Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 263

Chapter 263 :『Family』time 4 (Megumi and Misuzu)


The drunk Megu’s different from usual.

「Geez, Yoshi-kun no Baka! Baka, Baka…uwaaan!」

Megu shouts loudly and burst into tears.

Then she squat down.

「Hey…are you okay?」

I squat down and peek on the crying Megu.

「Don’t get close to me…bakaa…!」


「No, no…Come, come here…embrace me…Yoshi-kun!」

This time she’s embracing me.

「Let’s kiss, I want a kiss…Kiss meeee!」

Megu’s blocking my lips with hers.

Megu’s breath smells like wine.

The tongue put in my mouth tastes like wine too.

…Just how much have you drunk?

「I love you…I love you so muuuuch…. Megu loves Yoshi-kun the moooost …!」

She tells me with glazed eyes.

「Megu…wants to confine Yoshi-kun. I want to bind you with a rope so you won’t go anywhere. Even the meals or toilet, Megu will take care all of it. Megu will be embracing you at night. Yoshi-kun is Megu’s dakimakura…!」


Just how far is this drunk woman going to be reckless?

「I won’t let you go! I’ll never give you to anyone. Yoshi-kun is Megu’s. Just look at Megu…!」

Megu kisses my lips passionately again.

「Puha…Megu loves kissing Yoshi-kun! I want to do it foreveer!!」


Megu, just how much have you piled up?

Her stagnated feelings are being released all at once.

Oh…I see.

Megu actually hasn’t drank that much.

It’s impossible to get dead drunk in such short time…

In the first place, Nei-san won’t give her such a huge amount of wine.

Actually, it around three to four cups only.

But, Megu…

She’s demanding under the pretext of being drunk.

She’s making an excuse that if she’s drunk then I’ll spoil her.

Thus she feels drunk after just a couple of glasses of wine.



Megu looks at me.

「…You’re cute, Megu」

「Geez, that’s what you’re telling everyone, don’t you? Megu’s not cute! There are other girls that are much more cuter…!」

Megu’s inferiority complex is deeply rooted.

It’s not just a simple matter of appearance.

Megu grew up as a commoner of Yamamine family.

Her house was old, never a wealthy one.

On top of that, it’s been bullied by the rich Shirasaka family which is their relative.

She’s got an inferiority complex when it comes to good families.

「What’s with you being chummy with Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san…who cares. I’m not a princess. Yoshi-kun should just go to the princesses!」

Furthermore…with Ruriko joining in the『family』the circumstances has changed.

The『Kuromori』so far…were Minaho-neesan and the people from the mansion formerly, Misuzu, Megu, Mana and I were just added in.

With Misuzu and Mana becoming my『women』…they’re supposedly to be added to『Kuromori』as special

Megu’s born in the『mansion』 so she’s been close with Minaho-neesan and co. from the beginning.

However, with Ruriko’s participation…now there’s now three groups among women in here.

1. The former members of『Kuromori』, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Margo-san, Nei-san

2. Those linked in Shirasaka family, Megu, Mana, and YukinoーThough, she’s not in the family.

3. Those linked in Kouzuki house, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, Reika…and Seki-san and Yoshiko-sanーthough they’re not in the『family』yet

Before, Misuzu was one of my『woman』through Nagisa’s connection…then Kouzuki family were brought in and she became the head of a huge faction in a dash.

Misuzu doesn’t intend that however…that’s how Megu sees it.

Furthermore, even Jii-chan entered the『family』…

The Kouzuki faction is undoubtedly the major faction of『Kuromori』

As for Megu…she feels like she’s losing her position.

「Even Megu’s a princess…for me」

「Lies…I’m not cute!」

「You’re cute…Megu」

I rub Megu’s back.

「Don’t talk to me like I’m a child…I’m not Michi-san!」


Megu’s hard.



「If you were younger or older…then I’d know what to do somehow but…」

I look at Megu’s eyes.

Beautiful narrow eyes.

「We’re classmates, same age…there are times I don’t know what to do」

Should I pamper her or just accept her?

It’s somewhat hard.

Megu then look at me with a aloof face…

「Yoshi-kun should just do what he wants!」

Even if you tell me that…if I do as I like, Megu will just be dissatisfied.

Even now, she’s been saving up so much emotions.

How can I satisfy Megu?

「Enough, if Megu-oneechan keep whining that much then just have sex with Onii-chan on the other room…!」

Mana who wore her dress in a hurry came back

As expected, she’s also worried about Megu.

Megu’s been taking care of Mana up until now so this time, Mana’s the one worried about Megu.

Or rather…Mana

You didn’t wear your underwear, just your dress?

「If you have sex, most of those feelings of frustration would be blown away!」

Megu looks at me as Mana speaks.

「I’m okay with it…Yoshi-kun, want to go to the other room?」


「…I won’t」


「Even if we get rid of your bad mood with sex…Megu will just drown in sex」

「Isn’t it fine to drown?」

Megu looks at me with passionate eyes.

「I don’t want to have such pessimistic kind of sex」


「I’d like to have sex with Megu having a bright smile…not escaping from reality」


「Megu, you’re my wife aren’t you?」

「Isn’t Misuzu-san much better as Yoshi-kun’s wife than Megu?」


「Megu…do you want to be my wife?」

「…I want to. But」

Megu’s being crushed by her inferiority complex towards Misuzu.

「Then do your best. Don’t give up」

「Because…I don’t have anything I could win against Misuzu-san」

Megu looks down.

「I’m not beautiful. I’m not an Ojou-sama. I can’t even do Japanese dance…」

「Bu…Megu can run, right?」

I said.

「The figure of Megu running on the field is so cool, I love it. I think that Megu’s running figure is beautiful」

「Want to have sex on the field?」

「Idiot…I don’t mean it like that. Megu has her own charms」

Yeah…I’ve got to fix this properly

「Misuzu…come here」

I call out Misuzu.

Misuzu who’s talking to Minaho-neesan comes to my side.

「Yes, what is it Danna-sama?」

I speak to Misuzu while embracing Megu

「Megu seems to have inferiority complex towards Misuzu. She said that Misuzu’s a beautiful ojou-sama」

「Yoshi-kun…wait a moment!」

With the person herself being told…Megu panics but…

I hold Megu with both of my hands and didn’t let her go.

「Therefore, I’d like to make it clear in this case…Misuzu also has an inferiority complex towards Megu, right?」

I tried asking for better or for worse.

No…if it’s Misuzu, she’ll understand.

「Yes. Misuzu also has an inferiority complex towards Misuzu-san」


「…Misuzu-san, why?」

Megu’s surprised.

「I’m just a girl. From a normal house」

「Yes…therefore, there are a lot of things I can’t beat Megumi-san with」

Misuzu smiles at Megu.

「Misuzu has always lived in an all girl’s school…I never rode a train or a bus. I don’t know anything done by a normal high school girl」

Misuzu’s going to a prestigious Ojou-sama school.

「Therefore…I am very worried if I can live well with Danna-sama. Danna-sama is taking care of me and trying to match with my lifestyle…it makes me feel sorry」

Megu’s listening to what Misuzu’s saying.

「Perhaps, Megumi-san’s relationship with Danna-sama is a normal high school romance. Misuzu can’t ever leave Kouzuki house. I can never experience romance of ordinary high school students with Danna-sama. That’s why I’m very envious of Megumi-san…!」


「I can’t become Danna-sama’s classmate. Even at school or sports festival…even in school trips, won’t Megumi-san be able to accompany Danna-sama?」

Right, there’s those events.

「Have you come home on the way from school eating ice cream? Misuzu’s envious of that. A daughter of Kouzuki house can’t buy-eat while in her uniform…!」

Misuzu smiles sadly.

「Megumi-san, please do what Misuzu can’t with Danna-sama. Please」

「Misuzu-san…Sorry, I…!」

Megu cries.


「Misuzu…I’ll be going to watch during your school and sports festival. I’ll support you」

「Yes, I’ll prepare a family ticket for that」

「Even in school trips…it’s impossible to do it all but I’ll try to follow you at least one day. There should be a day where you’re free to go anywhere」

Yeah…I’d like to go for Misuzu even if that means skipping classes for a day

「Danna-sama…! Thank you very much…But」

「No, I’ll go anywhere. Where’s Misuzu’s school trip? Kyoto, or could it be Okinawa?」



「…Isn’t Italy a whole day travel?」

「A direct flight will take 12 hours」

「Hmm, you’re going for a school trip at least for a week, right?」


「Then, if it’s Sunday…then I can somehow come in and out」

「Then you can’t stay in Italy for hours」

「It’s fine, I just want to walk with Misuzu on the same destination」


The crying Megu looks up.

「Misuzu-san, sorry. I won’t say selfish things anymore」

「No, Megu, you can speak selfishly. In Megu’s case, it’ll just be troublesome if you hold it up」

「That’s right, Megumi-san. Danna-sama will listen to all of our selfishness!」


All is a bit troublesome but…well fine.

「Misuzu-san…no, Misuzu-oneesan」

Megu calls Misuzu an『elder sister』

「No, Megumi-san. Please don’t add『Onee-san』on me」

Misuzu said smiling gently

「Misuzu wants to be a rival equal to Megumi-san…!」


「Yes. A rival for being Danna-sama’s wife」

7Misuzu smiles.

「Megumi-san is a very touch opponent but…Misuzu won’t lose!」


Megu seems to have no confidence in herself.

「Misuzu can’t stay with Danna-sama all day long. But, Megumi-san is on the same school, class with him…having such a normal romantic life with Danna-sama as high school students…it’s a very big handicap but I’ll never lose. Misuzu will do her best…!」

Misuzu’s saying that Megu’s normal high school life with me is much better than herself being a daughter of a noble family.

Megu’s much closer to me.

「Understood…I won’t lose either!」

Megu’s clouded heart is finally clearing up from what Misuzu said.

Misuzu swears with strong eyes.

「That’s expected from Megumi-san, my rival!」

Misuzu presents her hand to Megu.

The two girls shake hands.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hmm…that’s youth for you」

Jii-chan said as he look at us

Megu’s taken by Misuzu.

Once again, they’re talking to Ruriko and Reika and co.

Misuzu who’s gloomy a while ago…is now opening her heart through Misuzu.

「That saved us. It’s thanks to Misuzu」

「I wonder? I think that it’s your own power」

「No, I didn’t do anything though?」

「Well…if that’s what you think then that’s fine」

Reika comes to us.

「『Kakka』, I never knew that a『family』is this fun!」

「Stop with the『Kakka』…call me『Ojii-chan』」


Reika said embarrassed.

「Hmm. Being told by a beauty like Reika-kun, it makes my body shiver.」

Jii-chan said satisfied.

「Then I’ll do it more. Ojii-chan!」

「I already had enough…hurry up and be『family』with this boy too」


Reika looks at me dumbfounded


「You don’t get it…Reika-kun, you feel so pleased about having a lot of『little sisters』, but this one is what’s essential to the『family』」

「…is that so?」

「Yes. In the first place, would Reika become his『wife』, or『sister』…pick one」


「Let’s see…the other members have their position clearly decided」

Right. Everyone has decided their own relationship with me.

「But, Michi calls Lord as『Master』」

「That girl’s a masochist. She wants to be treated like she’s owned like a dog, so that’s fine」

Jii-chan said

「Then, what should I do?…What does Lord hope for?」

To be honest, I’m in trouble

Reika is older than Katsuko-nee and Nagisa but…

She’s not『Nee-san』like at all

That said, she doesn’t have the『wife』feel in her too

No, with this person’s frank and simple personality, it’s unthinkable of her as a lover…

She’s not regretting having entered our『family』

However…her relationship with me isn’t coming that nicely.

I’ve got to fix this…

I feel like I can’t have sex with her.

「Hey hey, it’s pitiful if you ask him. Reika-kun, decide it by yourself and suggest it to him」

Jii-chan said so.

「That may be right but…I don’t have any experience with men at all」

Reika’s troubled.

「Then take your time and let’s build mutual trust bit by bit」

I tell Reika.

「I do trust you but. Lord isn’t a person that will forsake us and run away from the battlefield」

「Uhm…it’s not trust in the battlefield but trust in between man and woman」

I’m trying to explain it but I can’t think of a good example.

「Reika-kun…you have agreed to have sex with him, have you not?」

Instead of me, Jii-chan asks Reika.

「Yes…anytime will do」

「But, it’ll be the first time a man touches your body…won’t there be resistance?」

「I will endure it. I’ll think of it as going to a dentist…」


For Reika, having sex with me is on the same level as the dentist treatment?

「You can’t say that as a relationship of mutual trust…Hey, Nei, come here」

Jii-chan calls out Nei-san

「What’s wrong? Ah, sorry Yo-chan! I never thought that Megu-chan would get so drunk…I didn’t intend to let her drink that much」

No, in that case, Megu herself is the one that wants to be drunk.

Even a glass of wine would be enough for her.

「Instead of an apology…let him massage your big breasts. He looks like he wants to touch Nei’s breast so much」

Hey hey…Jii-chan?!

「Eh, is that so Yo-chan? If you wanted to touch it then you can do it anytime!」

Nei-san comes to me


「What’s wrong, embarrassed?」


「Then, I’ll give you a hug first!」

Nei-san embraces me tightly

My face is buried in Nei-san’s plump breasts.

「Ufufu…so cute!」

Nei-san pats my head, showing a gentle smile.

「Reika-kun…this is mutual trust between men and women」

Jii-chan said

「Take a look…at him and her, there’s no rejection to physical contact at all」

「True, it is as you say…!」

Reika’s looking at us curiously

「Geez, Yo-chan…if you’re hugging Onee-chan then concentrate on hugging!」

Nei-san scolds me.


「Good! Want to massage my breasts?」


「Here, go on」

I put my hand on Nei-san’s breast and massage it.


It’s on a different level compared to Misuzu and Megu.

It’s on a different dimension compared to Michi’s flat chest.

Michi’s breast is 2D…Nei-san’s breast is Hyper3D.

No, what am I talking about?

「Want to touch it directly? Should I strip?」

Nei-san said but…

「No…I’m fine like this」

It looks stupid but I’m massaging Nei-san’s breast while being embraced by her…


「What’s wrong?」

「…I’m happy」


「Yo-chan’s in my arms…wanting my body. You see…I…!」

Nei-san whispers in my ears.

「…that part’s wet right now!」


「I see…I’ve got to reach this stage as well」

Reika…what stage?

「Yes…Reika-kun, the wall in your heart is still too many. That wall is useless in front of the『family』 Especially, your wall against this guy is big」

「…Understood. Thank you for your guidance」

For Reika, sex and romance is some kind of『road』? Training?

Haa…this one’s a huge problem too.

I’ve got to do something about the『family』…

「Geez, you’re thinking about something else again!」

Nei-san’s angry.

「Ah, sorry」

「Geez, I’ll kiss you!」

Then, Nei-san kisses me.

「AH, Nei-san and Onii-chan are kissing!」

「Uha, true!」

Mana and Mao-chan comes over.

「Me too, Me too…!」

「Mao too!」

You children…

No, they’re really children though

14 and 3 years old.

「Can’t be helped…here」

Nei-san’s weak to『little sisters』

She let me go.

「Here, Onii-chan!」

Mana kisses me

She puts in her tongue like it’s natural.

She’s being developed sexually even more…

Is this okay?

「Aaahn, Mao too, Mao too…!」

For Mao-chan…I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

「Eh, you won’t kiss Mao in the mouth?!」

Mao-chan says that but…

「Didn’t you do it before?」

Yeah…I kissed Mao-chan in the bathroom in the mansion’s bathrom.

But, my decision is different from before.

I’ll become Mao-chan’s papa.

I can’t do any further.

「Mao…a kiss in the mouth are for adults」

Nagisa tells her daughter.

「Then it’s okay once I’m 4…?」

「Let’s see…around 12 years old?」

「Mao-chan’s already a grandma by then!!!」

Mao-chan turned everyone in the room to her enemy.

「Cute, so cute!」

Reika smiles and embraces Mao-chan angrily.

「Don’t make that face, Reika-oneesan will kiss you!」


Reika kisses Mao-chan.


Nagisa panics.

「…we’re family anyway」

Reika shows with a straight face.



Suddenly, the door from the other room opens…

「…As expected, they were here!」


A group of young men dressed in luxurious suit comes in.

It’s Jii-chan’s『students』

「Yareyare…they found us」

Jii-chan shows a sour face.

「What?!…Ain’t there a meal prepared?」

「Do you not mind us partaking in this as well?!」

「Somehow, isn’t it all beautiful ladies in here?」

「As expected…『Kakka’s』hobby is wonderful!」

The men enter without even asking for permission.

What’s with these guys?

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