Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 258

Chapter 258 : The talent of love

「I…let me think for a while longer」

Seki-san answers.

「Or rather…since I knew the secrets of Kouzuki family, I can no longer slip out…!」

Seki-san looks up at『Kakka』

「That’s obvious. Don’t think that I’m someone who overlooks information leak…!」

The current owner of Kouzuki house stares at her with stern eyes.

「As expected…of course it is…」

Seki-san makes a boo-hoo face

「Then…what would you do, Seki-san?」

Misuzu asked calmly.,

「No…Uhm…for now, I’ll become an ally. Of course, I also know that this is a good idea to become an ally of Kouzuki-sama, Misuzu-sama, and Ruriko-sama…」

She answers limply.

「Oh, I’m glad…I was worried what I should do if Seki-san speaks absurdity like she doesn’t understand…!」

Reika who entered the『family』first grins.

Seki-san glares back at Reika…

「But…I don’t want to decide my life easily like Fujimiya-san!…That『family』looks like it’s a serious thing」

「Umu, I understand your feelings…」


Well, yeah.

Reika’s changing her decision promptly.

Well, Reika’s personality is honest so it’s like this but…

An ordinary woman would worry about it a lot.


Seki-san stares at me.

「Doing…a reproductive act…with this one…getting pregnant with his child…」

Seki-san blushes looking at me.

「Got it…then for the time being, Seki-san will become an ally of our『family』 The matter of entering the『family』will be put on hold」

Seki-san feels relieved.

「Since you’re now an『ally』, you’ll be paid more than what you had before…we’ll also guarantee your future position as well. Grandfather, is that good?」

Misuzu confirms it with her grandfather.

「Yes…I don’t mind. Seki-san is no longer my vassal…but an ally that has the same goal. In exchange…we will take care of your life」

If she’s just a vassal or an employee…even if the lord changes, her status and position will be guaranteed.

『Kakka』and Misuzu will be breaking the power struggle in Kouzuki family, even if someone takes over the control…as long as she’s a vassal, Seki-san’s position won’t shake.

But…now that she’s an ally, even if『Kakka』is overthrown and Misuzu expelled from the house…Seki-san will also share the same fate.

On the contrary…

If she stays a vassal, Even if Misuzu takes full control of the authority to Kouzuki family, she can’t hope for a promotion…

If she becomes an ally…then she’ll be involved in the as an existence close to Misuzu.

「I am prepared…I will entrust my life on it…!」

Seki-san answers with a dignified face…


「…Seki-san is really a diligent one」

I speak out my impressions unintentionally.

「…What? Me…diligent?」

Seki-san’s making a blank face.

「A truly diligent one…her diligence is like an iron wall」

『Kakka』tells me

「Uhm…I do think that it’s normal though?」

Seki-san seems to be unconvinced that she’s『diligent』

「No, well…Seki-san thinks seriously, saying that you’ll be an『ally』for the time being, you put the thought of entering the『family』on hold, didn’t you…?」

I asked.

「Yes…I think that’s an ordinary general judgement」

Sending a glance towards Reika…

「I’m not someone cheap like Fujimiya-san!」


…You see

「Seki-san…I don’t think that your judgement is common but…」


Seki-san shows a surprised face.

「Well, look…in this situation, you can just promise that『I’ll become an ally, I’ll join the family too』…and depending on the situation afterwards, you can change your future course, right?」

When Mana was still Maika, she was like that.

Though she behaves and speaks like our ally…she was actually considering of escaping from us.

I’ve got an experience with Maika at that time so I can tell.

「There’s no way I would do such a cowardly behavior…!」

Seki-san speaks angrily.

「No…but you see, normal people will. Everyone’s scared of Kouzuki-san after all. Normal people would have thought of just becoming an『ally』and entering the『family』just to please Kouzuki-san and then watch over the situation」

「Fufufufuun…well you see, it’s a bit different…!」

Nagisa interrupts the conversation.

「What you said just now is about a person in a specific group confident in his ability thus creating cunning behavior. Those kind of people are afraid to offend Shige-chan so they’ll just say yes to everything. Only words yet no actions. There’s always that one or two troublemaker in a group. But, that’s not a lot of people…!」

Nagisa smiles at me.

「Most people who belong to a group like a company are not confident at themselves, a virtuous person That’s why, even if someone in a position like Shige-chan says『be our ally, join our family』…almost all of them will decline」


「『I can’t do it』or 『I don’t have the talent』or『I can’t bear the responsibility』You see…becoming Shige-chan’s『ally』is too frightening for normal people」

「…What’s frightening?」

Misuzu asks

「If you’re in a standpoint being used by someone, you only have to fulfil the jobs and responsibility ordered. Then, you get paid and can support your family. That’s enough for them. Of course…everyone wants to succeed in their career. But…being involved in the huge power struggle in a huge family like Kouzuki house, instead of a success in career… There’s not a lot of people who would want to bother with such hardships…!」

…I see

Is that how it is?

I myself don’t know any other group but the『school』so I don’t understand it well

「For normal people, becoming an『ally』of『Kakka』is too heavy of a burden. Much more, if asked to join the『family』, they’d faint…」

Nagisa smiles.

「Or rather…they can’t imagine themselves in it…!」

…Can’t imagine?

「Do you know? Humans definitely imagine themselves behaving that way before they do something. Unless a concrete images comes up…people can’t act on their own will」


I don’t get it.

「Most people…can’t imagine themselves in that even if Shige-chan tells them to『Join in the family』 They can’t imagine…so they can’t act. Even if it’s an outrageously big chance…they will decline」

That’s the reaction of normal people

「Then…Nagisa-sama, what do you think of Seki-san’s judgement?」

Misuzu asks

Right. Seki-san…what kind of type of person is she?

「Seki-san is an extraordinary rare case. She’s a person confident in herself and is also a good natured one…!」

「…G-Good natured? Me?」

The person talked about speaks in stuttered voice.

「That’s right…that’s why you are seriously troubled at the thought of joining in our『family』…!」

Not answering immediately…even if it displeases『Kakka』her confidences comes as it’s not a problem of her own values changing.

And…she’s seriously troubled…

I see, Seki-san right now is …

There’s a possibility of her joining in our『family』…

How many percent it is, it’s unknown but…

She can imagine herself joining our『family』…

That’s why she’s seriously worried.

「Not making fun or trying to lie in this situation…seriously worrying about it, I don’t think that a person like that is not a good person」

Nagisa said.

Seki-san’s mouth is wide open.

It must be her first time being evaluated as such

「Rather than that…I think」

Reika-san looks at Seki-san

「Seki-san’s probably a heavy woman」

Seki-san’s expression changed radically

「I’m not that heavy!」

「It’s not…I’m not talking about the weight」

Reika speaks in a low voice.

「Seki-san…if a guy invites you for a tea, do you think『this person likes me』…?」


「Just walking around the corridor with a man…you’d think『What happens if this becomes a rumor』…」


Ah…she has memories of it

「Ah…you’re the type that sees everything as a fuse of love」

Nagisa agrees.

「After you were chosen as the personal guard…you were sticky with Choumoto-san for a while」

Reika looks at Seki-san.

「Trying to match the color of the clothes…ordering the same menu on the employee cafeteria, trying to match the departure time from office」

「Why do you know that!」

「…There’s no one in the company I don’t know」


「Hmmm, so she has a crush on a colleague」

Nagisa makes fun of her.

「Because…I never thought that he’s gay!」

Seki-san beats the desk

「It’s different from usual! That was the the first time I hit on a homo!」

「…Usual? But, Seki-san…you never had a relationship with a man, have you?」

Misuzu asks

「That’s right, never! Nobody ever comes close to me! That’s why I’m the one who’s making the effort to approach but…when I do that, men try to move away further than myself!」

Effort to approach…

Matching the color of clothing…asking for the same menu…

That’s hard to understand.

Also…it’s just a behavior you’d find hard to react once you know it…

「I see…Seki-san’s a damsel in love. Inside her head…」

Reika said.

Seki-san’s surprisingly a romanticist.

And yet, no men approaches her…

She’s making an incomprehensible appeal.

Then, the men pulls away.

Yeah…she’s certainly a heavy woman

I understand why she’s a virgin at this age.

「Whaaat!? I don’t want to be told by you! Aren’t you a virgin as well!」

Seki-san’s angry at Reika.

「That is because I never had interest in that kind of thing」

Reika laughs

「Besides…I will be experiencing it soon…」

Reika looks at me.

She’s already decided to have sex and bear my child.

Reika’s too good at making decisions


「…Wait, stop!」

I tell Reika.

「Reika, you’re already my『family』…that won’t change but. I’ll put it on hold whether you’ll have sex with me or not」

「…Why is that? Lord?!」

Reika shows a surprised face…

「Reika…Seki-san as well, you haven’t experienced a proper love relationship yet」

I answer.

「It’s not good to have only sex even though you haven’t experienced love yet」

「I…don’t mind」

Reika says.

「I’ve already sworn to give my body to my lord…!」


I compare Reika and Seki-san.

Reika’s too good at making decisions…

Reika-san’s thinking too much…

Both of them have extreme characters.

But…both of them became adult women without knowig love.

「Reika, I feel happy on your feelings, I respect it…but, try to watch over for a bit」


「I understand well that what Reika needs now is a『family』 That’s why, concentrate on blending with the『family』…and let’s postpone sex for later」

What Reika seeks now is『family love』

Let’s first fill that up.

Let’s have my fill later.

「But, I…」

「I’ve got some people I regret having sex without any love」


My relationship with Yukino has gotten messed up…

It was because of the first rape.

I was desperate…I’ve violated Yukino because of my carnal desires not because of love.

Our relationship has stumbled from the beginning…

I shouldn’t do that again.

「I’ll like Reika more…that’s why, Reika should look at various parts of me. Then…when our hearts fit properly, we embrace each other at that time. Not forcibly but naturally…」

I said…

「If that is Lord’s orders…then I’ll obey it」

Reika answers


That’s not it.

「Earlier…Reika-san have heard only my and Danna-sama’s voice during our sex, haven’t you?」

Misuzu asks Reika


「Then…watch Danna-sama and I have sex. It’s better to watch a sex of love in close proximity」

Yeah, she’s right

That might be right.

「Misuzu! It’s unfair that it’s only you! I’m the next one you know…1」

Nagisa speaks huffily.


I’ll be squeezed dry if this continues.

「No, let’s meet the『family』for now. Let’s have her watch sex later」

I said.

I haven’t seen Minaho-neesan and co for a while…

Anyway, Reika should get in touch with the『family』as soon as possible.

Seki-san too…I think she’ll get along with Katsuko-nee and Margo-san than these people



I turn to『Kakka』

「Of course you do know that Reika and Seki-san are like this?」

Old man Kouzuki laughs.

「Now then…I wonder what you mean by that?」

『Kakka』have thoroughly isolated Ruriko and Yoshiko-san from men.

She’s doe something similar to Misuzu.

With Misuzu and Ruriko being on such a policy…the two of these who have no experience in romance is no coincidence.

Of course…this is『Kakka’s』intervention

「These two having no romantic experience…and yet owning such a good personality… Thus, you made them guards of Misuzu and Ruriko, haven’t you?」


「That’s not all. Both of them are outstanding. They’re even the top of Kouzuki security service. Their body and skill are outstanding. Mentally, they’re still immature but…I want you to tolerate that as there’s still room for development. Well, there’s some promise as they’re elite, their character is too good and too serious but…Minaho-kun can control that point very well」

Saying that, the old man laughs

「Either way…our『family』needs more people…what do you think?」


「I think so too. Kouzuki-san’s eyes for people is right」


Reika and Seki-san have been certified by『Kakka』from the start.

If not, they can’t make contact with his treasured granddaughters.

There’s no way they’re people with dirty hearts…

Their love experience deficiency is a small problem though.

「Now then…it’s about time we see Minaho-kun’s face? I’m sure she’ll be surprised」

Kakka speaks like a naughty boy

◇ ◇ ◇

We dressed up in a hurry…

All of us left the room.

Ahead, Reika and Seki-san.

Misuzu and I follows.

Ruriko and Yoshiko-san…

Nagisa and Mao-chan are with『Kakka』…

Michi’s defending the back.

Once again, we changed elevators multiple times.

We go up and down repeatedly on different elevators…

We get off the 27th floor.

「This is usually a wedding hall」

『Kakka』tells everyone

「Minaho-kun and co. are waiting in here. We’ve prepared meals so you should eat as well」

That helps…speaking of which, I’m a bit hungry


There’s no guard wearing Kouzuki security service uniform at all

「…The 20th to 30th floor is all reserved by me today. I am somewhere on those floors. Yamaoka’s subordinates aren’t allowed to enter here」

『Kakka』explained as he guessed what I’m thinking.

「The enemy wearing a job uniform can’t go up to my private area…!」

So that’s the reason.

「Uhm…Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san?」

Seki-san asks『Kakka』

「They’ll come right away once I call them. For now, it’s my time to enjoy with my wonderful granddaughters. I don’t want to see the face of those two right now…」

Well…they’re gay after all.

「It’s there…『Between the heron』 Open up the door」

Reika and Seki-san opens the door.


Nei-san’s the only one in the middle of the wide wedding hall

I can’t see anyone else…

「Hm? What what, what’s wrong?」

Nei-san turned to us and speaks with a charming face…

…This is Margo-san’s usual strat.

Nei-san’s a decoy…

And she’ll aim for the chance of break out…


「…Margo-san, it’s us.」 It’s okay! There’s no problem!!!」

I shout loudly.



Megu and Mana shows up under the round table near the door we entered in.

「The negotiation with Kouzuki-san went well. It’s all okay!!!!!」

「Really, it’s not a lie! Grandfather has accepted me and Danna-sama!」

Misuzu shouts as well.

「Minaho-san…there’s really no problem」

When Nagisa calls them out…the others finally show up

Everyone’s hiding themselves behind desks and platforms

Katsuko-nee…Minaho-neesan…Yukino too


…She’s on top.

She shows herself in between the iron pipes hanging the lights.

Using a rope, she comes down.

「…Everyone’s gathered it seems」

Minaho-neesan looks at me, Misuzu, Nagisa and Mao-chan, and shows a relived look.

「Umu…I brought it properly」

『Kakka』looks at Minaho-neesan with a smile

「Thank you very much…Kouzuki-sama」

Minaho-neesan bows respectfully

Nei-san and others are still showing an uneasy face.

They don’t know the results of our negotiation with『Kakka』…

「Then…what happened?」

Minaho-neesan asks Kakka.

「I’ve heard that you have given him and Misuzu san your permission…!」

「Umu…actually, on that regard」

『Kakka』speaks pompously

「I’ve got some things I’ve got to ask you…」

Minaho-neesan gasps.

「This will have a very serious influence in the future of Kouzuki house and you as well…!」

「What do you need?」

Minaho-neesan asks with a serious face.

「Yes…listen very closely…!」

The head of Kouzuki house…Kouzuki Shigetaka speaks.

「Call me…『Ojii-chan』…!」

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