.

If they don’t keep a mountain of pets…they’d be unable to endure it, to their desire.

「That’s why, I thought that a non-high school student would not be good to let those children start over…! That child must be kept company with a normal high school student just like when they were normal high school girls. An adult man would only eat into their hurts further…leading to their state deteriorating even more. Thus I looked for a boy meat slave starting last year to release Katsuko and Nagisa’s desires」

「…That includes me?」

「You know it don’t you?…You’re the third candidate」

…That’s right. I am.

「But you’re much more than I expected…You didn’t just satisfy Katsuko and Nagisa’s desires but also stabilized their hearts. Thank you for making those children experience normal sex…

「That’s…please stop. I’m the one who should be thankful to Sensei…!」

Yuzuki-sensei turned back to me with a surprised face…

「Thankful…to me?」

「Yes, I was abandoned by my father…I thought that I should just better die in desperation. But, Sensei…gave me a point of living」

「…Is that so?…I wonder if that’s so…?!」

「That’s how it is!…I’m really thanking Sensei from the bottom of my heart…!」


Kukuku, she laughed.


「It’s…my first time in my life being told 『I’m thankful』by a student…!」

Sensei laughed even louder.

「It usually is 『I won’t forgive you for the rest of my life』or 『I won’t forget this even if I die』I hear nothing but words of curse and hatred」

…Is that.

…I wonder if that’s how she’s seen on her job as a high school teacher?


「…But, everyone’s thanking you from the bottom of their hearts. Katsuko-nee, Nagisa-san, Margo-san, and Nei-san too…!」

「Margo and Nei is fine…When I met those children, they were already in the bottom of hell. What I only did was to pull them up from the bottom most part to the a bit lukewarm part of hell…」

I somehow heard about Margo-san’s past.

But…What about Nei-san?

「But, Katsuko and Nagisa are different They were brought up from a normal house, trying to have a happy high school life…I made them fall to hell. I had no choice but to do that. That’s why I always want to do something about it. I wanted to compensate…!」


It wasn’t Sensei’s will to pull Katsuko-san and Nagisa-san to 『Kuromori』?!

「I used Nagisa being pregnant as a reason to make her retire and it made me feel relieved when she opened the flower shop. That child is much calmer than Katsuko that’s why I thought that she’d get married with a normal man and find happiness…But, that child built her own harem immediately. Imitating me…furthermore, she’s already gotten tired of men so she crowded herself with cute girls…!」

Nagisa-san’s five pets.

「I despaired. I’ve completely destroyed their hearts. Just like a drug addict…they seek a much more thrilling sex…But they can’t get satisfied always…they drown themselves to their desires like being thirsty for water…there’s no end…!」

Sensei…Is seriously worried about Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san…!

All these years.

「That’s why…Please, be gentle with those children…!」

「Of course…Everyone’s important to me. Not just Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san, Margo-san and Nei-san too…And Yuzuki-sensei, you’re important to me too」

「I…am a woman whom you don’t know when she will betray you…!」

「That doesn’t matter…I’m fine being betrayed…if it’s Sensei…!」

「…Is that so? Thanks」

Sensei sadly muttered.

There’s one doubt that come out of me…

「…Uhm, Sensei?」


「Iwakura-san wasn’t in our talk earlier…?!」

That’s right…what does Yuzuki-sensei think about Iwakura-san?

As the 『Fourth toy』…

「…Iwakura Yukiyo is a special case」

…Special case

「Yukiyo’s living in the hell from the beginning…furthermore, she’s a helpless child that enjoy being in hell. She’s beyond saving…just like me」


「That’s why 『Kuromori』 is monitoring Yukiyo strictly…to make sure that the damage is kept to the minimum…She and the 『Sixth』are special cases…!」


That person is the same as Iwakura-kaichou…

「Don’t let your guard down by all means…if you show any chance, she’ll definitely attack…!」

Saying that, Sensei fell silent…

What kind of person is the 『Sixth』?!

Also, what’s Iwakura-san’s true nature…?!

There’s a lot of things running in my head…

Margo-san’s Maserati was put on the corner of a 24 hour parking lot.

Sensei on the driver seat and I’m on the passenger seat.

The Italian engine roars violently…!

The blue sports car dashes on the night town at full speed…

「…By the way, Yoshida-kun」


「…What do you want to do with Shirasaka Yukino? Do you still want her?」


「You do know that child would sleep with anyone, don’t you?」


「She even tried to get pregnant with Endou-kun’s child…」

「…I know」

「A foolish child…she hates being forced against her will so much. To rebel against me…thinking of beating me even just for a bit…she tried to get pregnant with Endou-kun’s child. She’s just a foolish woman with an excessively large pride. She’s gone lower than being a sex doll…」

「…She is」

「Do you still like her even when you saw her real nature?」

「…I do…but」


「Yukino doesn’t need me. She’s fine opening her legs to other men, isn’t she…?!」

Sensei leaked out a sigh.

「I give up…you’re really a child. Well, Yoshida-kun’s age makes an excuse」


「Yoshida-kun…After you have experienced sex, your judgement on women have changed, no?」


「Before…have you not imagined lewd stuff with the girl in front of you…?」

「…Speaking of which, I might」

「You’re aware aren’t you?」

「Yes…now that I’ve clearly felt and known the feeling of a woman’s naked body and breasts…I intentionally think『How does this girl look like when naked?』 or『Is her breasts soft?』or 『How good is the shape of this girl’s ass is?』」

「When you have experienced it with Shirasaka-san for the first time, have you ever thought that it’s fine to have sex with only Shirasaka-san for the rest of your life?」

「…I did」

「And yet…today, you had sex with three new women, haven’t you?」

That’s right.

Even though I hate Yukino being embraced by other men…!

I had sex with other women…

「…I’m the worst, aren’t I?」

Sensei burst into laughter.

「…Don’t think that you’re special. It’s normal for humans to want to have sex with other after doing it once. For men, and for women !」

「…Is that so?」

「Yes. Once you’ve experienced it, it’s in the instinct that you’d want to experience a different one. Just like how you want to experience other body except for Shirasaka-san, Shirasaka-san wants to be embraced by other men than you…!」


「…That’s a charming body in front of her」

…Is that so?

「Having repeated sex with you…Shirasaka-san’s lust has risen. Furthermore, she doesn’t love you. A woman who had repeated a sex without love will lose her brakes…if the condition fits, she’d sleep with anyone. She’ll become a woman that drowns in pleasures of sex…!」

Then…won’t she become the same as Katsuko-nee on her reckless state?

「If this continues…Shiraska-san would become no good soon. Like Katsuko and Nagisa, the discord would continue on a child with a strong will. That’s the suffering in hell but, it’s possible to keep living without managing to lose one’s humanity. But, it’s impossible for Shirasaka-san. She’s not that strong. Rather, she’s as weak as her big pride. She’ll easily fall into a lewd woman that’s a sex maniac…!」


「I know that I’m selfish, but…still I want Yukino to be only mine! I want Yukino to have sex with only me…!」

「…Then, imprison her?」

Sensei said something obvious.

「You can just confine Shirasaka-san, never let her meet anyone…and have sex when you want to. Katsuko can just carry her meals. As for the confinement room, there’s a lot in the mansion」

…But, that’s

「…If you want to carry out your will, then that’s the final method」


「There’s still some time…think about it on these consecutive holidays. What do you want to do? I’ll respond to any conclusion you come up to…!」

「…Got it」

Sensei had a somewhat lonely face.

「…Yoshida-kun, you see」


「I’m fine as long as Shiraska Yukino becomes unhappy」


「It was a coincidence that I noticed your existence…our target since the entrance ceremony was Shirasaka Yukino all this time」

…Yukino was aimed at?

「No, we constructed the high school in a way she would wish to enter our it before the entrance exams. I did everything to drag that child into my den」

Yukino’s reason to come to this school…

The event in the basketball club at her middle school…

「It was a plan of 『Kuromori』to make Shiraska Yukino fall. …I discovered Yoshida-kun when I was monitoring her. You had a promising talent…thus I called out to you…!」

Sensei was tailing Yukino from the start…and as a result, I was found?

Then, Sensei had me rape Yukino’s virginity…and continued to make her suffer all this cruel experience?!

「That’s why, I’m sorry. I will make Shirasaka Yukino fall no matter what shape it is. That’s our purpose since the start. But, I want it to meet your request as much as possible. If you’re going to cooperate until the last, I won’t let Shirasaka-san be raped by other men. I promise that…」


「After everything has ended…If Yoshida-kun still wants it, I’ll give you Shiraska-san. If you’re fine even though she has completely fallen…!」

Yuzuki-sensei…won’t be satisfied until Yukino’s completely fallen.

Perhaps…Yukino’s body and mind would be destroyed.

If so…I want to do it by my hand.

I don’t want to entrust it to other men…

「On the contrary, just tell me if you don’t want her. If so, I’ll dispose her using the first plan」

「…How would you dispose her?」

「…I’ve said it before. Sell her on a brothel on the slums on South East Asia then throw her away to a garbage box」

…Why does Sensei hate Yukino that much, I don’t know

But…I know that Sensei has a reason on why she does.

Yuzuki-sensei’s also a 『Broken』person

…Just like me.

「…Whatever happens, I will be the one to take care of it. Please give me Yukino」

「Got it…I’ll have Katsuko clean up the confinement room…」

As expected…that’ll be the end?

「…I’ll do it…Let me clean it」

「Is that so?…Got it. Let’s have you do it then」

The car runs on the night road.

The blue Maserati dashes in the night town…!

◇ ◇ ◇

Right in the middle of the night town…

We met up at the entrance of the sex industry district.

Yukino has already been picked up by Margo-san on the white van at the station.

The white van’s name has already changed to 『(Yuu) Maruko Advertisement company』

I approached the van with Sensei…with a face just arriving from school.

The door from the back was knocked and it opened.

Margo-san from the driver’s seat and Nei-san on the passenger seat has returned to their usual clothes.

However…They’re wearing a leather jacket of 『Kuromori』

That’s their attire in this town I guess…

Katsuko-san is still wearing the race queen outfit.


Y-Yukino’s also a race queen?

Just like Katsuko-nee…There’s 『GABIN』written around the chest and a miniskirt that shows up her navel?!

It’s not as attractive as Katsuko-san as expected but…

Just like a high school cheerleader, this is good on it’s own…

「…D-Don’t look」

Yukino hates my glance.

「What are you saying?! Hora, hora, take a look!」

Katsuko-nee rolls up Yukino’s skirt…!


Thin pubic hair and a pink line…!

Yukino’s going commando!

Right, speaking of which…

Yukino’s panty is in the pocket of my pants!

「…please let me wear a panty」

Yukino requests Katsuko-nee

「You can’t. A child like you is ten years too young to wear panties!」

As usual, Katsuko-nee says something unreasonable.

「Katsuko-san, take this」

Margo-san handed Katsuko-nee something.

That’s…a mask sold on the festival.

「I-I…I’ll take this girl!」

Katsuko-nee chose a pink haired cartoon character.

「Hey, which do you want?」

Katsuko-nee offers Yukino the remaining mask.

「What about Alien? We also have a monster!」

「…What are we going to do with this mask?」

Yukino asks in fright.

「What are you saying? You’re going to parade in the town showing your ass of and yet you don’t want to hide your face…?」


Yuzuki-sensei spoke to the surprised Yukino.

「Shirasaka-san…we’ll have you show your embarrassing figure to the people in the town…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

In the end, Yukino chose a cat character mask.

Right now, she’s holding a placard with trembling hands while hidden under the mask.

The letters on the placard are 『New product…GABIN!』

I seriously don’t know what’s the new product.

But since she’s holding the placard up high, Yukino’s naked ass is exposed.

「…Now, take care!」

A parade at the red light district.

The two race queen on the center…Yukino with her exposed ass and Katsuko-nee.

Yukino who’s covered with a cat mask hesitantly walks while having the placard.

It must be unbearably embarrassing to walk with your ass exposed.

On Yukino’s side is Katsuko-san hidden under the mask waving to the pedestrians…

She’s making herself pleasant to everybody with a loud voice.

「New product! Please take a look!」

Margo-san and Nei-san wearing a black jacket are walking along with the two race queens as their guard.

Both of them are holding a metal baseball bat…

From time to time, they threaten a passerby or a clerk at the red light district…

「Hey hey, what’s with that advertisement?」

「Is that really an advertisement? It looks strange though?」

「…What’s GABIN?2」


There’s a lot of traffic in the red light district as it’s Saturday night and the first day of the consecutive holidays.

Though men turn around to the abnormal advertising parade…the delinquents of the town when they saw the two with 『Kuromori』in them.

They have learned it from experience that it would be dangerous if they get involved…

I’m running after them from the back…

I’m wearing a black mask with a character 『Yoshi』on the forehead part.

I’m hiding my 『Beat Up stick』under the hem of the jacket…

I’m keeping a watchful eye so I can move immediately when something unexpected happened…

Yuzuki-sensei doesn’t participate the parade.

She’s waiting by in the Maserati.

「Hey, that child holding the placard…isn’t her ass exposed?」

「Oh, it’s true, she’s not wearing anything!」

「Hey hey, Are you serious?!」

「Is this an AV or something?」

「Let’s take a look from behind!」

Men follow us one after another.

「…Hey hey, Nee-chan. What shop are you from?」

One drunken office worker talks to Yukino.

Nei-san holding a bat on cuts into the frightened Yukino.

「Hey hey, You can’t speak to our dancer!」

「Go back if you don’t want to get hurt…!」

Margo-san pokes the chest of the drunken man with the bat.

「W-what’s with you!?」

The startled office worker told Margo-san.

「…Crime Organization 『Black Forest』」

The blonde onii-san from the nearby sex club rushes up and separates the office worker from Margo-san.

「Customer, it’s better if you don’t get yourself involved with these people. These people are seriously dangerous」


Nei-san answered laughingly.

「That’s right! We’re the real deal…!」

We’ve already arrived at the deepest part of the red-light district.

The men who followed us exceeds 20 people…

「Well then, Yuki-chan’s sex show’s going to start!」

With Nei-san’s words…Katsuko-nee pushed Yukino the wall of the building…!

Margo-san continues to watch the surroundings.

「Now…push your hands on the wall and show your pussy to everyone!」


「…Do it! You toilet bitch!」

Trembling…Yukino hidden under the mask puts her hand to the wall and pushes up her ass high…

「Amazing…She’s wet , look!」

「That’s child’s a high school student isn’t she?!」

「Uwaa, it’s dripping…isn’t she soaking wet?!」

Yukino’s wet!

She’s aroused from parading with her ass exposed.

「Oh my, as expected, Yuki-chan’s a lewd girl isn’t she?!」

「Iyaaa…Don’t look…don’t look」

「Yuki-chan’s a bad child, isn’t she?…You sold yourself to two old men just earlier, didn’t you…?!」

Nei-san attacks Yukino with words…!

「Eh…That child’s that kind of child?」

「She’s a prostitute?」

「How much, how much?!」

The men’s voice pierces Yukino…!

「I’m not a prostitute!」

Katsuko-nee slaps Yukino’s ass


The white ass had a red hand-print on it…

「But, Yuki-chan…You just sold your body earlier, didn’t you?!」

「…T-that’s…I was forced!」

「You even accepted the money, didn’t you?…How much did you get?」



She was slapped again…!

「Ouch!…Please stop…!」

「Then say it. How much did you get?!」

「…80,000 yen」

The spectator had 「Oooh!」voices rising…!

「…What’s the breakdown?」

「…Sex two times and one fellatio」

「The sex was a no-condom creampie wasn’t it?」

「…That’s right」

「What about the fellatio?」

「…He ejaculated in my mouth…and I drank all of it」

「What did you drink?」

「The customer’s…semen…aaah, don’t make me say it」

Love nectar is dripping from Yukino’s genital.

No, it’s not just love nectar.

My semen from a while ago too…!

「Oh my, it seems that you want it again…」

Katsuko-nee walked in front of me and…kneeled.

「Please thrust it in that child!」

Katsuko-nee pulls my zipper and exposed my penis.



「Okay…Rape-her! Rape-her! Rape-her!」3

Katsuko drives the spectating men!

「That’s right, do it, rape her!」

「Fuck that girl up!」

The men are completely aroused…

I face Yukino’s body…

「Wait…Yoshida-kun…I don’t want to do it with these large number of people watching me…I don’t want thiiisss!!!!」

I gripped Yukino’s waist…!

My erect penis pushes into Yukino’s slit!


Yukino’s vagina…it wants men that it completely melted.



…Lewd bitch!!

「Shit…he’s doing it raw…!」

「It’s completely in until the root!」

「Even though she’s such a young child…!」

I began my piston…

While feeling the hot glances of the men…!

1. Watashi ↩

2. He’s the lord and savior of PC gaming ↩

3. O-ka-se! O-ka-se! O-ka-se!

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