Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 248

「Err…what do you mean?」

I asked Nagisa instinctively…

Why are we going to have sex in front of『Kakka』…?


「Humans are multifaceted. Their hearts have a surface and a back…well, isn’t it often said that your upper and lower body thinks differently…?」

Hmm…I don’t get it though

「Kouzuki-sama gladly acknowledged you with Misuzu but that’s only on the surface of his mind…or rather, that’s just his upper body’s thought. The lower body still hasn’t accepted you yet」

…Lower body?

「This is very important. If you don’t solve this problem now…Kouzuki-sama will continue to hold ill feelings against you all the time. He may be smiling but he’s hating you from the bottom of his heart…」

「What do you mean…Nagisa-sama?」

Misuzu asks Nagisa with a serious face.

「Well…it’s very painful for men to have their precious granddaughter be taken away by a guy. That’s true even for normal people. But…Kouzuki-sama holds special feelings for MIsuzu and Ruriko-san…」

…Special feelings?!

「Hey, what are you saying!」

『Kakka’s』in panic

「My…isn’t that fine already? There’s no one here but close『family』…Isn’t it about time Kouzuki-sama lets go of his heart?」

Nagisa speaks smilingly.


『Kakka’s』completely confused

「I know everything. After all…five years ago, Kouzuki-sama has told me everything by himself…!」

Five years ago…that’s when Nagisa’s an active prostitute from『Kuromori』

『Kakka』is also one of Nagisa’s guests…

With only the two of them in a private room…Did『Kakka』tell Nagisa anything?

「…Isn’t it work ethics not to leak what we talked about inside that mansion…?!」

A bit of anger…『Kakka』glares at Nagisa with strong eyes.l

「That’s why confess it yourself! Shige-chan!」


「Sensei knows that’s why she’s asking…! Shige-chan!」

「…Y-Yees!! Senseiiii…!」

Kouzuki Shigetaka – Age 82, the head of Kouzuki house replies to Nagisa’s scolding with a high voice…!

It’s like an elementary school boy being scolded by a beautiful teacher, his body bends small.

「Sensei hates dishonest boys!」

「…I-I’m sorry…Sensei」

『Kakka』…what kind of play did you do with Nagisa…?

Misuzu’s mouth is open wide in surprise.

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are surprised at their dignified grandfather’s sudden change.

「Uhm…are you grandfather’s teacher?」

Ruriko-san asks Nagisa.

「Let’s see…back then…I’m something like a personal psychology counselor, a therapist of some kind to leaders of political and business world just like Kouzuki-sama」


「Yes, I mainly do therapy where you sweat with your whole body」

…Isn’t that just sex?

Nagisa’s saying that her prostitution act with the elderly in『Kuromori』is psychotherapy

「Therefore…I’ve listened to Kouzuki-sama’s true heart personally…!」

Nagisa looks at『Kakka』

「Now…speak about yourself. Shige-chan」

『Kakka』looks down and mutters

「I-I can’t…Sensei」

「Why, Shige-chan?」

「If I talk…my granddaughters will hate me…!」

Misuzu speaks up.

「Grandfather…whatever happens, Misuzu won’t hate grandfather!」

「Me too…grandfather…!」

Ruriko-san and Misuzu stares at their grandfather’s face.



「Grandfather…Misuzu is sexually masochist…!」

Misuzu informs her grandfather.


「Yes, I’m a masochist. Let me tell grandfather my story…」

「What are you saying?」

I’m also puzzled from what Misuzu’s saying

But, Misuzu’s serious.

「As a masochist…I’m a woman who prefers abnormal sex. However…I’ll never have sex with anyone but Danna-sama This person has accepted my fetishes with a smile…!」

The grandfather’s surprised to the confession of his 17 years old daughter.

「That is Misuzu’s secret. It’s a secret I’ll never tell anyone but my『family』 Now that I’ve revealed my secret…Grandfather has to tell us his…!」


「…I-I’m a masochist too!」

Suddenly, Michi speaks out loudly.

「I’m still inexperienced but…it’s my dream to have an abnormal sex while Misuzu-sama’s watching!」

For some unknown reason…Misuzu’s confession burns up Michi’s heart.

Her face is red…she’s definitely aroused.


On the contrary…Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are making a vacant face.

「What does『sexually masochist』and『abnormal sex』mean?」

The two who weren’t given any knowledge about sex…doesn’t understand Misuzu and Michi’s confession at all

「It’s okay, we’ll be explaining it slowly so the two of you can understand…!」

Nagisa smiles at the two.

「My…I’m sorry to trouble you」

Ruriko-san bows to Nagisa.

「But before that…we would like Kouzuki-sama to talk about the events 20 years ago」

…20 years ago?

『Kakka』looks down silentlly…


『Kakka』looks up to Misuzu’s voice.

「…Misuzu, Ruriko. Listen carefully…I have another son in addition to your fathers…」


「That’s my first time hearing it…grandfather」

Misuzu and Ruriko-san are surprised.

「No wonder…I insisted that you shouldn’t know about this」

『Kakka』looks at his granddaughters.

「Ruriko’s father, Shigeaki…Misuzu’s father, Shigefuyu…and the eldest son’s name is Shigeharu」1

「That one is Kouzuki-sama’s real『Heir son』…」

Nagisa said…

「That’s right…I intended to make Shigeharu, my eldest son the successor, second son, Shigeaki as a politician and my third son, Shigefuyu a national bureaucrat…」

『Kakka』speaks bitterly

「Shigeharu…is ten years older than his two brothers. Twenty years ago, he surpassed 40 years old, his position in Kouzuki group is firm. Shigeharu’s succession of power from me has already began but…」


「Twenty years ago…Shigeharu was killed in Los Angeles during his family trip. Shigeharu, his wife and his three children」


「It’s said to be armed robbery but I don’t know the details. Shigeharu’s bodyguards were also killed. That’s when I’ve expanded the security department of Kouzuki family and have Kouzuki security service gather excellent guards…

When he lost his eldest son in US…Kouzuki security service developed as a security company specializing in VIP protection…?!

「But…the problem is what to do with the successor of Kouzuki house. Shigeaki and Shigefuyu are still around their 30s…they can change their future path. However…they’re too old to be educated to become the owner of Kouzuki house which is a great responsibility.2 Even though Shigeharu just died…groups who try to bring up Shigeaki and Shigefuyu appears…the framework of Kouzuki group is creaking greatly」

So that thing happened…

「That said…it’s over when the bureaucrat quits. I decided to leave Shigefuyu in the government. To begin with, the youngest son has an introvert personality who likes sitting on a small desk. He’s good as a national bureaucrat but he’s not suitable to be a head of a distinguished family」

That is Misuzu’s father.

「But…the second son, Shigeaki. He has received education to be come a politician since childhood, he learned the reality of politics by becoming a secretary of the leading party…he was planned to run for the next house of Representatives election. He’s greatly refusing to return home this late and become the successor instead of his dead brother」

Misuzu and Ruriko-san shows a serious face as they listen to the story of their father for the first time.

「I endured it… Losing my son after sixties. Furthermore, I must retrain my second son who’s at a good age to be a successor starting from square one No…Shigeaki has the power to be liked by the masses as a politician but he’s lacking the imprudence as a business owner」

『Kakka』speaks with a face of anguish…

「In order to settle down the minds of the restless vassals, I have to appoint Shigeaki, my second son to be the successor…but, Shigeaki has no talent to be a head. Therefore…I nominated Shigeaki as the head…for twenty years. In the end, I can’t give up the position to Shigeaki…」

Until present, the 82 years old『Kakka』can’t retire.

「Somewhat…I’ve hated it too. No, I hated everything. The fact that my eldest son raised seriously and his family has died on a foreign soil… Without showing any condolences to the first son, the vassals get into a succession dispute. The second and third son have no quality of a family head. But, it was me who educated them as such. …In order to make the eldest son the absolute successor, I brought up the younger brothers differently. Just like how I myself was raised…」

People passes the education they receive to the next generation…

『Kakka』…as the eldest of Kouzuki family, is raised isolated from his younger brothers.

Therefore,『Kakka』 also tried to give the eldest son specialized education and have given the younger siblings a different path.

Yet…the first son died.

「At that time…I was desperate on everything. And it seems that Kouzuki house…and my life until now has become suddenly empty. I wanted to destroy everything… Continuing the life of the head that must protect and nurture the family for the future generation…at the same time, I was driven by the urge to destroy all of the old Kouzuki houses completely. The me 20 years ago, just entering my 60s…my mind and body isn’t declining yet. I’ve build a firm position as a businessman. There’s nobody in Kouzuki house who goes against my will. No, I’ve buried all of my enemies. It was the climax of my life. Therefore…I succumbed to temptation」


「My two remaining sons were still unmarried…I’ve given them beautiful daughters from a suitable house coming from Kouzuki family. Then…I ordered them to give birth to only one girl. I strictly ordered not to give birth other than that. The age gap as well…I planned to have the third son’s wife give birth first and the second son’s wife two years later」

That is Misuzu and her two year younger cousin, Ruriko-san

「…Why? Grandfather?」

Misuzu asks

「My mind back then, have my both sides separated completely. My reason on the surface…I felt like I have no more time left to educate the successor of the next generation in order to protect Kouzuki family. If the head of the famous house isn’t past thirties…he’ll just be underestimated by other houses. I was already 60 at that time…even if a boy is born, I would be over 90 when my grandchild succeeds. I don’t think I can sustain my power that far…」

…『Kakka』speaks his honest feeling back then.

「Therefore…I let my sons give birth to a daughter. They can only give birth to a daughter. Then, if there’s a competent son from the branch family and the vassals…then I can marry them to my granddaughter. If my granddaughter’s married at their 20s, then a man on his 30s would somehow balance it. Then…I can have him inherit the ownership while I’m still barely alive. I want to decide the next『successor』with my own hands」

What obsession.

『Kakka』…is trapped with the owner status and his own authority.

「If it was two daughters…if Shigeharu’s incident happens, then there’s still one remaining. I’ve learned from the death of my eldest son」

Therefore…the second and third sons both gave birth to only one daughter.

「That’s the official reason?」

Then…what’s the hidden reason?

「The hidden reason is…I’d like to make to mess up Kouzuki house. Confusing and bothering the vassals and their sons… I want them to be completely on their wits end by pressing all of my responsibilities to them. So, I want to know how far they can take with my high pressured demands」

『Kakka』keeps talking.

「To be honest…I didn’t expect Shigeaki and Shigefuyu to follow my orders. If they make a boy first…then he would automatically be the successor. I thought that my sons won’t be able to endure the temptation to make their son the owner of Kouzuki family. Actually, I intended to allow them to make a second child, going beyond my orders. If that was a boy, then I was willing to accept it as a successor But…!」


「Both of them were afraid of me. I am too much of a threat for them. Both of them didn’t make any children other than the two of you…they used contraception so they absolutely won’t have a child with even women from the outside」

Instead of being tempted to make a son to be the head…they’re more afraid to anger their father?!

「…Above all, what I can’t forgive on my sons…the two of them blindly believed me, and leave all of the decision making on you girl’s education to me. 『I’m sure that father has some deep thought…I will leave that child to father』…one of my sons told me so. I won’t say which son it is however. It is as if they’re presenting me a tribute…!」

With their father as the owner…the second son and third son were in a deep trench.

As ordered by their father…they produced a daughter.

They never tried to make any more children than that…

Without asking the reason…they entrusted the future of their daughters to the head…

Everything is just leaving all the decision making to him.

「In the end…neither my sons nor my vassals got confused. They think of me as Superman. In the end, they believe I’ll do something about it. Therefore…they’ll obey no matter how unreasonable my command is. No, I can’t blame them. All of it are my responsibility. I was such a father, such a leader…therefore my sons and vassals have become like that…」

『Kakka』…is too competent as a leader.

The image of the vassals…the result of his work all over the hears as a reliable and mighty leader…

Everyone stopped thinking.

They believe that there’s no problem as long as they do as『Kakka』says

「To be honest…my fight with Misuzu earlier is fresh for me. When it’s about business or anything else…there’s nobody who wants to argue with me directly anymore. The people below just comes up with various plans from watching my complexion. I examine and evaluate it…then I decide whether to adopt or reject it. In case the person rejected can’t throw away the plan, they overcome the problem I point out and submit to me again. It feels like a teacher in a school…though there’s proposals, it doesn’t become a discussion」

『Kakka』whos revered as an『absolute person』…has always been alone.

「Now then…it’s about time I prepare to be hated by you. There’s another reason why I had my sons give birth to girls. It’s the dark reason in my heart」

『Kakka』stares at his two granddaughters…then looked down.

「If I wasn’t able to find a suitable son in law for the two of you…I intended to make you pregnant with my own」


「I don’t care if you despise me…I’ve been looking at you with evil eyes all this time…」

『Kakka』bows to his granddaughters…

「I’m a man who lost his way. I thought of violating you two and have you give birth to my child. I thought of wanting to raise that child as my successor as well. Both of them. I’ve thoroughly isolated the two of you so you won’t make contact with any men. This is all because I wanted to violate the two of you…!

『Kakka’s』frank confession…turned the room quiet.

「Okay, Shige-chan! You’re finally able to confess all of it!」

Nagisa who’s in elementary teacher mode smiles at『Kakka』

「I…am the worst」

Nagisa goes to『Kakka’s』side and pats his head.

「Geez! Shige-chan…don’t belittle yourself that much!」

Then, she turned to us…

「Okay, everyone pay attention to Sensei! Listen carefully to Sensei’s story!」

Nagisa-sensei’s story begins.

「In the old times…Jesus Christ has said…『if you have considered doing wicked things, it’s the same as committing that sin. Sinful!』Misuzu, do you know it?」

Misuzu answers.

「It’s the 5th chapter from『the Gospel according to Mathew』…『Whoever looked at a woman lustfully then have already committed adultery in his heart』!」

「That’s right. …Let’s see. That might be a sin for Christianity but…I don’t think so!」

Nagisa smiles at『Kakka』


「There’s actually a big distance on things you thought of doing and what you actually do. Humans have impulses spring up in their heart…society is build by enduring that. Isn’t that right…Shige-chan?!」


「That is certainly correct」

「It’s too late to be a virtuous person because you’re in front of your granddaughters! Even though Shige-chan demanded to do a lot of lewd things with me」

「T-That…it was on a place and time that allowed such things…」

『Kakka』is just a small boy in front of his favorite former prostitute.

「Anyway…even if you hold such wicked emotions…Shige-chan has never made a move on his granddaughters…so he’s innocent!」

「Even if I’m innocent…it’s just unpleasant for my granddaughters. I have controlled the lives of these children because of that. To make sure they’ll never be taken away by other men…!」

Misuzu speaks up.

「Right now…I’m in gratitude. Thanks to grandfather…I”m able to devote all my important things to Danna-sama…!」


「My respect for grandfather doesn’t change. However…since I already belong to Danna-sama, I can’t entertain grandfather…!」


「Sorry…I’m sorry…Misuzu…!」

Misuzu’s life is manipulated so she’ll fear men…


「Uhm…I don’t understand what is grandfather’s『wicked feelings』but…」

Ruriko-san who has no knowledge about sex at all speaks up.

「Ruriko…will gladly make grandfather’s child if that’s his wish. I think it’s the best after hearing grandfather’s story. Ruriko isn’t good with any other men but grandfather…」

Ruriko-san said something outrageous.

「Uhm…how do you bear a child? Ruriko will do it right away so, grandfather…let’s raise a baby together」

Yoshiko-san then…

「Ruriko-sama, if I recall, you aren’t able to deliver immediately…there’s a time period where the child exists in the mother’s belly…

「You’re right, I’ve seen pregnant women with big stomach. Just how long do they have to be in the stomach?」

「I don’t know it as well but perhaps half a year is necessary, is it not?」

「My, that long…?! Can’t we make it shorter?」


「Uhm…It should take around ten months though…」

I tell them sneakily.

「My classmate during middle school has his birthday on October 10…he was nicknamed『New year’s aftermath』3」

「…What does that mean?」

Ruriko-san’s making a dumbfounded face.

「After the woman’s fertilized…it takes ten months and ten days until the baby’s born」

「What’s fertilization…?」

「That…it means when a woman accepting the baby’s seed of a man in her belly」

「A man’s baby seed…?」

「Ah…I mean sperm」

「Is it a scientific term?」

「I think the later is but…it’s used as a general term」

「My…I didn’t know it at all」


Should I go back to elementary school science?…

「Uhm…Ruriko-san…do you know about plant’s stamen and pistil?」

「Yes…I’ve learned about it」

「The pollen flies from the stamen, attached to the pistil…it becomes fertilized」

「Yes…I know that mechanism」

Yoshiko-san listens interestingly from behind.

「There’s that kind of mechanism for humans as well」

「Humans as well…?!」

「Men…they bring out sperm instead of pollen. Then it’s poured into the woman’s stomach」


「Well, that is…I’ll explain later」

「…Ah, yes. Thank you in advance」

「Then…there’s a place in the stomach that makes a baby called womb, the sperm of the man will meet the woman’s ovum…an ovum is the origin of a woman’s baby…inside the womb, the sperm unites with the ovum. That’s what they call fertilization」


「Yes…sperm and ovum, each is specific to each gender. Therefore, the child born resembles the mother and father’s face」

「I see…the sperm contain the information on the father’s side, and the ovum contains information on the mother side」

「That’s how it is…then, when the union goes well, it’ll take months to become a baby inside the womb. When it’s complete, that’s when the child is born」

「I see…that’s how it is!」

Ruriko-san’s convinced and on her backー

Yoshiko-san is impressed.

「Kuromori-sama, you’re such a well informed person…!」

No, that’s not the case…

It’s just that you two weren’t taught anything about it…

「Then, Ruriko will be fertilized in a hurry…please give me grandfather’s sperm!」

Ruriko-san tells her grandfather seriously.

「Shige-chan…isn’t that great? Ruriko-san will give birth to Shige-chan’s child…!」

Nagisa laughs…

『Kakka』makes a dark face…

「But, sadly…it’s already impossible for Shige-chan!」


「Shige-chan is already 82 years old…even five years ago, when I was his partner, he only gets an erection one out of five times!」

『Kakka』looks up at Nagisa feebly.

「Even at that time…it only got erect because it was Nagisa-kun. It didn’t happen with other women…」

…Does that mean?

It’s impossible due to his age…?

「…When I was in my 60s, planning with wicked feelings…I never thought that I’d die away in the future. In those days…just as I said earlier, my mind and body was at peak. I was overconfident that my sexual ability won’t fail whatever happens…but」

『Kakka』sighs greatly.

「Human body…becomes weak…」

Nagisa looks at Misuzu.

「With that said…Kouzuki-sama is no longer capable to have sex by the time your bodies became feminine. He won’t look with evil eyes so rest assured…!」

「No, even if I’m watching with those kind of eyes…it’s not getting erect, even if I get one, I can’t do any strenuous movement. The doctors told me to stop. But…as long as you live, libido won’t be exhausted. Even now, I’m still interested in Nagisa-kun’s breast and butt…Misuzu and Ruriko’s body makes my eye go as well」


「Kouzuki-sama…with that body of yours, could you endure with just watching?」

Nagisa said.

「…What do you mean?」

「Kouzuki-sama…you’re not convinced that he has stolen Misuzu’s purity and body you were aiming for, are you?」

『Kakka』looks at me.

「Yes, I’m not convinced…Even if I pardon Misuzu, that one’s different. I don’t like that kid…!」

『Kakka’s』not willing to accept that

I am Misuzu’s『man』…

「Please change the way you’re thinking…」

Nagisa tells『Kakka』

「There’s no way『Kakka’s』body would be able to embrace a woman’s body. Therefore, starting today…」

Nagisa smiles bewitchingly.

「Think of his penis as your own…and watch over his sex」

Misuzu notices it.

「Understood! Nagisa-sama!」

Misuzu smiles at her grandfather!

「If that is what grandfather wishes…then I will have sex with grandfather in front of grandfather!」

…Does that mean?

「Even if your body deteriorates…you can’t possibly release your libido. Then…please watch over our sex and have grandfather’s libido released…!!!!!」

1. sadly, there’s no Shigenatsu, the names are all based from the seasons ↩

2. Means that the house has a great power too ↩

3. Literal TL: early in new year’s

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