Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 227

「Ruriko-san, do you also want to embrace Danna-sama?」

Misuzu made a proposal

Pardon? Me and Kuromori-sama?」

Ruriko-san’s surprised.

「Hug, a hug!」

Misuzu said with a smile.

「In the west, since ancient times, it’s an act of showing affection」


Ruriko-san’s puzzled

「This is Japan…and hugging a man is somewhat…」

Yoshiko-san who’s her retainer is also confused.

「He’s my Danna-sama.1 He will become Ruriko-san’s relative so there should be no problem doing a dear hug」

Misuzu attacks logically.

「Ruriko-san, you will be meeting a lot of foreigners as the representative of Kouzuki house from now on…therefore, you should be accustomed to hugs starting today」

She wants Ruriko-san and I to hug by all means.

「It’s completely fine! Onii-chan’s not scary!」

Mana jumps to my chest.

It can’t be helped…I hug her and pat her head.

「Ehehe…Onii-chan, I love you!」

Megu followed…

「Yoshi-kun…me toe」

「Sure, Megu-oneechan, here!」

Mana lets go and I embraced Megu this time.

「…Stroke my back」

Answering Megu’s wish, I pat her head while hugging her.

「Un…I love it when Yoshi-kun does this」

Megu looks at Michi.

「Michi-san too…you want it again too, don’t you?」

「Ah, uhm…if possible」

Michi speaks bashfully.

「Yoshi-kun…do it」

Megu switched with Michi.


Michi’s body is really small…

「I-I…I love being embraced filled with strength」

「Un, got it」

I embraced Michi’s body to my heart’s content

Michi leaked out a huge「haa」 sigh

「…Being embraced by master makes me feel relieved」


「Michi’s so cute …!」

She looks dignified when in combat however…

Embracing Michi like this, she’s cute like a Japanese doll.

Her white skin and black hair…big eyes and well shaped nose.

She’s quite a beauty.

「I-I…am not cute!」

Michi says as her body tremble in my arms.

「Michi…you must not deny your lord’s words. At such times, you must answer with: 『Thank you very much, I’ll stay as a cute woman so please love me a lot』」

Misuzu’s guidance enters.

「I-I’m very sorry…!」

Michi looks up at me with her red face.

「…Thank you for calling me cute. Please love me a lot from now on」


I stroke Michi’s hair.

Michi stretched her spine feeling confortable.

…She’s like a cat.

「Michi…it’s about time we switch」

Misuzu said.

「I also want to be hugged by Danna-sama…」


Michi released her body.

Misuzu goes to my chest…



Misuzu’s wearing a beautiful stage Kimono.

The Kimono smells insence.

「…I will be dancing only for Danna-sama tonight」

「Yeah, do your best」

「I love you. Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu hugs me.

…I hold Misuzu tightly.

Misuzu’s silk clothes creates a rustling sound.

「Ufufu…Danna-sama’s gotten energetic」

Misuzu smiled at me.

Then, she looked at Ruriko-san…

「What do you think, Ruriko-san About us hugging Danna-sama? It doesn’t feel scary at all does it?」


「Yes. Kuromori-sama’s affection with everyone has been conveyed」

「Danna-sama is a very gentle person. He respects me and other women…he won’t force himself to embrace a woman’s body」

「That is…even I understood that. Kurormori-sama embraced everyone gently」

It’s seems that’s how Ruriko-san sees it.

I was just embracing everyone as usual however.

「Therefore…I think Danna-sama would be the best way to practice hugging with Ruriko-san」

Misuzu attacks.

「Ruriko-san’s already 15…when meeting up with foreigners, you really need to give them a hug…」

「What should we do…Yoshiko?」

Ruriko-san asks the girl three years older than her.

「…I don’t know」

Ever since six years old, she’s always been with Ruriko-san…Yoshiko-san also doesn’t have any experience with men.

「Ruriko-san, have you ever hugged someone?」

Misuzu asks.

「I had with grandfather. Never with father. Yoshiko, we do hug sometimes」

Ruriko-san answers

「At night, when I feel lonely…I sleep embracing Yoshiko」

Really…Kouzuki『Kakka』are keeping these girls in quarantine.

「Have you hugged a young man?」


「Then, isn’t Danna-sama the best person for practice hugging?」

Misuzu is trying to promote me…

「That might be the case however」

Ruriko-san’s confused.

「Then, first…how about Yoshiko-san give Danna-sama a hug first?」

Misuzu changes targets.


Yoshiko-san’s puzzled.

「Yoshiko-san is Ruriko-san’s retainer, you will be meeting up a lot more foreigners from now on. I think there will be occasions on parties where you will be asked for a hug…!」

Kouzuki『Kakka』has thoroughly refused the opportunity of these two coming in contact with men thoroughly.

Then, it won’t change from now on.

However, Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san thinks that they’re still children so they only think that they’re not called for adult gatherings.

If they grow up a bit more…they had to attend parties.

Misuzu knows their feelings.

Misuzu herself has been on the same position as Ruriko-san, being isolated from men.

「After Ruriko-san’s social debut, Yoshiko-san will be coming together too, won’t you?…Yoshiko-san’s already an adult, you can’t do without giving a hug」

Misuzu intends to start with Yoshiko-san

「I don’t like to debut in the society」

Ruriko-san said.

Staying in a world with only Yoshiko-san is with her…it must be frightening for her to go out to the adult world.

「You do know that the successor of the Kouzuki house isn’t allowed to have such selfishness…!」

Misuzu looks at Ruriko-san.

「Well…I do know but」

Yoshiko-san rouse herself as she look at Ruriko-san who has a gloomy face.

「Understood…then I will try to experience hugs」

Yoshiko-san looked at me nervously.

「This is for Ruriko-sama’s sake」

Yoshiko-san comes to me.

Yoshiko-san’s wearing a purple kimono. She walks in small steps.

Her skirt’s never thrown into disorder…this one’s also an Ojou-sama.

If I recall, she’s 18 isn’t she?

Looking at her closely…this person’s quite a beauty.


Her body’s stiff…trembling.

「Excuse me then」

I embrace Yoshiko-san gently.


Yoshiko-san leaked out a small voice.

「…Don’t be scared, it’ll be fine」

I whisper in Yoshiko-san’s ears


Yoshiko-san’s tension doesn’t go away.

「Yoshiko-san…take a deep breath」


「Deep breath…breathe in」

Yoshiko-san breathes in deeply.

I can feel her chest expanding…

「Okay…then slowly breathe out」


Yoshiko-san breathes out.

「Not yet…breathe all of the air out of your lungs」

She’s nervous so she can only breathe in so little and can’t exhale.

Therefore, I made her conscious of deep breathing…

「Then breathe in deep…okay, breathe out. Let it all out…」

After repeating deep breaths several times…

Yoshiko-san’s body has gotten soft.

The hardness of her body is taken away.

「Okay…looking good」

I stroked her black hair on her back.

When her tension came off…Yoshiko-san’s flesh comes through clearly

I can’t tell her chest that’s crushed by her kimono however…

This one’s got a big breast.

Her ass is well developed too.

That said, her waist is thin and firm.

As expected of an 18 year old…her body’s on the verge of becoming an adult.

…No no.

Evil thoughts will come up and be transmitted to Yoshiko-san.

I should only concentrate on gently hugging Yoshiko-san’s soul.

Her frightened soul hugging a boy for the first time.



「Yoshiko-san’s body is so soft, warm…it feels good」

I whisper in Yoshiko-san’s ears.

「Kuromori-sama’s body…it’s solid, it is embracing my body firmly」

Before I noticed, Yoshiko-san’s body has completely relaxed.

She’s entrusting her body to me.

「I never thought that being embraced by a man feels this peaceful…!」

Yoshiko-san said…Misuzu;

「Danna-sama’s very good at it. No man is as gentle as that when hugging」

「Yes…I think so too. Kuromori-sama’s kindness is being transmitted to me…」

The girl who’s been forbidden to make contact with men until 18 years old gives her impression on her first physical contact.

「Yoshiko-san…it’s about time Ruriko-san take her turn」

Misuzu said…

「Ah…Yes. I’m sorry」

Yoshiko-san lets go of me in panic.

「If you want to hug again then you can ask Danna-sama anytime. Danna-sama will be giving you an embrace anytime」

Misuzu’s words…

「Ah, yes…thank you very much」

Her face turned red as she answered.

「Now…it’s Ruriko-san’s turn」

Ruriko-san’s nervous.


「What’s wrong? Ruriko-san?」

「…Uhm, after all」

Is she embarrassed or scared?

Ruriko-san’s fidgeting.


Misuzu smiles.


If Ruriko-san won’t come then I should go to Ruriko-san

「D-Don’t come…I-I’m scared」

Ruriko-san’s frightened.

「…Look at my face」

Ruriko-san’s face say「Eh?」

「Look at my face」

The big eyes of the 15 year old girl looks up at me.

「…Are you scared?」

「…A bit」

For a third year middle school girl…a man might be scary for her.

「I’m not scary」

I said.

「No…it’s scary」

Ruriko-san’s trembling

「It’s not scary」

Misuzu comes close then kisses my cheek in front of Ruriko-san’s eyes.

「Yes, it’s not scary」

Megu comes and kissed my other cheek

「Un, not scary!」

Mana kisses my ear.

「Yes…Master isn’t scary at all」

Michi kisses my neck.

My four『women』turned to Ruriko-san’s back.

「We’re here with you. It’s not scary…!」

Misuzu whispers to Ruriko-san’s ears.

「…Then I’ll hug you, Ruriko-san」

I spread my arms widely…

And embraced the small frightened body.

I hug Ruriko-san closely…

Misuzu and others embraced me and Ruriko-san.

「…Ruriko-san’s heart is throbbing」

The delicate body embraced tightly…a fierce heartbeat comes through.


I caress Ruriko-san’s nervous back.


Ruriko-san trembled.

She’s very sensitive.

「…Leave it to me」

I whisper to Ruriko-san’s ear.

「…Leave everything?」

「Yes…Ruriko-san’s mind and body…to me…」


Ruriko-san’s scared


I said.


「I will protect Ruriko-san」


「Misuzu and I…my『family』will make Ruriko-san happy」

「W-What are you talking about?」

Ruriko-san doesn’t seem to understand it

「I’ll concentrate to the sound of Ruriko-san’s heartbeat. Ruriko-san, listen to my heart」

「…Kuromori-sama’s heart?」

「Yes…press your ears to my chest and listen」

Ruriko-san presses her ear to my chest.

「…Dokun, dokun, it says」

「Yes, it’s because we’re living」

「I…it’s my first time to hear the sound of other people’s heart」

I pat Ruriko-san’s hair gently.

Slowly, gently…

Bit by bit…Ruriko-san’s body’s stiffness is coming off.

She’s relaxing.

It’s not my strength alone.

The warmth of the four body hugging Ruriko and me…

Ruriko-san’s tension loosens.

「Ruriko-san’s heartbeat has gotten calmer!」

Mana said while embracing Ruriko-san’s back.

「Danna-sama and Ruriko-san’s heartbeat are in sync…」

Ruriko-san’s surprised from what Misuzu said.


「Yes…we’re becoming one right now」

Our heartbeats overlap…

Just like one creature…

「…It feels strange」

Ruriko-san said.

「I…I feel very close to Kuromori-sama」

We’re embracing each other…

「Misuzu-sama, and everyone else too…」

Misuzu speaks to Yoshiko-san.

「Yoshiko-san, want to join in too?」


「That’s right. Let’s all become one…!」

Megu reaches out for Yoshiko-san.

「Now, come in…!」

Yoshiko-san enters to surround Ruriko-san and me

「Listen to everyone’s heartbeat」

Misuzu said.

「Let’s all pile out heartbeats and let us become one」




Mana, Megu, Michi…follows Misuzu’s instructions.

Pressing ears to each other’s body…we listen to the heartbeats.

「L-Like this?」

Yoshiko-san joined in too

「Mana, your pulse is a bit fast.」

Megu tells Mana.

「Eh, what should I do?」

「Take a deep breath. You’ll feel calmer. Just remember the feeling of love from the other side」

Misuzu tells Mana.

「Yoshiko-san’s heartbeat, I think it’s slightly larger…」

Michi said…

「I-I’m sorry…」

「Please don’t apologize…leave your mind and body to us」


…Before long

「Ah…it overlapped」

「Un…our heart rings on the same rhythm」

Our heartbeat’s synchronized.

「So we can do this kind of thing too…!」

Ruriko-san’s impressed.

「Yes, we have become one. Therefore…Ruriko-san」

Misuzu speaks.

「You are no longer alone with Yoshiko-san…!」


「We are all your『family』」

「…That is」

「If someone had wicked thoughts…our heartbeats won’t overlap」

True…Misuzu is right.

「We do love Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san after all…!」


「I…grandfather told me not to believe people’s words. To be careful with kind words especially…」

I continue to stroke Ruriko-san’s hair with the same rhythm as before.

「Therefore…I don’t understand words very well But, this heartbeat…this warmth」

Ruriko-san puts her cheeks to my chest…

「Everyone…is my『family』, isn’t it?」

I once again embraced Ruriko-san’s small body tightly.

Ruriko-san also hugs back.

Misuzu, Mana, Megu, Michi…Yoshiko-san too…

Ruriko-san and I are being embraced from outside.,

「What should I do?」


「I might come to love being hugged by Kuromori-sama」

「…Then I’ll give you hugs anytime you want」

「But…Kuromori-sama is Misuzu-sama’s lover…」

「It’s fine, Ruriko-san…we’re sisters after all. I don’t mind it at all…」


Experiencing physical contact with a man for the first time…

Ruriko-san’s heart is shaking.

Misuzu’s『Ruriko-san’s invitation plan』is going well

「Please practice hugging a lot. Danna-sama and I will always be with you…」

「…Is this okay?」

「In exchange, it’ll be a secret. It’ll be misunderstood when seen by others…you can only practice with Danna-sama…okay?」

「…Yes, understood」

「After hugs would be a kiss…!」

「…Eh, Misuzu-san?」

Misuzu smiles.

「You don’t know?…In the west, you have to kiss when greeting people. You have to practice kissing too…!」

Misuzu’s lesson is escalating further.


「It’s practice. It’s fine. Misuzu’s Danna-sama will be with you properly…! We’ll show you a good example…!」

Misuzu tries to kiss me…

…At that time


The door of our dressing room was knocked.

「…It’s Fujimiya」

A dignified woman’s voice.


…O-Oh right.

Chief Tanizawa said he would send a new escort to Ruriko-san…!

「Excuse me!」

Fujimiya-san’s a woman so she opened the dressing room calmly.


I’m still hugging Ruriko-san…!

The other girls are surrounding us…!

At this situation…

H-How should I explain this…?!


The tall woman who opened the door and entered the room…

She’s looking at us in confusion…

「What…is going on…?!」

At that moment…

Megu shouted…


Megu, Mana and I shouted at the same time







「Oh, ooh…!!!」

Then, we let go of each other…!

Halfway, Misuzu and Michi also participated.

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san were stunned…

「E-Everyone’s psyching up before the actual performance!」

Megu tells Fujimiya-san…

As expected of an athlete.

1. This can make Misuzu look possessive but it doesn’t mean that way, she’s saying that Yoshida’s her husband, well that’s what Danna-sama means when Misuzu speaks so please remember that ↩

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