Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 285

Chapter 285. Pillow Talk


Michi turns her arms around my back.


She hugs me tightly.

My penis continues to defile Michi’s virgin land with cloudy liquid.

「I…became a『woman』 An adult…『Woman』」

Michi’s vagina is clamping me.

Making me pour inside her womb until the last drop…


「How was my body?」

「It’s pleasant. Michi’s small and narrow…perfect for hugging」

「…I’m glad」

I kiss Michi

Michi licks my tongue.

「All of my dreams came true. I’m no longer scared of anything」



Michi looks at Misuzu.

「I’m here. I’ve watched you offer your chastity to Danna-sama. Well done. Continue to serve Danna-sama in the future」

「Yes…I will be by Master and Misuzu-sama’s side. Is it allowed for me to stay by your side?」

「Of course. We’ll love you for our lifetime」

「…I’m happy, Misuzu-sama」

Michi once again looks at me.

「This is my first dream. I’ve been yearning for Misuzu-sama since childhood. I want to serve with all my life as her guard. But, if Misuzu-sama marries into another house from Kouzuki family…the guards must be taken over to the married house」

「It’s fine already…Grandfather has acknowledged my relationship with Danna-sama」

「Yes. Then…I am also made Master’s『woman』」

「Right. You’re the same with me. We’ll be serving Danna-sama for always」


With this…Michi and Misuzu won’t separate for their lifetime.

Michi’s happy about me making her my woman.

「Also, my second dream…is to bear a child as a successor of Kudou style ancient martial arts…I have the obligation to pass the techniques to the next generation」


「However…I thought that it would be difficult to find a gentleman who will give me a child and understand the significance of Kudou style ancient martial arts…」


A normal man would be only confused even if he’s told about the succession of the ancient martial arts.

「Master…please impregnate me with Master’s semen and allow me to teach the child with Kudou style ancient martial arts…!」

Michi looks up at me seriously

「Well, I don’t mind of course but…

As soon as I answered…Michi smiles

「I thought you would say that…Master!」

「But…there’s no need to be pregnant right now, right?」

I said…

「Michi’s still 15 years old…you can give birth to a child later can’t you?」

「I don’t mind it even now」

Michi puts strength in her stomach

「Ufufu…Master’s seed inside my stomach feels warm」

This is bad.

She seriously intend to get pregnant right now

「No Michi…follow Danna-sama’s instructions」

Misuzu tells Michi

「A woman’s body would change from a girl to a mother when they get pregnant and give birth. Master wants to enjoy more of Michi’s girlish body」

「Is that so?」

Michi asks me

「Yeah, I think that Michi’s going to become even more beautiful in the coming years. I want to embrace Michi’s growing body」

「That’s right First, have your body grow to Danna-sama’s preference…having him pour his semen in your womb more and more. It’s not too late to become a mother」

Misuzu tells Michi

「…Understood. Then, I won’t get pregnant until I graduate from middle school」

「High school」

I said

「You mustn’t get pregnant while wearing uniform, Michi」

「Then…it’ll take more than three years」

「Three years would be gone in a blink of an eye」

I kiss her.

「Before your mission as the successor of the Kudou style martial arts…I’ll teach Michi the fun as a normal girl」

I kiss Michi’s face.

I lick her cute nose.


「It’s an order…enjoy your student life. There’s a lot of things to do while young. You can start your mission as the successor after graduating. Okay?…」

「I also order you. If you don’t enjoy your life, Danna-sama and I won’t have fun as well. We’ll be together for always so let’s live happily. Okay, Michi?」


Michi answers with moistened eyes.

「I’m so happy」

「It’s great to give your virginity to Danna-sama, right?」

「Yes…this must be『Love』」


「I thought that『love』for men would be irrelevant for the rest of my life. But, having my skin overlap with Master’s…it feels very pleasant. I want to stay like this forever. I want to accept Master…」

My dick goes hard inside Michi again.

「That’s right. Michi’s also in『love』with Danna-sama」

「Yes…I yearn for Master…!」


「…Are you an idiot?! That’s not love! Real love isn’t like that!」

Yukino who’s been gloomy in the corner of the room screams

A the person outside of the『family』…everyone ignores Yukino

「Err…Yukino-san, do you know what true『love』is?」

Mana asks

I just warned her so she’s not speaking harshly like usual

「That’s obvious! I have someone a truly『love』!」

…Yukino. Well, that is

「Someone you『love』…no way it’s that?」

Nei-san asks Yukino with an amazed face.

「Yukino-san…have you forgotten that your boyfriend tried to beat you up and rape you?」

Yukino was attacked by Endou in the room next to the principal’s office

No, I was the one who raped her in the end but…

「Because…I liked him at first! I hate him now! I think that he should die but when we started dating, I really liked him!1」

Yukino shouts.

「That unilateral emotion of yours isn’t 『love』」

Nagisa said

「『Love』means you love and you’re loved.2 Trust that connects your hearts!」

Nei-san said

「Yes. We all are in『love』with Danna-sama, I understand that well」

「Un,. Mana also is in love with Onii-chan!」

「Megumi-chan too?」

Katsuko-nee looks at Megu.


「Just because the other women seem to be more attractive than you…you only think of him being taken away…it’s not that you’re thinking that he’s betraying you, right?」

「Yes…Yoshi-kun will never betray us. I know that」

Megu said

「That’s right. Megumi-chan’s problem is only inside Megumi-chan. If you trust him then you should rebuild yourself」

Nagisa tells Megu.


「Don’t corner yourself Megu! If you’ve got the time to think that then do something you have to do right now!」

「…What I have to do?」

「Michi needs emergency contraceptives」

I tell Megu

「Ah…right. Does anyone have some?」

Megu, Misuzu and Mana all have contraceptive pills they got from the doctor but…

They don’t have any emergency contraceptive pills.

「Ah, I have it!」

Nei-san said

The ladies of Kuromori carry emergency contraceptives all the time from the fear of the time when they’re raped all of a sudden.

Everyone has their dark past.

「Nei-sama, please please hold it for your own… I’ll let Michi-chan drink mine」

Katsuko-nee said

Nei-san’s enemy is still alive.

Cesario Viola and his party are targetting Nei-san.

Nei-san has her emergency contraceptive as her『charm』

She should have it.

「If I recall…Emergency contraceptive drugs should be drunk within 24 hours after fertilization, right?」

Michi said

「That’s right. But, it’s most effective if done as soon as possible」

Katsuko-nee said

「Master…please let me stay like this for a while」

Michi looks up at me.

「I might be pregnant with Master’s child but, I want to confront the enemy holding that possibility」


「I will definite protect it. Master…Misuzu-sama…and my『family』…!」

Then, Michi touches her stomach

「Also…this warmth deep inside my stomach…!」

If the possibility of fertilization inspires Michi’s heart, then…

「Got it…you don’t have to take the drug right now」

I tell Michi

「Oh…I love you. As expected… I love Master!」


「Who cares whatever other people say…for me, this is『love』! That’s fine on it’s own I will『Love』master for the rest of my life!」

Michi embraces me…!

「I see…I get it」

Reika mutters suddenly…

By the way, Seki-san and Yoshiko-san are still shocked for seeing a live virgin sex.

Ruriko’s watching curiously.

「I’m not interested in love or marriage but…I thought I want to bear his child. I see, If I bear lord’s child then it’ll solve all problems…!」


Reika’s a woman who’s lacking in various things.

「Yeah. I must make Mao-chan’s little sister so I also need to get pregnant soon」

She’s completely fallen for Mao-chan.

Or rather…Reika’s truly satisfied with the『family』

「But, Reika-oneesama…the situation right now doesn’t allow it」

Nagisa tells Reika carefully.

「I know. I’m a professional guard until the enemy are eliminated. 『Family’s』safety is above all…right, Seki-san!」


「Get yourself together」

「Ah, aah…Sorry」

Seki-san’s face turned red and apologized.

「Onii-sama…he’s gotten bigger inside Michi-san again…!」

Ruriko’s been staring at the joint.

「There’s so much blood coming out…Michi-san, does it hurt?」

Michi answers

「I like it painful. I have devoted my body after all」

Then she looks at me…and smiled

「I can tell. Master’s gotten bigger inside me」


「Please stir up my insides again. Please release a lot of hot stuff」


1. Koi vs Suki ↩

2. 『Koi』and “Ai” ↩

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