Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 32

32. You’re 『Broken』 aren’t you?

I went out of the classroom with Natou-senpai…!

We went up the stairs and to the rooftop.

When we’re at the third floor, Natou-senpai suddenly stopped.

When I take a look…There’s a third year walking cheerfully in the classroom…

Among them is Iwakura-kaichou.

Ah…she noticed us.

Shit…Iwakura-san’s Yukino’s ally so she must be having antipathy against me.

And when I was thinking about that…?!

Iwakura-san, bowed her head towards Natou-senpai…

Then, she left the scene in a hurry…!

…Could this be?

「That kid always salutes at me whenever we met…I wonder why?!」

Natou-senpai’s on her usual smile…

「…Senpai, you do know Iwakura-kaichou, don’t you?」

「Un, at least her face!」

「Have you talked with her?」

「…Not even once」

「Eh…Iwakura-san’s the 『Fourth』isn’t she?」

…Yuzuki-sensei’s 『Toy』

『First』is Katsuko-san

『Third』is Margo-san

『Fourth is Iwakura-kaichou』…

Natou-senpai is the 『Fifth』

「It seems so」

「…It seems?」

「Look…that child is from a different genre isn’t she?」


The delinquents; Margo-san and Natou-senpai and, the honor student Iwakura-san?!

「We are the exact opposites so it’s better if we don’t meet as much」

Saying that, Senpai walked up the stairs lightly…

I run after her.

The wind was strong on the rooftop.

But, the weather’s clear.

Rather, the feeling of the breeze feels refreshing…

「Let’s take a seat here! Yoshida-chan, take out the snacks Katsun made!」

「Sure sure」

I opened the parcel Katsuko-san gave me this morning…

What’s inside is three French toasts and and curry bread.

Then three tea pet bottles…

Huh…Why three?

「Un, looks delicious!」


When I was about to reach out for the curry bread…

「Oh right!」

Suddenly, Natou-senpai spoke out!

「What’s wrong?」

When I asked her…Senpai took off the buttons of her blouse from the top…!!


I can see her white bra…!


Senpai…is wearing a golden pendant?!

A crossed shape pendant head shines in between Senpai’s breasts.

Natou-senpai placed her hand behind her neck and took off the pendant.

「You see, this is a very important pendant for me!」

「Ah, is that so?」

For the time being, I nodded.

「Un. Ojii-chan made it to commemorate my birth…take a look, my name’s here isn’t it?」

Certainly there’s a 『NEI』engraved on the surface of the cross…1

「It’s true. You have this since you were born?」

「Right, this is my treasure for always…」

Natou-senpai approached the wire net of the rooftop while saying so.


Then she threw the pendant towards the sky with all her might!!


The golden cross and chains flew out and shine by the early summer’s sunlight…!


The pendant went beyond the wire net then fell behind the school building…!!

I run towards the wire net in a hurry.

The pendant fell on the flowerbed on the backyard!

It’s the third from the right…!

I clearly confirmed where it fell!!

「…Yoshida-chan, go get it!」

Senpai ordered me strongly…!

「…Okay, I’ll pick it up!」

I run towards the iron door of the rooftop then Senpai called me out again…?!

「…Wait, yoshida-chan!!」


I stopped and turned back

「…Buy me a Pingray juice on your way!」

Senpai’s eyes were serious.


「Pink grapefruit juice…they sell it on the vending machine just before the backyard!」


…I don’t get it but anyway, I should just buy it!

「…Got itt!!」

「…Dash! dash!」

「…I’ll be back!!」

I dived through the iron door and ran!!

Dadadadada, I ran towards the first floor in a dash…!!

I passes through the corridor that leads to the backyard.

Oh…This is the pingray vending machine Senpai was talking about.

But, let’s do it on the way back.

Anyway, let’s look for Senpai’s pendant…

I went towards the flower bed…!!


…Huh, I thought it fell towards here?

I can’t see the gold pendant anywhere!!

…No way! Was it buried from the shock of the fall?

I tried to dig up the soil that became dented with my hand!

On the back of the budding grasses…

The concreate and the gap of the soil too…

I even looked around the flower bed once again…!

…It’s not here.

…Wasn’t it from the third from the right?!

I searched the flower bed next to it too…

I overturned the leaves…

Dug up the soil…

And the flower bed next to it too…

…I can’t find it.

…What should I do?

「…Are you looking for this?」

A voice from the back…

I know this voice.

When I turned around…Margo-san on white dress and light jeans, smiled.

On her hand is the golden cross pendant of Natou-senpai.

…I’m glad.

I sat down on place weakly…

Sweat gushed out from my whole body.

Margo-san took out her phone and called someone…

「…Nei, you saw?」

Margo-san looks up the roof of the building while talking.

What’s there is Natou-senpai waving her hand over the wire net.

『…I saw all of it!』

I can hear Natou-senpai’s sweet voice leaking out of Margo-san’s phone.

「Then…Nei, what do you think?」

『Yoshida-chan did you buy the pingray?』

「No…he came straight here and looked for the pendant. He ran with all his might!」

「Then, he passed. What about Maru-chan?」

「He also passed for me」


…What’s going on?

Margo-san dusted off the mud that stuck on my pants.

Then…she told me.

「…Let’s talk about the details after returning to Nei!」

◇ ◇ ◇

I went to buy the pingray on the way and…I went back to the rooftop with Margo-san.

I washed my hand on the drinking fountain.

「…Yoshida-chan, sorry bout that」

Natou-senpai holds my hand smilingly…!

「Here’s the pendant And here’s the pingray…!」

I don’t get it but I handed those to Senpai for the time being.

「Ooh…Thanks, thanks」

Senpai put the pendant aside and hugged the pendant with both hands tightly.

Then he pressed her lips against the golden cross pendant.

As expected…that was important.

Why did she threw such a thing?!

「Hmmm…It’s really helpful to use something that you treasure a lot when you test people!」

Guessing my expression, Natou-senpai explained…


…I’m being tested…

「…Anyway, let’s take a seat and eat bread while we talk?」

Margo-san suggested.

We pulled the chair and sat down…

「…It’s something we agreed with Yuzuki-sensei…Whenever Sensei picks up a new member, they need to take our approval test by any means」

Margo-san explained while taking the tea pet bottle.

「…The new child won’t become a member unless we give our approval!」

Natou-senpai says while munching the French toast. Of course, her drink is the pink grapefruit juice.

「Even if I say us, it’s just me, Nei and Katsuko. Iwakura-san is in a special case…」

As expected, it seems that Iwakura-san has a wall between the delinquents…

「To be honest…Yuzuki-sensei fails a lot too you know! Things doesn’t always as Sensei’s planned」

「There will always be a miscalculation…that’s why we perform a check on the new member by twofold and threefold」

「Look, I talked in the classroom about the case two years ago right? Yuzuki-sensei pulled a teacher from the music club to be a dick slave! Then that guy rampaged while Sensei’s not looking!」

「During those days, the old school building is being demolished so the monitoring system is not complete.」

「Then…that guy raped schoolgirls without Yuzuki-sensei knowing…!」

…Oh, the chorus club!

「Ah, it’s not me! I’m still a virgin! But I really got in danger~ Really, if Maru-chan didn’t come to save me, I might’ve been killed…!」

「…I had no choice but to paralyze him to shut him up… If we use a hallucinogen, they can still tell the difference between reality and delusion. Everything he blurts out are all his delusion, it’s to make Yuzuki-sensei unrelated…」

…I-Is that so?

…That’s very terrible.

「In the end…A perverted man with savage hobbies is no good becoming our member!」

「At least…we need to make sure that it’s someone we can rely on」

「Unun…Right, as expected!」

「But…Yuzuki-sensei’s good at finding people with strange hobbies…」

「That person doesn’t understand the good and bad qualities of human after all…」

「Un, certainly, she doesn’t have the ability to judge character…」

「…Specially her eyes towards men is catastrophic!」

…U-Uhm, Natou-senpai…

「What’s wrong, Yoshida-chan? Why are you so nervous?」

「…Perhaps, Yuzuki-sensei’s listening to this conversation」

「Isnt’ that obvious?…She’s listening to what we’re saying!」

「You should remember this…if you got complaints to Sensei, just do it」

「…W-Would that be fine?」

「It’s fine! We’re always saying this as much!」

「Well, Sensei’s reflecting by herself too…」

I-Is that so?

S-She won’t come here suddenly?

「It’s fine, it’s’ fine!…Sensei’s busy on other things at this time!」

「I don’t think she has time to come here from our sarcasms…!」

…Then it’s fine.

「By the way…We’ve been examining you all this time!」

「…Do you understand?」2

Un…I get that.

Both their aim and purpose…

「Then, I want to interview you…you okay with that?」

「Ah…okay. Go on」

…Natou-senpai began her questioning.

「Then, first would be…I told you to get my pendant a while ago didn’t I…? Did you think that being told suddenly is being 『Bothersome』 or 『Irritating』…??」

「…Because, isn’t that Senpai’s treasured pendant?」

「But, I just threw it out suddenly?!」

「I thought that it’s strange but…But, Senpai told me that it’s 『An important pendant Ojii-san made』」

「…I might’ve been lying? Haven’t you thought of that?」

「Well, I’ve thought of it…But」


「I just thought that I should just pick it up…!」

「I might’ve just been teasing you?!」

「If so then it can’t be helped…it’s not that I move my body freely, when Senpai told me to 『Get it』then I’ll go everywhere」

I answered honestly

Well, it’s not that what I’m saying is so important.

「But…You ran with all your might」

Margo-san joins the interview…

「Why? There’s no need for you to hurry up that much, isn’t it? It’s in the middle of the class, and there’s not much people going to the flowerbed on the backyard right? Shouldn’t you have gone down the stair slowly?」

「But…there’s still the ifs. Also, it’s someone’s treasured stuff so I thought that I should better hurry up…!」

「Nei told you to buy a 『Pink Grapefruit Juice』from a vending machine on the way right?…!」


「…What did you think?」

「I just thought that I should just buy it…!」

「Nei told you to 『Buy it on the way』」

「But, the pendant is much more worrying…!」

Margo-san looked at Natou-senpai and nodded.

「There’s no problem…Though there’s an unnecessary order given, he’s not confused. He properly understood the priority and has the ability to handle it reasonably…!」

「…Un. Just as I thought!」

Natou-senpai looked at me and smiled…

「Yoshida-chan…you’re『Broken』as expected!」



…Well, certainly, I don’t think that I’m complete…

「Do you remember yesterday…When you and Nei walk in the middle of the red light district and moved towards the four hoodlums?」

「…Ah, yes. I remember」

There’s no way I could forget something as fearful as that…!

「Nei used her stun gun on one of the hoodlum and then…you were ordered to 『Hit him hard』weren’t you?」


「Then, you hit the hoodlum with the blackjack…!」

Un…The heavy response from that still remains.

「…Why did you hit the hoodlum with that weapon at that time?」

I do not understand the meaning behind Margo-san’s question

「That’s because…I was told to 『Hit him』 We’re in an actual trouble too…!」

「You never thought that I’d come to save you? You should’ve seen it with the attack on the delinquents on the car in front of the station right? I will come to save whenever Nei’s in trouble…you should know that there’s such plan like that, right?」

「Well, I do but…but there’s still the ifs…or rather, when I was told to 『Hit』by Natou-senpai, my body just reacted…!」

「Have you never thought that the hoodlum might retaliate after you hit one of them?」

「I’ve thought of it but…But I promised to follow Yuzuki-sensei’s orders…so I prepared myself since I promised. Even if it’s scary, or I might get hurt…or at worst, die…!」

「Is that so…as expected you 『Don’t value yourself』…!」

…I don’t value myself?


「『I don’t care whatever happens to me』…Is your assumption in life Isn’t it?」

…Is that so?

「Yoshida-chan…normal people would never be able to hit the hoodlum in that situation! Especially with such a heavy blunt weapon like blackjack.」

「…Is that so?」

「That’s right! As expected, they’d think a lot of things for the moment and they’d lose the timing! There’s no person like Yoshida who would really attack at the moment they’re shouted with 『Hit him』! Of course, it’s different on those professionals. But Yoshida-chan’s a normal high school student!」3

「…You’re a bit abnormal」

No, even if you criticize me like that.

…I’m I such an abnormal?

「Then! Last night, we slept like the river(川) character, right?!」

「Ah, yes」

「…And all of us were naked down there!」

…Oh right

Only wearing pajama on top and naked down…!

Senpai and Margo-san was lewd…!

「I even pressed you against my breasts…!」

「Then my breasts hit your back…!」

Isn’t Margo-san strangling me?!

「Why did you not do anything in that kind of situation?!」



「Yuzuki-sensei told you right?…『It’s fine to have sex with them but don’t get them pregnant』 You don’t want to have sex with Nei?」

「I’m I that unattractive?!」


「…No , because, Natou-senpai said that 『I’m feeling sleepy so I’ll sleep』 Then you slept…」

「I was awake that time!」

「Me too, I just pretended to be asleep」


「If you were just a simple perverted man…then you should’ve molested us while we’re asleep. Your hands were free after all…!」

…No, that’s right but.

「Have you never thought of massaging our breasts or touching our asses? Or even sneak a kiss…!」

「No , I thought of it but…!」

「Then, why did you not…?!」



「I-I thought that I might be hated…」


「…Natou-senpai and Margo-san too…」

I spoke honestly.

Senpai and Margo-san looked at each other.

「That’s why…you’re 『broken』」

Margo-san spoke calmly.

「What did you do to the girl named Shirasaka Yukino?」



「You stole her virginity and raped her while she’s restrained…furthermore, more than ten times in one night」

「Unun, that was terrible」


…It’s twelve times all.

…Also, another one inside the car.

「Didn’t you even raped her a lot of times after she got unconscious?…And yet why did you not do anything to us?」

Certainly…why did I thoroughly rape Yukino and yet I didn’t lay a hand on Senpai.

「Well…Actually, if you did something, Maru-chan would just choke you…!」

Eh, that choke sleeper was serious?

「Then, you’d be disqualified as a candidate and would be erased immediately」

「That’s the same on the time with the delinquent hunting…If Yoshida-chan didn’t sprinkle the gasoline on the delinquent’s car or escaped alone…Maru-chan would dispose you」

「Un…Yoshida-kun would be sent to the hospital along with those guys…!」

Eh…was I crossing such a dangerous bridge all this time?

I was being tested by these two all this time?

「Uhm…since when was I being examined by Senpai?!」

Natou-senpai frowned!

「Isn’t that obvious that it’s from the start?!! We’ve always been watching since Yuzuki-sensei called out to you!!」

「We can use the monitoring system of this school too…!」


…F-From the very beginning?!

「Or rather…it’s enough. I’ll tell you everything. You were the third male candidate!」


Then that means, the men before me…!

「Yuzuki-sensei always wanted a male…a penis in charge as a member. There’s only women after the case two years ago. There’s two people Yuzuki-sensei selected and tested last year. Just like you…she invited them on a condition of raping a schoolgirl he’s interested in…!」

「…T-Then what happened to that person?」

Natou-senpai leaked out a sigh…

「…The first guy is no good at all. Too stupid. As soon as Sensei and that guy were alone, he got full of himself and pushed Sensei down, Maru-chan who’s hiding instantly killed him!」

「What happened to that person afterwards?」

「He transferred schools to run away! Maru-chan gave her a thorough body blow so he kept peeing blood for ten days…!」

「I intended to do it on the degree he won’t die but…」

T-Too dreadful…!

「Then, the second child had the girl caught safely and it finally was about to enter the rape! That’s great until there…!」


「…You see, it didn’t stand up」


…Erectile Dysfunction?


「According to Sensei…it’s not that unusual」

「That’s right! Men have quite a delicate spirit, he’s filled with intention to rape the girl that was captured and yet, their penis won’t stand when the moment arrives」

「Their head might be thinking of rape but their body seems to have rejected it」

…No, uhm…the two of you are beautiful when you look normally.

…Saying such things as rape and penis.

Are you people talking like this all the time?

「…On that case, Yoshida-chan’s amazing!」

「Un, that was splendid」

「A virgin boy raped the virgin girl!」

「Furthermore, he even let it out inside without any hesitation」

「Normally, men would be scared!」

They’d turn back from the chills on their spine.


「Could it be that you were watching?!」

The two older blond beauties nodded…!

「…Of course!」

「We were watching from a monitor from a different room」

「It might be the penis that would break my hymen so I of course would watch!!」

…Is that so?!

…I-It’s embarrassing!!

What’s why this shame play?!!

「Anyway, Yoshida-chan’s amazing! Normal men won’t’ be able to rape even if they’re told to 『Rape』! Even if you tell them to 『Cum inside』they won’t be able to cum because of the fear of getting the girl pregnant! In the end, You came inside the virgin child ten times, right?」

Like I said, it’s thirteen times…!

「There’s no way you’d find such a absurd brutal kind of person like that in this world!」

…Un, I think so too.

「I thought that you might be too talented so Nei and I began to worry. You went too far. You were able to have sex for the night and it’s not dependent. If ever you’re just a pervert with sex mania then we just have to bind you. There’s the incident with the rampage of the music teacher before so we were being careful…!」

「It’s not impossible that you’d do something after all…!」

「We told our worry to Sensei immediately. That’s why Sensei introduced Nei to you…」

…That’s right.

I met Natou-senpai yesterday afternoon…!

「Nei would make a judgement and if ever you were a danger, I intended to dispose if you immediately. Seriously」

「…But, that didn’t happen! The Yoshida-chan I met is such a mentally normal child, I can’t see anything strange at all…!」

「Next…we observed you as Katsuko-san was going to participate in your sex. As expected, your sex is reckless but…you didn’t rampage. You obediently followed Katsuko-san’s guidance and didn’t go against it. Even when Katsuko-san invited you, You didn’t force Katsuko-san to have sex…」

「That’s when I noticed…Yoshida-chan’s embracing Shirasaka Yukino with such a strong passion but, you can definitely control your lust」

「Katsuko-san also praised you」

「Un. Yoshida-chan , Katsuko-san drank your semen this morning right?」

「It’s unusual for her to do that, right?」

「Or rather, I think it’s the first time she did it herself! Doesn’t she usually hate it when Sensei orders her?!」

「It seems that she likes you quite well…!」

「Then…Me and Maru-chan wanted to test Yoshida-chan in full scale…!」

「That’s last night and…」

「This morning…the incident on the classroom and this pendant right now.」

Haa…I’ve been in the middle of a test all this time.

…I didn’t notice it at all.

「Then…we reached to our conclusion」

「Yoshida-chan…You’re 『Broken』!」

「Just like me, Nei, and Katsuko-san…!」

「What’s different from the normal people…what’s damaged…even we don’t know!」

「We’ve always felt this all this time…!」

Senpai’s blue contact lens looked at me…then she said.

「Yoshida-chan…you were thrown by your family right?」


「…Just like us!」

1. It’s in English alphabet ↩

2. Margo is speaking in Katakana ↩

3. Just like our favorite Kamijou “Normal High School Student” Touma ↩

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