Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 34

34. To the principal’s office.

「You’re really cute!」

Nei-san looks at Yamamine-san with gentle eyes…

「…I’m not cute at all」

Yamamine-san blushes.

「Hey, hey…Megumi-chan, do you know Yo-chan’s home?」


Nei-san…w-what are you saying?!

「You see, Yo-chan’s parents divorced this spring vacation and her mother went out of the house. Her father is originally mentally collapsed so he went missing at the day of the entrance ceremony! That’s why Yo-chan’s alone in his house right now…!」1

Nei-san, why do you know…?!

Yuzuki-sensei investigated…then she read that?

「…Is that so?」

Yamamine-san looked at me with a surprised face.

…It can’t be helped.

I nodded small.

「That’s why…Yo-chan’s always gloomy in school, right? Megumi-chan, sorry to ask you but could you be friends with Yo-chan?! Get along with him! Then if possible marry him too!」

Nei-san said while laughing.

Yamamine-san…looks at me.

「…Marriage is impossible」2

Yamamine-san continued to speak while looking down.

「I, intended to be friends with Yoshida-kun…we’re classmates after all」


「Sorry, I’ve never noticed that Yoshida-kun’s having a hard time」

Yamamine-san bowed to me…

At that time, the next chime rings…

「…No good, I have to go back」

Yamaine-san reaches out for my hand and…looked at Nei-san saying 「Can we go now?」


「Megumi-chan, go back to the classroom. Just give me a minute. I want to have some private talk with Yo-chan」


「It’s fine, I’ll return Yo-chan to the classroom properly! Believe your onee-san」

Yamamine-san looks at me worriedly.

「I’ll follow you so…don’t worry, Nei-san’s really a gentle person」

「…Got it, I’ll be going ahead. I’ll just tell the next teacher that 『Yoshida-kun went to the toilet, he’ll be back soon』」


Yamamine-san bowed to Nei-san and Margo-san once again then went out of the rooftop in light footsteps…

That back figure and delicate body.

The skin that’s healthy and smells like the sun…

Black hair that sways with the wind…

「Yo-chan…Want to have sex with Megumi-chan?」


「You want to, right?」


「Onee-chan will let you do it okay?…!」

Nei-san’s eyes are shining suspiciously…


「Un…That child’s good」

Margo-san too!

「Yo-chan…you do remember that you and that child are the class rep, right?!」

「Well…That’s what Yuzuki-sensei decided」

「You do know how to decide the representative of class during the first term right?」


We still don’t know each other yet.

The homeroom teacher looks at the result of the entrance exam from the middle school and decides it.

「The homeroom before Yuzuki-sensei had a different boy with her as the representative right?」


「Then, she remained as the female class rep and the guy was changed to you」

「That’s right」

Margo-san seems to know everything about me too…

「Yuzuki-sensei never does anything without meaning…」

「Un, Sensei’s actions always has meaning!」


「That’s right…Yamamine Megumi is a candidate. As the『Eighth』」

「From the start!」

「That child has a same kind of 『Darknes』as us. The dark side of her heart…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

In the end, I returned to the classroom five minutes late…

The male teacher from Japan History scolded me but…Yamamine-san faced me with a relieved face.

When I looked at Yukino…She ignored me and looked the other way.

Endou’s glaring at me.

The second hour ended safely.

Even during the break, the whole class isn’t as noisy as usual.

Everyone’s paying attention to me and Endou.

They’re whispering at each other.

Yukino’s looking at me with cold eyes.

Yukino’s silently reading out a fashion magazine.

Endou’s laughing with his baseball club’s friends loudly on purpose.

To turn over…Endou impresses with small articles.

The third hour is math.

The male gray haired teacher about to reach the retirement age is writing an expression on the blackboard.

At that time…an event happened.

Suddenly…The classroom’s door opened.

It was the principal.

Our school’s principal is a fifty year old fat and short old man, he looks like Manager Maradona from soccer3

But his nickname inside the shcool has been 『JB』 or 『Geropa』.

I don’t get the reason.

「Ah, Sensei, can I have a moment…」

The classroom has become noisy from the sudden visit of Geropa…

「Endou-kun, Yoshida-kun, and Shirasaka-san, raise your hands…」

Geropa looks at us who raised our hands

「Please come to the principals office…」

◇ ◇ ◇

We were taken by Geropa-kouchou4 as our classmates looks at us.

Endou’s feeling sullen.

Yukino’s looking down in dejection.


I’m not nervous at all As if it’s someone else’s problem, it feels like it’s a world of a movie.

After all, whatever happens will happen.

I know that I will end in 『Ruins』

…There’s no need to panic.

Having observed myself being calm…Margo-san is right, I must be 『Broken』

The principal’s office was on the second floor at the center of the school building.

Of course, it’s my first time visiting…


Geropa opened the door and invited us inside.

It’s a room with a gorgeous carpet spread on the floor…

As I thought…she’s here.

「…Oh, you’re late」

Sensei’s sitting on the chair while eating salted rice cracker as she looks at the monitor of a desktop.

A large scale monitor put on the principal’s desk…

What’s there is the image of Endou hitting me on top of the rooftop.

It’s the video the day before yesterday and yesterday from the hidden camera.

There’s only video, there’s no sound…

Yukino’s trembling.

Endou clicked his tongue…!

「Sit down」

Geropa offers us a seat.

What’s there is a pipe chair.

Endou sighed and sat down on the chair in bad manners.

He’s already prepared for battle.

Yukino tries to set up her chair far away from me and sat closely next to Endou.

The principal sits on his luxurious leather chair.

I also sat on the chair late…

「I’ve called you three because of this video」

Geropa talks while wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.

「Yuzuki-sensei submitted this to me this morning. The other teachers haven’t seen this yet. It’s just me and Yuzuki-sensei. I haven’t talked about it with Yamazaki-sensei or captain Kondo either…!」

Endou’s spine stretches.

His attitude changes immediately knowing that the situation isn’t at the worst yet…!

「For the time being…I want you to explain what happened there first」

Endou answered at honor student mode.

「It’s just…a trouble within classmates! We just poked at each other from having different opinions. That’s not a big problem」

Endou spoke shamelessly.

「This is a personal problem between students so please leave it between students! I think that there’s no need for the school and teachers to enter」

「…You’re saying that this is just bullying, not violence?」

Endou’s looking at Geropa with a bitter expression.

「Well, normally…when the person concerned yelled 『I’ve been bullied』, it might just be a fabricated 『Bullying case』. But, that’s not true. If you want, you can suit me. I’m completely innocent」

「But as long as we look at the video, we can’t see anything but him being beaten by you one-sidedly…?」

「That’s…edited in some way. This video is. I don’t understand why it’s taken out on this sort of time purposely…!」

Endou’s glaring at Yuzuki-sensei

Yuzuki-sensei forcibly pushes the crime.

Of course…I’ve actually never hit Endou even once.

「I certainly hit him but he also hit me too. Both parties are to blame. Therefore shouldn’t we just declare it as a draw and forget about it?」

Endou’s making a selfish proposal.

But…Shouldn’t you be telling that to me not to the principal?

「Oh…It’s news to me that you hit Yoshida-kun」

Sensei looks at Endou with ill-eyes.

「…That’s the truth!」

Endou rejects it.

「If you want, should I bring witnesses? Please ask Koiju-senpai and Sugiuama-senpai It’s just a shove and push, it’s not a one-sided beat up, my seniors can testify that」

It seems that the two Senpai have already been talked with money.

「Hmm, are you trying to turn over with false testimony?」

Yuzuki-sensei happily said.

「What about you?! Aren’t you just intending to corner me with such an obviously edited video?! Terrible! What a terrible teacher! I’ll talk about Yuzuki-sensei to my father…!」

Endou’s monkey play continues…

「You did that during the middle school didn’t you?」

Endou’s face is hit by shock!

「I just looked up to it. Endou-kun also had a bullying event in the baseball club at your middle school right?」

「That’s…just a teammate who was envious of me complaining, It was proven that I never done it!」

「…There’s no proof. You asked your father’s lawyer and had the school and the victim’s family persuaded right? 『This won’t end well if you take it to the court. When this becomes a rumor at mascom, it’ll become a wound in the victim’s future and the school』he said」

「…That’s a lie! Principal! Yuzuki-sensei’s clearly lying!!」

Endou’s desperately refusing.

Yukino looks at the confrontation of the two uneasy.

Geropa-kouchou is completely confused.

「Oh? Could you explain what’s the lie there? I’ve properly made my investigation though」

Yuzuki-sensei threw an A4 sized envelope towards Endou.

The envelop drops at Endou’s feet…it’s a document with considerable thickness.

The name of the middle school is clearly printed on the surface of the envelope…

That school must be Endou’s alma mater.

「…Tsk, what a pain!」

The cornered Endou changed suddenly.

「Sorry, please call my lawyer! Could you please talk to my lawyer from now on?」

Sitting cross legged…Endou approached the principal in an insolent manner.

「Just to tell you, please don’t make so much trouble for this school! Principal, how many years do you think this school is working?」

「…Five years has passed since I started as the principal」

「Then, you know my father right?. Ah, Of course you know my father, Endou Eiza who’s a city councilor. He’s a director of this school too…!」

「…Of course, I do」

「Then you knw it right? I think you should give me a preferential treatment. Principal is hired by the board of directors, right? It’s easy for them to just dismiss you…!」

…Endou’s threat!

「Actually, I don’t want to enter this school. But because of the event during the middle school…I don’t want to make a buzz for the time being but, my obstinate old man who’s the supervisor of the baseball cub endorsed the strength of the baseball club here. Then, well, my uncle came to this high school. Not just my uncle, you do know that Endou house has contributed a lot in this school. You know it right? I don’t think you should anger me this much…」

Just like that, Endou faced Yuzuki-sensei next…!

「Yuzuki-sensei…You’re going to be banished here. Not just from this school. I’ll make sure that you can’t step on this land anymore so prepare yourself. I’ll use all of my connections at Endou house and I’ll get somebody to drive you on the corner! Our acquaintance aren’t just the surface people.5 I send my best regards on the people who’ll hang out with sensei! Well, I don’t know what would happen about Sensei though!!」

…Uwaa, it’s half bluff but it’s so cheap!

Is this a delinquent fight?!

Furthermore, he’s on a grade school level talking about 「My papa!」

Well, such a threat might be effective on other students…!

「…Is that so? I’m looking forward to it!」

Look! Yuzuki-sensei’s looking happy…!

She’s happily laughing at Endou’s declaration of war…!

「A young woman like you cannot do anything against the power of Endou hosue6…!」

Endou shows another threat…

Endou doesn’t know.

This teacher is more than what you see, just what kind of dangerous human she is…!

「…Stop this already. Kenji」

Yukino whispers to Endou.

Yukino knows how dangerous Yuzuki-sensei is.

She knows that Sensei’s mansion controls the shadow of this school.

She’s obviously frightened.


Looking at the frightened Yukino, Yuzuki-sensei laughed…!


Feeling the danger of Yuzuki-sensei’s expression, he went to threaten Geropa once again!

「Either way, principal…the summer meet is about to begin so please make the investigation held inside your chest? If a fuss of this level happens right now, the students would be uneasy right?! Everyone from the baseball club would be involved too…!」

Haa. Because his bluff towards Yuzuki-sensei misfired, he toned down his words.

Your idiocy is exposed…Endou

「But it’s not a case that I can hold off for a long time」

「I know that! Anyway, I’ll consult my father and uncle’s lawyer so could you please wait for a while before you consult the advisor of the baseball club?…!」

Geropa-kouchou thinks for a while.

「…Anyway, tomorrow’s golden week. Even if it’s reported to the school’s board of directors, it’s impossible because of the consecutive holidays. Yuzuki-sensei, please talk to the people concerned. Then, please report the conclusion to me I don’t mind if it’s just after the holidays…」

The principal answered like it’s bothersome.

Actually, it seems that he doesn’t want to be involved with trouble.

「…That’s fine! Then, that’s decided!」

Endou…Shouldn’t you be saying 「Thank you very much」?!

He’s an ungrateful man…!

Still, Endou looks happy

If there’s time during the break, he thinks that its possible to construct it to the way that it would become advantageous for him.

「Uhm…we should be returning soon okay?!」

Endou’s attitude is bad until the last minute.

「Yes, I don’t mind. Our time with you has ended」

The principal answers Endou

「Let’s go, Yukino!」

Endou called out Yukino then stood up from the pipe chair…!

「…Wait. 「」 We still have something to talk about with Shiraska-san and Yoshida-kun…!」

Endou and Yukino stiffened from the principal’s words!

「Yukino, what talk?」

「It’s another case…it’s a problem of student’s privacy so it doesn’t concern you」

「Right. While you were having such a trouble with Yoshida-kun, Shirasaka-san and Yoshida-kun also have a problem occurring between them. Isn’t it…Shirasaka-san?!」

Sensei intervenes from the side.

Yukino’s trembling.

「If it’s just your case with Yoshida-kun, don’t you think that it’s strange for the principal to call for Shirasaka-san too?」


Yukino’s an outsider on my case with Endou.

「…W-What?! What does this mean?!」

Endou’s looking at me and Yukino.

He’s completely suspicious of it…

「Don’t talk about it! It’s related to Shirasaka-san and Yoshida-kun’s privacy!」

「Are you saying that you can’t tell me, Yukino?!! 」

Endou presses Yukino!

「…What would you do, Shirasaka-san? Should I speak in your stead?」

The devil laughs…!

「…P-Please stop!!」

Yukino rejects.

That’s of course.

The event that occurred between me and Yukino…

That’s, virgin rape…!

I broke her virginity and poured in semen inside her womb a lot of times…

It’s a brutal sex crime beyond comparison to Endou’s violence…!

「K-Kenji…I’m fine. It’s not that serious. You can go back to the classroom before me!」

「…But you see」

Endou’s glaring at me…!

「Anyway…please come back to the classroom. Or could it be that you want the baseball club’s teacher to see this?」

Endou has no choice but to follow Yuzuki-sensei…!

「I-I get it!…Yukino, I’ll hear about this later!」

Endou left with a parting threat…he left the principal without giving a bow.

The splendid wooden door shuts with a bang!

…He’s rude until the last moment!

We were left in the room…

Somehow, the glance got focused on Yukino…

Yukino’s body started to feel tension

「Now then…Shirasaka-san」

Suddenly, Yuzuki-sensei started the conversation.

「The report of your event isn’t only reported to the principal, it’s also reported to the chief director of this school!」

Yuzuki-sensei’s cold eyes is coldly distorting.

「Isn’t it?…the first year female student was raped by the guide of a teacher! I feel sorry to have just us enjoy this, isn’t it?…!」

Yukino’s surprised and looked at the Principal’s face.

Geropa had a vulgar smile floating on his face.

…He knows.

「…Please call the chief director」

Principal ordered the clerk by the inner line.

The chief director is perhaps waiting in the reception room.

Yuzuki-sensei took out a pamphlet then showed it to Yukino.

「That’s the school’s entry guide. Shirasaka-san saw it too when you submitted your application right? Take a look at the board of directors…There’s a 『Chief Director: Kuromori Kuoichiro』right? This person was the chief director until last year. His chronic disease got worse then was changed this year」

…Then , it’s another person now?

Sensei continued talking…

「Oh right…I’m using the name 『Yuzuki』in this school but 『Yuzuki』is the family name of my mother. My real name is…Kuromori…」7

…No way?!

「…Kuromori Kouichiro is my father」


The principal’s office door is knocked…!!

「…I’ve brought the chief director」

The female clerk’s voice is…!

「Come in…!」

With Principal’s approval, the door opened.


…I know this person!

A young woman wearing a black suit and tight skirt.

A rich proportion like a Caucasian model.

A surprisingly huge breast, thin waist and round ass…

「…Chief Director, Takanashi Katsuko!」

The 『Sex Beast Katsuko』has entered the principal’s room!!

Katsuko-san’s the chief director?!!

Yuzuki-sensei don’t want to become the director to replace her father so she pressed it to Katsuko-san!

「Principal, it’s this child! It’s the raped schoolgirl!!!」

Katsuko-san suddenly reports to the principal…!

「Hiiii!!」Yukino’s face stiffened…!

「Her body was forcibly restrained, raped her virginity and had her womb filled with semen again and again! Car sex during the morning and took a class with an air of innocence while having semen inside her, a perverted woman. She’s a pervert who wished for fellatio herself, pleased from being showered pee, and even pleaded to have her peeing appearance be seen!」

「Is that so?…As expected」

Geropa smiled.

「To top it all, she’s a shameless, limitless bitch who desires to become Yoshida-sama’s 『Sex toilet』! This girl is a sex enthusiast, pervert, lecherous, semen toilet!!」

「Hohoo…That’s amazing!」


Is trembling from the terror of the situation in front of her!

She’s frightened form the nightmare!!

Yuzuki-sensei spoke to Yukino…!

「Sadly, Shirasaka-san. You were fooled once again!」

Katsuko-san on the doorway.

In front, Geropa-kouchou.

Left, me.

And in diagonal right, Yuzuki-sensei.

Yukino’s completely cornered…!

Katsuko-san slowly approached Yukino…!

The sound of the high heels’ footsteps is steady…!

「…Now, should we begin today’s training?」

Yukino’s confined in the locked principal’s office…

She’s going to be violated again…!!

「Today, we’ll have the principal watch Yukino’s sex…!」

Yukino’s back felt chills…!


……Are we showing our sex, Katsuko-san?

Katsuko-san looked at me and smiled.

「Don’t worry…principal will only just watch. He’ll never interfere. Yukino-sama is Yoshida-sama’s private 『Sperm Toilet』after all…!」

「Yes, sadly, I don’t have my genitalia anymore…」

Geropa confessed something unexpected.

「That’s right…principal doesn’t have his penis anymore. He’s being fooling around too much before so I cut it off and fed it to the dogs…!」


「Yoshida-kun, the principal would be troubled from now on. You don’t mind if it’s just showing your sex right?」

「Yukino-sama, you have to get used to other having sex in front of other people!」

「Isn’t it the most effective just to show Shirasaka-san is yours by having sex in front of them?」

「That’s right. Please enjoy the superiority complex of embracing Yukino-sama in front of other men!」

The devil and sex beast worked together…!

「…No! T-That’s, in front of the principal! I don’t want it!」

Yukino rounds her body and resists…!

「…Oh, is that so?」

Yuzuki-sensei operates the principal office’s computer…

The image appearing on the screen…is!!


The naked me raping Yukino video!

This was the record from the 『Night Duty Room』last night…!

「Hohoo…This is quite wonderful!」

Geropa loosened his cheeks and sticks to the video…!

「…Please stop it! Don’t look at it! Don’t show it!」

Yukino shouted!!

「This…we can broadcast it in the whole school you know?! What would you do? Do you want the whole school watch your sex?」

「That’s great! Let them see! Yukino-sama’s vaginal opening overflowing with semen, it’s perfectly captured!」

「How beautiful…It’s so lewd!」

Sensei, Katsuko-san and Geropa-kuouchou torments Yukino!

「What would you do? I’m sure that Endou-kun will watch it from the classroom!」

「Show it to them! Have the men in the school masturbate while watching Yukino-sama’s sex! Even women!」

「Ooh, a young schoolgirl’s body is trully beautiful! N…Ah, it seems that she had semen ejaculated inside her vagina, hahahaha…!」

Yukino’s heart bursts…!

「Stop it!!…Don’t look! Don’t broadcast it…Don’t do it…!」

Yukino’s crying again…

I got erect from looking at Yukino’s tears.

「I’ll do it…here…in front of the principal…I’ll have sex…I’ll have sex!!!」

Yukino breaks down.

Katsuko-san spoke to her…!

「Then take off your panty and roll up your skirt!…Show your lewd pussy that just lost it’s virginity in front of the principal」

「…Now then, Shirasaka-san, do it…!」

Yukino stood up trembling.

Her hand, inside her skirt…

「Hurry up…else we’ll broadcast it!」

Inside her skirt uniform…her ass was released from the panty!

It passed under her thin leg…then foot.

「Now, Yukino-sama…please raise your skirt」

Her trembling ears slowly turned up her skirt.

Her face is dyed red in shame…

「Greet the principal…『Please take a look at the pussy that lost its virginity just a day before yesterday』」

「Yoshida-sama too, please take a look at Yukino-sama」

Being told by Katsuko, I turned to Yukino’s front and crouched!

Her skirt is lifted.

Her thin white legs…even her thighs are exposed…!

…I-I see iiit!

Yukino’s crack that’s closed tightly.

On top of that is her thin pubic hair!!!

「P…Please take a look, at the P-pussy that lost its v-virginity J-Just a day before yesteday…!!」

Yukino’s eyes had grains of tears spilling and falling down…!!

1. The “My parent’s aren’t home” extreme version. ↩

2. lol. You’re cute Megumi ↩

3. Diedo Armando Maradona, A retured argentine professional footballer. He has served as a manager and coach at other clubs as well as the national team of Argentina ↩

4. Principal ↩

5. Lol Endou, you don’t know who you’re talking to ↩

6. Hahaahaha ↩

7. Told you guys, don’t fuck with black forest! ↩

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