Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 266

Chapter 266 : Laughing 『Women』

「…Very well. If that’s what Misuzu-sama thinks then we will not force it either」

Kouzuki Souji stares at Misuzu.

「However…I’d like at least an explanation of the current situation. I’m a member of the branch family of Kouzuki house…my friends here are a group of talented people who are responsible for the future of the Kouzuki group. Naturally…we also have the right to know, don’t you think?」

As usual, Kouzuki Souji doesn’t break his calm composure.

He seriously think that what he’s saying is right, and that it’s Misuzu’s duty to explain to their expectations.

「What do you want to know…?」

Misuzu answers showing investigative eyes.

「During the presentation of Konpeki school, the political performance you made…the mysterious man over there come up to the stage」

No…I went up the stage on my own will

However, Kouzuki Souji thinks that Misuzu’s the same as her, a schemer with ambition to Kouzuki house.

That’s why she thinks our love is『political』

「With Shiba Takahiko’s reaction afterwards…and after we moved to this hotel, with the fact that only Shiba Takahiko was called by『Kakka』… Kata…what do you think?」

Kouzuki Souji does the team play.

He’s probably thinking that it would put more pressure to Misuzu doing it as a group instead of an individual.

「Yes…first, it’s definitely Shiba Takahiko who’s secretly nominated as『Misuzu’s fiance』by『Kakka』」

Kata bows down to his boss and answers.

「Then…Shiba Takahiko was very upset when he came back to our waiting room from『Kakka’s』summon. For some reason, he looks very mentally shocked」

「Oh…indeed, he looks like that. He’s in a state of panic and nothing else. He didn’t come in contact with us at all…and he shows a bare expression of hate to our group. He only muttered to his brother, Shiba Akira…and said that he feels sick so he’s coming home…

Kouzuki Souji ridicules Shiba Takahiko.

I see…Shiba Takahiko having his『fiance』status stripped out of him…

He definitely don’t want to have the『prince group』his enemy to investigate the circumstances…

He ran away alone.

Well…it’s these elites who make that kind of laugh.

「He’s definitely looked miserable! Hahaha!」

Natsuko Makoto of the prince faction laughs lively.

Following, Kouzuki Satoshi, Torada Chitoku, Koku Rakujin, Tsunoda Fumikazu, Oohari Ryou also laughs.

They’re not laughing because it’s funny.

They’re just laughing to damage the members of the『rising faction』who are solidified in the entrance of the room, especially Shiba Akira.

It”s intentional…malicious

「Akira-kun…what did your brother tell you at that time?」

Then again…Natsuko asks with an attitude that it’s natural to report to him.

However, Natsuki has the dignity to push it through.

If Tsunoda purposely shows a frivolous and rude attitude…

Natsuko approaches the other’s heart with a bossy atmosphere.

「…That’s only a family talk. That’s not something I can tell everyone」

Shiba Akira answered calmly.

「Don’t say that Akira-kun! Aren’t we all the same『students』」

Kouzuki Subrau…the youngest speaks brightly

「If you can’t tell everyone…then tell only me later in secret! Aren’t we both the youngest among the『students』 You can consult me on anything!」

Uwaa…Kouzuki Subaru smiles like a male idol

『Strong』next『soft』…they take each step after the other attentively.

「Subaru…don’t push it. Akira-kun has his own circumstances as well. Being able to guess from that is what true friendship means」

「Yes…Souji-niisama Akira-kun, sorry, I didn’t think of your feelings. I’ve said something unneeded. But, I’m really worried about you. I’d like you to understand at least that…!」

Aah…so annoying.

What’s with that annoying smile!

「Now then…on the other hand, we must infer the current situation from what we know. Kata, state your inference」

「…Ha, Souji-sama. I’ll present my findings. This is only my selfish inference but it may be different from the actual situation…」

Kata is making an excuse that this is only his own inference.

In short…what he’s going to say won’t be the official view of『Prince faction』…

It’s only an individual reasoning it can’t be helped if it’s somewhat disrespectful.

「The secretly nominated『Misuzu-sama’s fiance』is Mr. Shiba Takahiko…『Kakka’s』two granddaughters, Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama’s fiance…will be two among our group, thinking that we’ll become harmonious in the future」

「Kata-san, could you make it easier to understand for me?」

『Prince faction’s』Torada said loudly.

「Sure, in short…perhaps, 『Ruriko-sama’s fiance』will be among us, the sons of the vassals who supported the framework of Kouzuki house for mnay years. Ruriko-sama is the legitimate successor of Kouzuki house. I think that he won’t be able to accept a new faction’s son as his grandson-in-law」

「I see, in exchange…the next in line, Misuzu-sama is thought to be matched with Shiba Takahiko」

Natsuko adds in Kata’s explanation.

「Yes. Shiba Takahiko is the eldest among the members among us…If you make Mr. Shiba Okitachi the top of the Kouzuki group’s『rising faction』as a vent, then it’ll be a very effective plan」

Kata expresses Misuzu and Takahiko’s engagement as『venting』

「Oh…Making the old men satisfied by marrying Misuzu-sama with the『rising faction』 No, those people have to be satisfied with that alone…!

Natsuki said.

「Umu…there’s no need to concede to the『rising faction』any further」

Koku Rakujin nods seriously.

「No… let’s change the tracks a bit. If he marries with Misuzu-sama, then Shiba house will become relative to Kouzuki house too. Then that means…Shiba house will be transferring from『rising faction』to the『aged vassals』goup」

Kata speaks his opinion.

「I see, Kakka thought of accepting Shiba house as a vassal afterwards!」

「Well…Mr. Shiba Okitachi has merits to be recognized」

「Rather than that…if Shiba Okitachi comes away, the『rising power』within Kouzuki group will collapse. Isn’t that『Kakka’s』aim instead?」

Kouzuki Satoshi, Oohari, Natsuki speaks selfishly in order.

In the end…it seems that they believe that their『Traditional vassal in Kouzuki group』is superior and the『rising faction』is inferior

…Or rather

You guys are sons of branch family executives!

Even though they’re not working in the Kouzuki group themselves…how dare they speak bossy like that.

「…However, with that man’s appearance, it seems that『Kakka’s』plan have changed…!」

Kata points at me.

「Kata…what do you mean by that?」

Kouzuki Souji smiles.

「Yes…Misuzu-sama has introduced that man to the audience at the theater today. As it’s a presentation of Konpeki school family…the people in the audience seats were people of political and business world. Making such a performance in that gathering, means, it’s made known that this man is Misuzu-sama’s partner」

「However…『Kakka』should’ve named Shiba Takahiko as the『fiance』 His attitude afterwards have shown it」

「Yes, Souji-sama…what Misuzu-sama did is an obvious act of going against『Kakka’s』will A person not belonging to the Kouzuki family…a first class act of rebellion!」

Kata criticizes Misuzu.

「But…Kakka’s been smiling in here a while ago」

Kouzuki Souji mutters.

「His conversation with Misuzu-sama is as usual…nothing has changed. On the contrary, he also allowed this man on the same room」

The『prince faction’s』eyes gather at me

「Looking at Shiba Takahiko’s state…it’s certain that he has taken down Misuzu’s fiance. Then that means that『Kakka』has accepted this man and Misuzu-sama’s relationship…!」

Kouzuki Souji makes his inference.

「Hey…who are you?」


「Umu…I’ve never seen him before!」

「Hey, you, which family did you come from?」

「…Isn’t he the son from the『rising faction』? If only us don’t know him」

「Umu…that’s my only guess」

「No, it’s possible that he might be someone from another corporate group」

「True…then, I can understand why『Kakka』kicked Shiba Takahiko for this guy to replace…」

Seriously…speaking all those selfish things.

Do you guys think that the world is centered around『Kouzuki group』?


「Hey, hurry up and answer! Kouzuki Souji-san is asking you…!」

Tsunoda orders me bossily…!


「…It’s Kuromori!」

Nei-san answers instead of me.

「We’re all from Kuromori house!」

Nei-san smiles

「That’s right, we’re from Kuromori…right, Mao?」

Nagisa follows up.

「Yes, Mama!」

Mao-chan smiles.

「Yeah…right. I’m a guard that’s serving Kuromori house…!」

Margo-san answers with a smile.

「Ah, we’re from Kuromori house too!」

Mana said.

「Hey, Megu-oneechan too…!」

「M-Me too…I’m from Kuromori」

Michi remains silent…

Surely, someone among these guys knows Kudou papa.

of course, Reika who’s from Kouzuki security service is also silent.

Yukino…she’s hiding behind Reika.

Misuzu opposes the『prince faction』head on…

Ruriko is holding Yoshiko-san’s hand, taking a seat…staring at the whole room.


「…Have you heard about it?」


「What about Kata?」

「I’m very sorry…!」

The prince faction people look at each other.

The eldest among them is still in their early twenties.

They probably haven’t heard about the high class prostitution mansion『Kuromori』from their parents

No…with『Kuromori』on a horrible state because of Shirasaka Sousuke…

The gathering of political and business heads in Former Japan, the glory days of『Kuromori tower』…They won’t know it from anyone but their grandfathers

「…I know about it」

Shiba Akira speaks up from the entrance.

「Oh…you do, Akira-kun?」

Kouzuki Souji look at Shiba Akira.

His words were composed but there’s a self-important wind in his voice.

「Yes…I’ve heard it from my father」

Shiba Okitachi…knows about『Kuromori』and told his son about it?

If so…then that would be a countermeasure against Jii-chan.

Jii-chan sent Kyouko-san and returned Morimoto-san to support Minaho-neesan…backing up『Kuromori』somehow

However, at the same time…Jii-chan is also involved in the management of a high class prostitution mansion…

Isn’t that a card of Shiba Okitachi to kick off Jii-chan?

Such suspicion whirls inside me.

「Oh, Akira-kun knows?! If you don’t mind then do tell us!」

Kouzuki Subaru talks to Shiba Akira with that flimsy smile again.

「From what I’ve heard…it’s a house that knows all of the secrets of political and business world since postwar Japan」

The『Prince faction』holds their breath from what Shiba Akira said

「…What the hell?」

「There’s no way a manga-like house exists you know?」

「Umu…your father might be just joking」

Kouzuki Satoshi, Tsunoda and Oohari speaks their impression…

「Well of course they exist!」

Nei-san laughs

「Nei…you mustn’t laugh at naive children!」

Aren’t you laughing too, Margo-san

「Ah, sorry! But you see, these guys are just too funny!」

Nei-san laughs out loud

「You’re right…they’re so stupid it makes me laugh」

Nagisa laughs too.

「Eh, what’s wrong…Mama?」

Mao-chan asks Nagisa.

「Take a look at them Mao…those men have been speaking a lot of stupid things showing a serious face since a while ago, right?」

「Yeah…they look so bossy!」

「Right? Let’s laugh. That’s why, let’s laugh!」

「Nyahahahaha! Yeah, they’re funny!」

Mao-chan laughs.

「Really…they don’t have anything with their own power, what a really funny bunch」

Ruriko also seems to really can’t forgive their rudeness to them.

「Yoshiko, let’s laugh too…!」


「These idiots here are our relatives…we must at least laugh or won’t it be pitiful for them?…Fufufu」

Ruriko laughs at the『prince faction』


Kouzuki Souji’s surprised.

No, it’s not just the『prince faction』but also the『rising group』are all surprised.

Shiba Akira as well…

「You don’t know that you’re just dolls obedient to grandfather? But, we’re humans. For people we can only evaluate by ridiculing, we can only laugh from the bottom of our hearts…!」

Misuzu laughs.

「Ahahahahaa! yeah! This is certainly funny! It’s so funny!」

Reika laughs too.

「Nufufufu, gufufufu」

…Michi, if you’re not good at laughing then you don’t need to force yourself

「Megu-oneechan, let’s laugh too」

「…But, I can’t just laugh out suddenly」

「That’s just easy! Just go『Wahahaha』loudly! One two! Wahahahahahaha!」

「Wa, wahahahaha!」

「We’ll let you Kuroko-chan join us only for now, so hey…Laugh!」


Urged by Mana, even Yukino starts laughing.

Somehow…my『women』feels very chaotic

…Is this okay?


Misuzu smiles at Ruriko


Ruriko smiles back

「…As the rightful successor of Kouzuki house, you should tell your vassals」

Ruriko stands up.

「I will decide who is my partner. Grandfather has given be plenty of advice but I will be the one to decide」


「I won’t become a tool for your own selfish conflicts. If you want to get me then abandon that miserable group and make efforts to polish yourselves…!」

The『prince faction』 is clearly underestimating Ruriko.

Everyone’s surprised from her strong words.

「Misuzu-oneesama should be clear with these people as well」

Ruriko passes the baton to Misuzu.

「We are grandfather…Kouzuki Shietaka’s granddaughters. We’re born, and raised differently from weak humans like you…!」

Misuzu closes up to Ruriko.

Putting her hand on Yoshiko-san’s shoulder…

She’s sending a message to Yoshiko-san that「you’re also Kouzuki Shigetaka’s granddaughter」in a way they won’t notice.

「We were born with the Kouzuki house on our shoulders」

Misuzu’s eyes are shining powerfully.

「…If you’re shouldering the house then why are you pulling such a strange man?」

Kouzuki Souji tries to provoke Misuzu, but…

「I will marry this man. That is already accepted by grandfather. Surely you won’t challenge the decision of Kouzuki Shigetaka, the owner of Kouzuki house, would you?」

Misuzu looks down on the『students』

「Grandfather has accepted my relationship with him with a condition not to pull him in the Kouzuki family」

Shiba Akira’s surprised.

「Why is that?」


「This one…Kuromori-sama, even if he marries me, he won’t enter any related group in Kouzuki house. He’s completely separate from the Kouzuki group」

「Then that means that Misuzu-sama will be leaving Kouzuki house?」

Shiba Akira asks…Misuzu laughs

「Kuromori-sama and I are different personalities…I will stay as a member of Kouzuki family. Why do you think I can leave Kouzuki house this late?」

Ruriko adds on Misuzu’s words.

「Yes…Misuzu-oneesama will assist me in Kouzuki house along with Yoshiko…!」

Yoshiko-san looks up.


「Let’s be together forever…Yoshiko」



She nods to Ruriko with tears on her eyes.

「In short…the man over there won’t take any position in Kouzuki house…and Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama will be involved in the managemen tof Kouzuki group by themselves?」

Shiba Akira says, Misuzu…

「That’s what we’ve just said. Akira-san…I thought that you were a bit more understanding but…」

「No…I’m very sorry!」

Misuzu smiles fearlessly

「We don’t like trivial men like you messing up our treasured Kouzuki group. If you all can’t meet our expectations then we’ll do it ourselves」

「You’re right, Onee-sama…Ruriko’s been disillusioned by the way these people behave」

The two most beautiful girls on Kouzuki house insults the elites.

「Just because your fathers are executives, you’ve been mistaken to think that you’ll be able to enter the Kouzuki group like that」

「However…Misuzu-sama, we have served Kouzuki house for generations…!」

Tsunoda shouts.

「Why do we have to hire you just because your ancestors were loyal?」

Misuuz cuts it down.

「Frankly speaking…I can’t endure your attitude since a while ago. We’ve clearly understood that you’re not loyal to Kouzuki family whoever your fathers may be」

Ruriko said


Kouzuki Souji speaks but…

「You people only think of Kouzuki group as your playground. I’m sorry but I don’t want to accept you players」

Misuzu said…Kouzuki Satoshi

「Don’t fuck with me! Just what can you women do!?」

「That’s right, making a fool out of us! Don’t underestimate us just because you’re『Kakka’s』granddaughters!」

Tsunoda also screams.

「That’s right…the current head is『Kakka』 And『Kakka』acknowledges our talent!」

Kata desperately shouts

「That’s right! You’re unrelated at all! It’s all for『Kakka』to decide!」

Kouzuki Satoshi’s excitement won’t go away.

「Souji-sama…now that it comes to this, then let’s make it clear who’ll become Ruriko-san’s husband!」

Tsunoda fuels further.

「That’s right, I can’t think of anyone be married to Ruriko-sama and become the next head of Kouzuki family but Souji-sama」

Oohari said.

「Yeah, I second that」

「Me too!」

Koku and Torada too…

Seriously…this pattern again?

Shouting their opinion on the same direction…forcibly developing it to a majority vote.

「…I definitely don’t want Souji-san!」

Ruriko said

「I hate narrow minded people like you…!」

Ruriko’s words pierces Kouzuki Souji’s heart but…!

「Souji-sama…Ruriko-sama’s opinion doesn’t matter!」

「That’s right, that’s right…『Kakka』just needs to accept Souji-sama!」

「Yeah, either way, 『Kakka』will order for Souji-sama and Ruriko-sama to marry. That’s absolute!」

「I’m looking forward for that time to come…!」

How dare they to say that hopeful prediction.

「Wow…could it be that you guys are idiots?」

Nei-san said amazed.

「What the hell? What do you mean?!」

Tsunoda glares at Nei-san

「…You guys don’t think that Kouzuki old man is monitoring this room?」

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