Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 291

Chapter 291. Will (Part 2)

「N-No, I don’t want to…!」

Yukino said

「Because…I’m absolutely safe in here right?」

Yukino’s clear vision is needed by us now.

「It’s hard for you to stay in this room if I’m not with you right? This will be quite a bed of nails I think…?!」

I threaten her meanly


Yukino looks at Misuzu, Megu and Mana.

All of them aren’t friendly with Yukino.

Rather…they’re antipathic against Yukino.

「If Danna-sama’s going out then please take that person」

Misuzu, follows up

「Right. I also don’t want to breathe the same air as Yukino」

「Me too desu」

Megu and Mana too…

「I-I get it…I should just leave. I’ll leave then…!」

Yukino is also not good with the girls of the same generation.

Yukino loves to be pampered by men.

She doesn’t like to be close to girls cuter than her.

Therefore, Shirasaka house thoroughly bullies Megu…

Making fun of Mana, her little sister all this time.

「In exchange…be sure to protect me! Okay!」

Yukino says angrily.

「We can’t make promises…but instead, Yukino-san shouldn’t leave our side. We won’t go search for you if you get out of our sight」

Margo-san said coldly

The only way to negotiate with Yukino is to threaten her all the time.

Yukino’s always prioritizes herself and ignores others…it’s impossible to do a 50-50 trade with her.

Yukino can’t be stopped unless she’s bound by fear.

Really…Yukino’s a woman who’s not interested in others but herself

「Is it okay to take Yukino in this look?」

I ask Margo-san.

Yukino’s wearing a yellow and black striped dress and a strange make up…The『Kishima Kuroko』look

Isn’t it too flashy to take her to the warzone?

「Isn’t it fine for her to stand out?」

Margo-san says…

Ah. She completely intends to use Yukino as a decoy…

Margo-san’s making a clear difference.

「No…There’s a lot of Kudou-san’s subordinate above. She can be misunderstood as another of the free guards with that flashiness」

Seki-san said.

I see.…Viola’s minions have been considerably burdened by Banbarubie-3 and the other free people so…

With Yukino hanging around in this appearance, she’d be shot with no questions.

「Err…is there a change of clothes in this room?」

I look at Jii-chan

「Look at the shelf over there…There should be several costumes around for plays」

Jii-chan’s subordinate…perhaps, chief Tanizawa did…

They’re really ready.

Assuming that Jii-chan would evacuate here bringing a girl…

There’s a lot of goods for sex.


Having them prepared this far…

I wonder if it’s true that Jii-chan’s sexually withered?

Shouldn’t chief Tanizawa be familiar with Jii-chan’s health condition…?

Katsuko-nee had said that he hasn’t had sex in the mansion for years however…

「Which do you like? There’s a nurse suit, bondage, and sailor suit too…!」

Katsuko-nee opens the closet and asks me.

「Any normal clothes?」

Yukino asks in sour mood…Katsuko-nee

「I’m not asking you…!」

Ignored Yukino and looked at me.

「Which clothes do you want Yukino-san to wear?」


「Let’s do with sailor uniform」

If she wear a pink nurse outfit or a lewd bondage costume…to be honest, she’d look like friends with the Banbarubie 3

Yukino’s actually a 16 year old girl but if she wears a sailor uniform it’ll look appropriate for her age.

「What about her makeup and hairstyle?」

「…In compliance with school regulations」

I answered

「No way…I don’t want to look plain」

Yukino says…

「Don’t complain if you get shot in the warzone because you’re too flashy okay?」

Margo-san shut her up.

「Well then…Katsuko, have Yukino-san prepared」

Minaho-neesan said

「As for you…come to that room We’d like to have a meeting in advance」


「Right. Nagisa and Nei, Ruriko-san too, please come…Katsuko and Yukino-san too, do the changing on that room. I want you there too」


Katsuko-nee replies

Nei-san and Seki-san will go upstairs so I understand but what will they tell Nagisa, Ruriko and Katsuko-nee who will remain here?


「I know…Minaho. We’ll have a meeting here with Michi too」

Margo-san smiles.

Nevertheless…the only two of the battle teams will have a meeting in this room.

「Reika-oneesan…Could you look over Mao’s situation for now?」

Nagisa talks to the depressed Reika.

「That girl don’t wake up easily once she falls asleep but…I’m a bit worried」

「…Are you sure with me?」

Reika mutters powerlessly

「Yes. We’re『family』after all」

Nagisa answers Reika with a healing smile

「…Understood. I’ll look after Mao-chan」

「Thank you…Onee-san」

「Yoshiko…I’ll be going then」


Yoshiko seems worried.

「It’s fine. I also wanted to talk to Kuromori-sama」

Ruriko tells her retainer.

「Take care of grandfather okay?」


「It’s fine, stay by Grandfather’s side. Don’t get away from him」

「…Got it」

Yoshiko-san answers with a curious face.

「Ruriko-san…this way」

Minaho-neesan opens the door next to the monitor room and calls Ruriko.

「I’m coming」

Ruriko stands up.

Nagisa, Nei-san, and me too…

Then we head to the room next to the monitor room.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hey, don’t look this way!」

Yukino and Katsuko-nee are in the depths of the room where the monitors and PCs are lined up.

Yukino’s clothing changed to sailor uniform.

「No, I’ll watch. You know that I’ll watch don’t you?」

If Yukino says to not watch her change then I will.

Yukino knows that it’s my personality.

「I get it. Then watch…geez!」

Though angry…Yukino takes off her yellow and black dress.

「At least your body line’s beautiful」

Her breasts aren’t big but Yukino’s got a good style


Yukino glares at me.

「For now…that body line will collapse soon」

Katsuko-nee tells Yukino.

「You’re gonna get pregnant…and give birth to a baby」

Yukino looks down…trembling.

「This beautiful girllish body lin…will change in 2, 3 months. It’ll become a mother-like body」

Minaho-neesan coldly declares to Yukino


「Give it up…even you already know that you’re pregnant for sure, don’t you?」

Yeah. If I ejaculate inside her everyday…

She’ll definitely get pregnant.

She never used contraception too

「…Now then, Ruriko-sama」

Minaho-neesan ignores Yukino then turns to Ruriko

「Margo will be watching over Kouzuki-sama」

At the moment the door closes…Minaho-neesan tells Ruriko

「I’m thankful for your thoughtfulness」

Ruriko bows her head.

「He might’ve given up a while ago but…he’s grandfather. He might suddenly go to the upper floor by himself」

Minaho-neesan and Ruriko doesn’t trust what Jii-chan said.

Jii-chan’s is still thinking about returning to the upper floor regardless of danger.

Therefore…Ruriko orderd Yoshiko-san to not leave Jii-chan’s side…

Minaho-neesan has Margo-san monitoring him.

「Does Ruriko-sama understand what Kouzuki-sama is trying to do?」

Minaho-neesan asks.

「I don’t. Does Kuromori-sama know anything?」

「I imagine several cases but I have no proof」


「The perpetrator of the fuss this time is grandfather?」

Ruriko asks.

「Guiding the enemy to this hotel…gathering the traitors and the other executives in the same place…though he may be involved in some of it but I don’t think that Kouzuki-sama is behind everything」

Minaho-neesan said.

「The raid of the American criminal, Cesario Viola is a sudden occurrence. Kouzuki-sama is trying to take advantage of this opportunity…so I can’t think that Kouzuki-sama did all the preparation. However…」


「I’m certain that Kouzuki-sama is trying to do something using this commotion. Furthermore…he’s rushing. He’s prepared to use this hotel and discard all the people…」

「True, I think that grandfather who’s usually careful on everything is in a rush…」

Ruriko is also worried about her grandfather’s behavior.

「Why does he not have Ootoku-san and Chouomto-san, his full time guards by his side…normally, Tanizawa-san doesn’t leave grandfather’s side. I can only think of it as abnormal to have only Seki-san and Fujimiya-san by his side」


Speaking of which…What’s Kouzuki Security Service doing?

What’s going on with Jii-chan’s escorts>

「…We’ll watch over the situation for now. I think that even if you ask Kouzuki-sama now, he won’t give any answers」

「Yes…I think so too」

Is Jii-chan really planning something?

「Let’s leave Kouzuki-sama’s case for later…Ruriko-sama」

「Yes, what is it?」

「It’s about Misuzu-san earlier…」

Yukino who’s changing her clothes intervenes with the talk of the two

「That was interesting you know」


「You…didn’t you feel annoyed about that Misuzu?」

Yukino speaks while looking down on me.

「Well…I can tell. If she sticks to you that much, of course you’d get fed up even if she’s such a cute lady. I can tell your feelings」

Yukino laughs at me vulgarly.

「You see…I don’t think of her as annoying or troublesome」

「Lies…there’s no way that’s the case」


「Yukino…let me tell you this clearly in this occasion…」


「…Don’t make fool of people who are working their hardest」

Yukino looks at me with a startled face.

「I was often told by my late grandmother…no matter what, people who are working their hardest are great. That must be admitted」

I think so too.

「Misuzu is thinking about me, Kouzuki house, my『family』, doing her best. Well, she might’ve overdone it…been using brute force but Misuzu’s thinking of doing her utmost. That thought of Misuzu must not be ignored. They have to be accepted…!」

Yukino fell silent.

Minaho-neesan asks Ruriko.

「Do you think so too? Ruriko-sama」


「Yes, I have the same opinion as Onii-sama」

「Therefore…you agreed to join our『family』」

「Yes. I can’t get married as I wish anyway. If Misuzu-oneesama and I were bound by the same man…I thought that it is a little wild solution but I decided that it’s a good choice if Misuzu-oneesama would be happy」

Ruriko accepted joining the family for Misuzu’s sake?

「I’d rather have even only Misuzu-oneesama to be married with the man she loves more than both of us become unhappy from marriage with people we don’t want. Besides, I…am Happy」


「Since before, Misuzu-oneesama has been hiding her heart, acting in front of Kouzuki house and the surrounding people. Enduring up with herself and putting other people as her priority… Looking at Misuzu-oneesama’s figure working recklessly to be tied up with Onii-sama, it makes me very happy…」

「That’s why you accepted Misuzu’s plan?」

「Yes. Besides, it’s not a bad plan at all. It’s better than marrying the men from the『private school』or someone related to a distinguished family I’ve always wanted to stay in Kouzuki house all the time, I don’t want to leave Yoshiko either. Above all, I…」

Ruriko says.

「I hate being ordered by men. I don’t think that someone like Onii-sama will force me to do anything」

No, it’s true that I don’t intend to order Ruriko around but…

「I think that it’s a really good choice that Onii-sama doesn’t get involved in management of Kouzuki family even if Onii-sama and Misuzu-oneesama marries. Then, Misuzu-oneesama will be the center of management and I will exist as the symbol of Kouzuki house. A joint control by me and Misuzu-oneesama seems very attractive…I want to realize it」

This 15 year old beauty is strong.

Of course.

Ruriko’s been raised to be the successor of Kouzuki house since birth.

「I think that a clumsy woman like me isn’t fit for Onii-sama’s preference but please be affectionate with me for now and the years to come」

Ruriko bows her head.

I refuse this too well behavior.

「Ruriko…you see」


「I really want to embraceyou. You’re cute, beautiful」

「Thank you for your compliments. I’m sorry for your concern」

「It’s not concern!」


「I thought I want to have sex with you since the first time I saw you」


「I thought of embracing you and pouring in my semen inside you…!」

「Uhm…what are you talking about?」

「Ruriko is that attractive!」


「You jest…Ruriko isn’t charming」

「There’s no way that’s true!」

「Everyone’s praising Ruriko to make me feel better but…that’s all just because Ruriko is a daughter of Kouzuki house. I understand that」


This one too…

She’s distorted…

「I get it. Ruriko…get out of Kouzuki house」


「Ruriko has died in the battle in this hotel」


「Then, renew yourself and come to me」

「Uhm…what are you talking about?」

Ah, that’s not enough.

Let’s go『Kuromori』style

「Ruriko…I’ll kidnap you」


「Then…make you my『woman』 You won’t come back to Kouzuki house. To be honest, I don’t care about Kouzuki house」

Yeah…this is right.

「I’ll cherish you for my lifetime so you don’t have to think about Kouzuki house anymore. You’ll stay kidnapped by me for your life」

「…Why are you saying that?」

Ruriko’s mask is peeling off.

「That’s obvious…because you’re so cute that I want to do it with you!」

「Without any backing of Kouzuki house…I’m a woman with no value!」

「If you think that you’re worthless then go to me! I’ll polish you up!」


「I’m going to have the naked Ruriko who has nothing Get naked and be kidnapped by me!」

Yukino’s been watching us in shock

For her, she can only see me as talking nonsense.

「You…do you think that you have no value as yourself, that you only have the name of Kouzuki house?」

「That’s right…if there’s no support from Kouzuki house, I have no worth」

「I don’t need the Kouzuki house part of you…I want the essence of Ruriko who you say is worthless」

「My essence」

「Ruriko is cute」

Minaho-neesan intervenes our conversation.

「You made another promise with a girl」


「You can’t die easily now」


「No…I’ll never die…!1」

1. Yoshida a HERO ↩

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