Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 234

When the two middle school girls finished their dance…

The hall applause…and the dancers give thanks.

When the friends of the girls give bouquet from under the stage…

A middle aged fat man suddenly approaches Kouzuki『Kakka』…

He shouted…

「…Kouzuki Shigetaka-san! I would like to have an audience with you in regards to my family!」

Gold rim glasses, the bald fat man wearing a suit has sweat flowing from his forehead.

Trembling…I understood that it’s not something trivial.

Or rather, he looks like he’s drunk.

「What? I won’t ever put you to disadvantage!…I came here with a good proposal to you!」

The man with a strong accent is squeaking with a high pitch.

His face is stiff and his eyes are bloodshot

「It’ll profit you, it’ll profit me…it’ll be a WIN-WIN situation…do you get it? A WIN WIN!」

The hall fell silent from the sudden situation.

The audience in the hall look at『Kakka』on the second floor seat.

The fat middle aged man tries to approach『Kakka』somehow but…

But『Kakka』has a layer of elite youths taught by『Kakka』

Therefore that man desperately speaks to Kakka who’s in the front seat of the second floor across the four rows of seats.

「…Who is that?」

「…From which house did he come from?」

「…Speaking rudely to Kouzuki-sama」

「…What does this mean?」

Finally…they whisper their doubts.

『Kakka’s』showing an unpleasant face…he didn’t face the man who came in.

「…Michi. Do you know that is?」

I asked Michi who should’ve seen her father’s investigation files.

「No…even I don’t know」

If Michi doesn’t know him…who’s that?

「Hmm…I know」

Yukino answered lightly.

「You do?」

…Why Yukino?


「Then…who’s that?」

Yukino answered with a nonchalant face.

「Kaneko Nobuo-san」

Yukino said.

「Oh…is that so?」

「That’s right…Kaneko Noboo-san」

…Kaneko Nobuo


Really, who’s that guy…?

「So who’s Kaneko-san…?」

I asked…

「Granduncle’s aide. The director of the newspaper company…Kaneko-san」

Yukino’s great uncle, it’s Shirasaka Moritsugu the head of the household.

In short…it’s a man serving Shirasaka family?

「When it comes to the aides…let’s see, he’s around the 20th in the rank. Kaneko-san is low-rank employee」

「…Low rank?」

「He’s just a director. He doesn’t have titles like managing director or executive director」

「Then…what’s his position?」

I don’t get the order in a company…

「Well, he’s a director so he’s in a management team just for the names but. Kaneko-san is originally a reporter who worked his way up, he’s a branch manager in the Chuugoku region for a long time. Last year, he finally was called back to the head office and he was promoted as a director」

「Chuugoku…he was overseas?」1

Somehow…I can’t see him being international at all.

「Wrong…it’s in Hiroshima」


「Chuugoku region…he’s always been in Hiroshima」

Oh…so that’s why he has that accent2

「You know a lot about him」

「I remember him since he make fun of Papa during a party」

He made fun of Shirasaka Sousuke?

「He’s been the chief in the Chuugoku branch so he’s gotten bossy but…him being a low-rank employee at his age, he had no choice but to bow his head to everyone at the main office. He looks successful but since it’s decided that he’ll retire at the end of his term, he’s more of a downsized」

So that’s his position.

「Then…why did Kaneko-san who’s going to be downsized in here?」

「There’s no way I would know that you know?」

…As expected of Yukino.

Even though she knows the power relations of Shirasaka family…

She doesn’t seem to be interested in what’s happening outside the box.

「Perhaps, he came to negotiate with Kouzuki-sama」

Michi said.

「But…Kaneko-san shouldn’t have that authority」

Yukino barks

「If this continues…Kouzuki-sama will have a direct confrontation with Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu so he must’ve felt danger in the current state. I think he approaches Kouzuki-sama to save himself」

「What does that mean…Michi?」

「For example…telling Kouzuki-sama confidential information in regards to Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu… Either way, I think he want to gain Kouzuki-sama’s favor」

In short…betrayal?

Is Shirasaka Moritsugu’s group that cornered?

「You see…I’d like to talk to you by all means! Hey, five minutes will be enough! No, just two minutes. Even if it’s 30 seconds…could you listen to my sincere words…?!」

The excited man desperately screams at『Kakka』

「However…Kouzuki-sama won’t listen to him」

Michi said.

「The information someone below the board of directors is probably not a big deal…this act of treachery might be Shirasaka Moritsugu’s plan」

Sending a traitor on purpose?

Then it’s likely that he’s holding fake information…

「In the first place…Kouzuki-sama hates such impolite acts.」

Kouzuki『Kakka』…ignored the man and signaled the guards with his hand.

His gesture is brushing the air.

…It’s a sign saying『Kick him off』

「…Excuse me sir」

Seki-san, the female guard stands up then approached Kaneko-san.

Seki-san’s poise is graceful and elegant.

She’s showing a calm smile on her face…

If I wasn’t told by Michi that she’s a guard before this…I’d think that she’s an exclusive secretary or a super beautiful companion.

That Seki-san is smiling gracefully.

「I’m very sorry but if you want to talk then I will listen to you over there!」

「That won’t doooooo!!…I don’t want to talk to you but Kouzuki Shigetaka-san, only the two of us! Nee-chan, please let me through!!!!」

Kaneko-san shouts hysterically…


The man’s posture suddenly becomes strange.


「My, what happened?」

Seki-san is smiling.

Kaneko Nobuo suddenly blew foam from his mouth and fainted on the spot.

「My, what tragedy!…First aid, we need help here!」

Guards in Kouzuki security service uniform already appeared.

The guards immediately take out Kaneko Nobuo.

「What a surprise! Well, that person seems to be very agitated…he must’ve drunk a lot of alcohol…right?」

Seeing off the man carried outside the theater…Seki-san makes excuses.

「…Michi, that just nowー」

「Yes…Seki-san throws he fist to the old man’s body three times in just a moment」

Michi explains.

In the midst of the attention of the crowd…

Seki-san knocked out Kaneko Nobuo without anyone noticing.

「Seki-san is the most elegant among the people of Kouzuki security service. She blinded the audience with her right arm and punctured three vital points with her left fist…」


Seki-san, she’s seriously scary.

Kaneko Nobuo was taken out of the hall and at the same time…Kouzuki『Kakka』stands up.

「…Everyone. I’m very sorry. This is a common thing in my daily life. Please do not worry…!」

Calmly…『Kakka』speaks with a dignified voice.

Then, he faced the girls who were on top of the stage, afraid of the sudden incident…

「…It’s inexcusable for the dancers to be intruded by a strange person, Sanaka Kana-san. Ohata Marino-san But, I do remember your dance well. It was a good dance. You have practiced well…!」

『Kakka』calls the girls without checking their names from the pamphlet.

The great Kouzuki『Kakka』called out their names personally…the girls had smiles on their faces.

「I’m looking forward to your next year’s dance…please keep on studying from now on」

「Yes, Thank you very much…!」

The girls on stage thanked『Kakka』

At that moment…the hall applauded.

『Kakka』also claps his hand.

Even though the audience is clapping at『Kakka’s』speech…

『Kakka』also claps so it was changed to applause of praise for the girl’s dance.

『Kakka』sits down while the people are clapping

The stage assistant comes from the stage and signed the girls to withdraw from the stage.

The girls bow to the audience once again and left.

…The progress resumes to normal.

As if Kaneko Nobuo’s intrusion didn’t happened.

「The responsible for the security today, director Yamaoka will have to make a written apology and his salary cut!」

Nei-san came to our seat and said.

「Hearing that Miss Cordelia and the white Viola infiltrated…I think it shook the security system a lot」

Michi said.

In short…as they’re preoccupied by taking Viola countermeasures…

They didn’t notice someone from Shirasaka family entering?

「Perhaps they’ve put emphasis on checking those who are foreigners, or coming from the US commerce or embassy I guess? Well, they should’ve checked if they’re a member of Shirasaka house either way…!」

…Kaneko-san was overlooked.

「They might’ve not checked someone who’s below the board member of the newspaper company I guess? Either way, they must’ve thought that people related to Shirasaka house won’t be coming here today…!」

Nei-san laughs.

Well…Kaneko Nobuo might have been not checked.

「That’s a big failure」

Michi said coldly.

「Well, don’t say that…even if the guards are overly serious, this kind of things happen」

Un…there’s a lot of mistakes when you’re tense.

Thinking that there’s no way it would happen…you’d get a bit careless, and it’ll turn to an unexpected situation.

「Rather, it helps that this kid of mistakes happen. The real thing would be tonight after all」

Nei-san said.

「Are you talking about Viola not attacking while we’re in the theater?」

「Miss Cordelia promised that after all」


「Can she even be trusted?」

「There’s no way we can…That person is Cesario Viola’s manager」


「Yo-chan…I’m telling you that we’re fine. Even now, those people and us are still in prep time」

…Prep time?

「Watch the people around carefully…even the general guests and those who wear Kouzuki security service uniforms. Perhaps…a spy from Shirasaka family or someone under Viola has already infiltrated」

…Does that mean?

「But…it’s not time for the uprising yet. It means that it takes time for the situation to boil down and explode」

Nei-san and others have already assumed the next situation.

「Look around, if there’s someone strange…then report to Maru-chan immediately. Also…don’t ever go alone. Even in toilet, go with everyone. Mii-chan, take care of them」


Michi nods at Nei-san’s words.

「That’s all…it was a message from Maru-chan and Sensei!」

…Minaho-neesan and Margo-san issued those instructions.

Both of them are already checking the『enemies』that are infiltrating.

There’s already『enemy』in this hall.

「Strange people…like that one and that one?」

Yukino calmly points at the man who’s near the rear exit of the auditorium.

「…Yukino, you?」

「Well…I’ve seen him at the party at great-uncle’s house」

At that moment…Kouzuki security service guards headed to the two people Yukino pointed at.

The two men were taken away in a blink of an eye.


Is someone watching at us?

Is there someone here know that the woman in yellow-black dress is Shirasaka Yukino, observing us?

「…Master, above」

Michi said…I looked up at the second floor seat.

On the seat behind Kouzuki『Kakka』…Chief Tanizawa is looking at us.

He’s grinning as he look at me.

…Is that how it is?

As expected of Chief Tanizawa

He’s letting us free and using us to catch the『enemy』

「Yukino…if you find someone strange, don’t point at them anymore」

I said.

「Eh, why?」

「If you continue doing that…the enemy sneaking in will pay attention to you. Are you okay being found out that Shirasaka Yukino is here?」


「I-I get it」

She reluctantly consented

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then…the schedule of the symposium has the middle school girls end with a trio dance.

Then…the organizer today, Konpeki’s school head will be greeting.

「Why are they greeting when half has finished? Shouldn’t they be doing that at the beginning?」

I asked…Michi;

「At the start of the event…the guests aren’t ready yet」

「…What do you mean?」

「The people aren’t watching from the first dancers…there are people who will come late as well. Everyone will be visiting according to the time of dance of their acquaintance」

I see…it’s different from normal plays.

「After this greeting…the dancers will all be by themselves. They’ll all be students who have their skills recognized in the headmaster’s classroom…」

Speaking of which…the auditorium is suddenly full.

「Of course…everyone are ladies from famous houses…」

…I see

From here onwards, it’ll be a competitive show for the marriageable age ladies of the famous houses.

It’s also time for the elite young men lined up behind Kouzuki『Kakka』to look for their bride candidate.

The spirit of the viewers is different from the presentation of the elementary and middle school girls…

「…Our class is also able to do a presentation this year again. This is all thanks to everyone’s support. Thank you very much」

The headmaster of the Japanese Konpeki-style dance…Konpeki Nadeshiko-sensei is a small lady.

Slim…her spine is stretched.

She’s a very elegant and a gentle person.

「Konpeki school will also be reaching a hundred years next year. The fact that the school has developed so far, I think that the first generation will be very happy. We will also continue our study…we would like to inherit the tradition of Japanese dance for the next 200, 300 years to come…!」

The headmaster’s greeting finished after a few minutes.

After a big applause…the second half of the dance begins.

The first performer is…

「…Kanako-san, she’s so beautiful」

Megu mutters.

「Un…so beautiful」

Mana’s speechless too.

Kanako-san who we just talked to in the lobby a while ago…

her dance is very mature…and fascinating.

True…there’s a wide difference in skill compared to the dancers on the first half.

But…Kanako-san’s really sexy

How old is she?

When I saw her on the lobby and dressing room, she looks like a high school student but…

She’s talking to Misuzu politely, she might be on the same age as me.

…Before long.

Kanako-san’s dance is over.

A storm of applause resounded in the hall…

Oh…just like the first half, there’s a guy with a bouquet comes to the stage.

…That is


Kanako-san’s father…the movie actor Horaguchi Fumiya?!

He came to watch his daughter’s dance…!

Un…as expected, a genuine actor is gorgeous.

His legs are long…his height reaches over 180cm

Handing a bouquet from under the stage…Kanako-san kisses her father on the cheek.

Then, applause occurs in the hall again.

「That’s amazing…having your father come at such times」

Mana said.

Mana’s father is going around hell in Australia3

「If Mana does something…I’ll definitely come to watch it. I’ll also bring a bouquet」

「…Onii-chan, really?」

「Yeah…I promise」

Mana doesn’t have anyone but me.

I have to do everything as Mana’s『Family』…

「…Onii-chan, I love you」

Mana whispers to my ears.

Then…girls dance one after another…

Un, it’s all splendid dances that’s suitable as the students of the headmaster.

The performers are all girls in their late teens…all are beautiful girls.

「Is there nobody in their 20s showing up to dance?」

I ask Michi.

「When you’re over 20 years old…you won’t come to the classroom but on the stage of the headmaster’s dance gathering」

Different from the children’s classroom…there’s also a dance gathering for the adult students?

「It’s glamorous in another meaning」

「What’s glamorous?」

I asked…Michi;

「The costume for the dance is different…in the adult gatherings, you can only wear what the master picks」

…Oh, I see.

The money compared to the symposium is already widely different…

Right, everyone’s a lady from a rich family after all.

Watching this Japanese traditional dance class makes me smile but…

The adult gathering seems to be scary.

「Misuzu…has been having this daily life since forever」

I mutter.

「Yes. Misuzu-sama loves dancing after all…!」


If Misuzu goes out with me, and gets banished from Kouzuki house…

She has to quit from Konpeki classroom as well.

Kouzuki『Kakka』has too much influence here.

Furthermore, from what I’ve heard…it seems that it costs money to continue dancing daily…

Can I earn that much money?

To a degree that Misuzu can continue her daily life without problems?

「…What’s wrong, Yoshi-kun?」

Megu peeks to my face.


Let’s not think economics now…

I look up at the second floor seat.

Misuzu’s fiance…decided by 『Kakka』

…Shiba Takahiko.

He’s looking at the stage while happily talking to the man next to him.

Yeah…he looks like a serious boy.

Good family, good face…tall, perhaps, his educational background is good too.

It’s a high-level youth I can’t compare.

This guy…anyway, I have to take his marriage rights with Misuzu

No matter what method I use…

If we can talk, then…

「Yoshi-kun…it’s almost Misuzu-san’s turn」


「Yes. Yoshiko-san, Ruriko-sama, and Misuzu-sama…they will dance in that order…」

While I was thinking of various things…

Misuzu’s dance is comig…

…I wonder

Somehow…I feel my heart throbbing.

「It’s something to look forward to…Onii-chan」

Mana smiles


Rather than looking forward to it…

Anyway, I pray that Misuzu can dance safely without troubles


I’d like Misuzu to dance to her fullest without regret


I instinctively sigh.

「What’s wrong?」

「Hmm…somehow, I’m worried」

Misuzu…are you not nervous?

You won’t be overwhelmed by this many audience, right?

Speaking of which…the audience seats are completely full.

Showing off her dance in this much people…

If it was me, I’d be scared.

Will you be fine…Misuzu?

「What’s wrong…restless?」

Mana asked.

「Well…Misuzu’s turn is about to come」

「Onii-chan has nothing to be worried about right?」


「That’s right, don’t be an idiot」

Even Yukino’s laughing at me.


「…Master loves Misuzu-sama from the bottom of his heart after all」

Michi said

「…There’s no need for worry, Master」

Michi touches my nape from behind

「Please take a deep breath…」

I breath in deeply and breath out just as Michi told me.

「There’s no problem…」

Michi said

「It’s Master’s Misuzu」

My Misuzu

「Misuzu-sama has really gotten stronger」

1. Chuugoku is also read as China ↩

2. Not that English readers will notice ↩

3. Like fighting spiders with healthbars on top of their heads ↩

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