Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 270

Chapter 270 : The media industry

「Satoshi-san…even if you were in a branch family, you still hold the family name of Kouzuki」

Misuzu said

「Your reputation is going to be related to Kouzuki house. Please be careful not to do anything ludicrous」

Then, Misuzu looked at the other members of『prince faction』

「Everyone else is the same. More than a vassal, everyone’s our relatives. Everyone, please think that you’re always carrying the name of Kouzuki house. Ruriko and I won’t forsake you anymore. However…please understand that if you have done something to hurt the name of our house, you’ll be given a severe punishment」

「…What severe punishment?」

Kouzuki Subaru asks

「…We’ll have you killed」

It’s not Misuzu but Reika who said that.

「Eh?」The students face show.

「That is why Kouzuki security service is here」

「W-Weren’t it your job to protect us!?」

Kouzuki Satoshi screams at Reika

「Our top priority is to protect Kouzuki house. Even if you have a blood of Kouzuki, a child of a vassal, if you’re someone who don’t benefit the house…you’ll disappear」

Reika smiles.

「With that said…Satoshi-san, please keep a distinct relationship with women」

Misuzu said

「Souji-san…please supervise them. By all means please」

Misuzu orders mainly Kouzuki Souji

Souji can no longer do anything but admit that he’s a vassal.

「Understood…I will oversee my group so they won’t do any carelessness」

「Of course…if it’s a normal romance then you can do as you please. However, if you play with girls and hurt them…and caused some shameful scandal…you already know what will happen, don’t you?」

At that time, they even won’t be allowed to be banished from Kouzuki house.

…Misuzu’s saying that they’re dead

『…Misuzu, you finally understood it. The head must never abandon his blood and vassals. If you just kicked out the dishonor from the house then he’ll still carry the name of Kouzuki in public. With relatives of course…even the children of the old vassals, their misconduct will be Kouzuki house’s responsibility. The person who can correct it by all means and erase it at will is the lord’s work. For example, I have punished vassals and even relatives for making false charges』

Jii-chan said.

『Gentlement…if possible, I don’t want Misuzu and Ruriko to have such painful experience. I want you to protect the name of the family』


「By your orders…!」

「I’ll bear it in mind」

In the『prince faction』Oohari Ryou, Koku Rakujin, and Torada Chitoku who has strong loyalty replied first.

「…Sacrifices can’t be stopped in order to protect the house」

Kata Takashi accepts the role given as well.

「Understood…I will supervise Satoshi-san and Tsunoda」

Natsuki Makoto said.

Tsunoda shows a「geh!」face

「I know guys that you hang out on a delinquent’s party. The organizer there is familiar with Yakuza. You do know that」

「But, we were just guests」

Tsunoda tries to make an excuse but…

「You guys offered funds to the party, right?」

Natsuki Makoto said.

「Is that true, Satoshi, Tsunoda?!」

Kouzuki Souji…questions the two.

「No you see…hey, Tsunoda!」

「It’s said that sponsoring makes you popular with women」

「We’ve made various countermeasures too…」

The two becomes incoherent.

『That’s how they do it…making themselves surrounded』

Jii-chan said.

「…Aren’t they covering it as a party and do illegal acts such as buying and selling illegal drugs and prostitution on the back?」

Kata predicts.

「No way they’re that horrible!」

「Because, if that’s what happened…then we would get caught too」

Ah, these two are idiots.

Because they think they’re lucky and a special person…

They don’t notice that they’re being used by bad guys.

「Either way, if people of Kouzuki house participates such a doubtful party…much more sponsored by them, it’ll never be allowed」

Kouzuki Souji’s idea is thorough maintenance.

He can’t overlook anything that could hurt the name of the family

「Buy…you see…Souji-san」

「Uhm…this really is dangerous」

「Those guys aren’t normal!」

What, Kouzuki Satoshi and Tsunoda recognizes the danger of the other party.

Yet they’re already in it.

No, they were pinned by the bad guys


Jii-chan said

「Yes, please leave it to me」

Reika answers

「We’ll be contacting the『special division』」

So there’s that kind of division.

「I think that some of your friends will be travelling to a distant place so…the two of you must not make contact with them…!」

Reika looks at Satoshi and Tsunoda with cold eyes.

「If you contact the target before the『special division』makes a move…the two of you will be accomplices and will have to go to a far away place」

「…Reika-chan, a far away place?」

Mao-chan asks with a smile.

「It’s a very warm place where flowers are blooming…!」

「Uwaa, it’s like heaven!」

Satoshi and Tsunoda feel horrified.

「They’re going that far to protect the『house』」

Shiba Akira mutters

「That’s obvious…when you’re a long lasting family, the branches will also increase. There’s a lot of vassals. If so, there will be those who keep bad company or voluntarily becoming members of criminal organizations. If you don’t have a thorough defense system, you’ll just be eaten』

Jii-chan said

『Kouzuki house is a leading family in Japan. It’s not like the upstart Shirasaka family』

That’s right…Shirasaka house.

A bad guy like Shirasaka Sousuke was allowed to come out of their house.

On the contrary, even after Shirasaka Sousuke’s deeds were exposed to the public…

The head, Shirasaka Moritsugu…was trying to protect Shirasaka Sousuke on a TV interview.

When it didn’t go well, he’s now asking a criminal organization to eliminate him.

If it was Jii-chan who have united the house for many years…it’ll never be able to pass through the『defense system』

Kouzuki house has a special department in Kouzuki security service that eliminates internal stains.

If you ask an outsider organization…you’ll only give a blackmail material to them.

『Pardon the lip service…this is to protect the house. If you are going to establish a company, it is the same. A company is a house. You have a family called employees』

Jii-chan talks to the『rising faction』this time

『If your business succeed…no, even if you don’t succeed, as long as they think they can make money from you…scoundrels will approach. They’re sensitive to the smell of money. Always watch your surroundings carefully and make sure you have some countermeasures or else you’ll be devoured in one go』

The members of『rising faction』becomes silent.

『Up until now I’ve taught you the front side of corporate management…from now on, it’ll be the other side. Power that can only be competed by power. There’s a lot of criminal organizations connected with politicians and police. Then, you must have influence over the government. There’s no fair fights. We are always in a world of survival…!』


『From the book I read recently…there was a certain educational critic that said 『Children shouldn’t be educated to compete for survival』…I would like to despise that critic. Humans need to survive as long as they live. If you want to survive and protect the happiness of yourself and your family…then you must not lose the will to continue fighting. Once you lose it…you’ll be taken down anytime. The children should be taught the skills to survive』

Jii-chan said.

『Of course…it’s not only people. A company, a house as well…there’s a need for survival』

In order to fight criminals, Kouzuki Security service is organized by them…

『Kouzuki Satoshi, Tsunoda Fumikazu…don’t worry. Your concerns will be erased cleanly. You guys are my students after all…!』

Jii-chan made the two shudder.

From now on…these two will never act carelessly.

If some other bad guy comes closer…

Kouzuki Souji and Natsuki Makoto are being monitored.

In case it’s a bad guy…Kouzuki Security Service will repel them.

This way, Kouzuki house is protected.

Even if a careless person among the blood relatives appear, it won’t become a serious situation…

『Now then…there’s one program I have prepared for you all』

Jii-chan said

『You may already know but we will be holding a meeting with the people of Shirasaka house. Is there anyone familiar with Shirasaka Hiromitsu?』

Jii-chan starts his lecture.

It seems he’ll be showing us the usual state of the students

「I’ve heard that he’s not in the main faction of Shirasaka house」

Koumori Akira from the『rising faction』replied

『That’s right…he’s the representative director on Osaka TV station』


『Japanese media industry has an interesting history you see…originally, there’s a lot of cases founded in Osaka became nationwide scale and opened a headquarters in Tokyo. In Shirasaka house’s case, it’s even more complicated. Shirasaka house founded a newspaper company in Tokyo…bought small newspaper companies in each region and accomplished nationwide development. In case of Osaka, they have acquired local newspaper companies. The only sports newspaper selling in Osaka still have the name of their newspaper remaining』


I haven’t been to Osaka so I don’t know though

『Furthermore…when it came to TV business, they first made a TV station in Osaka and invested in there. Shirasaka house can’t afford to stand in TV business alone. After six years in Osaka station, they made a a series of TV stations in Tokyo. It is a hundred percent subsidiary of Shirasaka house’s newspaper company…do you know what that means?』

Jii-chan asks.

「Unlike Tokyo’s TV and newspaper companies…Shirasaka house’s control on Osaka station is weak?」

Again, from『Rising faction』 Hanaoka Shinsuke answers.

Yeah…the people on this group have a business sense.

『That’s how it is. Shirasaka house’s share is less than 30% in the TV station on Osaka. The rest are local company’s stocks. Therefore, though it’s an affiliate…it’s not completely dominated by Shirasaka house. Especially the news program refuses transmitting from Tokyo station, they’re making their own in Osaka. They’re not able to report in line with the intention of Shirasaka house.』

I see, so that’s how it is

『The current head of Shirasaka house, Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu hates that situation have been intending to turn the Osaka station to a wholly owned subsidiary many times so far. However, all of the local companies rejected that he received backlash. Osaka hates to have the information sent to Tokyo be on grasp』

Jii-chan said.

『Shirasaka house’s baseball team too…they’re not popular on Osaka only』

「However…isn’t Shirasaka Hiromitsu, the representative of Osaka station a member of the family?」

Shiba Akira asks.

『Shirasaka Hiromitsu is a collateral family from Shirasaka house. His parents moved in Osaka and his father worked in the newspaper company in Osaka. Horimitsu himself have been working since the creation of the TV station.. He may have a name of Shirasaka but he has been raised in Osaka for his lifetime』

That person will becoming to negotiate tonight?

『The current Shirasaka house’s newspaper and television network…has in intense confrontation in Tokyo head office and the provinces. It’s no longer an age where you can increase the viewers by the popularity of the newspaper’s baseball team』

「Is it that serious?」

Kata asks.

『Yes…they’re pushing the bills to the provinces that’s not able to cope with the change of times』


『The newspaper and TV stations…just a news agency has too many things to do. A series of publishers and recording companies now also buy up shares on a major talent office…if this happens, they can’t manage it anymore』

Jii-chan snorts his nose.

『To sell the artist belonging to a recording company…it takes up the music program of the own station. To make the publisher gain profit…they dramatize the story of that company. In order not to lower the stock price of the talent investment…they aggressively appoint a talent. Everything is just selfish convenience for the Tokyo office』

…I see

『Finally…they make movies that don’t sell. This is a massive bulldozing to all of the affiliates. The publisher’s original work will be pushed, the talent office forces the actor to appear and the theme song will be sold to an affiliate company. Advertisement, TV stations, newspaper companies, radio, publishers, all of the affiliated companies. And…the affiliate company buys a lot of movie tickets. Though there’s profit…there’s no actual customers. Using all the bills to take part in advertising, then come to the local affiliate to force them to buy tickets』

Oh…it’s that kind of system.

『15 years ago, when it still made sense…the ordinary people could only receive information from the TV, radio, newspaper and magazines. If you fuel then…the customers will come in. It was able to produce fashion trends and booms. It was easy to suppress major media and not write criticism articles』

「Oh…there was no internet back then」

Kouzuki Subaru mutters.

『That’s right…now, interesting or not, it’s conveyed immediately. No matter how stealthy the propaganda you made…it can’t change the public opinion. The sensibility of Japanese people are sharp. They can easily find out what’s real or fake』

Everyone nods at Jii-chan’s explanation.

『As a result…during the past decade, the media has greatly reduced influence on the public. Nowadays, it doesn’t boom as much as before if media pours in fuel. If the publicity effect is small then the sponsors will also decrease. In spite of that, the media companies in Tokyo can’t forget the old days. There was an era when if you set fire in the television, it explodes…!』

I see…

I’m still a kid so I don’t know things on the old days but…

『The current media companies had become organizations that only sell their products to the viewers in partnership of advertising agencies. Instead of sending information…they’re just a merchant. As a result that made TV and newspapers avoided by the commoners』

Yeah. I don’t watch TV so I won’t get be troubled.

I can live without knowing singers or talents.

『The Tokyo office is currently unable to take any effective measures…the local affiliates are even worse. Since the recession in the rural areas are more severe, the sponsors also decrease…owing various bills from Tokyo. And yet…they’re forced to broadcast only the contents from the Tokyo office…on top of that, they’re not allowed to report their own opinions』

That’s the confrontation of Tokyo and the provinces.

『Shirasaka Hiromitsu’s TV staion in Osaka isn’t a wholly owned affiliate so they can do their own broadcast without following the intention of Shirasaka house in Tokyo. Because there’s a separate sponsor company in Kansai, Tokyo can only complain. As there’s an affiliate in each region, there’s only one that can compete with Tokyo office

That person’s coming here.

『My aim is to dismantle the news network in Tokyo that’s controlled by the Shirasaka house. The other news organization will be spreading based on the current situation. Then, I want to reorganize the Japanese media』

Jii-chan said.


Mana comes to me.

「Hm…what’s wrong?」

Mana takes my hand.

She puts it on her own ass…

A naked butt not wearing any panties.

「…Touch me」


「…I’m scared」

…I see

Mana’s also a daughter of Shirasaka house.

With the talk of her own clan collapsing…

Mana’s afraid…

「…Yeah, Mana」

I pinched Mana’s ass tightly.

「Ahn…it hurts」

Mana whispers in my ears.

「Sorry…it just feels very good」

This time, I knead her ass gently.

「Un…please be kind. I…」

Mana’s eyes are becoming wet

「…I’m Onii-chan’s『woman』」

「Yeah, you’re my Mana. Don’t worry」


Having her ass massaged…Mana feels relieved

「Mana is Onii-chan’s『sex slave』 I will devote my whole life to you…」

「Even if you don’t say that…I’ll take care of you」

I embrace Mana’s waist

「Un…Onii-chan…my Onii-chan」

The students are so absorbed in Jii-chan’s talk that they don’t notice our situation.

In a sense…I think they’re very serious people

Ah, Jii-chan said that he let five people go home…

Then this means…

Even a frivolous person like Kouzuki Satoshi and Tsunoda have a point worthy…That’s what Jii-chan thinks.

Un…I understand now, don’t judge too easily.

It’s not just the bad points…but also the good points.

「…Geez, what are you two doing!」

Nei-san comes close.

「…Onii-chan’s teasing my ass!」

Mana answers witha red face.

「Is that so?…You’re spoiled!」

Nei-san smiles.

「But, please keep it moderate…everyone’s staring at Mana-chan!」


Looking around…

Megu’s looking at us with a scary face.

Misuzu’s also showing a cold look.

「Mana…everyone’s watching so it’s about time」

I tell Mana.

「Eh, isn’t that fine! Let’s show it off…!」

The small devil smiles.

「…Mana’s happy you know」

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