Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 231

「…Onii-chan, do you have a moment?」

Mana taps my shoulders as I listen along with Nei-san on the tapped microphone.

「Hm…what’s wrong?」

When I turned to her…

「Megu-oneechan looks strange…」


Looking at Megu in panic, she looks like she’s depressed.

Sitting on the sofa, she curls her head…

「Nei-san…excuse me」

I returned the earphone to Nei-san and go to Megu…

「What’s wrong, Megu?」

I squat down and match our eyes.

Holding her head…it’s horribly cold.

…Megu’s nervous?

「Sorry…I’ve gotten scared」

Megu forces herself to smile with her gloomy face.

「…Is it Cesario Viola?」

Is she afraid that white Viola has sneaked into the theater?

「That’s not it…it’s the current situation」

Megu looked around the lobby

The spectators for tonight comes from the entrance.

It’s not all old men like the ones Minaho-neesan and others are talking to right now.

Of course…there are a lot of young girls who are friends with the performers.

Their mothers, and grandmothers too…

「Is it okay for me to be here?」


The majority of the people in the lobby are families of rich celebrities.

The rest are『guards』or『attendants』

Konpeki school secretariat and security guards of Kouzuki security service…

Then…there’s us.

Thinking about it…Megu and I are the only ones who have lived a poor life.

Yukino and Mana were from Shirasaa family…

「Somehow…I suddenly got scared」

Hearing Megu…I once again looked at the hall.

Un…I’m also messed up, someone out of place.

It’s strange for me to be in a world of rich.

This is a world unrelated to me.

Noticing that…I suddenly feel shivery.

「…Even though I had Yoshi-kun buy a cute dress for me…but I can’t wear it beautifully like other girls, right?」

Megu looks at me with teary eyes.


Megu’s been unable to get dressed even at the Shirasaka family gatherings.

She’s always been on her school uniform…driven at the corner of the room.

She’s discriminated as the daughter of Yamamine house.

Megu has a deep-rooted inferiority complex in respect to『fine clothes』

「I’m not that cute. Wearing a dress doesn’t suit me either…!」


…You really are…

「Stop that, Megu. It’s the dress we picked…!」

I tell Megu with a strong tone.

I’m also a bit nervous.

「It suits you. Isn’t that obvious that it suits you!」

I embrace Megu tightly…!

「Yoshi-kun…this is embarrassing」

「Don’t be…we love each other」

Megu’s stiffness is being softened in my arms.

The girl’s body softens, loosens.

As if she’s melting from my body temperature…


Megu embraces me too.

「…Did you calm down?」


I let go of her…

I look straight at Megu.

「I think that Megu’s cute. I think you’re beautiful. That’s why, it’s fine. It’s okay for Megu to be here」


「It’ll be fine. If someone complains to Megu, I’ll beat them up. If you want, I’ll shout at everyone coming from the door. I’ll shout『My Megu is cute』!」

Megu’s eyes turned moist.

「…That dress. I can tell the reason why Minaho-nesan asks us to buy it. That’s a reward given by Minaho-neesan to me who worked with my body. It’s a dress I bought from my pay」


「The girls here right now might be wearing a much more expensive dress but that doesn’t matter」


「if Megu wears a luxurious dress now…I think perhaps, Minaho-neesan can easily prepare such a high-class dress for Megu」

And yet…She purposely made Megu and I buy a dress.

With the set amount of money provided…

「But…what would Megu think if she wears a high-class dressed that’s just borrowed?」

「…Perhaps, I would be more embarrassed. I don’t think I’m suited to wear a dress having a price I can’t reach」

Megu answers.

「What do you think about the dress you’re wearing now?」

When I asked her…Megu touches her own dress.

「I think that even this is too expensive for a girl like me. Really. But, this is the dress Yoshi-kun bought for me」

「That’s right…it’s the dress we both picked. You know the price don’t you?」

「Un…I do. This dress is the most suitable『clothing』for me now」

「…That’s right. That’s why, puff out with pride and be dignified…Megu」

I hold Megu’s hand.

「For me…for Megu herself. Minaho-neesan has thought a lot for Megu…!」

I kiss the back of Megu’s hand.

「Thank you…Yoshi-kun」

I look at my suit.

「Even I just borrowed this clothes. I’m glad that it’s borrowed. It’s not mine. This is Minaho-neesan’s grandfather’s suit…then, Katsuko-nee adjusted the size, filling it with love. I’m really glad wearing such clothes」


I wasn’t given new quality goods.

No, if I’m told to buy a high-class suit…I would perhaps reject it.


Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee…planned to borrow the late Kuromori Kounosuke-san’s clothes.

They thought that I would accept it if it’s borrowed from the dead.

Furthermore, Katsuko-nee changed the size to fit me in secret.

If they didn’t go that far…I might’ve gone to the theater on my usual student clothes.

「For now…I can only borrow clothes. That is my reality. Therefore…I accept that reality. Upon acceptance, I live dignified among the upper-class people…!」

Megu’s wearing cheap dress…

I’m wearing a borrowed suit…

That is our reality.

Let’s accept that.

Then…let’s face up the world of high-class aware of your own unbecoming.

「There’s nothing to be afraid of…we’re wearing clothes we deserve right now

「Un…you’re right

Megu said…

「I grew up from a poor house. This is my first time wearing fine clothing… This is the dress Yoshi-kun bought for me. Right now, this is the only suitable dress

Megu dearly slides her fingers on the fabric of the dress.

「I’m here right now…no. No matter how embarrassed I am, I am here, confidently. This is the best suited『fine clothes』for me now」

「That’s right…Megu」

I’m thankful for Minaho-neesan’s deep thought.

I thank Katsuko-nee’s affection.

…This is fine.

…This should do.

Mana shows up smiling.

「Megu-oneechan’s the only one Onii-chan bought a dress for…I’m jelly You even have a ring?」

Megu’s finger has our engagement ring shining.

「I’ll buy Mana some too…」

I promise.


「Or rather…I’ve got to work hard to earn money. I’ll be the one to shoulder out living expenses」

It’s not on the same level as a dress or a ring.

Even socks and underwear…I have to buy those in the future.


Mana seems to have remembered it too.

She can no longer go back to Shirasaka house. She can no longer to go school.

Mana has no choice but to live with me.

That『reality』reappears to Mana’s head again.

「Yoshi-kun, I’ll also work part-time…so you only have to think about Mana」

Megu said but…

I’d like Megu to do her best in her club activities.

「Mana will also work part-time」

Mana’s downhearted.

「Middle school girls can’t get a job. For the time being, help out Katsuko-nee」


I spread my arms and embrace them.

「There’s no need to worry that much. Let’s think about the details once this commotion settles down. We have to consult Minaho-neesan about this too」

「You’re right…Yoshi-kun」

「Got it…Onii-chan」

They replied.

「Therefore…forget about everything that makes you anxious and let’s cheer for Misuzu. Misuzu’s an Onee-san among『Sister’s association』isn’t she?」


「Un! Mana will cheer hard!」



A girl’s voice can be heard from my back.

「…No way?」

「What’s wrong, Sugawara-san?」

「No…isn’t that Shirasaka Maika on that sofa over there?」



Her complexion changed

「…Do you know them?」

I asked her whisperingly…

「They’re Sugawara and Taki-san from the same class」

Mana is also a student of an Ojou-sama school.

There’s a high possibility of her coming across with her classmates in this place.

We did imagine that situation but…

When you’re in there…you don’t know how to respond.

「No way…there’s no way Maika-san would come」

「You’re right…there’s no way she would come to public like that after what happened to her father」

That is the perception of the people.

After all, the mass media exposed the scandals of Shirasaka Sousuke last night.

A crime of a famous family known as Shirasaka.

A sex scandal that involved the show business world.

Furthermore, kidnaping, rape, murder…

The sensational topic isn’t lacking.

Mana is the daughter of the criminal, Shirasaka Sousuke…

「The people from Shirasaka house doesn’t seem to be here today」

「Eh, Takako-san too?」

「Yes…isn’t it embarrassing to be on the same family as Shirasaka?」

「Well, that might be the case」

「If Moritsugu-sama hasn’t spoken in the press conference to protect Shirasaka Sousuke…wait, Takako-san was crying over the phone」

「She was looking forward to the symposium today」



「…A relative?」

「A younger cousin. She’s also doing Japanese dance. She’s on a different school but…she was looking forward to watch today…」

Mana feels depressed.

「But still…doesn’t that girl look like Maika-san?」

「Un, they do look alike but…」


「Shirasaka Maika-san won’t be coming in such clothes I think」

Mana’s dress today is prepared by Katsuko-nee, it shows a lot of skin.

Her make-up and hair style are both flashy.

You won’t think it’s vulgar but…

Katsuko-nee likes to go sexy route.

「You’re right, after her father causing such a incident…she won’t wear something stupid like that」

「She’s someone else. The people next to her are wearing cheap dresses too. People from Shirasaka house would wear much more expensive clothes」

Hey hey…this time, they begin to criticize Megu’s dress.

But, the two rich ladies are really loud.

「From which house are they from?」

「Somehow…they feel like『commoner who forced themselves to come』」

「Aren’t most of the dancers commoners?」

「You’re right. They must be people who came by mistake because they had invitation tickets by chance」

「Today’s symposium isn’t that kind of party isn’t it?」

Mana’s classmates escalates further.

Mana’s face is pale, grabbing her knees with great effort


「…Mana, get yourself together!」

Did she lost her cool from the young girl’s impudent words? Megu speaks out loud.

「Even you are a daughter of Kuromori.」 Now, apoligize to Onii-sama…」

I don’t know why Mana has to apologize to me but…

Anyway, Megu asks for such a plan from us.

「I’m sorry Onii-chan!…Mana’s a bad girl!」

Mana apologizes to me in a loud voice.

「U-Un…as long as you understand. Apology accepted」

I have to say something that matches.

「Megu-oneechan too, I’m sorry!」

「Very well. You’re also a member of the traditional Kuromori family. You should show a dignified attitude as the daughter of the Kuromori house at any time! Do you get it?」


Seeing our little act…the girls.

「…Look, it’s different after all」

「She’s not Shirasaka Maika-san」

「That’s right, they did say Kuromori…」

「Speaking of which…Maika-san did have an older sister instead of a brother, right?」

「Her sister is different from that one too…I’ve seen her before」

「Eh, when?」

「During some party of some sort. It was on Metro Hotel」

「Then, it’s really not her…!」

Were they convinced? The girls got away from us.


「…Onii-chan, Onee-chan」

Mana clings to us

「Let’s stay as three together…if we’re together, nobody would find us out」

If there’s someone who thinks that it’s strange and approached us, the three of us can just play a skit again.

「I was wrong」

Megu said.

「There’s no time to be depressed… You have to prepare to fight and sharpen your senses, or else you will be beaten down」

「You’re right, Megu-oneechan…this is our battlefield」

「Therefore…Mana, be confident. Be calm」

「Un…I’ve got to smile. Mana will fight!」

When alone…you’ll only be swallowed by the place like Megu earlier.

Therefore, we stick together and fight.

Fair and square, so we won’t lose to this celebrity space.

「You guys are really serious to the root」

Nei-san laughs.

「Nei-san…are you okay with this atmosphere?」

I ask her…

「Un, I’m fine! After all, I’m always out of place! I’m used to it…!」


She’s a legendary delinquent girl known in the whole school…

She’s not attending classes too…

「I’m fine with it too」

Michi said.

「『Kudou Style’s』essence is to turn over other’s qi after all…」


「Michi…you should match with other’s mind sometimes too」

I said.

「It’s normal to match with the surrounding atmosphere. Purposely removing it makes『Kudou style』amazing right? But, in your case…aren’t you not matching with them in the first place」

Hearing my explanation…Michi shows a blank face.

「Is matching the atmosphere that important?」


Before I can explain, Mana speaks up.

「Michi-san should try having sex with Onii-chan and you’ll understand」


「You see…it feels the best when you cum together with Onii-chan.」



「Michi-san, you haven’t climaxed yet?」

When Mana asks…

「…I don’t know!」

Michi’s face turned red.

This isn’t because she really came and trying to gloss it over from embarrassment.

She doesn’t have a clear experience of reaching true climax so she doesn’t know.

「Anyway…I think it’s better to have Onii-chan let you reach it」

Mana said…

「Right. I think that Michi-san would become stronger if you do have such experience…!」

Margo-san joins in from the back.

It seems their conversation with the old guests of『Kuromori』has ended

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee comes back too.

「…Sex with Master is training?」

Michi asks with a serious face.

「Kudou style can easily turn over the qi of the opponent, a technique to remove…it’s better if you can pinpoint the qi that should match. Match…take away. Isn’t it better if you can do it freely?」

「I see…I think there was such mystery written on the book of secrets father has hidden!」

Michi speaks to Margo-san somewhat excited.

「Furthermore…if possible, it would be amazing if you can learn the technique to instantly sharpen your qi like how the camera narrows down it’s focus」

「You can learn that through sex?」

Margo-san smiles.

「I don’t know. I haven’t done sex for the past seven years after all…」

Margo-san was raped in an Indian settlement when she was 12.

Since then…she never had sex.

「But…I recall a document Kyouko-san holds. It’s a report about training your mind through sex」

「…I’d like to see it」

「Un, I’ll look for it」

Michi looks at me.

「Master…I’m very sorry but, now that it has come to this, please accompany me in my training」

…Does that mean?

Sex for Michi’s mind training?

「I think that’s good. I think it’ll be good training for Yoshida-kun too…!」

Margo-san is grinning.

「M-Mana will train too!」

「Yoshi-kun, I’ll be joining in too!」


「Of course, I will be joining too!」

Katsuko-nee too.

「Eh, eh, eh?! Then me too!」

「Nei-sama, you’ve got to get yourself together or I’ll get angry!」

Katsuko-nee glares at Nei-san…

「Geez! Katsun you bully」

「I’m not a bully! It’s Nei-sama who doesn’t have the courage!」


「…What’s this about?」

Mana asks me with a curious face.


When are we going to let her know that Nei-san’s still a virgin?


…Rather than taht.

「…Huh?! Speaking of which, where’s Yukino?」

Mana’s classmate came this way…

Yukino’s acquaintance might come too.

「Kuroko-chan’s there」

Katsuko-nee points.


「Gaooo! I’ll catch you!」

「Mao won’t be caught!」

「Pakupakupaku…I’ll eat you!」

「Kufufu…I won’t lose!」


She’s running around the nearby sofa.

…Along with Mao-chan.

「Hoora! I caught youuuu~」

「Kyaaaan! I got caught…Ehehe」

What’s with this heartwarming spectacle?

「…Yukino-san’s like that long ago」

Mana said.

「She’s very kind to the children around. Playing a lot with the small children of relatives coming to visit, she’s always like that」

Yukino likes children, I see.

「…She doesn’t care about her little sister since long ago however」

Mana speaks in dissatisfaction.

「It’s only for the surface. Since her sister is a relative, she doesn’t need to take care of her. She’s always being affectionate to other children…」

She’s speaking politely.

This is『Maika』 Not Mana.

「No…Yukino’s kind」

I said.

「Yukino’s the first one to talk to me when I was alone during the entrance during high school…」

That’s right…Shirasaka Yukino is.

「She’s essentially a kind girl…!」

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