Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 256

「Here, Dear…wipe your face with this」

Nagisa hands me a small hand towel smilingly.

I put away the bucket on the floor for the time being and take the towel.

Before I wipe off the love nectar and sweat on my face…

「Here, Ruri-chan…I’m wiping it off」

I put the towel on Ruriko’s crothc.

「That’s…Onii-sama, I can do it myself!」

Ruriko’s embarrassed but…

「It’s fine…let me do it」


「I’ll be taking care of Ruri-chan from now on」

Without saying…I open up Ruriko’s legs again and wipe her wet crotch.


「That towel is for Ruri-chan. Dear can use this one」

Nagisa handed me another towel

「Nagisa, how many towels do you have?」

When I asked, Nagisa…

「It’s necessary when you have a small child. I always carry around three to four sheets」


「Got it…I’ll do that as wel」


「I’m Mao-chan’s papa after all」

Un…Mao-chan’s a clever child even if she’s just three.

It won’t be a problem even if I bring her around.

「I’ll also help out dropping and picking her up at the nursery. Or playing with her on the park. Nagisa has a shop to manage so just say when you need me」

Nagisa’s moved.

「If there’s something I need to do when I take care of a small child then just tell me…I don’t have any younger siblings so I don’t get it well」

I myself was neglected by my parents…

Since childhood…I never had my parents play with me

「Un, un…thank you, dear」

Nagisa answers.

Now then…I drop my eyes on the bucket.

What should we do with this bucket filled with pee?

The smelly liquid in the tin container is making splashing sounds.

「Should I throw it away…?」

Michi asks…

「No…it’s fine. I can do it myself」

I lift up the bucket.

Un…let’s dispose it on that sink over there

I carry it to the hot water installation…

「…There we go」

I throw away the pee in the sink.

I twist the faucet and rinse the urine away.

I also scrubbed the bucket.

I also washed the sink properly…

Yeah, that’s good.

It’s clean now.

I washed my hands and wiped it with the towel Nagisa gave me.

「Ruriko-san…you see, I love that part of Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu tells Ruriko.

「Yes…Onii-sama’s someone I respect from the bottom of my heart」

Hey hey, Ruriko…

「…You’re praising me too much I just disposed the pee from the bucket and washed it off」

I put back the bucket on it’s original place and go back to everyone.

「No, not everyone does that. If it was me, I won’t clean it myself…」

Even『Kakka』says that.

「That’s why Shige-chan’s not popular with girls!」

Nagisa smiles at『Kakka』

「It probably is…he’s much more human than me」

『Kakka』also tries to praise me.

「Stop that. Kouzuki-san has a lot of subordinates that do what you want, right? I am only doing what I can do by myself」

「…What you can?」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「Isn’t that obvious? Ruriko’s already my 『family』」

It’s normal to take care of your『Family』

「For him, that’s normal」

Nagisa laughs.

「I am really being loved」

Ruriko said emotionally.

「Then…what do you think Ruriko-san?…Apart from your peeing, what’s your impression on your first climax?」

Nagisa asks Ruriko smilingly.


「When he was licking your place…something inside your head exploded, didn’t it?」

Ruriko’s crotch is still exposed.

…She’s sitting on the chair limply.

「Yes. Somehow, I felt like my body’s being wrapped in white light. It felt really good…but I’m a bit tired now」

Ruriko smiles.

「But, you feel refreshed don’t you? After Danna-sama made you feel good, it feels like you can concentrate so much more whatever you do afterwards…!」

Misuzu says

「Ah, I can tell… Somehow, I feel calm…that I can do my best at anything right now…!」

Ruriko answers radiantly.

「That is the power of Danna-sama’s love. For now, it was just licking…but try real sex soon」


「That’s right, taking in Danna-sama inside you…and pouring in a lot of semen. That feels very good」

Misuzu smiles

「It’ll hurt for a bit at first but you’ll get used to it. Then, it’ll feel good afterwards…Danna-sama’s sperm being poured into your womb creates a very fulfilling emotion」

「Uhm…how often does sex needs to be done?」

「I…am doing it at least once everyday now. After Danna-sama embraces me, my skin becomes moist, I sleep at night well and feel refreshed waking up every morning. I feel like my body’s getting more womanly…it’s all good things!」

Misuzu said.

True…Misuzu’s becoming more and more charming

「Can I do it too?」

Ruriko looks at my half erect penis.

Well, I’m also naked all this time

I’ve gotten used to be naked in front of my『family』

「It’s fine. Ruriko-chan looks like she has a body that’s easy to get wet…I don’t think there will be a problem」

Nagisa said.

「But…I’m still just 15 years old…」

「My, Mana-chan’s 14 years old but she’s already having sex with him. Right?」

Nagisa looks at me…

「Un…Mana’s going more than once a day. Since yesterday, she’s the one that’s asking for it」

The first was a forced rape and three consecutive creampies…

Before I noticed it, Mana seems to be the one that’s leading.

「I’m envious…Misuzu also want to live with Danna-sama too. Then, we would be able to do it anytime…!」


Will my body be able to hold on?

…If that happens.

「Ruriko-san, sex is something you do only when you want… Try to get used to it. Then, your body will continue to grow to an attractive figure worthy of giving birth to a baby…!」

Nagisa gives Ruriko another false knowledge.

「Ah…of course, you’re only going to do it with him. You should never do it with anyone but him…」

「…I can’t think of any other man but Onii-sama」

Ruriko answers with her cheeks blushing.

「I decided. I won’t ever speak to men other than Onii-sama」


「I am Onii-sama’s property. Ruriko will devote her all to Onii-sama…!」

She looks up at me.

Ah…I get it.

Ruriko has the same blood as Misuzu…

She’s also a masochist.

「Hey hey, are you saying you won’t talk to me anymore?」

『Kakka』speaks in panic

Ruriko didn’t reply to her grandfather but instead looked at me.

「Onii-sama…would you allow me to talk with granfather?」

She’s already entrusting everything to me.

「Yeah, of course. She’s our Ojii-san so it’s fine to talk to him」

「Thank you very much」

『Kakka』feels a bit grumpy…

「Am I supposed to thank you here?」

「Shige-chan, don’t be so jealous! Your granddaughter’s favorability will go down you know!」

「Oops, that’s not good!」

Old man Kouzuki closes his mouth.

「Also…when you need to talk to people you need to, like school teachers, or shop clerk, then it’s okay to talk to other men」

If I don’t tell her this…Ruriko’s life might be hindered.

「Thank you very much. Our class only have elderly male teachers who are married and have children so please be at ease」

Un…I feel like Misuzu said that before.

The Japan’s largest Ojou-sama school is thorough when it comes to that.

「Besides, I only shop on locations where there are only female staff. At school, I’m using a private car…I’ll absolutely live in a way I don’t have to talk to men. Onii-sama…I’ll do my best to make you feel relieved」


Ruriko’s originally been completely isolated from men thanks to『Kakka』

There’s nothing much changed in her lifestyle this late.

「Yeah, got it」

「Ruriko will be living for Onii-sama’s sake from now on…」

I need to fix the orbit just a bit.

「Then…become a more charming woman for me」

I order Ruriko.

「Ruriko…what do you think is a charming woman?」

「Yes, Onii-sama…let’s see, always beautiful, always having a good sense of clothing, good at cooking and sewing…always kind to her friends…」

Ruriko’s enumerating the elements of her own『ideal girl』

「Then, aim to be that girl. Think how you can be that kind of girl…do your best. For me…」

At start…it’s fine to say『for me』

Surely, it’ll benefit Ruriko.

「Yes, Ruriko will do her best for Onii-sama!」

Ruriko smiles cutely to me…

「…Please do not go ahead alone!」

Hearing a voice from the side, everyone got startled.

The source of the sorrowful voice is Yoshiko-san.

「Ruriko-sama…please do not leave Yoshiko!」

Yoshiko’s completely crying.

「Yoshiko…I don’t intend to abandon you」

Ruriko approaches her older『retainer』in panic

She holds Yoshiko-san’s hand…

「Yoshiko will be staying by my side for a while longer」

「A while longer…?」

Yoshiko-san’s surprised.

「Yoshiko’s already at third year high school…in 18 years of age. It’s about time you part from me and prepare to be a bride」

Ruriko seems to have made up her mind to be my 『family』

She’ll release Yoshiko-san.

「I don’t want that. I dont’ want to be married to some other house. I’d like to serve Ruriko-sama until I die」

Yoshiko-san desperately pleads.

「I’m really grateful for what Yoshiko said but, you’re someone in a different standpoint than myself. From now on, Misuzu-oneesama and I…have to fight in Kouzuki house. I don’t want to involve Yoshiko who’s not in the same bloodline to fight…」

Yeah…Ruriko’s become our『family』and yet…

The problem on the succession competition in Kouzuki family is greatly involved.

Misuzu and Ruriko…are being targeted by the clans and executives who are aiming to be the successor of『Kakka』

Everyone are trying to marry their sons and kins to Misuzu and Ruriko.

That’s why…in order to evade their expectations, Misuzu and Ruriko collaborates…and becomes Kuromori’s『family』

But…Yoshiko’s not a relative of Kouzuki.

There will be someone who will try to aim to connect with Ruriko through her but…

She’s allowed to marry the person she likes and try to build a happy family.

「Please don’t say that…Yoshiko, Yoshiko is…」

Yoshiko-san cries like an abandoned puppy.

「Grandfather…I have something I’d like to ask」

Misuzu looks at her grandfather

「…What is it?」

「It’s about Yoshiko-san’s birth」


「There are rumors that Yoshiko-san is grandfather’s illegitimate child」


There’s that rumor…

「Please tell us the truth…」

If Yoshiko-san has a Kouzuki blood in her as well…then it’ll be a different story

「…Misuzu, Ruriko…and Yoshiko」

The old man Kouzuki looks at the three girls.

「Let me tell you the truth…that rumor is false. Yoshiko isn’t my daughter」


Yoshiko-san suddenly falls discouraged.

「Yoshiko…is the daughter of the secretary of my eldest son, Shigeharu…!」

…Does that mean?

Then, Yoshiko-san is Misuzu and Ruriko’s cousin?

「As I said earlier…Shigeharu and his family were killed in US. Yoshiko was in her mother’s womb back then. Shigeharu made a move on his young secretary. If Shigeharu had lived…I might’ve ordered her to abort you. But, I want to leave the last child Shigeharu left behind in this world. Therefore…I let Yoshiko’s mother be taken care of my trusted subordinate, Komori Youzo, and register her as the daughter of that family」

「Then…who’s my real mother?」

「The person Yoshiko thinks her nanny is her real mother」

「Hiromi-san is my mother…?!」

Yoshiko-san’s surprised.

「That’s right. Yoshiko…you’re definitely my granddaughter. I’ve done DNA tests after you were born. It proved that you’re Shigeharu’s daughter」

Ruriko holds Yoshiko-san’s shoulder.

「Yoshiko’s also my sister!」

「Yoshiko-san… !」

Misuzu’s also pleased with the truth.

「But…if the third successor candidate appears, it would confuse the Kouzuki house. Furthermore, Yoshiko’s an illegitimate son of the deceased. If the truth comes to light, I don’t know how she’ll be seen by the public」

『Kakka』said bitterly

Do illegitimate children have such a weak standpoint?

The father that could protect her is already gone from this world…the possibility of the power game inside Kouzuki house turning to a mess is very high.

「Fortunately…Yoshiko’s adoptive father is a loyal man. No matter how someone investigates thoroughly, it’ll become an unmovable fact that Yoshiko is Komori’s daughter…it worked thoroughly. Therefore, Yoshiko’s not bound in Kouzuki house」

Even if it’s true that she’s the illegitimate child of Kouzuki Shigeharu…it’ll not be known by the public…

Yoshiko-san can choose her own life freely.

「You can live as you want. If it’s money, I’ll give you no matter how much it is. If you want to study I can let you even study abroad. If you find a man you like, then you can buy him out and marry him…」

Kouzuki old man tells his third granddaughter.

「I…I just want to stay this way」

Yoshiko answers.

「I’d like to serve Ruriko-sama as her『attendant』…! That’s the destiny established on me」


「Yoshiko-san…you shouldn’t set your heart like that」

Yoshiko-san looks at me

「”This is absolute”…”It must be so”…or “it’s fate”…that’s just a mere belief」

「…What do you know?!」

「Yoshiko-san throws her anger at me」

「All of it…I just had that philosophy in life turned over just recently…」

I look at Yoshiko-san with serious eyes.

「I…just a week ago, I’ve been convinced that my life is already gone, that I am nothing」

That’s right.

In that dark and cold house where nobody comes back…

Alone in the sofa, waiting for the morning to come.

「Therefore, calm down…you should take your time to think about it reasonably」

I look at Misuzu and Ruriko.

「Both of you, give Yoshiko-san some time to think. Don’t push your own opinions to Yoshiko-san Even if you think that it’s for her, that will only bother her」

「Yes, Danna-sama」

「I’ll do as Onii-sama says」

Both of them approved my prompt decision

「Kouzuki-san too…please don’t continue the topic any further Even your rational suggestions are just confusing Yoshiko-san right now」

「…Got it」


「Yoshiko-san too…no matter what future you chose is your own freedom, please think about it with calmly. It’ll be fine. No matter what kind of conclusion Yoshiko-san makes, Ruriko will never forsake Yoshiko-san. Ruriko and Yoshiko-san’s bonds are the same as ever. I promise you that…」


Yoshiko-san calms down a bit, she looks at me.

「I don’t intend to take Ruriko away from Yoshiko-san. Ruriko won’t abandon Yoshiko-san just to go to my place. My relation with Ruriko and your relationship with her are completely different things. Be at ease…!」

「Yes…I’m sorry for losing my composure」

Yoshiko-san bows her head to everyone.

「Then, let’s keep this case on hold for a while」

『Kakka』tries to conclude the talk.

「But, even though you look like a normal kid, you can make a perfect judgement as a『coordinator』」

Old man Kouzuki tells me.

「I’m trained everyday after all」

I said laughing

「…I see」


「Then, let’s leave it as that…for the time being, there’s no other problem that needs to be solved now, is thee?」

Nagisa confirms.

The conflict between『Kakka』and Misuzu have already been resolved.

My relationship with Misuzu is already allowed…or rather, Ruriko and『Kakka』have entered Kuromori『family』

The problem of Yoshiko-san, well, she’ll take time for it so we’ll put it on hold.

Umu…there’s no urgent problems.

「Ah, there’s one urgent problem…!」

Misuzu tells Nagisa.

「Eh, what is it?」

I ask Misuzu…


「Yes, Ojou-sama…!」

Michi erased her presence and heads to the door to the next room

…What is she doing?


Michi suddenly opens the door.


Clinging on the other side of the door is…Seki-san, Fujimiya-san and Mao-chan…

They rolled down to this rooom.




The three of them rolled on the floor.

「…Were the three of you listening?」

Misuzu smiles


…S-Since when?


Mao-chan laughs rubbing her head


Fujimiya-san is shaken as it’s known she’s eavesdropping.

「I’m not listening as attentively as Fujimiya-san…!」

Seki-san tries to put the blame on Fujimiya-san

「Seki-san is the one who put her ears on the door!」

Fujimiya-san desperately tries to impose the crimes on Seki-san

「Sorry, Mao did it…」


「You see, Mao said that Onii-chan and others are definitely doing lewd things, so I asked them to listen secretly!」

So it was Mao-chan’s idea.

Instigated by a little girls…the ladies joined in the eavesdropping?

「My…Seki-sana nf Fujimiya-san are interested in lewd things that much?」

Misuzu blames the two guards

「That…you see」

「It’s not that I’m interested…Fujimiya-san…」

「Isn’t Seki-san the one listening excitedly…?!」

…These two

Are they on good terms or bad terms?

「Then…where did you hear this from?」

Misuzu asks

「Just now, in this room we are talking a very important and confidential topic that would decide the future of Kouzuki family」

The two are tense

「That’s you see」

「Oh, if I recall, it’s around where Yoshiko-sama is Kouzuki Shigeharu’s memento. Isn’t that right, Fujimiya-san…!」

Seki-san…that’s a lie

Besides, isn’t that just the conversation from a few minutes ago?

「You see…it’s when Mama calls Kouzuki-san『Shige-chan』…」


Isn’t that quite a long time ago?

「Also, Onii-chan and Misuzu-san’s lewd voices…and that Onee-chan’s lewd voice, we’ve been listening all this time! Ehehe1」

My sex with Misuzu too…

Ruriko’s climax as well…they’ve heard everything

「…I-It’s embarrassing」

Ruriko’s face is dyed red.

「Uhihi…Hey, Ruri-chan!」

Mao-chan smiles at Ruriko

「Can Mao call Onee-san Ruri-chan as well?」

Ruriko looks at me.

I nod..

Mao-chan is our family too…

「You can…!」

「Get along with Mao-chan okay」

「Yes…my best regards」

「I also became Mao-chan’s Ojii-san…!」

『Kakka』approaches Mao

「Here, let me carry you」

Kouzuki old man tries to carry Mao-chan but…

「Ojii-chan, your mouth stinks!」

Mao-chan runs away from『Kakka』and head towards me.

「Onii-chan, carry me!」

Having no choice, I carry Mao-chan.


Fight…do your best.

「Sorry. I’ll find some good deodorant for dentures for Kouzuki-sama!」

Nagisa says but…『Kakka’s』not coming back

The damage of the young girl is deep…

「Now then…Seki-san, Fujimiya-san. You two knows a secret you shouldn’t know about…!」

Misuzu tells the two.

「The two of you can’t go back」

The two look at Misuzu in surprise.

「We’ll accept any punishments…」

Fujimiya-san bows her head


Seki-san panics

「Forgetting our duty as a guard…we’ve eavesdropped the secret of our lord because for our own interest. We no longer have a choice but to apologize by dying…」

No…why do you have to die?!

「No way, I don’t want to die like this!」

「Then, I will assist you」

Fujimiya-san grips her beat to death stick…

Seki-san has also entered a repelling stance…

「I’d prefer not to get killed by you! My beauty would just be crushed by that stupid stick1」

「Then, I’ll destroy it to the extent you can’t keep your original form!」

The two of them stare at each other…

「Stop that…I didn’t order anything of that sort…!」

Misuzu speaks with the dignity of the successor of Kouzuki house.

「Ha, I’m sorry」

Fujimiya-san prostrates.

「S-Sorry. I’m sorry」

Seki-san lowers her head.

「By the way…let me ask you two」

Misuzu said

「Both of you…are still virgins, aren’t you?」

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