Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 250

On top of the chair…Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san lift their skirt and make an M shaped legs.

Both of them are red to their ears.

Matching pair of pure white panties.

It is damp wet in the crotch part.

Err, this is…a string tied on the side…

Is this what they call himopan?1

「My, both of you are wearing silk panties!」

Nagisa smiles.

「Sorry…it’s because the fabric feels pleasant」

Ruriko-san says bashfully.

「Excuse me for a bit…I will be examining it」

Nagisa touches Ruriko-san’s crotch with her thin and long finger.


Ruriko-san leaks out her voice.

Her love nectar spreads out through the wet cloth in her crotch.

「Somehow…I feel strange. It feels hot here…!」

Ruriko-san is puzzled by the change in her body

「It’s okay…women are all like this」

Nagisa says

Then, she look at me…

「I will inspect Yoshiko-san so you can touch Ruriko-san」

Ruriko-san got frightened.

「Kuromori-sama will…?!」

「Don’t be scared…Ruriko-san. It’s fine, she’s my Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu speaks as she keeps her legs open on top of the floor carpet.

Smiling…she recommends me to Ruriko-san with confidence.

「Ruriko-san…I’ll touch you」

I said, Ruriko-san…


She answered while spilling hot tears from her eyes.

I let my fingers crawl.

I first gently caress the slit from top of her silk cloth.

「Aah…Kuromori-sama’s fingers…!」

Ruriko-san trembles.

She never got on a crowded train ever since she was born…

A completely sheltered girl thoroughly isolated from men.

It must be her first time having a man touch her private part.

「I’ll strengthen it」

I caress on top of the slit.


I grind around her clitoris…

「Iyaan! What is this?」

The first pleasure attacks Ruriko-san.

The love nectar makes a splashing sound.

「How is my Danna-sama’s fingers, Ruriko-san. It feels good doesn’t it?」

Misuzu smiles gently.


Ruriko-san doesn’t seem to know how to express the pleasure she felt for the first time.

「…Does it feel good?」

When I asked…Ruriko-san leaks out a hot sigh, looked up…

「I-It feels good…!」

「…I’m glad」

「Aaah…K-Kuromori-sama…Ruriko’s feeling good…my heart’s beating so fast! It’s hot…!」

Teary eyed, Ruriko-san talks about the heat wave rising up her body.


「That’s the taste of love. It’s the feeling of love…!」

As if being hypnotized…Misuzu’s words sink into Ruriko-san.

「This is…the taste of love? The feeling of love…?」

「That’s right. Danna-sama loves Ruriko-san from the bottom of his heart. That’s why his touch feels so good」

「It’s because it’s Kuromori-sama that’s why it feels this good?」

「If it’s not Danna-sama…then it won’t be this gentle and kind」

Misuzu smiles

「L-Love…Is this love?」


「Ruriko-san…excuse me」

Groping Ruriko-san’s crotch with my right hand…I embrace her body with my left

「U-Uhm…What are you doing?!」

Ruriko-san’s surprised.

Ruriko-san’s body stiffens in my arms.

「Don’t be surprised…loosen up. Entrust your body to me…」

I whisper to Ruriko-san’s ears.


「Ruriko-san is very cute…」


「Yes…you feel so dear to me」

「That’s…but, Kuromori-sama has Misuzu-oneesama…」

Ruriko-san’s ethical thought defends her spirit…

Therefore…Misuzu speaks.

「Yes. Therefore, Danna-sama is Ruriko-san’s Oni-sama…!」


「There’s no need to be shy about being loved by your Onii-sama…」

I already know what to do at this kind of situation.

「That’s right…Ruriko」

I call her『Ruriko』

I blow away the barrier between us.

「Ruriko’s my little sister. That will be for forever」


「Yes, you can rely on me…I’ll do anything for Ruriko’s sake」

While saying so…

I prepare myself to shoulder Ruriko’s life.


Ruriko is in my arms.

「That doesn’t matter…!」

「…Doesn’t matter?」

「Just shut up and by my little sister…!」

I look into her eyes and strongly order her.

「You’ll be my little sister. That’s what I decided. You don’t have to think about anything and just follow me!」


「Y-Yes…! Onii-sama!!!!」

Ruriko’s never been ordered by anyone but her grandfather since she was born.

Even her grandfather, he probably never ordered Ruriko with strong words.

Therefore…I dominate Ruriko.

「Relax your body…entrust it to me…」

I whisper to Ruriko.

「But, won’t I be burdening Onii-sama?」

I smile at her.

「It’s fine. I can withstand Ruriko’s weight without any difficulty Or rather…Ruriko’s light」


「Yes you do…so just lean on me」


Ruriko relaxes herself in my arms.

I firmly hug her soft body.

Un…a 15 year old slender girl is light.

「Here…I’m completely fine」


Ruriko puts her cheeks on my chest.

Her embarrassed face is cute.

「How does it feel being embraced by Danna-sama, Ruriko-san?」

Misuzu asks Ruriko-san.

「Yes…it feels very reassuring. It feels calm. It makes me want to be embraced like this forever…」

「If you want to be embraced then I can always do that…that’s why whenever I want to embrace Ruriko, I will」

I said.

「Want to embrace?…Does Onii-sama think of wanting to embrace Ruriko?」

「With such a cute little sister…I’d want to embrace you every day」

「Then, please embrace me everyday…Ruriko also wants to embrace Onii-sama every day…!」

Saying that…this time, Ruriko’s the one embracing me.

「You’ll be Ruriko’s Onii-sama, right?」

「Yeah…I made you my little sister. That’s already forever」


Misuzu’s watching Ruriko.

「I am the same Ruriko-san」


「I also had my present and past blown away…and became Danna-sama’s『woman』 I’m very happy. As a woman, as a person…to be wanted by Danna-sama」


「Kouzuki house’s daughter is only being bound. Your school friends, the dancing friends…they talk with having in mind that I’m a daughter of Kouzuki house first. Misuzu was unable to escape the binds of Kouzuki house」

「That is the same for Ruriko」

「But…Misuzu has become Danna-sama’s thing. I have obtained something my own without any relation to Kouzuki family for the first time in my life. He’s my Danna-sama. The one I’ll be devoting myself for the rest of my life. Danna-sama has accepted this naked me…and we have made a bond of trust」

Misuzu tells her beautiful cousin.

「My Danna-sama…”Mine”…what a wonderful word. Ruriko-san can understand the satisfying feeling I have right now, don’t you?」


「Yes, Onee-sama…!」

Then, she looks into my face.

「My Onii-sama…mine…!!!」

The three of us stare at each other and smile.

「Isn’t that great…Ruriko-san?」



「Aua…don’t be reckless…aaaahn! Aaaah!」

I can hear Yoshiko-san’s panting voice from the side.

Looking at it…Nagisa’s attacking Yoshiko-san.

Yoshiko-san has become half-naked before we noticed…

Her breasts and croch are being attacked from top of her underwear at the same time.

「This isn’t reckless! It’s pelasure isn’t it?」

Hmm! Hmm! Nagisa’s fingers give fine vibrations to her clitoris through the thin cloth.

Ah, there’s that technique too.

Let’s try copying it.

「Aah…Onii-sama, what are you doing?!」

「I’m copying Nagisa」


「How is it, Ruriko…does it feel good?」

「I-It isssss…it feels goooooood!!!」

「You’re cute…Ruriko-san」

Misuzu’s touching the same spots with her own.


Michi speaks to me embarrassed

「Can Michi also comfort herself?」

「Yeah, do what you want」

「…Thank you very much!」

Michi also thrusts her hand to her own skirt.


She looks at us with a pained face.

Yoshiko-san’s attacked with Nagisa’s fingers.

I’m teasing Ruriko’s crotch.

Ruriko embraces me.

Misuzu and Michi masturbates.

The room is filled with women’s lovely voices.

「…Aaah, this is outrageous…touching that place!」

「Is that so? You like it here?…Here?!」

「Ruriko…what about here?」

「Onii-sama…Onii-sama…it feels gooood…」

「Ahn…Danna-sama and Ruriko-san are so cute…so cuteeee…!」

「…Masteeer…Me too…aaah」

This silliness continued for a while…

「Okay okay, we’ll stop for now…~!」

Like a bright elementary school teacher, Nagisa stops us.


Misuzu looks at Nagisa.

「…You won’t let us do it until we cum?」

「No. This is Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san’s first time. They won’t have the stamina to continue if they cum!」

Nagisa says.

「Rather than that…you first have to show your sex with him!」


Misuzu happily smiles.

Nagisa speaks to『Kakka』

「How is it, Shige-chan…are you enjoying?」

『Kakka』sighs lightly.

「This is the time where I hate my old body If I was 20 years younger…then I want to join in together…」

「…It’s impossible I wonder?」

「My body can’t get an erection in the first place. It’s stroke before I die on my belly」2

『Kakka』says frustratingly.

「But…my eyes are amused. No matter how old your body is…your perverted heart won’t die」

「Then, have fun watching okay?」

Nagisa tells『Kakka』…

「Nagisa-kun…what are you plotting? Did Minaho-kun suggest something?」

「No, this is my own decision」

Nagisa answers.

「You intend to take away not only Misuzu but also Ruriko away from me?」

「We’ll do it under Kouzuki-sama’s hand properly…where you can see it」

Nagisa smiles.

「Besides…I think this way makes Ruriko-san and others happier」

「…What do you mean?」

「Kouzuki-sama…do you wish for Ruriko-san who has no sexual knowledge to be politically married to a noble’s idiot son like this?」

「I won’t let that happen as long as my eyes are black3」

Kakka says in a grumpy mood.

「Then…how long will Kouzuki-sama’s eyes stay black?」

Nagisa counterattacks with a smile.

「Kouzuki-sama’s already 82. You might suddenly collapse even tomorrow. I’m aware that this is imprudent of me. Bedridden in the hospital…unable to speak a word or write a thing. Who will protect your grandchildren when that happens?」

Nagisa’s words pierce『Kakka』

「The executives of Kouzuki house will start doing selfish things when the influence of『Kakka』is gone. Ruriko-san’s father has no power to stop them. Then…the executives will try to marry Misuzu-sana nd Ruriko-san with a convenient partner for them. Who would be able to stop that movement?」


「…T-Tanizawa is here」4

「Please keep your jokes for later. Tanizawa-san is the chief of the guards. Even if he can protect your grandchildren from the enemy…he won’t deal with the problems inside the Kouzuki house. Political marriage…is still a marriage. Tanizawa-san can’t break it and just say “Congratulations”」

True…it is as she say.

「Therefore…Kouzuki-sama has decided their『fiance’s』, right? Besides, you purposely didn’t announce their『fiance』until they’re adults to prevent the subordinates from being reckless, didn’t you?」

「Yes…it is as you say」

「But, if this continues…who will teach sex education to Ruriko-san? If Kouzuki-sama can’t do it himself…then someone has to do it in his stead, am I wrong?」

「I understand that…that’s why I’ve been watching silently until now. But…!」

『Kakka』looks at me.

「Looking at this boy’s behavior…I have doubts that you are secuding Misuzu and Ruriko, and trying to take over Kouzuki house!!」

Me…Kouzuki house?

「Uhm…what are you talking about?」

I answered.

「I’m just a normal high school student. I’m not interested in Kouzuki house」

Yeah…I don’t even understand it.

「Instead of your house…I’d rather have Misuzu and Ruriko. They’re cute」

Misuzu laughs.

Ruriko-san’s dumbfounded.

Ah…no good

「Of course, I also think that Yoshiko-san’s cute too」

I add Ruriko’s two years older『retainer』

I can’t abandon Yoshiko-san if I’m accepting Ruriko.


「Michi…of course, you’re cute too」

Michi smiles like a puppy wagging her tail.

「I also love Nagisa」

「Thank you…dear」

Nagisa smiles.

「What’s with this boy?」

『Kakka』asks Nagisa.

「It is as you see. He’s very simple and easy to understand. He’s abysmally honest. He’ll never lie to his『family』」

Misuzu adds to what Nagisa said.

「Yes, Danna-sama has never lied to me. He listens to Misuzu’s talk seriously at any time…I definitely keeps his promises. He never does anything that I dislike…he never press his own desire. Rather, he’ll do anything, no matter how troublesome it is just to please me…!」

「My…that’s wonderful! Onii-sama」

Ruriko-san’s impressed.

「It’s Misuzu’s first time to have met such a trustworthy person. Therefore…I decided to devote my lifetime to this one」

「I also trust Onii-sama! Onii-sama has always been so kind with me…」

「It’s hard to find a man like this. Ruriko-san, you’re not afraid of Danna-sama at all, are you?」

「Yes! Misuzu-oneesama! Ruriko has come to love being embraced by Onii-sama! Listen Yoshiko…I am now his little sister」

「…I-Is that so?」

Yoshiko-san who’s been attacked by Nagisa continuously…seems to have not heard Ruriko’s conversation with me.

「That’s right! Yoshiko, be careful not to be rude to Onii-sama okay?」


Nagisa looks at『Kakka』

「In the end…he’s a bit broken」


「He grew up in solitude, unable to rely on anyone, neither his parents nor relatives…that’s why he never betrays the expectations of the people that trust him」

Nagisa explains who I am

「Therefore…us adults trust him…we’ll never betray him. Minaho-san is the same. This boy is the conscience itself we threw away a long time ago. We treasure him」


「I’ve understood what kind of man he is…I trust you. But…I can’t wipe the suspicion that Minaho-kun is trying to get Kouzuki house using him. I know her very well.」

Nagisa laughs out.

「What’s funny?」

『Kakka』glares at Nagisa.

「Kouzuki-sama…you only see at your own point of view!」

「…My point of view?」

「Yes…you look down from the topmost pyramid called Kouzuki family」

「Well of course…I’m the current head of Kouzuki house」

「I think that the future owner of Kouzuki house is Misuzu」

Nagisa looks at Misuzu

「And Misuzu…is our family through him. We think of her as a『relative』」

Un…we’re a family

「Therefore…Minaho and I are supporting Misuzu, our『family』with all our best. We don’t think of taking over Kouzuki house. Kouzuki house already belongs to Misuzu, our『family』…!」


Misuzu’s our『family』so there’s no need to take over.

「Also…Ruriko-san also now belongs to his『family』 We will continue to help Kouzuki house, unrealated to Kouzuki-sama. It’s the house of our『family』after all」



「I feel like I’m being deceived logically but…I’ll trust you」


「We don’t need grandfather’s trust」


「My bonds with my『family』isn’t related to grandfather…! Whatever grandfather thinks…I am Danna-sama’s『woman』, Ruriko-san is Danna-sama’s『little sister』 We’re already a『family』 Therefore, it’s natural that we help each other for living!」

Misuzu looks at Ruriko-san.

「Isn’t that right, Ruriko-san?!」

「Yes! Onee-sama!」

Misuzu smiles at her『little sister』

「We’ve derailed because of grandfather but…」

Misuzu speaks.

「Your Onee-sama and Onii-sama will show you real sex」

Misuzu snuggles to me.

「We’ll teach Ruriko-san how does a man and a woman love each other」

「Yes…thank you in advance」

The『Little sister』answers smilingly.

1. String panties ↩

2. 腹上死する前に、脳溢血だな」 ↩

3. It means that he won’t allow it as long as he’s alive ↩

4. This line made me realize that Tanizawa is actually Yazawa

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