Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 261

261. 『Family』 Time 2 (Buffet party)


Margo-san, Reika-san and Seki-san, it went well with them…

I’ve incidentally forgotten about Yoshiko-san

「Err…Ruriko’s『retainer』Komori Yoshiko-san」

Timidly…I introduced Yoshiko to everyone

「…Komori Yohsiko. I’ll be in everyone’s care」

Yoshiko-san greets everyone with a gloomy face.

「Huh?! Yoshiko-san won’t enter the『family』?!」

Mana said something unnecessary

「Yes…that is…」

Yoshiko-san said that she wants to enter the『family』

But, I think that it’s just because she doesn’t want to leave Ruriko.

She’s not accepting me or the『Kuromori』family

Therefore, Ruriko and Misuzu also puts Yoshiko-san entering the『family』on hold

In Seki-san’s case, it’s just put on hold due to her will but…

In Yoshiko-san’s case…it’s put on hold regardless of her will

Therefore…this problem is very delicate

「Why? Yoshiko-san should enter the『family』too! It would make Mana very happy if Yoshiko-san also becomes my Onee-san!」



I interrupt her

「You just shut up and stay prostrated for a while longer」

「Eh, why!? Onii-chan!?…Is there some reason for it!? If there is then tell Mana too!」

Mana, read the atmosphere

Notice the secret from Yoshiko-san’s gloominess and Ruriko’s troubled look


Let’s not say that Yoshiko-san’s actually a granddaughter of old man Kouzuki…that she’s Misuzu and Ruriko’s cousin.

It’s not something I should say with my own mouth to my『family』

If I do that…Yoshiko-san will lose her trust in me.

Right now, Yoshiko-san can still live normally as the『retainer』of Ruriko, a vassal of the daughter of Kouzuki family.

If her Kouzuki bloodline is exposed…then she’ll be caught up in the successor dispute just like Misuzu and Ruriko

Therefore『Kakka』, Misuzu, Ruriko as well are trying to give chance to Yoshiko-san to choose the future of her own.

It’s not something I should say for now.

「I won’t tell Mana if she has that attitude」

I said clearly

「Why?…We’re family aren’t we?」

Mana looks at me.

「Didn’t I say that Yoshiko-san isn’t in the『family』yet?! Besides…!」

「…What is it Onii-chan?」

「People need to have time to think by their self and give out an answer. If someone in my family is having problems and want to consult me then I’d gladly listen. We’ll think no matter how long it is…but, I won’t force a consultation saying『Talk what you’re worrying about to me』 That’s just wrong…!」

「Whywhy?!…If it was Mana then I’ll talk more to the person that’s suffering you know!! There are those who are find it hard to speak by themselves! Isn’t it better to talk to them positively!」

Mana said

「Mana-chan…that won’t do」

Margo-san tells Mana.


「If that happens…then the one Mana’s talking to won’t get stronger. They’ll stay as a weak child that’s only clinging to Mana-chan’s kindness」

「Isn’t that fine…we’re『family』」

「We’re family that’s why it’s no good」

Margo-san tells clearly.

「Reika-oneesan too, listen here…it’s because you’re likely to pamper the『little sisters』the most」

「…Yes, tell me」

She must’ve accepted Margo-san in the process of forming the combat team.

Reika listens to Margo-san obediently.

「Family…is a gathering of people. Then, you want to be gathering a bunch of strong people if possible, don’t you? A gathering of weak people is just miserable. Especially groups of people who are weak at heart just only becomes a nuisance to others…!」

Margo-san speaks calmly

「Mana-chan…you see, people need to decide things themselves. There’s a lot of things you’ve got to do on your own. You mustn’t let other people decide, or let them do it instead. If you do that, you’ll never become independent…」

「But…We’re『family』 If there’s something that’s worrying them then shouldn’t we help them?…」

Mana said lonely.

Margo-san smiles…

「Katsuko-san…if someone’s in the『family’s』suffering, what would you do?」

「…I’ll make a delicious food. Then, we’ll eat together」

Katsuko-nee answers.

「What about Nei?」

「For the time being…I’ll make thiem laugh. I’ll make them laugh even by tickling. It’ll feel easier when you laugh!」

Nei-san answers.

「If it was me then I’ll do sports…or drive together!」

Margo-san looks at Mana smiling.

「Us family…can always close up together. Or rather…we can only draw closer. But, that’s what’s important」


It’s enough just to stay by the side during difficult times

There’s nothing needed more than that


Mana looks down

「We’re a『family』that stays together…but each of the member of the『family』has to decide their own life. Do you understand…?」


Mana nods lightly


I squat down and match with Mana’s eyes.

「Saying what you think right away is a bad part of you. It’s okay to speak your opinion without hesitation but, you’re speaking without even knowing the feelings of the other person yet. That’s rude to them you know…」

I tell clearly while looking at Mana’s eyes.

「That’s right. Even Yo-chan doesn’t say anything unneeded. He’s listening to us talk really well…and he’s only saying his opinion when we really need it」

Nei-san said that but…

「No…that’s because I’m an idiot. Even if you want to tell something, words don’t come out right away. Somehow, if I feel something’s wrong with the other…I don’t know the reason right away. That’s why I’ll try to watch over the situation until I understand…」

「That’s fine. The useless people just try to carry out the talk with his emotions, pushing away the discomfort. Otherwise, you’d just repel the discomfort and say unnecessary things. It’s right to see the situation of the other properly until you can understand what’s exactly the problem」

Minaho-neesan said

「…Got it. I’ve said something unnecessary Onii-chan」

Mana looks at me

「That’s right…apologize to Yoshiko-san」


Mana heads to Yoshiko-san.

「…I’m sorry Yoshiko-san」

It was a naked dogeza filled with sincerity


Yoshiko-san’s perplexed.

「Yoshiko-san…forgive Mana」

「Even if you say that…I don’t mind it」

Yoshiko-san said but…

「No…Mana-san has spoken rudely to Yoshiko-san. It’s bad to invade other people’s heart thoughtlessly. She has to be punished properly」

Misuzu said

「…Let’s see. Hoe about slapping her butt three times?」

Misuzu smiles looking at me.

…Could this be

「…I’m doing it?」

「…please, Danna-sama」


「…If you don’t mind, then should I do it?」

Michi takes out a red whip

No, if you hit her with that, Mana’s ass would be destroyed!

「…Lord, can I do it?」

Hmm…with Reika’s power, the bones would break…

「No, I got this…I’ll do it」

I turn to Mana’s back

「Get on all fours…I’m slapping your butt」


The naked 14 year old girl sticks out her butt

I can see her pussy and anus in this angle.

「It’s a punishment so hit her with all your strength」

Amused,『Kakka』tells me


If you tell me that, I won’t hold back anymore

I’ll hit her with all my strength…!

「Here I go…Mana!」




Mana endures!





「Here, that’s done…!」

I rub Mana’s red butt

「You okay?…Does it hurt?」


「I’m fine…thanks, Onii-chan」

Mana looks up at me blushing


「If Onii-chan doesn’t hit men…Mana feels like she’s abandoned, it feels sad…」

「…I-I see」

「You weren’t even holding back…you were thinking about Mana weren’t you?」

「No, I didn’t in particular but…」

「No way…Mana felt a lot of Onii-chan’s love」

You can feel love from having your ass slapped?

「Mana-chan…he loves Mana-chan deeply on usual so no matter when, he’ll make a choice filled with affection」

Margo-san said

But…is that so?

「Dear, you should be kind after punishing them That’s a rule after all」

Nagisa tells me.

Yeah…I can tell the reason

「Here, Mana」

I embrace Mana’s body…

I pat her back

「Onii-chan…kiss me」


Piling up our lips…Mana seeks my tongue by herself

「…I-I’m envious」

Who muttered that…Michi?

Envious…on which, the kiss or the ass slapping?

…I guess it’s both When it comes to Michi.

「Now then…Mana-san’s punishment is done」

Misuzu looks at Yoshiko-san

「Yoshiko-san…you’re not in our『family』yet but…」

「Misuzu-oneesama…I will be the one to speak from there」

Ruriko interripts Misuzu


Ruriko reaches out for Yoshiko-san


She holds Yoshiko-san’s hand.

The two girls are holding hands

「I have decided to give my heart and body to Kuromori-sama However…that doesn’t mean that our bonds will be gone」

The 15 year old beauty…tells her 18 year old『retainer』

「Please continue to serve me from now on」

「That is…of course I will. However…」

Yoshiko-san is puzzled as she doesn’t know her master’s true intention

Ruriko raises her face and looks at everyone.

「Everyone…that’s how it is, sorry but Yoshiko will be like Seki-san, she’ll be our『family’s ally』…could you accept her?」

The room quiets down.

「…I don’t mind」

First…Minaho-neesan said

「Un…It’s fine having her an『ally』right?」

Margo-san smiles

「Yes, we welcome you」


「Hmm, I think it’s okay」


「Ufufun! Well, that’s how it is for now!」


「…I think it’s okay」

Megu…cheer up

「I approve…!」

Michi’s having her firm expression as usual

「I welcome you as well」


「Eh, I…I’m on hold for now so I think I’m okay with it」


「There’s no way I would object you know? I will obey your decisions」

『Kakka』…what’s left is

「Hey, Mana…what do you think?」

「Mana…thinks of Yoshiko-san as an『ally』from the beginning It would be strange for me to say that she’s not a friend this late…!」

Even after I slapped her ass…she doesn’t stop speaking her own thoughts.

Well, that’s Mana’s good point.

Now then…I

「I think so too…Yoshiko-san’s a friend」


「Thank you very much…everyone」

Holding Ruriko’s hand tightly…she happily answered.

「Huh…have we forgotten one?」

Nei-san said

「Huh, where’s my child?」

Nagisa panics

Speaking of which, I can’t see where Mao-chan is

Or rather…Yukino too

Are they still playing hide and seek under the table?

「Hey hey, everyone…here here!」

Looking at it, Mao’s on the door at the end of the spacious room.

「Mao, don’t go entering places without permission…!」

Nagisa tells Mao-chan

「Ehehe! There’s food in this room!」


「That’s right! It’s ready for a buffet partyb but…I wonder if it’s okay to eat here?」

Yukino shows up and shouts from the door Mao-chan opened.


What are you doing?

「Seriously…what a vulgar person!」1

Mana insults her real sister

Well…because of Yukino’s current look and make up, she can only be seen as a comedian…

It feels like everything she does will be forgiven…

「Oh…I had them prepare meals. Everyone, let’s go to the other room」


Speaking of which, he said that he prepared for snacks right?

「…Everyone should be hungry by now, I guess」


◇ ◇ ◇

The room next door is a party room.

True, there’s meals prepared.

But…this is too luxurious for a snack…

There’s various kinds of food, and their quantity is huge.

We can’t eat this all just by ourselves right?

「We’ve already evacuated the chefs and the waiters…sorry if it’s all just appetizers for party. Forgive me for there’s no warm food prepared. As for drinks, you can pour it yourself」

Kakka tells us.

「Okaay, then first…everyone take a drink…!」

When it comes to meals…Katsuko-nee partitions everyone.

Her and Nagisa gives glasses to everyone.

「Pour in the drinks you want yourself…Shige-chan, what do you want?」

「I think we better keep away from alcohol」

『Kakka』answers Nagisa.

「A cup won’t hurt would it? We’re not combat personnel, I’ll drink only one cup. Nei-chan, have you decided which wine to open?」

「Un, Nagisa…I’ll take this one!」

Nei-san uncorks a wine bottle skillfully.

「Then…I’ll take a drink as well」

The wine group…『Kakka』Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Nei-san.

The Fresh Orange Juice team…Margo-san, Reika, Seki-san, Michi. The combat team.

The Oolong tea team are…Mana, Megu, Ruriko and Yoshiko-san.

Ice tea…me and Misuzu.

Iced Coffee…Yukino and Mao-chan…?!

「Mao-chan, you drink coffee?」

I asked…

「Only with lots of milk!」

「…You prefer café au lait?」


Mao-chan tilts her head.

「Dear…put only little coffee on the milk. And put plenty of sugar」

Nagisa tells me from the side.

「Oh, I see…」

With that said, I made coffee milk for Mao-chan

「Uhihi…coffee, coffee!」

This is coffee for Mao-chan

「This child tries to imitate adults」

Nagisa says as she look at her beloved daughter

「Okay, then everyone, raise your glasses」

Katsuko-nee confirms.

「Then, before the toast…does『Kakka』want to say anything?」

「You don’t have to mind me Katsuko-kun…I’m only allowed to join in the『family』out of mercy. Not an『Ojii-chan』like me should speak but the true head of household=」

Saying so…he looked at Minaho-neesan.

Yeah…the top if this『family』is Minaho-neesan.

「Then, Ojou-sama…please」


Minaho-neesan looks at everyone with a troubled face.

「Well fine…this will be the first meal with this『family』 Everyone, let’s deepen our relationship. Be sure to talk to everyone…and enjoy the conversation」

Then…Minaho-neesan looked at me.

「I’ll leave the toast to you…!」


「That’s right…I’m the head of this『family』but you’re the core, aren’t you?」

The eyes of the『family』concentrates on me.

「…Danna-sama, please!」

「Onii-chan, hurry up!」

「…Master, please」

「Yo-chan, go!」

Haa…can’t be helped.

「Then, everyone, raise your glasses…!」

Then, everyone raised their glasses.

I thought of saying something witty but I didn’t come up with anything.

Let’s just go with simple.



Then…the『family』buffet party begins.

We drink…eat.

Ah…Seki-san and Yoshiko-san’s not yet opening up to everyone.

But, Katsuko-nee and Mana are talking to them positively.

On the contrary…Reika’s in high spirits.

They have Margo-san, Nei-san and Michi taking care of her.

I’m worried that Megu’s still gloomy but…

Besides, the younger sister’s hurt without even the people around knowing…

Yukino’s behind the gloomy Megu, sticking…

「…It’s okay, I’ll there」

Nagisa whispers to me.

「I think that it’s better for the elder sisters to take care of such times…!」

Un…I’ll just gather everyone’s attention if I give a follow up…

Megu will also be wary of it.

「Then I’ll leave her to you, Nagisa」

「Yes, it’s left to me!…Mao, let’s go!」


Mao-chan…where did you learn that?

「Danna-sama…a chair for grandfather」

Misuzu whispers to me.

Right…it would be bad for the old man『Kakka』to stay standing.

「Got it!」

There are chairs lined up on the wall of the room…

I take one in a hurry.


「Oh, thank you」

『Kakka』looks at me after taking a seat…

「Isn’t it about time you stop calling me『Kouzuki-san?』」


「We’re family, aren’t we? The public doesn’t matter but in this place, it’s too formal. Besides…」


「If you stay too formal with me…the other girls will stay formal with me as well…」


Even now, everyone other than Misuzu aren’t coming to『Kakka』at all

「Then…Can I call you Jii-chan?」


「My real grandfather on my mother’s side isn’t a very good person.「」 He’s already dead but…when I say Ojii-san, I remember him…」


「Besides, I love my grandma on my father’s side. I haven’t met my grandfather on father side so…I thought that Jii-chan would be good…!」

『Kakka』stares at me.

「You’re really an honest to fault…you’re not even trying to please me at any way」


Calling the owner of Kouzuki family Jii-chan.


「No, it’s fine. That’s good. Stay foolish in the future. That’s what’s good about you」

Kouzuki-jiichan laughs and drinks the wine

「Grandfather…do you want to drink more wine?」

「No, I’m good…Misuzu, bring me ice tea. Also, bring me some suitable food to eat」


Misuzu parts from us


「…I, is this okay」

「Hm…what are you worried about?」

「Uhm…I wonder if It’s okay for me to be the core of this『family』…」

The『family’s』eating happily…

To be honest…I’m not confident

Jii-chan looks at my face…

「Do you have a 10k yen note?」


I check my pocket.

I take out a 10k yen note from my wallet

「I do…what about it?」

「Let me borrow it」

I handed the bill to Jii-chan

「Let me ask you…is this 10k yen bill really worth 10 yen?」


I don’t get it

「In truth…it costs less than 10 yen to print a 10k yen note. It’s just a paper. On the contrary, a single yen costs a lot more. It’s because it’s aluminum」

Speaking of which…that’s true.

「Then who has decided that this piece of paper is worth 10k yen? Why do people all over the world believe that this is worth 10k yen?」


「Everyone trusts the state named Japan in issuing this bill.」 They trust Japan so this piece of paper is valued 10k yen. The rules of the financial economy approves it. And if Japan collapses…this paper will still have 10k yen written on it but its value will disappear」


「Us in the『family』system…in the end, everyone trusts and approves you」

「Me?…Minaho-neesan’s power is stronger though?!」

「If it was Minaho-kun only…then I won’t be joining in the group. Misuzu and Ruriko themselves trusts because the other party is you, do you understand that?」


「You’re honest at fault so we believe you. Furthermore, you’re honest at fault yet you’re never a fool. You avoid people with malicious intent properly…you never get swept away by the river. In the meantime, if you think that someone would be safe even if you’re with them…you believe them」

「That’s…not everyone trust me that much」

Jii-chan laughs at me saying「You don’t get it」

「If you weren’t the core then I won’t participate this『family』…likewise, Minaho-kun won’t accept me if you haven’t brought me…!」

…Does that mean?

「Minaho-kun and I have survived in this world by doubting the other party. If it wasn’t for you, it was impossible for this『family』development to happen…!」

「I think so too」

Turning around…Minaho-neesan was there

「Here, grandfather, drinks and meals」

Misuzu comes back as well

「Just in time…then, should we have a somewhat complicated talk…?!」

Misuzu smiles at her grandfather and Minaho-neesan…!

Misuzu, what complicated story?!

1. Says the naked girl ↩

2. Coffee, Green Tea? ↩

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