Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 279

Chapter 279. I wonder why

Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 278. Weigh Don!

「Hey…what’s going on here?」

Kouzuki Satoshi who’s among the students stunned until now turned to us.

「It is as you see. Currently, the hotel is under attack by the enemy forces」

Reika who’s carrying Mao-chan said straightforwardly

「Therefore what?…who are those people?!」

「As『Kakka』explained…it’s a criminal organization in US Shirasaka Moritsugu hired」

Reika pats Mao-chan’s head.

Mao-chan looks sleepy

「…We’re fine aren’t we?」

Kouzuki Subaru asks worriedly

「Kouzuki security service is dealing with them」

「No, I’m asking if we’re safe!」

Natsuki Makoto screams loudly.

It seems that the members of the『private school』are frightened by the tense situation.

「…You saw the situation on the first floor didn’t you?」

Misuzu answer coldly.

「A group of over a hundred armed men attacked this hotel. I think that the security service will do their best but, everyone should be prepared for the worst」

「Uhm…the police have been alerted already, aren’t they?」

Shiba Akira asks timidly.

「What do you think the police can do if they move now?」

Misuzu returned with a question.

「Because, well…if police special forces come…」

「If the police discovers our current situation…and they approved moving the special forces against terrorist organization…well, it’ll take at least two ours, won’t it?」

Margo-san laughed.

「Rather than that…don’t you think it’s just bad if the police comes here? This hotel have most of the executives of Kouzuki group gathered. Then…the three of the force trying to take down Shirasaka Moritsugu, the head of Shirasaka family. It’s not good to leak outside that there’s a mysterious combat unit attacking here don’t you think?」

「It’s common for that information to flow from the police to the media…!」

Reika supplements Margo-san’s statement.,

「Kouzuki group would be totally involved into the scandal of Shirasaka house」

Misuzu said

The students tremble.

「I see, the scandal of Shirasaka house…it seems that『Kakka』thought of instigating it in order to take away the management rights of the newspaper and television station」

Kata Takashi tells Kouzuki Souji.

「However, Shirasaka Moritsugu has sent an assault unit to『Kakka』…won’t it be fatal to him?」

「In that case…don’t he just intend to say『I don’t know anything about that』?」

「In such cases…it’s always the press that would constantly report that the fault is on us who had been attacked」

Oohari Ryou, Hanaoka Shinsuke, Kouzuki Kenshi said respectively.

「Besides…unless we can repel this attack on our own, Kouzuki security service won’t be recognized with honor」

Reika who’s a top elite guard said laughing.

「We’ll eliminate all of the assailants without trying to get the police get involved」

「I-I see. But, can you guarantee our safety」

Kouzuki Souji asks Reika on behalf of the students.

「The only members we will protect with all our power is only『Kakka』and his family…!」

Reika replied…the students are upset.

「W-What do you mean by that?」

Tsunoda Fumikazu shouted in panic

「I haven’t received instruction to protect you from『Kakka』」

「But, aren’t we children of『Kakka’s』vassals!」

Kouzuki Satoshi also screams.

「Yes. The vassals should be prepared to protect『Kakka』even at the expense of their own life. It’s the vassal’s job to offer their life to the lord」

Reika said clearly.

「The vassals can be changed but the current Kouzuki group cannot lose『Kakka』their head. Moreover, Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama who are the successors of the Kouzuki house must be protected. You do understand that don’t you?」

Reika’s words silenced the students.

They believed that they were the chosen elites.

However, in the presence of people in a higher position than themselves…they learned that they’re not an existence that must be absolutely protected.

「Of course…Kouzuki security service will do all their best to protect all of you as much as possible. However…please not that you’re not people who who are in the『top priority』 If the enemy have invaded the top of the hotel…and we don’t have enough number of allies, we will abandon guarding everyone else to prioritize『Kakka’s』safety」

「That’s just abandoning us!」

Tsunoda shouted.

「Yes, we will be in worst case scenario…!」

Reika’s voice remains calm.

「Uhm…how about this? All of us and our parents…could we all stay and beg uarded in the same room as『Kakka’s』? That way, we can concentrate the number of guards in one place…I think it’s a good idea」

Kouzuki Subaru Suggests.

「Won’t that make the enemy forces also concentrate their attack to one place?」

Margo-san laughs.

「Kouzuki security service wants to disperse the enemies. No matter how you look at it, repelling more than a hundred enemies together is a huge task」

「Yes. Besides, if 『Kakka』and his family, the vassals, and al of the students, and in addition the guards in charge are to be in the same room…the places are limited to restaurants, conference rooms and this party room. The enemy should know the floor plan of this hotel…」

Reika answers.

Yeah. If you look up the hotel’s information where restaurants, conference rooms, or wedding rooms are…you’ll be able to get it in one shot.

「In order to prevent the enemy from knowing the location of『Kakka』…I think that it’s better for him to hide in an ordinary guest room on the upper floor. Of course the guards won’t concentrate on the room but in the form of arranging the guards centering the room, in case of the enemy knowing the location we can switch to another room or another floor as necessary」

Anyway…Reika who’s a pro told the students that Kouzuki security service concentrates on protecting Jii-chan

「Then…what should we do?」

Shiba Akira asks

「As『Kakka』said…please evacuate to the room where your fathers are. Everyone will be on a normal guest room. It might be stuffed inside but please pardon that. Instead, we would place as many guards as possible」

「…What should we do, Souji-nii?」

Kouzuki Satoshi asks Kouzuki Souji, the boss of the group.

「There’s no other choice…it would be safer to stay with father. Our fathers will prioritize our safety more than Kouzuki security service」

「We won’t have decent guards however」

Shiba Akira said

Then…Reika takes the wall’s interphone.

She operates the switch…

「…It’s Fujimiya. Chief Tanizawa, instructions please」

While Reika’s talking to chief Tanizawa…Margo-san

「Oh right. I think that you guys have phones but don’t use them. Turn it off」

「Eh, why?」

Kouzuki Satoshi argues.

「You don’t know how they can find where you are using your phone’s radio waves?」

Speaking of which…

When I went to buy Megu’s dress and my underwear, we were attacked.

「It’s unknown whether the enemy holds your personal information or not but if your phone is identified, don’t you think the enemy would attack that first?」

They shivered.

「Hey, everyone, turn off your phones! Don’t turn it to vibrate mode!」

「Should we take off the batteries?」

「Yeah, that might be better」

They take out their phones in a hurry and turn it off.

「…Roger. I’ll relay the instructions」

Meanwhile, Reika finishes her call on the interphone.

「Then, everyone…in five minutes, on the right side of the corridor, use the 『West 3rd Stairs』and head to room 3448 at the 34th floor」

「Eh, we won’t use elevators?」

Tsunoda shouts.

「All of the elevator’s power are cut off If not, the enemy would just ride it freely」

Yeah…if the elevators are active, then it’ll be a big trouble.

「In addition, the corridors and stairs have the fire door dropped off on every important point. The route from here to room 3448 would be open only for five minutes. If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be trapped in the middle of the stairs」

「Why don’t you just open it up until we arrive!」

Kouzuki Satoshi says but…

「Did you forget?…『Kakka’s』strict when it comes to time」

Reika smiles coldly

「…Can’t be helped. Let’s go!」

Kouzuki Souji instructs his group

「Let’s hurry up」

Shiba Akira tells the members of the『rising faction』

「You…I leave Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama to you」

Kouzuki Kenshi tells me

「Eh wait a moment. He’s going with Misuzu-sama?」

Kouzuki Satoshi shouts

「That’s obvious. He’s my husband after all」

Misuzu said clearly

「The other women are also important people to me and Ruriko-san. They will take shelter with us」

「No, but…Misuzu-sama will be togther with『Kakka』right? I feel like we’re being told bullshit here?!」

I can understand Kouzuki Satoshi’s feelings but…

I’ve got a duty to protect my『family』

「I’ll be protecting Misuzu and everyone」

I answered.

「I’ll protect them even if I die」

Everyone’s my『Family』

「Got it. Fortunes of war」

Shiba Akira said

「Anyway…I’ll leave it to you. Fulfil your duty!」

Kouzuki Souji tells me in an ordering tone.

「…4 minutes remaining」

Reika looks at the watch and counts

「…Let’s hurry」

「By the way…is there any guard coming with us?」

Kouzuki Satoshi asks Reika

「You’ve got a guard from your house」

Kouzuki Satoshi thinks that Margo-san is my guard.

「You’re from Kouzuki security service so why don’t you come with us?」

They seem to be uneasy to evacuate on the upper floor by themselves it seems.

「I’m a top elite. I’ve been strictly ordered to guard Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama by『Kakka』!」

「Then…you, could you lend us your guard?」

Kouzuki Satoshi tells me to lend Margo-san to them.

「Sorry but…he’s not my employer. The orders I’ve received is to protect him and all of these children. I can’t be your guard…」

Margo-san rejects.


Kouzuki Satoshi feels frustrated.

「If you don’t hurry you won’t make it in time」

Misuzu said, Kouzuki Kenshi…

「Excuse us, Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama! Everyone, we’ll be running! We won’t make it if we don’t!」

Saying that, he bowed to the two then run out of the room.

「Wait, don’t leave me!」

Kouzuki Souji runs after.

「I’ll accompany you! Souji-sama」

The『Prince faction』guys follows.

「I’m not good at sports but it can’t be helped. Excuse us!」

Shiba Akira runs after bowing.

「We’ll be going too」

The remaining members of『rising faction』also run out of the room.

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Fuu, we’re finally by ourselves」

Nagisa said

「I…I hate those boys who have only their high pride」

An embrace from the back.

「…I love you」

Mana jumps in.

「Geez, don’t go sticking so close just because those people are gone!」

「It’s fine. Mana-chan’s a little sister so she can be spoiled in front of them but…it’s bad in various ways if I get pampered. For them, you’re Misuzu-san’s partner」

True…it’s bad if Nagisa sticks to me in front of those guys.

「That’s right…then I’ll pamper you too!」

Nei-san embraces me in front.

The huge breasts caught me in between.

NAgisa’s breasts softly wrap around…

Nei-san’s big but there’s tension.

Breasts also differ on each person.

「You’re right. I also feel a bit tired facing those people」

Misuzu stretches her body.

「Misuzu-sama, should I massage your shoulder?」

MIchi who loves Misuzu immediately comes to her master’s side.

「Yes please」


Michi happily massages Misuzu’s shoulders as she sit on the chair.

「Thank you for the hard work, Misuzu-oneesama」

Ruriko speaks appreciation towards Misuzu.

「I’m also really not good with boys」

「I’m the same. But, I’ve got to do my best for Danna-sama and the『family』」

Misuzu and Ruriko look at each other.

「Right~『family』is so nice!」

Nei-san pushes me against her big breasts.

Ah…I feel like she’s forcing herself to be bright

Nei-san’s behaves brightly to try to reduce everyone’s anxiety even a bit.

No, it’s not just Nei-san.

Nagisa who first embraced me too.

「…Mao-chan fell asleep」

Reika tells Nagisa whisperingly

「My my…that’s great」

Nagisa parts from me and tries to take the small Mao-chan.

「I’ll carry her」

Reika holds Mao-chan

「Sorry, you looked after her」

「I don’t mind…I have confidence in my power. Aren’t we family?」

Reika said and smiled.

「Really…it’s good if it’s only us Family in here though!」

Mana looks at Yukino

「What’s wrong, Mana?」

I asked…

「I can only think of this woman as a tangle」


It’s not cursing.

If I recall, I learned this in literature class…

Was it『Tsurezuregusa?』


「Ah, Yoshiko-san can stay! Mana just hates this one!」

Mana tells Yoshiko-san quickly.

「…I don’t mind it」

Yoshiko-san answers timidly

「Yoshiko-san is my family…so it’s fine」

Ruriko immediately comforts Yoshiko-san


When I scold her, Mana…

「I’m sorry, Onii-chan!」

Mana’s already prostrating herself.

「Should I get naked?」

「You don’t need to…reflect on what you just said!」


Mana’s strangely frolic…

…She’s anxious after all.

I can understand her feelings so I thought I shouldn’t blame her too much


Yukino and Megu, are depressed helplessly…


「Eh…Ah, sorry. I’ve been thinking」

Wow…her face is blue.

「Are you okay?」

I try to get close to Megu.

「Yeah…I’m fine」

She’s not okay at all.

Yukino’s even worse.

She’s just having her mouth opened wide staring up at the screen.

「Of course, it’s quite the shock」

Margo-san said

「…What about?」

When I ask…

「Her name wasn’t even mentioned in the negotiation with the anti-mainstream faction of Shirasaka house」

…Speaking of which

In the negotiations with those three…

Yukino or Shirasaka Sousuke wasn’t mentioned at all

「Really…they’re rude!」

Turning around…from the door different from those where the students came in earlier…

Minaho-neesan comes in.

Jii-chan and Katsuko-nee are there too.

「Eh, what do you mean?」

「It’s about Shirasaka house abandoning Shirasaka Sousuke and his family」

Margo-san answers.

「Therefore, they didn’t become a subject in the negotiation」

I see.

They didn’t ask anything about Shirasaka Sousuke.

Far from that…Yukino and Mana too.

No…Even Megu, she was supposed to be kidnapped by us from the Shirasaka house.

Nobody asked to return them

…In short.

They don’t care anymore.

It’s the same as saying that they don’t care whatever we do with them.

「They assumed that everything that happened in Shirasaka house is due to Kouzuki-sama’s will. In short…they completely ignored me or『Kuromori』」

Minaho-neesan said.

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